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Chapter 582 why it's so late!

Indifference, mercenary, and keeping the rules and regulations were all things she had seen in the palace family.

Gong ou can't distinguish between normal and abnormal. Normal tells him that he is far away from him. Therefore, he subconsciously regards the miniature of those people as a normal standard.

Walker looked at her and smiled as she accepted her bold assumption. "Great, Miss Xi, you didn't say I was crazy."

This sounds absurd.

"You are my adoptive father's friend, and of course I believe in you." Shi Xiaonian said that his body was cold inch by inch, "please continue to say."

"In this way, we can explain why Mr. Gong didn't see you in advance after he returned home, because he restrained his feelings towards you. He thought that was the feeling of normal people, and he thought that he was a normal person."

Walker continued, "but he ran to peek at your paintings because he couldn't control himself. He missed you so much. He needed to see things and think about people, or he would collapse."


Because I can't control it, because I need to see things and think about people.

When a person tries his best to restrain what kind of feeling he can't control, Xiaonian can't imagine. Her fingers are even colder.

"Maybe that's what doctor Mona gave him." "Talk about eating your own vinegar again, as you said, it's also a kind of inhuman torture for him, because he knows how much he has suffered before, and he's still suffering without knowing it. When you show your nostalgia for the past, he will feel incomparable frustration, he will have the idea of hating himself, and there are many negative emotions."


When Xiaonian sat there, he put out his hand to cover his face, and his lips trembled badly.

What did she do.

What did she say to Gong Ou at that time? She said that she was in love with that paranoid. She said that she missed the past. She was just an executioner, lingchi Gong Ou's executioner.

She didn't even think about how much he suffered or how much he tortured in order to regenerate his present appearance.

When Walker saw him, Xiaonian agreed with him. The more he said, the more excited he was. "If all this is as I said, Mr. Gong is the most terrible person I have ever met. I believe that no one can do this to him. He is so restrained that he can completely change himself into another character."

The process of turning a paranoid into a terror of restraint is by no means unthinkable.


I couldn't hear it any more.

"Miss Xi said that after the light flickered and drunk, he returned to the way he used to be. I believe that's because there was something extremely painful happened to him when the light flickered. Maybe it's also related to you. That kind of pain is like alcohol controlling him, making him unable to control himself, so he let it out." "But after venting, he regretted it," Walker said

"It's all my fault." "I know he loves me so much. I don't know what I've been doing for a while."

She didn't know until now that after his return, every quarrel she made was torture for him, and what she had done.

When I saw Xiaonian, Walker urged her gently, "don't do this, Miss Xi. You've done a good job. At least after you proposed to him, you found that he occasionally had the shadow of the past. Do you know what that means?"


When Xiaonian looked at him blankly.

"It means that you have fully accepted his two changes. In his place, he will not be so tired, so his restraint will be relaxed accordingly, which is a good thing." Walker comforted her.

"Is that so?"

Shixiaonian asked, so she made the right decision at the last moment, didn't she? She didn't continue to torture lingchi gong'o crazily, did she?

"Don't be so sad, Miss Xi." Walker said, gently asking, "what do you think next?"

"I want to kill Mona."

When small read to tremble lips to say, in the eyes burst out hate.

She never hated Mona as much as she does now. She hated herself even more. She was Mona's accomplice all the way.

It is she who has to ask Gong ou to see Mona. Gong Ou insists that Mona is the only one who can cure him. Four years later, she quarrels with Gong ou to increase Gong Ou's pain.

When Walker heard her saying this, he was startled and hurried to say, "Miss Xi, you must not have this idea. I said that these are just a hypothesis that I analyzed. Maybe it's really just a treatment."

"I understand that the psychological field is based on personal analysis and personal belief." When Xiaonian watched him slowly and said, "but I believe in your judgment, Dr. walker."

Because she always thought it was weird.

But she didn't understand until now.

"I'm glad you believe me."

Said walker.

"Please go to see Gong ou with me and tell him these words. Don't let him go on any longer." Shi Xiaonian said and stood up.

Hearing this, Walker shook his head. "I'm afraid this can't be done. Miss Xi, Mr. Gong is a proud man. He believes that he is a normal person now. He even thinks that normal people should suffer so much. All of a sudden, I told him that he had been fooled. I'm afraid that he could not bear it and something more difficult to predict would happen. "


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "is there no other way?"

