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Chapter 835 what to do with her heartache

He would never take advantage of her to obtain the possibility of survival. What's more, she is pregnant now and can't be touched at all. He can't afford to gamble no matter how few accidents occur in the process of escape.

Smell speech, when small read anxiously stare at him, don't be like this.

This is the best way for her to get rid of her body. Please, Gong ou, please, please

In just a few seconds, Xiaonian's eyes to Gong ou have turned into a thick plea. His hand holding his head is stuck between his chest and Gong Ou's, and he can't draw it out.

Gong Ou's eyes are dark, and she refuses very much.

There was no hesitation.

When Xiaonian finally tasted the taste of Gong Ou's blood, it was bitter, so bitter that she wanted to cry.

Outside the door, Lanting has rushed in with a lunge. Listening to the footsteps, Xiaonian knows it's too late. In a flash, she misses the opportunity. Her lips are still bitten by Gong ou. She quickly presses her head under Gong Ou's body, and people are pulled back by Lanting.

She stumbled a step, almost fell, Lanting held her, looked at her with low eyes, her lips were stained with blood, "Why are you so close to him?"

Almost put it on.

"I want to ask if he has bullied a lot of women in this way." When small read whispers to say, low Mou sees to sit on the ground palace Europe.

"No, you are the only one." Gong Ou gave a vicious smile, without any consciousness of the prisoners, "because you look like my wife!"


Hearing this, Xiaonian burst into tears and stared at him sadly.

He has always been so domineering. He only cares about his heartache and doesn't let her get hurt. What about her heartache?

When Lanting heard the words, he hated them and rushed to his heart, shouting, "give me a fight! Until he can't speak! "

"Yes! Mr LAN! "

The three servants said and rushed forward.

When tears crossed Xiaonian's face, she didn't even have time to think, so she pressed her forehead and closed her eyes, "my head is so dizzy..."

As she spoke, she turned to the servants who had rushed over and stopped them.


Lanting was shocked. She reached out and grabbed Shi Xiaonian. Seeing that her pale face was covered with tears, she lowered her body and held him horizontally. "How about you Xiaonian?"


When Xiaonian fell into his arms, he did not dare to move, just waiting to see the next step.


Gong Ou sits there, staring at Xiao Nian, who is held in Lanting's arms. This woman really dares to do anything to save him! Lean on!

But he can't roar now, so her life will be mysterious.

Die small read!

She's going to have to get him out on her own today, isn't she? Damn!

"Xiaonian? Xiao Nian? "

The voice of Xiaonian was very harsh when Lanting called. Gong Ou sat there and was tied behind him. He clenched his head and stared at Lanting.

"Call a doctor, come on!"

Lanting hugged Xiaonian and hurried out. The servants also delayed beating people.


When Xiaonian could feel Lanting holding herself all the time, she was carefully placed on a soft bed.

Lanting held her hand all the time and wiped her face with a towel. He murmured something to save her.

His anxieties don't seem to be disguised.

Until the doctor came to see her, the doctor pinched her in the dead, when Xiaonian woke up in pain, Lanting sat beside the bed, saw her wake up with a smile on her face, "you finally wake up."


When Xiaonian looked at him with red eyes, he did not make a sound and sat up silently from the bed.

I don't know how Gong Ou is now.

"Go down." Lanting drove the doctor and servant out and sat next to her. "How are you feeling now?"

"All right."

When small read light tunnel.

With a smile in Lanting's eyes, "it scares you, doesn't it?"


When small read light nod.

"I know you are a simple person, and you must not adapt to such a scene. I knew I would not bring you up." Lanting showed his good gentleman's guilt again.

When Xiaonian thought of Gong Ou's injury, her body became cold. She held her knee and said, "Mr. LAN, let him go. Even if he is a bad man, it is a human life. Killing him is too serious."

"If I let him go, I will destroy what I want to do. No way!"

Lanting's face suddenly changed.

What you want to do.

When Xiaonian suddenly remembered what Gong Ou said, Lanting was so patient because he had some plans and didn't want to be destroyed by others.

"What do you want to do?"

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and asked, his face was pale under the light.

Hearing this, Lanting's eyes changed. She didn't speak, and Xiao Nian didn't even know about him. She only remembered Gong Ou's safety. Gong ou can't be beaten any more, so she must be rescued.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian slowly reached out his hand and grasped Lanting's sleeve, stared at his face deeply, and said word by word, "Mr. LAN, let him go, I hate him, but I don't want you to get revenge from the palace for such a bad man."

Her initiative made Lanting's eyes stagnate.

