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Chapter 840 the final hysteria

"I didn't mean to deceive you. You know, you misunderstood me at first." Shi Xiaonian said, "I just wanted to solve the conflict between children."

She said as she put her hand behind her and pushed Gong Yao's leg, realizing that he would run quickly.

Gong Yao stood still behind her.

When small read frowns, how does Gong Yao not go, do not understand her meaning? She sat back and pushed Gong Yao with her hands. Gong Yao was pushed back and stood still.

When Xiaonian was flustered and disordered, Lanting squatted in front of her and sneered sarcastically, "your play is very good."

After the fame of Huahai tunnel was spread, tourists came in again and again. In order to develop the flower art better, local residents would invite some flower picking girls back.

He really didn't think that this flower picking girl was gong Ou's wife when Xiao Nian was young. It's so different.

"So, you came to my house on purpose tonight?" Lanting asked, "I just want to let Gong Ou go. It's a pity that Gong Ou has been beaten half paralyzed by me. He can't escape. "

What a proud son of heaven, what a young legend, but so on.


Gong Yao is blocked by Xiaonian. With this sound, his little hand shakes.

Half a dozen.

Gong Ou is crippled? Because he ran away?

When Xiaonian tried to calm himself down, "Mr. LAN, you have released Gong ou and us now. I promise that Gong family will never embarrass you."

"I don't need anyone's forgiveness." Lanting Road, spread out his hands, "I'm not wrong, I'm afraid who will embarrass me?"

“……” When Xiaonian sat there, frowned, and put his hand behind him to push Gongyao.

"Well, now I find it's not too late. You don't have to push your son all the time. He doesn't want to leave at all."

Lanting sneered.

When hearing this, Xiaonian couldn't help looking back at Gong Yao. Gong Yao stood there expressionless and stared at her with two eyes. He didn't know what he was thinking.

What happened to him?

Is he frightened? He has gone through too much this day.

"Holy, are you ok? Is it hurt? " Xiaonian asked anxiously. Lanting got up from the ground and clapped his hands gently. "Let's keep these words until we get back to the palace. Come back with me."


When Xiaonian immediately stood up, hugged Gong Yao and retreated to the side, looking at the Lanting on guard.

"I thought so. My daughter likes your son and has to take him away. If your husband offends my daughter, he has to take him away. As for you and your daughter, I always wanted to let you go, not to let you die. " Lanting said and walked to them.

When Xiaonian held Gong Yao back and said, "Mr. LAN, what do you want to do? Do you want to take Xiaoqi to death? "

Hearing this, Gong Yao was shocked and a little stiff.

Is there any father who is going to take his daughter to death?

"Don't talk nonsense!" Lanting glared at her, "I'm taking Xiaoqi to see her mother. She misses her mother very much!"

"All she wants is to feel like a mother."

If it wasn't for the photos, it's estimated that Xiaoqi can't remember her mother's appearance. How can a child think of her mother's death.

When Xiaonian said, he walked to the side, his eyes wandered, looking for something to defend himself.

Gong Yao is led all the way back by her.

The night fell on everyone.

"I know, so I said that you appeared too late. A few years earlier, maybe I could take you as my wife's double, and let you stay with Xiaoqi and me."

Lanting Road, but now it's too late, the flowers of Huahai tunnel are full, everything is imperative.

Moreover, she is Gong Ou's wife.

Listening to his words, shixiaonian couldn't help saying, "you say it as if you love your daughter very much. Is that true? Who is that little Qi's body hurt? You are a beast! "

I can be tough on my own daughter.

"How do you know?" Lanting roared out loudly. Her facial features were so ferocious that she stared at her. Her lips moved several times. "Xiaoqi is wrong. Of course, she should be scolded and beaten. In those years, her mother was raped. Even if she didn't ask for help, she couldn't remember the murderer!"

He has been good enough to Xiaoqi. Apart from his wife, he will scold Xiaoqi. When else did he scold her, he didn't say that he was spoiled.

When Xiaonian looked at him incredulously, "is that why you beat Xiaoqi like that? When the tragedy happened, Xiaoqi was just under two years old. What do you want such a child to do? "

He's crazy. He even scolds Xiaoqi for such a reason.

"It's her fault! How could my wife have taken her to buy snacks and killed her if she hadn't argued for food! " Lanting roared hysterically. His eyes were staring as if they were about to fall out. His expression was completely distorted.

