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Chapter 950 a tentative study of Mr Palace

Hearing this, Mu Qichu accidentally "looked" in the direction of Mr palace and couldn't help saying, "the intelligence of robot seems to be higher than before."

At the beginning, I still need to think about what to say and what machine talents do.

Now it's all on its own.

"Technology is changing with each passing day and developing very fast," said Shi Xiaonian, standing there for a second

"I see. Let's go."

Mu qianchu put out his hand on the arm of Mr palace and followed it forward.

Before entering the restaurant, a bodyguard hurriedly reported, "Mrs. palace."

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Since then, the old lady has been crying every day since she came here. After she changed them into captivity, her mood has become more volatile. She has asked to meet you again and again, saying that she would go to her daughter's grave." "I didn't want to annoy you with this kind of thing, but the old lady is very difficult to deal with. We can't help it if we don't see you."

Hearing this, when Xiaonian didn't speak, mu qianchu frowned and said, "I said, I asked about this kind of thing first, don't bother Xiaonian."

Xiaonian is pregnant now and can't stand the toss.

When small read stands there silently, the vision is dim.

For her adoptive parents, she is really tired and doesn't want to have any more disputes.

"But the old lady only wants to see Mrs. Gong. If she doesn't see her, she will die for us. Mr. mu, you have told them not to let them slip..." The bodyguard's face is hard to deal with.

"She wanted to see me just to go to her daughter's grave?"

When small read interposes a word to ask a way, the light is extremely bright, also illuminate that one shade of her fundus is particularly clear.

"She wants Mrs. Gong to give her an account and say something else..." The bodyguard was embarrassed to stop talking.

"What else?"

When Xiaonian asked, now, what else can she not hear? Anyway, what should be wrong is wrong. What else can be wrong.

"Do you remember that Mrs. Gong pulled her hand to the great grace of upbringing and locked them here so that she could not even reach the tomb of her own daughter? You are too cruel." Said the bodyguard.

When small read can imagine, min Qiu Jun must be full of tears crying to say this, grievance, especially grievance.

What if she went to see you? Crying in front of her to go out, or crying and suddenly hijacking her to leave?

Nurturing grace.

Nurturing grace.

When Xiaonian felt that the more alive she was, the more backward her IQ became. Since when did she begin to understand the meaning of the four words "nurturing grace".

"I'll take care of it. I told them that they were locked up here to save their lives. It's just stubborn." Mu qianchu stood there with the hand of Mr palace. He was always calm, but he seldom spoke in a rush.

The bodyguard's head is about to explode, "but the old lady..."

"I will not see her." When small read suddenly lightly say a sentence.

There was a silence in the room. Everyone looked at her. When Xiaonian looked at the bodyguard, he said word by word, "please tell her if she remembers how I arrived at home, if she ever took me as a daughter, if she ever wanted to give me a confession."

Seeing this, the bodyguard didn't know what to say, so he had to bow his head and say, "yes, Mrs. Gong, I will do it."

The bodyguard turned and left.

Mu qianchu stood there frowning. In order to save the life of Shi Zhong and his wife for Shi Di, they hurt Xiao Nian again and again, which he didn't want to see.

He owes so many people that he can only do things with his hands tied.

After dinner, they all went back to their rooms. When Xiao Nian handed the two children to Alisha, the servant. Turning around, mu qianchu stood on the first step and faced her. His lips moved, but he said nothing.

When Xiaonian wanted to leave, mu qianchu opened his mouth. "Xiaonian, are you ok?"

"You say my adoptive mother?" When small read to laugh at oneself, "nothing, I am used to."

"I'll take care of it. I won't let them bother you again."

Muqianchu promised her.

When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu's soft face, he suddenly found that he was now carrying too much, and he completely regarded the loyal couple as his duty and responsibility.

"It's OK. I've seen such an attitude from childhood to adulthood."

Shi Xiaonian said that he was quite resigned.

From small to large, min Qiujun's tears are the most destructive force to her. They are more irresistible than Shi Zhong's absolute ruthlessness. So a weak woman can't do anything but cry. She can only admit defeat and fall into the trap of an eccentric mother again and again.

But now it's enough.

She's really fed up with it. She's so wrong that she doesn't want to step into any trap again.

