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Chapter 1052 a lover in an affair

In the photo, a man stands under the tree opposite Enid. He can't see his face clearly, but he is not too old according to his body shape and temperament. The two seem to be looking at each other. The man's hand is slightly raised, as if he is going to touch the woman in front of him, not very much.

The lens is too dizzy.

Who would this person be?

Enid has always been on her own. I'm afraid the only contact 13 years ago was between George and Lancaster.

Would it be George?

If it was him, how could he have made an almost caressing gesture to Enid? The picture looks like a couple of lovers.

George and Enid don't have such a relationship, but has Enid ever had a boyfriend? The data shows that she has lived alone for so many years.

She can't be sure. She looks up at Gong ou and wants to ask for his advice. But Gong Ou has been focusing on his formula, so Xiao Nian has to stop and study the picture silently.

Would she think too much? Maybe it's just a very coincidental picture. The man is not going to touch Enid's face.

When Xiaonian sat on the reclining chair, his lips were pursed and pursed, and then he began to search for news, which was all about the 13 years' development of area 13, digging out all the news about the construction of the underground water channel.

When Xiaonian looked up at the star pictures and calculations all over the wall, he didn't know where his inspiration came from, and began to search for the news of the original construction grant.

We can't find it.

How could it not be found? Such a huge project must cost a lot of money. Why can't it be finished and no water splashing news is aroused?

I don't know why. When Xiaonian's brain was open, he felt that there was something wrong here. He was also idle when he was idle. Check it.

She called the technology department above and asked them to help find out what the grant was for that year.

Then, the Ministry of technology decisively intruded into the government system, turning over and over all kinds of materials to Shi Xiaonian. After a long time, when she was still studying the news, she finally received the content.

There is only one sentence in the government's internal system: the biggest underground water project has been built with the donation of 100 million yuan from Mr.

Who is Sir? It's not from the government. It's donated by someone who doesn't even have a surname.

100 million, that's a pound. Who's so rich?

When Xiaonian couldn't help leaning against George, but why did George build the underground water channel? If he did, he should have known all the maps for a long time, and could have captured them. How could he be so passive today.

I can't think. I can't think.

When Xiaonian knocked on his head, he thought a little.

What is Enid hiding? If she had something on her hand that made George nervous, would George have left her in zone 13 for so many years?

If the man in that picture was George, he would have known where she was, right? He turned zone 13 upside down, and Enid's hand was dug by him, right?

Is the man in the picture George?

When Xiaonian was struggling, he went to search for the news about George 13 years ago and looked at it one by one. His eyes were sore.

Time went by minute by minute.

In the underground water channel, the light is dim. One focuses on writing, the other on reading the news, leaving time to wander quietly.

I forgot for a few hours, when Xiaonian didn't care about the time on the mobile phone, but I was a little hungry. When I turned around, I saw fresh cakes and hot drinks beside me. I didn't know when Fengde came in.

Gong Ou's side is also there. He has eaten almost.

When Xiaonian picked up a piece of bread and read the news while eating, he was dazzled by the news.

"Cough." At

, Xiao Nian was choking and was unable to take care of the water. She quickly brushed the news back and saw a photo. George was taking part in an activity. The man in the picture was almost the same costume as he had seen before.

It's just that the picture is a lot clearer. The previous one is too vague.

This discovery made shixiaonian run the whole brain hole to space. She couldn't wait to send two photos to the technology department to analyze whether they were the same person.

The answer is as she expected.

13 years ago, it wasn't someone else standing under the flower tree with Enid, it was George!

When small read excitedly stood up all of a sudden, feel the blood of oneself whole body is in countercurrent, why? According to Enid, she has no feelings or even hatred for George. George is also a strong and violent woman after being drunk. She is extremely contemptuous of the identity of her maid. These two people should be in the same situation.

But why can I take such a picture?

No, no, there must be something wrong.

When Xiaonian excitedly walked up and down the underground waterway, desperately thinking about the reasonable truth here, he suddenly remembered another thing.

If George despises Enid as a maid and regards blood as the highest, why allow her to give birth to bith and let her take care of her for three years?

Obviously, he was not so good as he was later. He regarded it as a disgrace. He also sent out all kinds of things and didn't put them by his side.

