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Chapter 639 ma'sam, there's a problem

"Why didn't you tell Gong Ou about it?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Tell him that he can come back to inherit the palace. He has paranoid personality disorder. He won't, but it will only be more violent. Once my husband dies, and my son does, the palace will be completely shaken." Luo Qi says, the sadness on the face is moving, her tone is so desperate.

"Is it so important to inherit the palace family? Gong Ou has his own business empire, and he has unparalleled achievements in the field of science and technology. As long as he is here, Gong family will never be able to sway. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

She really didn't understand why they had to stick to the word "inherit".

So important?

"And the glory of the nobility? And what about maintaining family fame? Will he do it? " Luo Qi looked at her and asked Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian was asked, she was speechless. She was too clear that Chu gong'ou only liked to study science and technology. Even in such a large business empire, there were many teams in charge of his interpersonal relationship.

He didn't like the complicated internal affairs of the palace, let alone deal with them personally.

"So important?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Luo Qi knew what she asked, smiled bitterly, stood up from the bench and looked at the sky in the distance, "I don't know if it's important for so many years, I just know my husband won't give up until the last moment."


"On the day of his death, he brought his training double to me." Luo Qi said, "he told me that as long as Gong Ou refused to pay for the palace wholeheartedly for a day, the double would always be replaced."


When Xiaonian was shocked.

Luo Qi turned to her, opened her hands, and brushed her fingers over a flower in the tree. "You have just heard that there are always various things waiting for him to deal with, including the balance of interests with the major families. If the great palace family is not supported by the name of the palace Lord, it will be more than 100 times worse than it is now. Anyone can deceive it."

I see.

When small read finally understood all things, all is for the palace family so-called noble glory.

"That's because you pay too much attention to the so-called fame, and you will be led by your nose."

Shi Xiaonian said, his voice was a little hoarse.

"Yes, just like the dignity of the same person, you can ignore anything without dignity, but how many people can?" Asked Luo Qi.


When small read speechless.

Luo Qi looked at her, and her voice was choked. "I don't want you to be a civilian to understand this, but I hope you can keep this secret, don't tell Gong ou."

This matter can't be known to Gong ou.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "Gong Ou is willing to inherit the palace now. I don't know what else to hide."

At the beginning, Gong ounao said he would not inherit because the palace family wanted him to marry.

"I said with all my heart."

Said Rocchi.

When hearing this, Xiaonian quickly said, "you're a tough guy."

In her opinion, Gong ou should be more involved in the field of science and technology, which is his real world.

"If he inherits the palace family, he can't really manage it. Then the palace family will decline as well." Luo Qi said, "that's not as good as holding on to a corpse. At least I can hold on for more than ten or twenty years. I can't let the palace down!"

What she wants is the palace family prosperity, forever is looked up to by the people, not only is palace Europe to earn a few money only.

“……” When small read stands in front of Luo Qi, looks at the tears on Luo Qi's face, the eyebrow slightly Cu rises.

Luo Qi looks at her and asks, "don't you want to cheat Gong Ou?"


In her opinion, Gong Jue and Luo Qi are just like those Lancaster family members. They are trapped in a magic barrier for their fame and glory.


Luo Qi suddenly knelt down in front of her.

When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi in astonishment, and quickly reached out to help her, "what are you doing? You get up. "

Kneel down to her.

"Don't expose it to the public. No one should say that I can't live up to my husband's orders. I can accept the current situation and make it better, but I will never allow it to get worse again."

Luo Qi said, "Xi Xiaonian, you are in Gong Ou's palm. I can't help you. I don't expect you to understand what the future of the palace means. I just want you to hide it for the time being. "

The future of the palace cannot be destroyed by anyone.

"Get up first, mother."

When little Nian pulled her, but she couldn't move. She turned her eyes to see Charles. "Charles, come and help me."

Charles stood still and said, "little madam, just promise me, but I want you to hide it."


Looking at the noble Luo Qi kneeling in front of him, Xiao Nian's nose is sour, and she can't be moved. She can only say, "OK, I promise, I won't tell anyone about this until you want to make it clear."

