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Chapter Before chapter 509, you couldn'st make a decision

"I've planned our future. Can you stop making trouble?" Gong o leaned against her and asked, "don't disturb the way I want to go."

"Can I disturb it?"

When Xiaonian asked, since he came back, he has been determined to do it.

How could she upset him.

"You disturb me today. I was in a meeting at this time, but you threatened me." Gong Ou said in a low voice, "I have to stay with you."

Does a man care if he disrupts the pace of his work for a woman?

I have to stay.

Did he think of her as a crying child?

It used to be that he wanted to see her all the time and look at her. Now, she has to rely on this means to let him stay for a moment.

When Xiaonian reached out to push him, he was not too strong, and was pushed away by her. "Gong ou, I'm in a mess now, I want to be quiet."

"Good." Gong Ou has no objection. He reaches for his suit and looks down at the time. "You go back to the gallery and calm down. I'll go to see you later."


When Xiaonian didn't speak, he opened the door and walked out. His down jacket was a bit messy.


Gong Ou stops her.

When Xiaonian stops and looks back at his face, calm, calm and deep.

"How are you?" Gong Ou asked, with a little more worry in her tone, and her black eyes stared at her pale face.

This is the first time Gong Ou heard a similar tone of concern in his voice after returning.

"I don't know."

She said honestly.

Gong Ou walks to her, pulls her hand and walks toward the elevator. He presses the button and looks at her and says, "don't think about it. Go back and have a good rest and calm Xiao Kui's mood for me."


When small read silence.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Xiaonian was pushed into the elevator by Gong Ou's hand. He stood outside the door and stared at her deeply until the elevator door closed.

When Xiaonian stood inside, a pair of red eyes looked at Gong ou and saw the elevator door cut off his face in his own sight.

At the moment when the door closed, Xiaonian didn't know what he thought. He reached out and pressed the open key.

The elevator door opens slowly.

She raised her eyes and saw Gong Ou's back. Without any hesitation, he moved steadily forward.

His direction is the president's office.

There, Mona is waiting.


When Xiaonian stood silently in the elevator and looked at it. It's not a meeting. How can I get there again.

Instead of catching up and threatening Gong Ou again, she chose to close the elevator door and press the number on the first floor. She leaned against the cold elevator wall. The silver elevator wall vaguely reflected her appearance and her red eyes.


It's the same pain as when my parents died four years ago.

She hated to kill herself because of the pain, but she couldn't shed a tear.

When I walked out of the elevator, Xiaonian walked out step by step. When I went out, some staff were very happy to see her.

"Congratulations, Miss Xi. The president is back at last."

"It's nice of the president to give us a raise as soon as he comes back."

"When are you getting married? Will the president of the wedding pay a bonus? "

"Miss Xi, you're finally in the clouds to see the moon. I'm so happy for you."

When Xiaonian didn't know how she managed to get out of the N.E building, she was very painful, really painful, but she didn't know where it was.

She stood in front of the building, leaning aside, holding the wall and squatting down in the corner, her lips trembling, her eyes getting red, but there was no tears.

Maybe it's better to let off some tears.

But she couldn't cry.

It's hard.

No, it's new year's Eve. How can she spend a happy new year with twins like this.

When Xiaonian shook her head, stood up and left. Instead of going to the gallery, she walked along the road, further and further away.


n. E building, President's office, a large and open office, the sun fell into the whole floor window, like a soft hand moving gracefully across every inch of the air, very warm.

Gong Ou opens the door and walks in.

Mona sat on the chair, her legs folded in black silk, and turned around in the chair. Her red lips were slightly raised. She was in a good mood. Her face was particularly beautiful and charming with a long blonde hair.

"So long?" Mona stops turning, looks at Gong Ou's handsome face, and laughs mockingly, "you used to be confused with Xi Xiaonian, but now you are still confused?"

Gong Ou glances at her coldly. "Do you want to see a good play?"

"I've seen it, haven't I?" Mona smiled a little smug. She opened her bag, took out two bottles of medicine and put them on her desk. She gave him a wink. "This is a new medicine. Two pills a day. You've been silent for four years. You've just come into contact with the society and the crowd. Although you've done well, you need to restrain yourself."

Gong Ou sat up at his desk, reached for the medicine bottle, and his eyes fell on it with cold eyes.

