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Chapter 954. Go crazy with her


The R palace stands like a bottle of statues, and the eyebrows of Mu qianchu are frowned more tightly.

Luo lie said, "it's not that I'm alarmist. Mrs. Gong won't take care of anyone. Now even if Mr. Gong stands in front of her, she can only escape!"! No one can let her down negative emotions! There is no medicine! "

With that, Lori left angrily.


In the children's bedroom, a small figure stood at a small table, put on a beautiful dress for the doll in his hand, and said in his mouth, "little princess, I will present you to mom in a beautiful way, and mom will be very happy. I'll wear you a nice crown. "

Dress up the doll beautifully. Gong Kui turns around happily and sees a man standing at the door of the room.

To be exact, it's a robot.

"Mr palace is good."

Seeing the robot, Gong Kui said hello with a smile.

The R palace walked towards her with a stiff step. Gong Kui blinked a pair of innocent eyes. The tall body stopped in front of her, slowly knelt down on one knee, kneeling in front of Gong Kui, and glanced at her little face with one eye.

"What are you going to do?" Gong Kui asked with a small head askew.


R palace looked at her in silence, slowly raised her fine steel hand and stroked her little face, which was almost buried in his palm.

Gong Kui giggled, "it's so cool, Mr palace."

The R palace didn't take off her hand, so she held her face and acted as if she had been stopped.

Gong Kui asked her to hold it for a while and then hid. She raised her beautiful doll in both hands and asked, "Mr Gong, do you think mom will like my little princess? Will the little princess make mom happy? "

"You know she's not happy?"

Asked the R palace, kneeling on one knee.

Smell speech, the simple and naive smile on Gong Kui's face slowly converged, and he took out a hand and put it up in front of his small mouth, making a silent gesture, "Shhh, don't tell others."


The R palace listened in silence.

"Mr palace, I will only tell you that." Gong Kui lowered his head and played with the doll in his arms. "The adults said that we are here for vacation. Before we can go on vacation, mom is playing with dad. This time, only mom is with us. I know she is not happy."


"I don't want her to be unhappy, but I can't find dad." Gong Kui suddenly clattered to one side, picked up a TV remote control, and went to Mr palace. "I can't make any phone calls here. I can't even press this. It's useless."

R palace watched her little hand accurately press Gong Ou's mobile phone number on the TV remote control.

She's been looking for her father.

"Mr palace, mom said that Dad would come to pick us up, but none of them came. Do you think Dad doesn't want us Gong Kui looked at it and asked.

The R palace knelt in front of her, and the movement did not change for a long time. Hearing this, it was silent for a long time and asked, "do you hate him?"

"You mean angry? I don't know. " Gong Kui seems to have found a very good way to talk. He sat down in front of Mr palace, with a worried expression on his face. "I was afraid that dad didn't like me, but now I'm afraid that he doesn't like mom. Mom who is pregnant can't be unhappy."

Pregnant mothers can't be unhappy.

Even children understand the truth.

The R palace kneels in silence, and Gong Kui says to himself, "I don't know if we have been abandoned. I dare not ask mom for fear that she will be more sad."

"Are you hurt?"

The palace suddenly asked.

Gong Kui looked at it with his eyes wide open. Mr Gong explained, "you were caught by the bad guys before. Were you hurt?"

Hearing this, Gong Kui immediately flashed a flash of fear in her big eyes, held the doll firmly in her arms, and then shook her head forcefully, "I don't have it, I don't have it."

"Don't be afraid. Bad people don't..."

"Don't tell mom!" Palace Kui seriously interrupts its words, young age momentum some blustery, "otherwise I will not play with you later!"

She was afraid, but she didn't dare to show it. When she was afraid, she felt sad.

The whole world knows how much pressure Xiaonian is under. Only one person doesn't know and still thinks he is right.

R palace knelt there and looked at her, kneeling still.

Kneeling to Gong Kui, she could not feel that she was still obedient. She put out her little hand and poked at her cold body, "Mr palace, are you listening to me?"

The robot ignored her?

"Little anemone." Mr palace suddenly opened its mouth, with a strong electronic voice.


"You are the most sensible child. Your father is not worthy to have such a good daughter." Mr Palace said word by word.

Gong Kui sat on the ground and blinked. "Are you saying bad things about my dad? I won't tell him, but don't talk about it. It's a bad behavior. "

"Little anemone."

"What's the matter?"

"Let me hold it." Mr Palace said.