Luo Qi raised her eyes and looked at her gratefully. She choked to say something. She put her hand over her head and groaned painfully.

"How are you, mother?"

"Ma'am, are you sick? Go back to the room. "

Charles went up to help Luo Qi leave, and Xiao Nian was with him.

Maybe it's a big mood fluctuation. Luo Qi is going to lie on the bed again. When Xiaonian's mood is complicated, she quietly retreats. Gong Ou doesn't know that her father died four years ago.

Charles did not stay to take care of Luo Qi, but followed Xiao Nian out.

Looking at Charles, Xiaonian said awkwardly, "I'm sorry, I don't know what misunderstood you."

Her brain is a little wide open.

"There's no need for the young lady to apologize to one of my housekeepers."

Charles said with a smile and followed her out.

When they were walking in the quiet castle, Xiaonian turned to him and said, "do you have something to say to me?"

"Yes." Charles stopped slowly, looked at shixiaonian with his eyes, and said solemnly, "since the young lady knows the whole thing, I hope she can persuade the second young master well, so that he can try to run the palace now, and let her see a little hope."

For the second young master, I'm afraid there is only a little lady to listen to.

When small read bite lip, say, "Charles, why do you embarrass me. In Gong Ou's mind, he has been waiting for decades to take over. How can he be willing to come back now? What can N.E do? He couldn't do it with all his heart, as his mother said

What can she advise?

Unless told the truth, but Luo Qi also worried about Gong Ou's character to listen to his father's death, more uninhibited, not willing to manage the palace.

"If the master is still alive, he will take over after decades, but he is no longer there." Charles said, moving on, "you also see that the lady's health is not good, especially can't stand the stimulation. The second young master's temperament is not stable, and his words are all exclusive to the successor. Now the lady is exhausted."

"I know."

She knows all these, but what can she do to force Gong ou to put all his focus on Gong Jia now?

Charles walked beside her, looked around, and said, "since I'm here, I'm not afraid to talk more with the little lady."


When small read Zheng under.

"I've never said these words to anyone, and it's hard to hold them in my heart." Charles said, "since the master's past, the lady is like a lost soul. She can't cry, and the funeral can't be done. She has to support the palace by herself and pretend that the master is still alive. I'm worried that there will be problems here. "

With that, Charles pointed to his head.


Shi Xiaonian's eyes widened in shock. She forgot how many things shocked her today.

"We always maintain the illusion that the master is still alive. At first, I thought my wife performed well, but later on, my wife would even say in front of me that the master praised her for her beautiful dress yesterday; the master said that he would wait for everything to finish to travel with her; he said that he would bring a glass of milk to the master." Said Charles.

"You mean that mother is completely immersed in the play?" He asked in surprise.

When she finished, her heart shook.

Charles sighed softly, "yes, so I'm worried about my wife's situation. I hope the second young master will come back home and take responsibility. Then the news of my master's death will be released, so that my wife can be more sober and relaxed, and don't indulge in it."


Shi Xiaonian can't speak.

"Madam Shao, today's palace is like a castle built with bamboo sticks. It seems to be towering and incomparable. In fact, as long as you put out your hand and push it gently, it will be like sand." Charles said, "please think about it."

When Xiaonian stops, he doesn't speak.

"Then I'll serve my wife first."

Said Charles, and turned away.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at his back, he couldn't help but ask, "Charles, why does mother freeze his father's body for four years?"

Hearing this, Charles looked back at her and sighed, "this is another story again."


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

"In fact, I don't know the reason why my wife did this. I only know that my wife adored my master for a long time and did a lot of things secretly before she married him successfully. But my master only knows how to fight for the palace family these years." Charles said, "in the past four years, my wife has always gone to that study to talk with my master. Maybe that's what she wants."

She wants it.

A living person can't give her much gentleness. After death, she finally belongs to her. So Luo Qi refuses to let Gong Jue go.

When Xiaonian listened, he felt very sad.

If this is the case, Luo Qi did too much for Gong Jue, and was let down and ignored too much.


"What do you think? Hello! "

"You're stupid, shixiaonian?"

"Don't tell me you're thinking about men, I'll kill you!"