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Chapter 25

"Oh, then scram!"

Hearing that she could eat until Ice cream s, Gong Ou waved her off.

A vile man who didn't even know how to thank others.

Shi Xiaonian held her breath and turned to leave.

Feng De had already prepared a carriage outside. Otherwise, with her walking speed, he wouldn't even be able to leave the forest when the sky was dark.

Shi Xiaonian got on the car and the driver immediately drove off. She looked back and the majestic castle became further and further away in her line of sight, hoping that she wouldn't come back here.

Goodbye, Gong Ou.

Goodbye, nightmare.

"Miss Shi, should I send you home first?"

"To the Korea Sweetening House."


The driver carried her into the center of S City. Looking at the traffic and the bustling pedestrians outside the window, Shi Xiaonian had the illusion that she was reborn. After being trapped by the demon Gong Ou for so long, she had already forgotten how lively the outside world was.

In front of Han Cheng's Sweat Steamer Inn, Shi Xiaonian got off the car and walked towards the front desk.

That time at the Sweetening House, she had only hastily put on her clothes before being brought away by Gong Ou's bodyguards. She was unable to take away her bag and phone.

She wasn't sure if he was still there, but she was here to try her luck.

"Please register the information." The front desk told her.

Without wasting any time, Shi Xiaonian easily took back her bag and her phone was also inside.

When she looked up, she saw that the alarm on the wall...

If the last time when Gong Ou brought people over to stir up trouble, someone could have called the police or helped them, she wouldn't have …

What's the point of thinking so much?

What had happened had already happened.

Shi Xiaonian carried her bag on her shoulder and walked outside while looking down at his phone. The phone was out of battery and she still had to charge.

"Shi Xiaonian."

An unhappy voice suddenly sounded in front of her.

She looked up and saw a longer version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom luxury car slowly pull up in front of her. The window at the back was open and a man was sitting inside.

Under his short, light brown hair was a very fair face with outstanding facial features. Under his deep eyebrows was a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes, coldly staring at her. The bridge of his nose was straight, and the curve of his lips was the most suitable for kissing in recent years.

Compared to Gong Ou's handsome face which seemed to be filled with evil energy, his appearance was a little feminine.

Mu Qianchu.

On the street, at the entrance of the sweat steamer restaurant, Shi Xiaonian bumped into Mu Qianchu just like that. Without warning, she bumped into his disgusted gaze, as if she had been fiercely slapped.

Shi Xiaonian stood there like a statue, not moving at all.

Mu Qianchu sneered at her while sitting in the car, "Weren't they kidnapped? What, didn't they tear the tickets?"

Hearing his voice again, Shi Xiaonian felt that he had gone through a huge change in circumstances.

Maybe it was because he had died once.

"Why aren't you talking? Don't you know how to make a lie go round?" Mu Qianchu laughed at her, "How about I teach you? You can say that you escaped from the kidnappers with your own cleverness and wisdom."

Shi Xiaonian stared at his face in silence.

She knew that it was useless for her to explain anything. He would not believe her.

The youth who had once completely relied on and trusted her was now … There was only disgust for her, and she could no longer see the past on his face.

"Can't speak anymore? "Elder sister?" Mu Qianchu looked at her, his feminine face revealing an even more mocking expression.

Elder sister …

He called her sister.

Shi Xiaonian stared at him.

She had thought that people who died once would not feel any heartache, but because of how much he hurt her word by word, there was no way to tell on her face at all.


Mu Qianchu did not say anything more, and only said this to the driver after exposing her false mask.

The luxury car slowly started to move. Just as Mu Qianchu was about to close the window, he heard Shi Xiaonian's hoarse voice: "Do you really hate me that much?"

Mu Qianchu sat in the carriage and his body trembled. It was unknown if it was because of the hoarseness in his voice, or because of her words.

He turned his feminine and handsome face to look at her and sneered. "What kind of emotions do you think I should have towards a woman who wants to pester her brother-in-law all day long?"

Ever since he finished interacting with Shi Di six years ago, Shi Xiaonian had been pestering him nonstop, always forcing him to remember the past. She would call him no matter what, even when she wasn't around, and even used the old-fashioned method of writing letters …

How could such a woman not make people sick?

If not for Shi Di, he would have sent people to settle this long ago.

Shi Xiaonian did not dare to look into his eyes that were filled with disgust. It would remind her that before, even if she could not see his eyes, those eyes were still gentle towards her and she relied on her wholeheartedly.

"Don't worry, it won't happen again."

She lowered her head slightly. Her voice was very soft, but her tone was exceptionally firm.

"You think I would believe you?" She's been pestering him for years...

"In the past, I was prepared to wait for you to marry litter Di before I let go." Shi Xiaonian said softly, "Now, I will let go of him ahead of time."

In fact, all these years, she had been humiliated by Mu Qianchu repeatedly, and every time, she would tell herself that she had given up.