There must be a reasonable saying.

It's just that she can't guess now. In the photo, Enid prays, George raises his hand to touch her, and Enid's movements are not resisted. Which is the master and the servant? They are lovers.


Are they a couple in love? Then why did George treat bit so badly after 13 years?

How to explain it?

When intuition tells, just explain the relationship and all the truth will be known.

When Xiaonian walked back and forth behind Gong ou, he walked back and forth, looking at Gong Ou's concentrated back, he wanted to go forward and stop. She was too anxious to bite her thumb.

After ten minutes of suffering like this, Xiao Nian still hasn't decided whether to disturb Gong ou. Gong Ou's voice rings first. "I'll show you enough after I say it. Can't wait now? Do you want me to undress now? "


Go to him.

When Xiaonian rushed to him and looked at his face full of teasing with some excitement, "Gong ou, I have a major discovery. I want to tell you now, OK?"

She can't wait.

Gong Ou sat picking up her eyebrows, took a deep look at her, put down the charcoal pen clearly on her face, and reached out to unbutton her shirt.

“……” When small read a black line to press his hand, "you are a sex wolf, what is in your mind."

"Isn't it in your head?"

The palace and Europe are natural.

"I don't have one." When Xiaonian glared at him angrily, "I want to tell you that I found an important problem, that is, the relationship between Enid and George is not as bad as we thought and she said, at least not once."

"You want to see them naked?" Gong oujai looked up and down at her suspiciously, "what's your taste? Know how old they are? "

"Gong Ou!"

Xiao Nian's face turned red with anger.

Seeing this, Gong Ou gave up teasing her, reached out and sat her on his leg, his black eyes stared at her and asked, "not so bad, how good is that?"

Finally, I'm serious.

When Xiaonian immediately told him his great discovery, "I think that it may be false to say that they are strong Bao after drinking and don't recognize people because of their blood. They may have been better than a pair of lovers."

No, George had a wife then.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian added, "it's a couple of lovers who have cheated."


Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"So, Enid is lying. She's not only hiding something that makes George nervous, but also hiding that they've been better." Shi Xiaonian said seriously, "she chose to lie on these things. There must be reasons for her concealment. Isn't that a breakthrough for us?"

"It seems to make sense."

The head of the jaw.

"Just a little?" When Xiaonian was disappointed, he pointed to the formulas on the wall and said, "at least I have made a breakthrough in the current situation. You are just a few star charts."

"Star map?" Gong Ou chuckles, grins so much that he dotes on it. He takes up the charcoal pen and draws a circle on a pair of pictures. Then he says, "these are the ways to split an international code into various forms, and then turn the dismantled data into another code, which is reflected in the secret door mechanism on the wall."

When Xiaonian heard this, he was puzzled, "is there really anyone here to send messages about war?"

Password split password, the world war in the transmission of information will not be so troublesome.

"I'm afraid not." Gong Ou shook his head. "It should be a message that hasn't reached the other side yet."

Smell speech, when small read suddenly understood what, "you have already solved?"

Gong ou, with confidence in his jaw, took her to slide in front of the wall, took a charcoal pen and began to write down one word after another on the wall.

"There are several secret door codes with several words. The person who designed this code still has a certain IQ." Gong Ou said and wrote down the last word.

When Xiaonian sat on Gong Ou's lap and looked at the words in front of her, she confused all the order like a sentence. She looked at the words one by one, and finally formed a complete sentence.

George, my love for you can only be buried under the flowers forever.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in amazement and asked incredulously, "is this really the information revealed by the way of opening the secret door mechanism?"

It should be such a sentence.

"Well." Gong Ou nods.

"But who wrote this? Is George the last or the first?" When small read puzzled to ask, this appellation puts the position to affect who writes the sentence directly.

Hearing this, Gong Ou sneered, "if George wrote it, he would know the whole map, and we would have been wiped out."

With George's hatred of him, they will stay until now.

"That is to say, it's not George's." When Xiaonian quickly responded, "that's what Enid wrote to George."

Because Enid has the map.

"Not only that." Gong Ou put aside the charcoal in his hand, and his thin lips raised a sinister arc. "I'm afraid that Enid is the designer of this underground waterway," he said