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Chapter 489 house arrest again

It's wrong.

It's a big mistake.

"Do you regret being with Gong Ou?" Mu qianchu asked, "regret for destroying me and your whole family because of him?"

"What I regret is that I shouldn't make any promises to you. No matter for the first time or for the second time, I shouldn't make any promises to you lightly. If so, would you hate less?" Asked shixiaonian.

She should have refused all the time. She shouldn't have made a compromise.

It became her sin, which she could not wash away.

Smell speech, the hatred on mu qianchu's face is deeper, stare at her and say, "if you don't promise me never to be with Gong ou, do you think I will choose to save you at that time?"

That's not the time.

He should wait until she is completely dead to Gong Ou!

"If I had known today, I would have died on the operating table!"

When small read to say forcefully, eyes stare at him.

"What do you say?"

Mu qianchu's expression is slightly stiff.

What does she mean to be indifferent to what he has done?

When Xiaonian walked to the side, his voice was impassive. "I remember you said before that I have changed, in fact, we have changed."

He is no longer the clean boy who fell in the snow.

She was no longer a girl who depended on him.


When Xiaonian went to the imperial concubine's bed, he picked up the cup and held it in his hand. The coffee was cold and there was no temperature.

"What do you do?"

Mu qianchu asked.

When Xiaonian walked to him step by step, handed the cup to him, "Mu qianchu, today, we say that who is right and who is wrong has no meaning, because even regret can not go back."

"You still want me to die?"

Mu qianchu asked, looking at the coffee cup in her hand, unbelievably.

"Please pay for my father and my fiance."

When small read stubbornly said, eyes covered with blood, small face full of fatigue.

She has no energy to argue with mu qianchu.

She just wanted to end it as soon as possible.

“……” Muqianchu stares at her dead. Her eyes are red and the water is bright. She bites her teeth. "I said, I didn't want to kill your father! I didn't! "

He didn't want to carry life on his back.

Never thought of carrying her family's life, because he always hoped to walk with her.

"Don't you drink?"

When small read lightly ask a way, the vision is not bright dim, the voice is calm as usual, just as if to ask a common way you don't drink coffee?

"Do you think I have to die?"

Mu qianchu smiled bitterly, reached out and pointed to the position of his heart. "Xiaonian, look at this place. How many times has it hurt for you? Can you ask

When it comes to the end, his voice is no longer so hateful, but trembling.

He cried.

Tears ran down his eyes.

Like a defeated soldier, he stood helplessly in front of the general who was determined to lay down his guilt and insisted that the general should have a look at his wounds.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, his hand holding the cup was frozen in the air.

"Even if I do more damned things in your eyes, don't forget that I love you!" Mu qianchu said loudly, tears gushing out, "since we know each other, apart from those six years, what time and second I have left is not in love with you?"


When Xiaonian stood in a daze.

Compared with mu qianchu's crying, the numb expression on her face made her look so cold-blooded.

"What time and what second am I not expecting us to be together again, like the past? But you? " Moqian let his tears flow down and said bitterly, "I always wonder what I lost to Gong ou. Is it gentleness and care? Then I will be more gentle to you and guard you with my life! Am I wrong to think so? "


"But you'd better go with Gong Ou!" Mu qianchu said, "then what am I losing, right? Is it potential? I thought that if Gong Ou stepped under my feet, you would look at me again! Am I wrong about that? "


"I love you so much that you want to take my life. Is it all my fault?"


When Xiaonian stood there, his eyelashes shook.

She heard the pain in his voice. It was so sad. She listened to his complaint silently. Then she slowly took the coffee cup back to her side.

Mu qianchu looks at her with low eyes, reaches out to wipe away the tears on her face. She is stubborn in her eyes.


When Xiaonian looked at him, she saw mu qianchu crying for the first time, like a wronged child.

Maybe what he said was right, it was her recklessness to love that destroyed everything.

So it's not him, it's her who killed their parents.

It's not him who killed Gong ou. It's her.

It's all her fault.

She can't wait to see the twins for the last time, she knows.

When Xiaonian slowly took up the coffee cup and bowed to taste it, some numb lips just touched the mouth of the cup, and the cup was severely knocked off.

The whole cup of coffee spilled on the ground.

The cup is broken.

Mu qianchu stared at her with hate. "Can't I kill myself? Xiaonian, I tell you that from today on, you are mine! "

Said, mu qianchu strongly pulled her into his arms, bowed his head and kissed her lips, held them firmly, held her face in both hands, tossed and turned, grinded her lips with his teeth, and frantically tried to pry them open.