Do you want Gong ou to continue to exercise such restraint? Too tired.

"Let it be, Miss Xi. Isn't Mr. Gong getting better now?" Walker looked at her and said, "I've heard some things about you from Fengde. Your love is so shocking. I believe that you are the only one who can really help Mr. Gong."

She is the only one.

But she was the only one who made Gong Ou look like this.

When Xiaonian didn't know how she left the club, she walked out step by step, opened the door, sat in the car, like a walking corpse, her eyes were staring at the front.

For a long time, she fell on the steering wheel and cried. She kept smashing her car with her hands and regretted.

She should have noticed that.

She should have noticed it when the lights in the Beibu Gulf flickered. He didn't change at all. He didn't get cured at all. She should have seen it at that time.

Why so late, why so late!

Xi Xiaonian, why are you so stupid? Why did you become Mona's accomplice to hurt your favorite man!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

When Xiaonian cried, tears of regret continued to flow down his face.


When Xiaonian arrived at gongou company, it was three hours later.

Gong Ou is having a meeting.

This is a glass meeting room. When Xiaonian stood outside, he saw what was going on inside. Gong Ou was sitting there, looking at all the people coldly, listening to the reports from his subordinates. He felt his sleeve with one hand and stroked the cufflinks.

The small action of touching Cufflinks should also be due to the irresistible situation. Use this to express your missing.

But she couldn't see through.

She foolishly became Mona's tool and hurt Gong Ou's tool.

When Xiaonian looked down at a pile of documents in her arms. This is what she did after she took over the work of Fengde. Now I want to come here. With Gong Ou's brain circuit, I guess I'm thinking that when normal people don't have so many bonds with each other, she can stand beside him as a housekeeper.

Only he can think of such a low EQ way.

When small read to lower his head, blinked to blink acerbity extremely eyes, holding the document to turn around to leave.

She went into the president's office, entered the drawer code, opened the drawer, put the medical record back, and closed the drawer again.

Gong Ou hasn't found out that she took away the medical records, otherwise he would have scolded her.

The door was pushed open from the outside.

Gong Ou comes in from the outside, closes the door, walks to him along the French window, a pair of black eyes are quiet cold, the voice is cold and fierce, "three hours, you are late for three hours, as a housekeeper, the most serious taboo of being late."

When Xiaonian sat at his desk, Wen Yan turned around and looked at him, looking at the face he was familiar with.

Why is she so stupid? Why can't she hear another meaning in this before? It's that he waited for her for three hours. Only when he cared, could he remember how long she was late.

Gong Ou's eyes fell on her eyes, which were red and swollen with tears. For a moment, his eyes stagnated, his brows slightly twisted, his voice colder. "Are you late and still crying, frightened by the Butler's business? You can't be a great lady. "

When Xiaonian sat there, he stood in front of the floor to floor window, the sun slanted on his body, plating his whole person with a layer of unreal gold.

"I suspect that this Mona doctor is not treating paranoid personality disorder for Mr. Gong, but forcing him to practice restraint for nearly four years."

Doctor Walker's voice echoed in her ear.

The tears of shixiaonian suddenly came down.


Gong Ou's tall body was stiff in the sun.

"I don't want to be a rich lady, I just want to be gong Ou's wife."

When small read said in tears.


Gong Ou's eyes flickered, and a touch of uneasiness flashed away. "I'm afraid I won't let you be Mrs. Gong. Are you scared to cry? Don't worry, I have no special reason not to marry you, unless you really finish the Butler's task badly. "

It's understandable to be late twice at a time.

When Xiaonian looked at him, her tears could not help but trickle down, and she could not take them back. She stood up and forced out a smile, "then come and sign, I will do a good job of housekeeper, you say, marry me in ten days."

She now understood that the ten days he said was just for a reason to get married. Maybe, he had been distorted to not know how to talk about marriage as a normal behavior.


Seeing that she cried like this, Gong Ou was a little less indifferent. He went to sit down in the chair.

When Xiaonian shed tears and gave him a pen, Gong Ou looked at her coldly. "Can you not cry?"