Lanting looked at her hand with low eyes. Her fingers were white and thin. Now she was holding his sleeve tightly. His eyes suddenly murmured, "Qingqing, I will protect you."


Is that his wife's name?

, when she was shocked, she didn't say anything. She quickly responded to her distractions. He shook her head and then looked at her. Her eyes were wearing a dim look. "Xiao Nian, you are exactly the same as my wife," she said. "She always wanted to be wronged, and would not let me be hurt." said.


It was his wife.

Shi Xiaonian didn't want to ask about his wife, but at this stage, it seems that he can't talk about anything else except this. He always said that letting Gong Ou go would only arouse Lanting's suspicion.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, Lanting stared at her and said, "if only I had known you earlier, a few years earlier, now it's too late."

He is ready for what should be prepared. He is also ready for what should be provoked. He has no way back.


When small read sits on the bed puzzled to ask a way.

She could see that Lanting was very worried. She didn't understand what he was going to do.

"Nothing." Lanting obviously didn't want to talk about this. He stood up from the bedside, reached out and pressed her shoulder. His voice was very low, without any malice. "Xiaonian, you are not very comfortable now. I will send you back later. You can have a rest here."

Lanting said and went out.

When we got to the door, Lanting looked back at her. "By the way, when you're here, how about helping me guide Xiaoqi? She seems to listen to you."

"What's wrong with Xiaoqi?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"She secretly let Gong Ou's son go, and I scolded her. Now she's too aggrieved." Lanting said, some helpless, "you know, I've never been reluctant to say her, her temper used to big."

Is it Xiaoqi who let Gong Yao go?

Before and after the combination, when I think about that picture, Xiaonian feels extremely thrilling.

"Good." When small read nods to answer, cannot help but ask again, "that person......"

"You say Gong Ou?" Lanting said, "since you don't dare to face the killing, don't worry about it. Just accompany Xiaoqi. She really takes you as her mother."

Then Lanting went out.

When Xiaonian looks down in defeat, what can she do? Lanting seems to want to kill Gong ou. She must find a way.

Find a way to leave with Gong ou.

When Xiaonian had a bad headache, there was a bloody smell on her lips. Suddenly, her eyes were deep.


Little Qi came to the door.

Gong Ou is reluctant to threaten her. What about her threatening Xiaoqi? To the extent that Lanting dotes on Xiaoqi, they will surely be let go.


Xiaoqi is only seven years old. She is just a child.

When Xiaonian went out of the room a little tangled. Under the guidance of the servant, he went to a bedroom with the door closed tightly. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

There was no sound in it.

"Xiaoqi, did you sleep? I didn't send you flowers in the morning. Now I've mended them. Would you like to have a look? "

I want to make my voice sound more friendly.


There was still no sound in the room.

When Xiaonian looked in a certain direction, Gong Ou was still locked there. She had to find a way.

"Xiaoqi, are you angry with your aunt? I'm sorry, my aunt is in a bad mood today. I cut all the flowers in the basket with my heart. Don't you really want to see them? "

When small read to continue to say, want to coax LAN Xiaoqi to come out to open the door.

There was no movement inside.

When Xiaonian stood outside in a state of anxiety. If LAN Xiaoqi didn't open the door, she would be sent back by Lanting soon. It's hard to say the life and death of Gong ou. Maybe he can wait for the palace to save him, but how many injuries he will suffer in the middle, she really dare not think about it.

She was standing at the door thinking of a way when the door was suddenly opened from inside.

A small head came out of it. It was LAN Xiaoqi. LAN Xiaoqi looked at her close to the door frame. Her eyes were as red as those of a rabbit. It was obvious that she had cried a lot.

"You come in."

Lanxiaoqi's voice has a nasal sound. She reaches out and pulls Xiaonian in.

This is a Disney themed bedroom, full of dolls and puppets. There are all kinds of Disney animated characters on the wall. It's fantastic.

As soon as LAN Xiaoqi goes in, she lies on the edge of the bed with her back to her.

When Xiaonian looks at this small figure, slowly raises her hand. As long as she controls Xiaoqi, she has the chips to negotiate with Lanting, and Gong ou can leave safely.

We can't wait any longer.

She didn't want to, but she couldn't, really couldn't.

When Xiaonian reached for lanxiaoqi little by little, her fingertips touched her back neck, and lanxiaoqi's choking voice suddenly sounded in the bedroom, "I miss my mother."


When Xiaonian's hand froze.

LAN Xiaoqi's back is toward her to play with a doll on the bed. Her voice is choked with a thick nasal sound. "My father scolds me again. I think that little boy is really pitiful. I just want to let him go."