When Xiaonian's breath is taken away by him, he immediately struggles to death.

She is his.

Gong Ou's potential is gone. Gong Ou is gone.

Why is she not his!


When Xiaonian struggles, he kicks his leg hard. Mu qianchu is kicked back two steps and bends down to hold his leg.

She happened to kick one of his bones and it hurt terribly.

When Xiaonian stood there, his breath was very fast. He wiped his lips with his hands, and looked at him with his eyes. He said, "I'm not yours, mu qianchu!"

Death is not.

Mu qianchu put down his legs painfully, stood there, sipped his lips, savored the taste of her lips, "do you think you can go now? Go out and have a look. I'll let you go if you go out! "

"You want to imprison me?"

When small read to ask, the voice is surprisingly calm.

"Gong family has imprisoned you for such a long time, and you are willing to stay with Gong ou. I think you like such a routine!" Muqianchu said, his voice was a little sombre. "Maybe you will soon be moved by me."

Now he even dare not say a word to fall in love again.

Because she never loved.


A good sentence has never been loved.

“……” When Xiaonian stood there in silence, looking up at qianchu, his eyes were particularly cold.

That kind of look makes mu qianchu uncomfortable.

Muqianchu never quarreled with shixiaonian like this. He had exhausted all his strength. He turned around and walked out.

"Do you know why I suddenly became engaged to Gong Ou without hesitation?"

The voice of Xiaonian rings behind him.

Mu qianchu looks back at her.

Of course he wants to know.

He still doesn't know why they said it well. She and Gong ou can say that they are engaged when they are engaged, leaving her behind again.

When small read to turn a Mou to look at him, "you know you and palace Europe biggest difference is what?"

"What is it?"

Mu qianchu is crazy to know.

"Gong Ou asked me for engagement with his own life, while you asked me with my father's and fiance's life." When reading the voice is very wooden, without a little emotional ups and downs, "if it was you, who would you be moved by?"


Mu qianchu finally knew the answer behind the engagement. His eyes were slightly shaken. He walked out without saying anything. He was in a hurry and almost fell down.

Such a mess.


When Xiaonian is under house arrest by mu qianchu, he is under house arrest in a small room.

She is used to standing at the window and looking out at the scenery. She seems to have a special affinity with house arrest. At first, Gong Ou put her under house arrest; later, Luo Qi; and now, mu qianchu.

She loved freedom so much, but she was imprisoned again and again.

But she should soon be free.

When Xiaonian stood at the window, pale and haggard, without any blood color, she held the heart-shaped diamond ring in her fingers, and held it up in the sun and gazed at it quietly.

The bright light of the diamond came out and fell into her eyes.

It's beautiful.

Gong ou, the ring you sent me is still so dazzling.

Wait a minute. I'll see you soon. Don't be afraid to be alone.

You should see Xi Yu, isn't it similar to me? My parents, are they special? Do you miss me very much?

Gong ou, when you get to heaven, I'll play for you.

When small read quietly staring at the ring in his hand, his face showed a deep smile, but the smile was very pale and gaunt.


The door was pushed open.

When the smile in Xiaonian's eyes suddenly disappeared, she lowered her head, put the ring back on her ring finger, and then silently walked to the sofa aside and sat down.

The one who came in was mu qianchu.

He was followed by the eyebrow scar doctor in a white coat, who was holding several bottles of liquid medicine.

Mu qianchu has a tray on his hand, and the food on it is steaming.

He went to her, put the tray in front of her, stared at her with low eyes, and his voice was deep. "You can choose whether to hang the nutritious water or eat."

Of course, muqianchu knew that Xiaonian was on a hunger strike.

She knew there was no hope of killing him, so she chose to wait for death.


When Xiaonian sat there in silence, without a word.

What should have been said has been said. She has nothing to say with mu qianchu.

She just wanted to wait for her own moment to come.

It's been two days since Xiao Nian didn't eat, drink or speak. If he kisses her or touches her, she will immediately fight back like a wolf, biting him to the brim of blood.

Seeing her like this, mu qianchu said to the eyebrow scar doctor, "give her nutritional water."

"Yes, not much."

Eyebrow scar doctor nods.

Mu qianchu stands up and holds up shixiaonian. Shixiaonian doesn't resist. He just opens his mouth and bites his arm.


Mu qianchu's brow was tight with pain. She was allowed to bite and walk to the bed with her in her arms, putting her down.