Mona pulled her sexy long blonde hair. "I spent four years to treat you. You were mentally disordered and had visions. Now you are reborn. Should you thank me?"

Smell speech, palace Ou's five fingers close the medicine bottle in hand, black eyes look at her deeply, "how do you want me to thank you?"

His eyes were too deep to show emotion.

"Tell me, when can I get the most out of buying N.E shares?" Asked Mona.

"Then you ask for nothing, and my answer will only be false."

Gong Ou leaned back, his voice cold.

Mona sighed, "he's really a mercenary businessman. He won't even share my doctor's interests."

"For businessmen, the word" profit seeking "is not a derogatory term." Gong Ou said without hesitation, thin lips slightly hooked, like a smile rather than a smile.

"You can only put your own technological achievements on your mouth." Even, he used to push what civilian price robots.

"The greatest value of any achievement can only be realized by maximizing its benefits." Gong Ou Dao, the voice is magnetic.

"Well said."

Mona gazed at his face, her eyes suddenly, fascinated by his beauty. She got up from the chair, walked around the desk to him, crossed the edge of the desk with her fingers, and looked vaguely at Gong ou. "In this case, I don't want to pay for my interests."

"Then what do you want?"

Asked Gong ou.

Mona turned around and fell directly into his arms. She sat on his legs. Her beautiful and enchanting face was close to him, and her long eyelashes crossed his face. "I'm getting married, and I have to leave the day after tomorrow. You know I've been in love with you for a long time. Tomorrow night, I made a reservation at Huatian Hotel. "

Gong Ou didn't push her away. She was allowed to sit on her own legs. Her thin lips held a sexy arc. Her black eyes were so deep that they were soul stirring. "Do you want me to make a promise?"

"I have my own family responsibilities. It was foolish enough to be absurd for you. I will not continue to be foolish." Mona knew exactly what she wanted. She raised her face and almost pasted it on his face. "I just need one night stand."

"Why do you think I will give it to you?"

"In any case, I cured you. I released you from the body." Mona reached for his tie, and her thin legs were grinding on his legs


Gong Ou chuckles and looks at her and says, "I haven't seen a woman like you who owes a man so much to clean up."

“……” Mona's face suddenly looked ugly, and she grasped his tie even harder. "Will you come? When you asked me to treat my illness, I said, "I want to be paid. You won't cheat?"

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. In such a cold day, Mona still wears sexy and charming clothes. She is full of dizzy faces.

"Leave the room number."

Gong Ou's voice is sexy and deadly. Mona can't help but soften her body when she listens to him. She proudly picks up her eyebrows and turns his tie with her fingers. "I'll tell you how a normal man can be single-minded. No cat likes cheating."


The door burst open.

Annie, the Secretary, came in with the document in her arms. She didn't look very good. "President."

"Not even knocking?"

Gong Ou's voice cooled down.

Mona sat on gongou's lap without moving, and gongou did not push her away.

"President, I have something to report." Annie turned her eyes and walked forward. She stood in front of them and looked down at Mona sitting on Gong Ou's leg. "President, it's half an hour since the meeting."

"Let them wait another five minutes."

Gong Ou said coldly.


Anne held the document to answer, but still stood there and did not leave.

Gong Ou looks at her coldly.

Annie held the document tightly, grabbed her hair, and looked at Mona all the time. Mona sat on Gong Ou's leg and laughed. Her red lips were gorgeous. "It seems that your secretary is holding his words."


Anne took a deep breath and burst out, shouting.

"What are you going to say?"

Gong Ou asked indifferently.

"Even though I shouldn't say that as a professional secretary, I still want to say it." Anne said, "Miss Xi really loves you. She often comes here for a walk. She stays all day without eating or drinking. One year, someone said that if she saw you on the mountain, she ran to the mountain alone and stayed for two days. It was the coldest time of the year. When she came back, she was seriously ill and the gallery closed for a long time. "


It's much more comfortable to say.

"Ha." Mona laughs happily, and grabs Gong Ou's tie. "Look, you are surrounded by Xi Xiaonian's undercover agents."

"I'm not miss Xi's undercover agent, I'm just telling you the facts I saw." Annie looked at Mona, and looked at her rival bitterly. "Miss Xi is really not easy. No woman can wait for four years without hope."