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Chapter 1142 one key destruction

The whole hall was as quiet as if no one existed.

R palace stands behind her, silent, tall, as always

The long silence makes people trance.

When small read think, oneself is too absentminded to be able to appear to hear.

Her r palace is just an intelligent robot. It's a robot that can use search engine when chatting with her. How can it try to rule a city.


Gong Kui pulled Xiaonian's skirt and looked at her ignorant as if she didn't understand what happened.

Over there, the second young master of Alva's family was simply bandaged to relieve pain. He spoke more neatly. He sat on the ground and pulled his nephew to his side, lifting his eyes and looking at shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian slowly walked to the R palace, he stroked the scar on his body with difficulty.

It's the R palace. That's right.

That's it.

How could it be a fake

"it has already copied a few identical characters. The so-called dance prizes are used to attract your attention and let you take away the copy, so that it can carry out its kidnapping plan." The second young master held his nephew and said that his teeth were still stained with blood. "My brother mistakenly thought that it would help us change the city step by step. He spent the whole family's money to work for it. He even turned this historic villa into a high-tech cell and locked himself up at last."

So he thought of asking Gong Ou's husband and wife for help after knowing the plot of R palace. Unfortunately, Gong Ou was taken away, so he could only ask shi Xiaonian for help

When Xiaonian thought her head was very disordered, she could not believe that the evil robot in this man's mouth would be her r palace.

It's fake.

Is there a sense of autonomy?

Gong Ou said that there would be no independent consciousness in the R palace. When the experts jumped out and started talking, he said it was impossible

Yes, Gong Ou said so.

When Xiaonian immediately looked at Gong ou, he saw that Gong Ou was still sitting on the stairs, his hands had left the computer keyboard, and his cold face looked straight at her with black eyes, and his thin lips were tight.

He didn't come out and yell at Alva.

He was not furious.

He Nothing was done.

Upstairs came the screams and Beggars of the injured guests. Some resisters were caged and hung in the air one by one.

Listening to those shrill voices, Xiaonian felt that his heart was sinking little by little.

Slowly, she covered her ears.

Refuse to listen to all the voices.


In midair, more and more cages are hung up, and the sound comes from the shaking of cages.

"My father will give me money to redeem me. Let me out. I will not escape!"

"I have already typed my property into your account. Why am I still closed?"

"Please, let me out, please."

There was a steady stream of complaints.

When no one moves, Xiao Nian and Gong Ou close the door of the villa tightly after rescuing uncle Alva. They are under house arrest here.

The light of the villa is dim.

"What would you like to eat, master?" The replica of R palace asked Xiaonian respectfully.

"Go away."

When small read subconsciously step back, no longer touch it.

"Xiaonian, come to me."

Gong Ou's voice came.

When small Niang immediately walked past, sat down on the stairs below him, hugged his knees tightly, and tried to ignore those sad cries above.


Inexplicably cold.

The silver body in the center of the hall is still standing, like a loyal guardian, waiting for the master's order at any time.

Mingming is the R palace, but it is not.

I don't know how long it took for Xiaonian to say, "why do you have self-consciousness?"


Gong Ou is using software to decipher all kinds of passwords in the villa. Hearing this, he looks at her, and his eyes are distressed.

What he can't stand is her at this moment.

"Gong ou, is the whole. Research wrong?" When Xiaonian asked, the lower the voice, she thought, Gong Ou is not well.

"Only the R house."

Gong Ou answers in a deep voice.

When Xiaonian turned his head and leaned back on the armrest to look at Gong ou, "why?"

"I use all the latest technology in the R house." Gong Ou stares at her, saying that after half a meal, he goes on for a long time, "after Mona's death, I refuse to let you and the child be threatened again, so I transform the R palace into a stronger one, including Some technologies that I don't think are fully mature. "

He just wants to create a perfect robot to protect the mind, a guardian God who can be superior to other robots and bad people.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "did you know that the R palace would produce self-consciousness?"

"It should have been a long process." Gong Ou chuckled to himself, "but when I saved the child, I found that the password was not the same as that of the science and Technology Museum, and I knew that this time was tens of thousands of times ahead of schedule."


