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Chapter 151 cooking and watching fireworks


Is he going to take her to settle down by the sea?

When small read pulled the corner of the mouth, farfetched smile, looked at Gong Ou way, "how do I think you don't want me to go back very much?"

"Back you are sleeping by me, here you are also sleeping by me. What's the difference to me?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows are raised in a loud and powerful tone.


When I was reading the black line, I pushed his hand away and didn't care about him. "Then you are busy. I will go out to continue my study."

"Kiss me before you leave!"

Gong Ou opens her mouth domineering, and does not wait for her to take the initiative. He pulls her close to himself, and kisses her deeply with thin lips, which is hard to get rid of.

When Xiaonian was kissed, he was not even angry before he was let go.

She left the cabin.

Gong Ou sat there, a pair of dark pupils staring at the back of her leaving, and her face became colder and colder.

He raised his finger bone clear hands, fingertips on the keyboard a few keys, the computer screen immediately appears the stock market map of the Mu group.

After a while, Feng de came in from the outside. Gong Ou calmly picked up a water glass on the table and smashed it on the ground in front of Feng De.

The cup fell to the ground and the water poured out.

"I can't do anything well. The woman is beginning to doubt you!" Gong Ou growls angrily at Fengde, and his face is unswerving.

Just now, if he didn't hear a running sound from the outside and switch the screen in time, everything would have been exposed.

"I don't do things properly."

Feng de looks down.

"If I let shixiaonian know something about Mu's group, I will dismiss you all!" Gong Ou glares at him and shouts. There is a fierce color in his black eyes.

"Yes, sir." Feng de nodded, paused, and said, "but young master, I will know sooner or later."

Even if they control Ms. Shi's cell phone and the whole resort's news source, they can't stay in this place for a lifetime.

"What do you know!"

Now is not the time.

Gong Ou stands up from the chair, his face is gloomy, and his black eyes are swearing to get it. "When I wait, Xiaonian falls in love with me, what is he when I admire qianchu?"

When Xiaonian falls in love with him completely, she knows that mu qianchu is killed by him, and she will also tend to his side.

Feng de frowned and said, "but..."

Does he really want to say that it won't be self defeating? But before he could speak, Gong Ou stared gloomily, and Feng de had to shut his mouth.

"Then I'll go out first, young master."

Feng de retreated to leave.

"Wait!" Gong Ou stopped her, a cold face showing some uneasiness.

"What can I do for you, young master?"

"Cough." Miyou cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, "didn't you play a lot of women in England when you were young? How can you coax me? Say it, no, write it down for me! Write in detail! "

"Young master, I'm chasing women, not playing with them." Feng de clarifies himself that he is a gentleman, not a Yin worm.

"I want you to write! How can I say that! " Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded, helpless.

Young master this is coax when the young lady has coaxed to have no move, unexpectedly to him an old man gets classics.

He turned around and left. Suddenly, Feng de turned around and looked at Gong ou. "Young master, I would like to ask you how far are you going to attack Mu's group?"

The Murdoch group has been shaken.

According to Mu qianchu's qualifications as the first president, it is not enough to resist the young master at all.

When it comes to Mu qianchu, Gong Ou's face is cold.

He went to the computer and stared at the fluctuation of the stock market. His thin lips lifted slightly, and he said word by word, "I want him to be like a broken leg dog, and never get up!"

He has found out everything.

He finally understood where mu qianchu's provocation came from. His first slight punishment was to help mu qianchu drive out the Shidi and Shizhong, and restore mu qianchu to single.

When I was young, I only thought about single men.

Funny, I really think a single is enough?

Dare to covet his woman, he would like to yearn for a lifetime in the bottom of human struggle! No way to live, no way to die!


On the sixth day when she came to the seaside resort, Gong ou still wanted her to continue her study.

But she has learned more about learning than practice.

When Xiaonian was a little bored, she was tired of looking at the beautiful sea all day long. People in the resort seldom talked with her, and Gong Ou was busy with business.

She can't work without a computer and paper.


Xiaonian wore a big sun hat and sighed deeply to the sea.


A group of workers in floral shirts walked past her, each with skateboards in their hands.

As soon as I saw the skateboard, Xiaonian ran over and asked with interest, "can you teach me how to surf?"

It's better to find some activities than to do nothing at leisure.

"I'd better not surf. Miss Shi is very distinguished. Mr. Gong didn't arrange us. We dare not." One of the staff members respectfully said to her, and was eagerly pulled away by the people next to her, "let's go, let's go surfing."

A group of people can't avoid leaving. They are all careful. They start to talk and laugh when they are far away.


When Xiaonian watched them run away.