In that way, she believed that she was crazy.

When Xiaonian took a breath of cool air and covered Gong Yao's eyes with his hand, he was not allowed to face such a madman.

Gong Yao stands still, doesn't run away, doesn't talk.

"It's not her. Our family is complete now! I will succeed! My wife will share everything with me! But now? It's all destroyed! " Lanting said excitedly, it's like a change.

The moonlight darkened.

When Xiaonian looked at him like this, he suddenly understood that Lanting was a deformed personality. Maybe his wife's tragedy completely changed him.

She looked down at Gong Yao and said softly, "holy, I know you are afraid now, but no matter how scared you are, you have to run, OK? Let's go! "

When Xiaonian pushes Gong Yao away.

"What are you doing?"

Lanting roared, and Xiaonian stopped at once and said to him, "Lanting, you put all your mistakes on your daughter. In fact, you know that a large part of the tragedy of your family is caused by you, right?"

"What nonsense!"

Lanting was so frozen by her that she stared at her ferociously.

"You say you love your wife very much, but when she is not happy, you are not willing to make some changes for her, but to pursue your fame and wealth, leading to the estrangement between the two." When small read block in front of the Lanting, a hand behind desperately fan, let Gong Yao run.

"Stop talking!"

Lanting's eyes were scarlet, and he could not hear it at all.

"In fact, you know that if you were willing to give up fame and wealth and live with her, she would not be killed!" "It's like that night five years ago, when you and your wife would go shopping with your daughter for snacks, and spend a dull evening, nothing would happen!" said Shi Xiaonian

"I told you to stop talking!" Lanting pushed her away severely, and countless emotions tied him up like thousands of threads, which made him unable to breathe! I've earned money before I have a material foundation! "

When Xiaonian was pushed almost down, she turned her eyes, only to see Gong Yao still standing in place, motionless looking at him.

What's the matter with the child today.

When Xiaonian looked at him anxiously, he was pushed by Lanting again. "You say, is this my fault? Which man doesn't work and doesn't support his family? "

"Yes, but is the money you make so easy?" Shi Xiaonian stands firm, with a dull pain on his back. "Although I don't know a lot of details, you work for Lancaster, and they need you to keep it secret. Your wife can see the danger from it, and she will let you give up, right? But you were blinded by fame and wealth. "

His wife loves him very much. To some extent, he also loves his wife. Unfortunately, he is lost.

Some people's loss can return, but his loss makes him pay an unbearable price.

"Stop it!"

"In fact, over the years, what you really blame is not Xiaoqi, but yourself. But when you vent all your emotions on a child, you have completely lost your mind."

When small read to break his mind.

"Shut up!" Lanting roared wildly, reaching for her hair, "what do you know? Do you really think you're like my wife, you know what's going on between us? I love her, I think she is more important than anything before I want to give her the best, I will give all my efforts! What do you know! You know nothing! "

"I don't understand." Shi Xiaonian said, "but I believe that if your wife is still there, she will not want to see you like this."


Lanting glared at her.

"She loves you and Xiaoqi, but now you want to take Xiaoqi to death and hurt the innocent, which is not what she wants to see at all!" When Xiaonian persuades him, "Mr. LAN, you should wake up and think about your wife. Does she want to see all this?"

"You..." Lanting stared at her mouth. Every word scratched on his bone like a blade. It was heartbreaking.

Lanting reached out to hit her and raised her hand half way to the ground. Suddenly, she smiled sadly, "you say so much, but you just want me to let you go. Don't imagine. You can go to see Qingqing with me. The whole langhuayu will accompany me to see Qingqing!"


He's really crazy.

When small read looked at his raised hand, subconsciously back.

As soon as Lanting's expression changed, it suddenly seemed like something was coming to her. She reached for her pocket and said, "you must have come here tonight to save people. At home Mobile phone! Give me your cell phone! Give it to me! "

Damn it!

I forgot about my family.

Seeing that he finally thought of it, Xiao Nian hurriedly backed away. I don't know if Gong Ou had escaped. What should she do? What should she do now.

"Give me your cell phone!"

Lanting roared hysterically, and came to her. Xiaonian picked up his cell phone and smashed it at him.


Lanting cried out in pain, covering his head with his hand.