"Then you can have a rest earlier." Said Mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian looked at the robot behind her, Mr palace stood straight behind her, silently guarding. When he saw her, Mr Palace said, "master, I will accompany you back to your room to rest."

"I'm not sleepy. Please go out with me."

Xiao Nian put her hands behind her and smiled at her.


R palace never disobeys her master's meaning.

When Xiaonian walked out of the door with a smile, the lawn outside was dark, and only some ground lamps gave out less bright light. There was nothing to enjoy at night.

She walked on the grass alone, Mr palace quietly following her.

There were some people on duty walking around. They all looked down politely when they saw her.

After walking aimlessly for a while, Mr palace walked behind her and asked, "if the host wants to take a walk, he should choose to go in the daytime and have poor vision outside at night."

"You care about me. I like walking at night."

Xiaonian said with a smile.


"Because you need to recharge during the day, you can't be by my side." When small read to let it be natural to talk.

Words fall, Mr palace stands there still.

When Xiaonian looked back at it, the smile on his face was deeper. When he came to it, he raised his hand and poked it on its cold chest. "How can I stand still?"


The R palace stood still.

"Isn't it what I said that made you shy?" When Xiaonian showed his white teeth, "will robots be shy? Will you have too much emotion? "

"All my emotions have one purpose: to be loyal to my master."

The electronic voice of R palace tells her about loyalty.

At night, the light is dim and ambiguous. Xiaonian keeps smiling and listens to it quietly.

The two men stood face to face. After a while, Xiao Nian asked, "do you really regard me as a master now?"

"Of course you are my master."

The palace replied.

"Maybe at first." When Xiaonian's smile slowly came down, he said seriously, "but when your independent consciousness increased the drama, it's not easy for you to feel for me, is it?"


"Your character and color are almost copied from Gong Ou's. Now, I'm afraid you have inherited this feeling, haven't you?" When Xiaonian looked at it and said, "the inheritance is still in place."


The R palace stood in front of her, silent or silent.

When small read a face to see it clearly, but no longer say, but turn around to leave, continue to go forward, leave her a back.

Soon, Mr palace caught up with her and walked behind her step by step.

In the woods came the chirp of some insects, especially the feeling of night. When Xiaonian looked into the woods, he could see that there were some spots of fluorescence floating.

"It's a firefly."

When Xiaonian cried out in surprise, people went to the forest, and was stopped by Mr palace. Mr palace looked at her and said, "the light in the forest is worse, so it's easy to get lost and fall down. You can't go in."

"I just want to see fireflies." Said Shi Xiaonian.


The R palace is against her, this is the first time it is against her, and the consciousness autonomy is almost terrible.

When small read some accident to see it, eyes with inquiry, but from its blue eyes she can't see anything.

Deep in the woods, fireflies are flying, and light is dancing.

"Mr palace, would you go in and help me catch some fireflies?"

He suggested.

"The host likes fireflies?" Mr Gong asked, nodding. "I like it. I haven't seen the firefly for a long time. I want to have a look at it closely."

Smell speech, Mr palace didn't object again, way, "then you wait for me here, I go in to catch a few come out."


When Xiaonian raised a smile.

The R palace resolutely turned around and walked into the forest. When Xiaonian looked at its silver back, the light of the stars flickered in the forest, which made the figure flicker.

When Xiaonian stood there and watched, the smile on his face gradually disappeared, a pair of black and white eyes with complex emotions.

The night wind is cool and comfortable on my face.

She looked around and saw that there were two cut trees lying on the ground. When Xiaonian went to sit down on the tree and looked down at her hands.

The previous injury recovered, leaving a shallow trace.

She took a look into the woods. Could she really try to find out something by such a trial? Is it a robot or

Soon, Mr palace came out of the woods, and Xiao Nian's face was smiling again, "so fast? Did you get it? "

There are some fallen leaves hanging on the body of R palace. It comes to her and sits down and slowly raises its clenched fist.

When Xiaonian lowered his head, carefully and attentively slowly broke off his fingers, fireflies came out of his hands one after another, and the fluorescent dots flew in front of her eyes, which was so beautiful that people could sigh.

"It's beautiful."

When Xiaonian laughed, she held out a hand, and her slender fingers passed between the fireflies, which seemed to stay at her fingertips.

R palace sat by and looked at her, while Xiaonian looked up, with a smile on his face, white teeth and starlight embedded in his eyes.