Recently, the staff of the resort seemed reluctant to take care of her. They said one or two words and left, as if she had a virus.

Just because the cell phone hasn't been returned?

It's too stingy.

When Xiaonian angrily turned to the long row of wooden houses, picked up his cell phone and called Xia Bian.

Upon receiving her words, Xia Bian cried excitedly, "my aunt, you haven't returned yet. Do you know that the company is preparing your signing meeting?"

"It's not that I don't want to go back. I can't go back. Gong Ou doesn't know what kind of wind to take. I must stay in this resort for a longer time."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Her relationship with Gong Ou is known by Xia Bian.

Her words fell. Xia Bian was silent there for a long time, and then said, "since that's the case, you can stay for a long time. I'll arrange it again, but what about those cartoons that need to be signed? Fans are waiting. "

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian was a little strange, Xia Bian didn't roar? That's how she agreed to stay longer?

It's amazing.

The people around her seem strange these days.

"Can't you wait a little longer?" When small read ask.

"I can't wait for a kiss! Wait a little longer and I'll go to the fight and sign! " Xia Bian is excited.

When Xiaonian thought for a moment, he said, "well, you send the cartoon to my resort. I'll give you the address. Then I'll take advantage of Gong Ou's busy, steal it, sign it secretly, and send it secretly."

In this way, the gods do not know the ghosts.

As long as Gong ou can't see the cartoon.

"Oh, I'll go. You're a thief." Xia Bian sighed, "well, tell me the address and I'll send it to you."

"Send me more paper and brushes, and more writing boards. I'll continue with volume two." Said Shi Xiaonian.


When Xiaonian reported the address here, hung up the phone, and was about to walk forward when he saw a fire in the window of a wooden house.

On fire?

When Xiaonian was shocked, he hurried to the other side and saw a tall figure jump out of the door quickly.

Who else is not Gong Ou.

Gong Ou stood there, his shirt rolled to his elbow, and he coughed a few steps. The whole man was very embarrassed.

"What are you doing?" When small read doubt ground to walk over.

Gong Ou turns around and looks at her. His long hand wipes his face. There is a black mark on his left face, which completely distorts his handsome.

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he went over him to probe into the kitchen.

At the moment, the kitchen is completely a disaster scene. There are no vegetables, fish and meat on the ground, and there is no place to stand. The fire on the stove is still on. The pot is on fire. The fire just came out here.

When I was in a certain position in the kitchen, Xiaonian couldn't bear to see the scene. "Gong ou, what do you want to do? Order a house? "

How can anyone else make the kitchen this way.

Her disgusted tone angered Gong ou. He gave a cold snort, and said, "yes, I'll light the house and watch the fireworks, can't I?"

"OK, what can president Gong Da do?"

When Xiaonian shook his head and crossed him to go in, Gong Ou grabbed her hand and said, "don't go in! There's a fire! "

"It's OK. Just turn it off."

If you don't close it, you really need to see the fireworks.

When Xiaonian shakes off his hand and wants to enter, Gong Ou grabs her delicate wrist tightly and forcibly drags her out.

Her strength can't match him, so she can only be dragged out. When she left the door, Xiaonian swept to the food table near the door and kept a notebook.

She fished it.

"Follow me, don't go in!"

Gong Ou held her back, but did not find that she had taken a notepad.

Feng de and they rushed over, picked up the fire extinguisher and rushed into the kitchen.

When Xiaonian is still led by Gong Oula to walk back, far away from the kitchen.

When Xiaonian looked at the notes on the Notepad, he saw that there was a line written on it --

young master. The most important thing to pursue girls is patience. It's not too big a performance that moves girls, but small things.

For example, squatting down to tie the shoelaces for a girl, for example, when she's tired, hold her up immediately.

Another example is to make a meal for a girl. It's not important whether the meal is delicious or not. A man who can't cook will have better cooking effect and make a girl think she is special. Of course, if the process can bring a little more injury can hit the girl's soft heart.

When Xiaonian was dragged away by Gong ou, he read the words on the Notepad.

This handwriting is familiar to her. If she guessed it correctly, it should be from the housekeeper of Feng de Feng.

When Xiaonian looked at the Notepad silently, "Gong ou, Butler Feng is teaching you how to chase me? How can you ask for advice from President Gong Da? "

Hearing this, Gong Ou stops abruptly. As soon as she sees the notepad in her hand, she immediately glances over with embarrassment, "give it to me!"

Damn Fengde.

Write some bad experience, make him almost die in the kitchen!

When Xiaonian was about to speak, his eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of his hand. He saw two blisters on his slender hand and cut three bloodstains