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Chapter 535 lock him in a cage

Gong Ou enters the room, unscrews the bottle cap, picks up the medicine bottle, pours two pills into the palm of his hand, and directly puts them into his mouth.

The door was not closed tightly. Xiao Nian's cough came from outside.

With that sound, Gong Ou closes his eyes and spits out the medicine in his mouth directly the next second.


Gong Ou smashes the whole medicine bottle into the garbage can. People lean back, close the door firmly and close their eyes slowly.

Forget it.

Don't eat, don't eat.

The rain didn't stop for a moment, and the sea rose.

When Xiaonian was making dinner in the kitchen with her mask on, the window was open, the rain was falling, and she would dish out the delicate dishes.

"It smells good." Gong Kui rushed in, smelling the fragrance and floating to her side. "You cook well."

"Then you can eat more. I'll serve you dad."

Shi Xiaonian said, put the vegetables into the tray, pick up the tray and walk inside, reaching for the door.

As soon as I went in, there was no one in the big room.

The quilt on the bed was thrown aside, without half a figure.

"Miss Xi."

A bodyguard passed by.

"And Gong Ou?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Mr. Gong just drove away." The bodyguard replied.

"Is it?"

When small read lightly should a, low Mou looks at the dish in the tray, the vision is dim, sick still don't have a good rest, business is so important, need so busy?


In the quiet caf é, Xiaonian sits in the corner, holding the mixing spoon and mixing without a moment.

"So Mr. Gong gave you a time limit, either to marry or he agreed to part?" Xia Yu asked incredibly, holding his face in front of her.


When small read nods, continues to be absent-minded ground stirs the coffee.

I don't know how Gong Ou is now. He just woke up from a coma and ran to work again soon.

"Ah." Summer rain to the gills, a long sigh, "it seems that Mr. Gong is really changed."

When Xiao Nian looked at the summer rain.

Xia Yu said with great emotion, "I still remember what Mr. Gong looked like when you disappeared in the hospital. He was so afraid of losing you that he would give you such a choice now."

When small read a wry smile, stop stirring action, quietly sitting there.

"What would you choose?"

Xia Yu asked, looking at her curiously.

"I don't know. I'm lost now." When Xiaonian said bitterly, "when Gong Ou just came back, I felt strange and could not feel the temperature of being cared. Now, I can't go on talking with him at all. I don't know why, our chat always ends in nothing and ends in unhappiness. "

She pushed the coffee cup in front of her, the coffee in the cup moved slightly, the heart-shaped flower on it was separated slowly, and the heart-shaped shape could not be seen any more.

"Ah, that's sad. It's really boring if you can't find the topic when you get along with each other." Xia Yu said, "but don't you think it's a pity that it's so broken?"

"He said the same thing." When Xiaonian looked at his friend, "do you know what he looked like at that time? He made me feel that he didn't care about this relationship and marriage, but only me."

People can't see the future direction when they are lost in the net.

She lost her net because she knew the direction of the future too well. Once she got married, she was ready to live a life of seeming separation. If she didn't get married, how could she afford to think of Gong Ou when the power was cut off.


Xia Yu looks at Shi Xiaonian sadly. She almost accompanies him all the way to today. How many ups and downs does he have? Even marriage has become a limited period of choice.

"Well, let's go step by step. Isn't there half a month left?" Shi Xiaonian said, took a sip of coffee cup, and the bitter taste rushed out of her mouth, which made her unbearable.

"Drink less coffee and you're still ill."

Summer rain clapped her hands across the table.

"Well." When small read nods, takes out the wallet from the bag to say, "I also did not sit much, I still have the matter to do."

"What's the matter?"

Xia Yu asked doubtfully.

"Big things."

Shi Xiaonian pretends to be a mysterious tunnel and leaves with her bag. Xia Yu follows her and asks her to be honest.

When Xiaonian returned to the gallery, Fengde had been waiting inside.

Seeing her coming back, Fengde came to close the glass door and sealed it tightly. When Xiaonian looked down, he saw a laptop on the desk.

When Xiaonian went to sit down at the desk, the computer screen showed the connection video.

She moved her finger to connect the video.

The video is soon connected, and a beautiful face appears on the screen, with blonde hair and blue eyes, full of charm.

It's Lancaster Mona.

She painted delicate make-up, but she could not hide the gaunt look between her eyes. Mona looked at her and smiled scornfully, "what's the matter with Miss Xi Xiaonian looking for me?"

"I think my adoptive father has told you."

When small read sits in front of the table light ground to say.

