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Chapter 165 she takes off the ring

She was full of complaints about him.

"Do I dare to say that? When did I say that I was tortured to death by you? " When Xiaonian smiled bitterly and continued, "you are arrogant, irritable, manic and paranoid. You never believe in others. If you torture someone completely, you can't control it. Should the whole world coax you? Gong ou, you really need a psychologist. You should face up to your illness. "


She mentioned his illness again.

In her eyes, he is not worth mentioning, no matter what he does is wrong, she only remembers his mistake.


Gong Ou looks at her and smiles. There is no half anger on a handsome face. It's very peaceful.

It's too calm to be calm.

"Miss Shi..."

Feng de sits in the front passenger seat and looks helplessly at Shi Xiaonian. What does she want to do? Teach or stimulate young master?


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at his face, his eyes fell into a trance.

Is her tone too heavy?

Feng de told her to guide Gong Ou rather than anger, but she was just an ordinary person, and she also had emotions

Mu qianchu suffered another injury for her. She was very upset.

She turned to go, Gong Ou suddenly said, with a cold smile in her eyes, "anyway, I am a paranoid personality disorder patient, even if I personally kill a person, I will not be sentenced, right?"


When Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, what did he mean by that.

Gong Ou sneers, takes out his mobile phone and dials out a number. When he looks at it, Xiaonian says to the mobile phone, "stop mu qianchu, I want him to climb to the hospital."

He sneered at the order, then left his cell phone, his eyes were full of crazy sycophants, "well, I can't do more than three things this time, I'll give him a good time."


when Xiaonian stared at him, he couldn't speak, and he felt cold involuntarily.

"Are you still here? Maybe it's time to see him for the last time. " Gong ou, with his lips hooked, said slowly, "or do you know who is wrong? Kneel down and admit the mistake. Maybe, I'd like to make another call... "

Before he finished speaking, Xiaonian turned around and ran.

No begging.

I didn't admit my mistake.

She ran. She ran recklessly to a car and then left.


Gong Ou sat there, his smile frozen in the corner of his lips, his eyes suddenly lost all their focus, and he looked at the direction of her disappearance.

For a while, he reached out and pressed his hand to his heart.


Never had the pain, like who is using a knife to stir desperately, stir to flesh and blood blur.


When Xiaonian got in the car, the bodyguard and the driver were all in the car. She called out in a hurry, "hurry to the hospital."

Finish saying, as soon as the car starts, she immediately calls mu qianchu.

For a long time, it was only connected there. She cried anxiously, "qianchu, be careful. Gong Ou has sent someone to deal with you again."

"It's too late, Miss Shi." The answer to her was Alan's voice in a deathly gray tone, "they've blocked us up on Huazuo overpass."

When the conversation fell, I heard a loud thud, and the conversation broke.

Huazuo overpass.

It's not far ahead.

"Go to Huazuo overpass!" When small read to shout aloud, be eager not to be able to.

Every time she tries to talk with Gong ou, it's always her who loses. He always has a way to torture her.

This time, it's the life to aspire to.

It's better than being played by Gong ou like a marionette. You don't have to suffer so much for a knife.

When the car drove to Huazuo overpass, the whole overpass was blocked far away. A lot of cars were blocked in the middle of the road, including cars and Harley motorcycles.

When Xiaonian looked far away, he saw the dense people standing on the overpass.

It can be seen how big the formation is.

Seeing this situation, the bodyguard was totally shocked. They took out their phones and prepared to call the police. As a result, they screamed, "what's the matter? How can there be no signal in this place?"

"The first thousand."

When Xiaonian bit his teeth, pushed open the door and ran forward recklessly.

The group of people blocking the traffic looked at her, did not stop her, let her run in.

When Xiaonian ran all the way to the overpass, she saw the scene in front of her, her legs and stomach were weak.

A group of black people stood on the overpass with steel pipes. Mu qianchu, Allen and several bodyguards were surrounded in the middle, and the ground was bloodstained.

They used steel pipes to wave them. It was not heavy or light for a while. It was totally intentional torture, so that they could not die happily.


Allen and the bodyguard were beaten to the ground, mu qianchu barely stood up from the ground, a mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth, hands on his chest, mouth weak tunnel, "let my people go!"

"I want to save people even when I am dying!"

A group of people laughed, laughing at his self-sufficiency, and then another mugstick hit him.

Mu qianchu falls heavily, a mouth of blood.

All of them wave at him again.

When small read to stare at this scene stupidly, regardless of the ground rushed to the past, people rushed to Mu qianchu side kneel, quickly bent down.

The steel pipe hit her hard.