"If it's on my hands all the time, I can completely eliminate this possibility!" Gong Ou said that black eyes scanned a string of codes on the screen, "but it was robbed by the Lancaster family and researched and used again and again. Many things are beyond my control."


When small read Zheng ground looks at him.

"Intelligence is called intelligence because it can learn by itself, and the learning ability of robots is far more terrible than that of human beings." This is certain.

"Even if it has a sense of autonomy, why does it want to rule the city? It's just a plot in science fiction movies..." When Xiaonian refused to believe that such a huge kidnapping case would be made by R palace.

Gong Ou looks down at her pale face, "Xiaonian..."

Shi Xiaonian waits for his answer.

Gong Ou stared at her and said, "you forget that R palace has my character, and I Never be reconciled to others. "


When Xiaonian listened to his words, he felt cold.

Yes, when the R-Series robot was launched, it mainly focused on the customizable personality type. What r-palace has is Gong Ou's personality.

When R palace has learned more and more along the way, his ambition in character will also be aroused.

"It doesn't hurt us now, because it can't delete the main program with its current ability, which is the most mature one of all technologies." Gong Ou's deep tunnel.


So it is. So it is.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gong."

The injured young master Alva took his little nephew's hand to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at them. "There are more and more people on it. My brother and his wife are still trapped in the study. I ask you to save everyone and the city. If you go on like this, the plot of the so-called fantasy film will become the most terrible reality."

The little boy looked at them innocently.

Such a lovely and dazed face.

Even if he didn't look up at the situation above, Xiaonian knew that those silver cages were already dense, like stars all over the sky.

"How to save it?" Gong Kui took Gong Yao's hand and came over and asked doubtfully, "do you want to fight? The house of R is very powerful. "

Who can fight.

Smell speech, when small read the hand can not help but grip tightly, lips slightly tremble.

There is only one way to save people.

Gong Ou is afraid that she can't make a choice, that she's sad, so he wants to take her away

She doesn't speak, and Gong Ou is silent.

The young man stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked down at his nephew. He broke the silence and said, "with the technology of. We should have one key destruction device when we were studying robots, right? As long as all its data is destroyed, the threat of the robot will be gone. "

He closed his eyes with difficulty.

"Mrs. Gong, if we don't destroy it, we can't leave this place today." The man said excitedly, "it will use the huge amount of money kidnapped to reproduce a batch of robots, buy a lot of weapons in the name of our Alva family, and then the city will be completely occupied by robots, humans There is no life. Would you like to see such a scene? "


"No one knows where the one click destruction device is. No one but you can hurt the R palace. It can even recharge itself and prolong its life forever! "

There was another scream from above.

When Xiaonian closes his eyes in despair, there is no place on him that is not cold.

Only destroying the R palace can save everything

Another way of saying destruction is murder, right?

But even Gong Ou is silent. She knows it's really The only way.

She finally found the R palace. She thought that her family could finally get together. She thought Why else could she?

Time passed by little by little, when Xiaonian bit his lips hard, without a trace of blood.

"is the real r palace in the same room as the science and Technology Museum?"

When Xiaonian heard his voice.

It was the place where the R palace was first conceived. To it, it was the real base camp.

Gong Ou sits on the stairs and listens to Xiaonian's words. He knows what she has decided. He puts down the computer in his hand and says firmly, "I'll leave!"

There are some things that he can do.

"Gong ou."

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the stairs and called out to him, his voice trembling.

Gong Ou looks back at her with deep eyes and no expression on her face.

"I'll go, Gong ou." When Xiaonian forced out a smile, he wanted to pretend to be calm.

That's all his hard work. How can she bear to destroy the hard work that he spent countless days and nights by himself

"No need."

Gong Ou said coldly, as if it was not a difficult thing for him.

"But I want to see the R palace." Shixiaonian stops him. "I want to talk to him. I haven't seen him for a long time, Gong ou."


Gong Ou stares at her with black eyes and hands on her side.

"Let me go up, and you'll come up when I've finished." When Xiaonian smiled very astringently, she picked up the skirt and walked up slowly, over Gong Ou's side.

The wrist was caught in a flash.