"I want to know how Gong Ou has spent these four years? I don't think I have a reason to tell you. " Mona sneered and admired her pale appearance.

"What do you want to tell me? I want to hear the truth. " When small read light tunnel.

"You can't afford me what I want, Miss Xi." Mona picked up a small make-up mirror, made up for it, and painted her lips like flames.

When Xiaonian looked at Mona's face on the screen, she was silent for a long time, or she said, "what if I want that video to spread?"

This method is too mean, but she has no other way.

Smell speech, Mona's action a stiff, lipstick almost painted crooked, she stared at the camera, when small read picked up the next tablet, put in front of her.

The tablet screen is full of mosaics.


Mona's Lipstick fell down. She glared angrily at Shixiao and said, "don't think it can threaten me. Don't force me to give you a hand, Miss Xi!"

"Miss Mona, I also don't want to have anything to do with you. I'm not aiming at you. I just want to know what Gong Ou has been doing for the past four years." When the voice of small read quietly, eyes with a touch of cold meaning and persistence.

Mona slammed the vanity mirror in her hand and sat staring at her hatefully.

For a long time, Mona said, "OK, if you can get all the videos for me, I'll let you know."

Smell speech, when small read smile light cough, she put down the tablet in her hand, "Gong Ou is who, he is playing high-tech, you think I even steal what can take proof not to leave a copy to keep."


Mona's face was ugly.

"You can only be controlled by me and not let this thing flow out of my hands." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Mona, of course, knows what she's saying makes sense. Privacy is the least confidential thing when it's shrouded in high technology.

"How can I trust you?" Asked Mona coldly.

"You can only trust me."

"I'm not afraid to deal with you?"

"You've been dealing with me." When Xiaonian's voice was a little hoarse, she said quietly, "I believe that Gong ou will become what she is today, and you will definitely be responsible for it."

Hearing this, Mona's eyes flashed a touch of pride and pride, "why, can't you get along with Gong Ou? I saw your unilateral statement of breaking up. Now that you have broken up, I still care about what you have done in the past. "

"You're not treating him at all, are you?"

When small read cold tunnel.

"I have a cure." Mona immediately countered, "don't doubt my professional ability. It's not me. He's still a manic paranoid."

"I don't think you're successful."

"Because he's quitting his emotional dependence on you now?" Mona sneered scornfully.

When Xiaonian looked at her smile, he got angry for no reason. "How do you treat it? What have you done to Gong Ou? "


Mona stopped talking and looked down at her nails. She was careless and lazy.

When Xiaonian picked up the tablet beside him and put it in front of the camera.

Mona looked at her with hatred. "Xi Xiaonian, I really want to kill you."

I dare to threaten her with this kind of video like Gong ou.

"Answer me, Mona, even a word, or I will definitely spread this thing before you kill me!" When small read cold tunnel.

Mona cried out, and stared at her with hatred. "It's just a word, isn't it? OK, I'll tell you how Gong Ou is treated. "

When Xiaonian opened his eyes.

Feng de can't help but come over and look at the computer screen.

"He is too ill, so I took a quick approach and locked him in the cage." Mona said it word for word.


The tablet fell from shixiaonian's hands.

Shi Xiaonian stands up from his chair and stares at Mona on the screen in horror. "What do you say?"

"You locked the young master in the cage?" Feng de stood there in disbelief.

"Do you need to make such a fuss? It's Gong Ou's own wish. At that time, he had a strong desire to cure his illness." Mona said, a beautiful face approaching the computer lens, "Xi Xiaonian, if you dare to take this video to do an article again, I absolutely choose to burn everything with you!"

With that, Mona turned off the video connection.

When Xiaonian stood there, his face was pale.

Locked in a cage? What kind of treatment plan is this? Is Gong Ou crazy? It's obviously playing tricks on him, and he agrees?

When Feng de looked at him, Xiao Nian said, "Xiao Nian, what she said is true..."

"My adoptive father, I'll see Gong ou."

When small read a voice to say hoarsely, raise a leg to run outside, Feng de even can't stop.

When Xiaonian ran across the road and rushed into the N.E building, the front desk was stunned to see her, "Miss Xi, you..."

Well, should the former fiancee of the President be released? Or inform the president's secretary office first?

"I'm looking for Gong ou."

When Xiaonian said, he ran to the elevator. The front desk didn't even have the chance to speak, so he couldn't see Xiaonian.

She walked into the elevator by herself. She leaned against the wall of the elevator with her lips pressed tightly. The scene in Beibu Gulf appeared in front of her eyes.