Sharp pain spread all over the body from behind.


when Xiaonian cried out in pain, people fell down, her sight fell on the back of muqianchu, which was already a bloodstain. She quickly stretched out her arm and pressed it on the ground, afraid to press the weight on him.

"Xiaonian..." Mu qianchu lies on the ground, trying to push her away, but he has no strength at all. "You go away."

"I'm the one who's got you. Even if I die, I'll die in front of you."

Said Shi Xiaonian, his voice trembling.

To Mu qianchu, she feels guilty and blames herself, all because of her. How could she have the face to watch him die when he was a good prince of Mu's to this extent.

The steel pipe stopped for a moment, then came down again.

When Xiaonian cried out in pain, his arm couldn't support him, and he fell on the back of Mu qianchu.

The steel pipe knocked down, as if to break every bone of her.

"Xiaonian..." Mu qianchu lies under her body and listens to her screams. He is heartbroken, but has no strength to stop her.

The steel pipe came down.

Pain, unbearable.

When Xiaonian felt that his whole body had been broken up, he fell weakly on mu qianchu's back, his hair was loose, and his face was white.

It hurts.

So tired.


At the end of the fight, Xiaonian stopped shouting, because it didn't hurt. She looked at the front, and a bodyguard fell there with blood all over his body. She didn't know whether he was comatose or dead.

Aware that she could not hold on, mu qianchu bit his teeth and said, "hold on, Xiaonian."


When Xiaonian was too painful to speak, she fell on mu qianchu's back and listened to his voice. "Huatian, we haven't been to our hometown. Hold on... "

"The flower field of my hometown is so beautiful."

When small read open eyes, sweat fan eyes, blurred her vision, she mumbled repeated.

"I haven't seen it, er Accompany me to See the flower field... " It's hard for mu qianchu to say. I don't know where he came from. He suddenly turned around and raised his arm.

When the steel pipe fell on Xiaonian, it fell heavily on his arm.

All of a sudden, the rain like steel pipes stopped.

When Xiaonian slowly raised her face, sweat blurred her eyes, and she saw Gong Ou's tall body standing there.

She can't see his expression, don't think, it must be high again.

It turned out that he had been standing there watching her being beaten.

It turned out that he had been watching

"For the last time, if you want to live, climb up to me!" Gong Ou's voice is haughty and gloomy, like a judge of life and death.

When Xiaonian fell on mu qianchu, he looked up hard, looked at the face vaguely, and began hoarsely and difficultly, "so Someone... All, live. "

"Don't be paranoid!" Gong Ou's cold voice breaks her wish.

Mu qianchu has changed to lie there on his back, bearing the weight of Xiaonian on his chest. He can feel that her breath is not even.

He looked at the woman on his chest and said weakly, "enough, Xiaonian, let's go..."

She can live, always live well.

He can't fight against Gong ou.


When small read want to say what, pain to say not come out, a pair of thin manual move, like to climb up.


Mu qianchu sees the appearance, is full of the blood lips to expose a wipe of relieved smile, the head back to go.

Lose all your strength.

Never look up again.

Gong Ou stood there, watching Xiaonian's movements. His tall body was stiff, his face was taut, and a pair of black eyes looked at her straight, holding her breath for a moment.

Get up.

Get up, or give him a weak look, he will immediately embrace her to leave.

When Xiao Nian lies on mu qianchu's body, his face is full of pain and his fingers are shaking badly.

Gong Ou's breath stopped at once, and he could not bear it any more. He raised his leg to face her. When he saw it, Xiao Nian trembled and touched his hand and ring finger.


Gong Ou's body is stiff again.

She didn't want to climb up to him. She didn't want to live alone.

When Xiaonian clenched her teeth and took off the ring on her ring finger, she felt pain all over her body and slowly took off the ring.

"When small read, you dare --"

the roar of hysteria came from the palace.

When Xiaonian continued to take off the ring as if she hadn't heard it, until the ring was completely separated from her ring finger, and she threw it with all her strength.

The ring fell into a pool of blood, and the diamond cut into a heart was dyed red by blood.

She raised her head laboriously, and could not see Gong Ou's face, but Gong Ou's chest. He was too high for her to look up.

Maybe it was meant to be good from the beginning. She couldn't look up to him.

But it took so much time between them. Now, it's all over.

Shi Xiaonian slowly spits out two words from his mouth, "devil Ghost. "


Gong Ou stood there, black eyes staring at the ring that fell in the pool of blood.

That's the ring he gave her.

She took it off and despised it.

She would rather die with mu qianchu. No matter how much he did for her, it would not be a mu qianchu.

She only remembers and admires the flower field of qianchu, but forgets that she still owes him a sea dive.