She told herself that it was because she was afraid of being lonely that they were going to date. In reality, she was just too jealous. Jealous to the point that she was crazy with jealousy …

There was no following for the blind date.

She knew she couldn't really give up, but this time, she really did.

Maybe she should be thankful to Gong Ou, it was he who allowed her to see everything clearly.

In Gong Jia, when Mu Qianchu said on the phone that he would retrieve her corpse, she finally understood that the previous Mu Qianchu would never come back.

To her, the current Mu Qianchu... Just brother-in-law.

Besides giving up, he could only give up.

His tone was cold and bone-piercing.

Did he have to hurt her like this?

Shi Xiaonian's eyes were dry. After a long time, she slowly raised her head and looked at the man inside the carriage. She used all of her strength to say each word, "Qianchu, I've really worked hard these past few years. You remember, please don't blame me. "

This time, she really gave up.

"Even if I remember, I still love Shi Di."

Mu Qianchu immediately said.

"Is that so?"

How heartless.

Shi Xiaonian laughed bitterly, "I understand, then I'll be going."

She couldn't stay any longer. She turned around and walked forward. Step by step, a gust of wind passed through the bustling street. It lifted her skirt and her long, loose hair was blown back in a sorry state.


Mu Qianchu sat in the carriage and looked back at Shi Xiaonian's figure.

This was the first time she had left in front of him so straightforwardly. In the past, she would not leave until he chased her away.

It would be best if it was true this time.

Mu Qianchu retracted his gaze, and sat upright. Abruptly, he stretched out his hand and pulled at his tie, his chest feeling unbearably heavy, the image of her face right before his eyes surfaced.

"Qianyu, I've worked hard these past few years. If there comes a day … You remember, please don't blame me. "

When she said this, she was obviously looking at another man through him.

Look at that old man, he seems to be saying goodbye to me...

Say goodbye?

That would be for the best.

Mu Qianchu immediately took off his tie and threw it on the seat beside him. Seeing this from the rearview mirror, the driver carefully asked, "Young Master, are you in a bad mood?"

"No, drive to Shi Di's villa."

Mu Qianchu said. He was the young master of the Mu Family, and had always strictly followed etiquette, even to the driver. Only towards Shi Xiaonian, he was always gentle and polite.

He was angry when she pestered him.

She suddenly stopped pestering him, and he was inexplicably angry.

Mu Qianchu, you really are a despicable man.

Mu Qianchu touched his forehead and took a deep breath. Looking ahead, he could still see Shi Xiaonian's back getting further and further away in the rearview mirror …

picked up the phone, Shi Di's alluring voice sounded out, with a hint of complaint, "Didn't you say you wanted to take me to eat French food, why aren't you coming? "He's already 10 minutes late!"

Unlike Shi Xiaonian, Shi Di's voice carried a hint of a baby's voice, naturally alluring and flirtatious.

No man doesn't like it.

Hearing his fiancee's voice, Mu Qianchu's depressed heart softened. "Darling, I'll be right there, wait a bit longer."

"No, I can't forgive you."

"Didn't you take a fancy to a set of sapphire earrings from France?" Mu Qianchu said gently.

"You bought the earrings?" Shi Di was pleasantly surprised. That pair of earrings was worth seven million.

"It's not just earrings. It's a set of jewelry." Mu Qianchu looked at the jewelry box on the side and asked, "Can you forgive me for being late?"

"A whole set?" I knew you were the best for me, so I'll wait for you. "

Shi Di hung up the phone sweetly, without a trace of anger.

Mu Qianchu put down his phone and opened the jewelry box. The precious jewellery was blossoming with a gorgeous noble color, he had never liked the exaggeration of gems, but Shi Di liked it.

That was enough.

All these years, Shi Xiaonian had been pestering her nonstop, making her sad to the point of wanting to give up on their relationship. This made him feel even more tender towards Shi Di.

Shi Xiaonian didn't know how she managed to reach home. With every step she took, she floated into the air, where all she could hear was Mu Qianchu's voice.

"minuscule thought, although it's an eye recovery operation, I will use my brain this time to accompany you to listen to so many bullshit and sound novels. What if I lose my memory?"

"If I lose my memory, remember to let me recover my memories. I will forget about anyone and don't forget about you."

"Shi Di and I are getting engaged."

"Shi Xiaonian, can you stop pestering me? Where do you think you are looking at me? "Then I'll disfigure it for you."

"Shi Di has pity on you for being an adopted daughter, I don't pity you! Are you so lacking in men? Do you believe that I'll send someone to do it for you? "

"If you really were kidnapped... When I tear up a ticket, I'll take a look at my relatives and collect your body for you. "

"What kind of emotions do you think I should have for a woman who wants to pester her brother-in-law all day long? To welcome him with a smile?"

Thinking of how he had been entangled with Mu Qianchu all these years, thinking of how all his relatives had hated her, Shi Xiaonian smiled as he leaned against the door.