Gong Kui looked at it in amazement, then turned her eyes to beads and thought for a while. She put down the doll in her arms and stood up. She slowly walked into her arms and held out a pair of small hands to climb up her shoulder. "You're cold."

The R palace moved, and her arms closed to her little body, but because of this sentence, she just held her in vain.

I haven't let it go for a long time.

In order to be able to hug Well, Gong Kui tried to stand on tiptoe of her little feet, and her little hand tried to hold her tighter, but her body made people hold her colder and colder.

It does not put, the good little sunflower does not put, so bear the cold embrace.

After a long time, Gong Kui seemed to understand something. The fleshy little hand patted it. "Mr palace, are you also sad? Not sad, mom will be happy. There must be someone who can make mom happy. "

The body of R palace is colder.


At night, every grid of lights in N.E building is dark, only a few floors are lighted, as sparse as the stars in the sky.

There was a faint smell of alcohol in the president's office.

Several secretaries who are still working overtime outside have no choice but to look at the closed door. The president has kept himself in the office for five hours.

No one was seen.

No phone calls.

The mellow red wine is like a thin thread that is tied into the president's office. Inside the door, the office is empty. The floor window is completely covered by the floor curtain. Without turning on the light, the light is very dim.

The only light source is from the computer on the desk. In front of the quiet corner light, a slender figure sits on the leather chair, with head lowered to make the expression indistinct. A pair of slender hands are folding cellophane.

At the foot of the desk were inverted bottles of wine.

Gong Ou sat there folding cellophane like this, and the table was filled with countless crooked paper cranes, piled up like a hill.

The light of the computer reflected his dark hair.

On the screen is a document with three sentences written on it --

"she just escapes! No one can let her down negative emotions! There is no medicine! "

"Not sad, mom will be happy. There must be someone who can make mom happy."

"Let's fall in love, Mr palace."

These three sentences are copied and pasted on the document infinitely, and the page number: 3956 is displayed in the lower left corner of the document.

There is no other content in the document on page 3956. Only these three sentences are left.

Obviously, it's just words, but it's full of inexplicable madness.

In the face of such documents, Gong Ou didn't take a look at them. He just kept his head down and folded cellophane all the time.

The more folded, the more disordered.

The more you fold, the more you panic.

The cellophane couldn't be shaped. It slipped down in his hand.


Gong Ou treads on the desk in a fretful way, and then takes a glass of red wine and drinks it up and down. His throat rolls up and down. The liquid of red wine flows down his throat and into his collar all the time. He has no consciousness at all.

Put the glass on the table heavily. There are some scratches on the finger holding the glass. There is no treatment.

I clapped my hands on the keyboard, and my fingers quickly copied and pasted the three sentences on the screen again. The page number of the document kept increasing.

"She just escapes! No one can let her down negative emotions! There is no medicine! "

"Not sad, mom will be happy. There must be someone who can make mom happy."

"Let's fall in love, Mr palace."

"She just escapes! No one can let her down negative emotions! There is no medicine! "

"Not sad, mom will be happy. There must be someone who can make mom happy."

"Let's fall in love, Mr palace."

The light of the screen reflected into his eyes, which was a kind of crazy jealousy.

When the mobile phone rings, Feng De's name jumps on it without any attention.

Page number increased wildly, and those three sentences changed into countless pieces and smashed into Gong Ou's eyes, which turned red completely.

She doesn't hate him.

She didn't grow in love with her admirers.

All the things he worried about didn't happen to her.

However, his beloved woman is interested in the robot that inherits all of him, and in a robot!

The screen is still being copied crazily.

The ring of the mobile phone is noisy again and again, as if it is deliberately keeping up with the rhythm of copy and paste..


Gong Ou suddenly stands up from his desk and sweeps his arms. His cell phone, bottle and glass are swept to the ground.

The computer crashed.

Countless paper cranes fell to the ground like rain and covered the ground.

Red wine drenched his feet.

Gong Ou stood there motionless, his hands hanging, blood seeping out of the bruises on his fingers, trickling down his long fingers and falling into the red wine on the ground.

Throw everything away. Gong Ou looks like he has made up his mind. He raises his legs and goes out.

He is paranoid, she left him without hesitation; she became a madman, he accompanied her crazy!


Deep in the woods, when the door was opened, the moonlight came in and threw it on the huge bed. At

, Xiao Nian sat on the head of the bed in silk pajamas, without a word. Her eyes were bland open, just like daylight. She seemed to have never changed her posture.