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Chapter 857 primary school girls, right? Secretaries, right

He just hung up.

When Xiaonian sat at the head of the bed and smiled with Gong Kui in his arms, "well, go ahead. The doctor said that Xiaokui will be OK after he has gone back. Maybe I can go to you in two days."

Maybe this matter is really urgent, when Xiaonian can feel Gong Ou shaking.

He stood up from the bedside, looked down at the sunflower, and then looked at her, "when she has a fever, you will take her with you."

He wants to see his daughter for himself.

When hearing this, Xiaonian was surprised. Gong Ou used to bother twins to disturb them on their honeymoon, but he turned to sex. It seems that they all changed in langhuayu.

After that, Gong Ou looks down at Gong Yao.

Gong Yao holds the story and stands there without expression. Gong Ou reaches out and rubs his head, "and you! Come on! "


Gong Yao lowered his head in silence.

When Xiaonian saw that Gong Yao's lip angle seemed to go up without mentioning it, he smiled and said to Gong ou, "OK, go now."


The mouth should be, Gong Ou does not go, a pair of eyes burning to stare at her.

"When I'm away, you eat on time. I'll call." After thinking about it, Xiaonian was still not at ease, so he changed his mind and said, "you can talk to me through holographic video when you eat. I want to see how you eat."


What a woman to worry about.

Gong Ou stares at her, leans over to kiss her, and the cell phone rings improperly. Gong Otton will explode when he picks up the cell phone. He just shouts, "is your secretary's room full of food? Who allows you to call me all the time?"

When Xiaonian felt that Gong Ou's hair had been erected, she couldn't help but feel the sweat of the staff at the other end of the phone.

Gong Ou said as he walked out, he didn't want to get angry in front of shixiaonian and shouted, "who do you want me to talk about? Of course, it's not stupid! "


When Xiaonian listened, he couldn't help shaking his head. It's impossible to work under Gong Ou's hands without any pressure resistance.

Fortunately, she is not his employee.

Gong Ou continues to walk outside, and the farther he goes, the voice disappears completely in his ears. "Your secretary's office will pick the one whose data is not bad in the last report. Isn't that stupid? You? Oh, then I'll take my words back. "

Gong Ou is on a business trip in such a hurry. When Xiao Nian doesn't follow him, he takes care of Gong Kui who has a fever at home.

Fortunately, Gong Kui didn't let Shi Xiaonian worry for a long time. After taking a medicine, Gong Kui's fever subsided and began to jump again.

When Xiaonian worried that the illness would be repeated, he was ready to observe gongkui at home for another day. In the morning, Xiaonian woke up from gongkui's bed.

Gong Kui's short hands and feet wrapped her tightly. Like the koala, she couldn't tear it down.


When Xiaonian looked at his daughter, he couldn't help laughing. The sleeping face of sunflower is the perfect inheritance of Gong ou. How can Gong Ou influence so many children.

"Is Xiaokui OK?"

Gong Yao woke up from another bed and sat there in his pajamas looking this way.

"It's OK. It's not burning." When small read a hand to probe the temperature on palace anemone's head to say in a low voice, turn the MOU to see to palace Yao, "you get up too early, no longer sleep for a while?"

"No more sleep." Gong Yao sat on the bed and shook his head. He didn't mean to wash.

When Xiaonian understood that he was concerned about his sister, he said, "then you take care of your sister here for a while. I'll go down and prepare breakfast for you."


Gong Yao nods.

At that time, Xiaonian took some effort to remove Gong Kui's limbs, cover the quilt for her and get out of bed.

When entering the kitchen, Xiaonian was preparing food materials and could not help but look at the clock on the wall. Some of them were absent-minded. Fengde stood by to help her and asked, "what is Xiaonian looking at?"

"I think it's better to call Gong Ou at some time. I want to remind him to have breakfast, but I'm afraid he's still sleeping."

Shi Xiaonian said and looked at the clock on the wall conditionally.

"I heard that the young master was still working in the base at 3 o'clock last night."

Said Fengde.

"What?" "When small read surprised to open wide eyes," I last night 10 o'clock and his phone, he said to go to sleep, the result he is still working

"Young master must want to come back to accompany you after work earlier."

'put a basket of washed vegetables on the flow table,' said Vander gently.

"How could he be like that." When small read some depressed, want to make a phone call and afraid to disturb Gong Ou's sleep, finally depressed tunnel, "forget it, I will call at noon scold him."

Wen Yan, Feng de smiles and shakes his head, "well, I have to scold you. Young master is afraid that you scold me."

“……” When Xiaonian's face became hot, "adoptive father, is it fun to tease me?"

After coming back from Borg Island, Feng de has always been unhappy. This time, it's better to go back to s city. Maybe for him, China is the most relaxed place.

"Good, no fun." Feng de said, "can I show you the work schedule of the young master over there in a moment? You will plan the working time for the young master. "

"I'm not from N.E."

She has no right to plan Gong Ou's working schedule.

"You are willing to plan for the young master. He doesn't know how happy he is." Feng de said with a smile.

"I don't want it. He's not obedient. I don't care about him. I cook."

Shi Xiaonian said that he became angry and began to fry eggs.

Seeing that he didn't have any help, Feng de left and took a document. It was gong Ou's work arrangement to go to the research base this time. He threw it on the table at will.

Then Xiaonian couldn't stand. She fried an egg and looked at the document. She boiled it and looked at the document. She couldn't help but look at the document even if she wiped the plate.

When the breakfast was ready, Xiaonian finally couldn't help it. He wiped his hands, put on his ring, walked towards the dining table, picked up the document and opened it.

When I saw the dense proper nouns and work arrangements above, I suddenly became big, "adoptive father, it's useless for you to show me. I don't understand."

She's just a painter. She's always afraid of these things.

She has no ability to arrange Gong Ou's work.

"Just row around and tell the young master. He must be obedient." Feng de can't understand Gong Ou better.

For the young master, he can be excited all day as long as he catches a point that Xiaonian cares about him.

"No, I'd better not mess about."

When small read very self-knowledge, casually turned a few pages of paper will put down the document, glanced over a name, her expression a lag.

Is she wrong?

How did she see the name?

When Xiaonian reopened the file, turned to the page, and looked at the list of the business trip with Gong ou. There was a line with the words of Fang Fangzheng -

secretary department: Li Qingyan.

Women always remember their threatening homosexuals very well, and this name is also remembered very clearly when they read it.

Li Qingyan, Gong Ou's sister in St. John's school, a sister he praised.

Feng de helps to put the dishes on the table. Seeing Xiaonian's face is not very right, he asks, "what's wrong with Xiaonian?"

"Who is this Li Qingyan?"

When small read point to the above line of words asked.

Feng de went over, obviously, he was impressed by the name. "It's Secretary Li. I've seen him several times. He's a good person, young but capable. He seems to have been recruited into the Secretary's office recently."

"Is it?" Shixiaonian asked, "can you find out her resume?"

"Of course, there are all times when applying." "You want to check?" asked Feng De, puzzled

"Yes, now."

She wanted to know if it was the same surname and why a man named Li Qingyan happened to be gong Ou's secretary.

"Well, I'll call the company now to send Secretary Li's resume."

Feng de said that he didn't know what to do with the secretary.

After a night's rest, Gong Kui came back to his senses. He danced and ate a lot of breakfast. Xiao Nian sat at the dinner table and watched the two children eat breakfast.

She hasn't moved her chopsticks yet. She's waiting for Feng De to have dinner together.

After a while, Feng de came in from the outside, holding a stack of newly printed resume in his hand, and said with a smile, "it's really a coincidence that Secretary Li is also studying in Saint John, and he is also a classmate with the young master. No wonder the young master will recruit her into the Secretary's office."

St. John is bound to come out of the elite.

"Gong Ou invited her in?"

When small read a Zheng.

It was the primary school girl.

"Yes, it says that Secretary Li once made a perfect report during his internship, and was treated differently by the young master and recruited into the Secretary's office."


Xiaonian's face turned green.

Good, Gong ou. I promised her that night, just for fun, right?

Feng de continued to turn his resume in his hand. He didn't see Xiao Nian's face. He said, "Secretary Li is not good either. He has only been in the Secretary's office for a short time, but he hasn't made any mistakes. This time, the young master asked her to follow him to the research base."


When Xiaonian's face didn't slow down, he was severely repaired by Fengde, which made her almost spit blood.

Treat each other differently.

I want this primary school girl to follow me.

Primary school girls, secretaries, business trip together.

Gong ou, you really have a set on the back of your mouth.


It's really good.

Feng de didn't realize the mood change of Xiaonian at that time. He still stared at Li Qingyan's resume and exclaimed, "nowadays, girls are shopping for famous brands with make-up. It's rare for her to compete so hard in her career. I think it's her turn to lead the whole Secretariat soon."

When Xiaonian suddenly stood up, his face white with anger.

The two children who were having breakfast looked up at her blankly, while Xiaonian looked at them, "have you finished?"


Gong Yao replied.

"Are you still sick today, Xiaokui?"

He asked again.

"I'm all right, doctor uncle let me play." Gong Kui smiled and was very lively.

"Good. We'll go to Dad after breakfast." When small read to squeeze out a smile grudgingly, have the meaning of skin smile flesh not smile quite, "immediately go!"