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Chapter 712. He stole it

"Shall we go back now? No more robots? " "Are they really here for a one-day tour?" she asked?

Gong Ou sat there, reached out his hand and pressed his brow, but did not speak.

When Xiaonian looked at him and thought about it, he said to Su Yaoyao with a smile, "well, I won't find it. I'll go back."

Gong Ou has already said the same thing to her. She believes that Gong Ou has his own plan, so she no longer asks.


Su Yaoyao looked at them in amazement.

When Xiaonian took the wig off his head and turned away to pour water, Su Yaoyao immediately followed him up and asked nervously, "Mrs. Gong, are you really not looking for a robot?"

Xiaonian nodded and poured the water into the cup.

"Why? Let the robot on the island, in case the islanders don't understand it will damage the robot! Why don't you go without looking? "

When Su Yaoyao sticks, Xiao Nian says.

“……” When Xiaonian turned to look at her strangely, "Miss Su, you seem to want us to stay."

Did she guide them?

No, for Gong ou, Su Yaoyao is not a close person.

Smell speech, Su Yao Yao Yao's eyes scattered, the corner of his eyes slightly twitched, and then he said with a smile, "no, I just think it's very strange. Didn't you come to the robot specially? Why are you leaving? "

When small read light smile, "I also don't know what my husband is thinking, but he always has his reasons."

With that, Xiaonian walked towards Gong ou with the cup in his hand, handed him the water cup, turned his head and looked at it? We've been on a yacht for so long, why don't we see our adoptive father? "

Isn't my adoptive father guarding the yacht?


Gong Ou sat there, listening to Xiaonian's words, his thin lips slightly raised a arc, and his long fingers turned the water glass.

"Young master, why did you come back so soon?" Feng de came in from the outside, carrying a bag on his shoulder. He was shocked to see them and quickly put the bag aside.

"Adoptive father? Where have you been? " "How can I carry a bag?" he said

"Oh, I'll help you find Mr palace, too."

Said Fengde.

"Don't you have to wait on the yacht. Is there a good way to inform your family?" Gong Ou looks up at Feng de with black eyes. He takes a drink from the water glass. "You think you are an old man of the palace now. You don't listen to any orders."


Feng de stood there and moved his lips. He wanted to say something, but he was defeated in Gong Ou's fierce eyes. At last, he didn't say a word.

"All right, don't look. Go sailing. Let's go home!"

Gong Ou put the water cup aside heavily.

Feng de stood still, his face heavy.

The air seems to be condensed.

"Didn't you hear me? Go sailing! " Gong Ou's voice suddenly cooled down, and he said, "do you want me to serve you in turn?"


Feng De is still motionless.

"Why, you really don't want to work in the palace?" Gong Ou snorts.


Feng de still didn't move. He looked at Gong ou and then slowly lowered his head. He stood there without speaking or leaving.

For the first time, Xiao Nian saw stubbornness in Feng De.

Even if she was confused before she came, at this moment, Xiaonian gradually understood that she had retreated step by step to Gong Ou's side. Looking at Fengde, she looked pale. "Adoptive father, is that you?"

It's an adoptive father.

He was the man who led them to the island.

Feng de knew that his plan had been opened. He couldn't help but close his eyes. He lowered his head. "I'm sorry, young master."


Gong Ou sat there, reached out for a sweep, and slammed the water cup to the ground. All the water in the cup fell on Feng De's body.

Feng de didn't even hide, so he stood with his head down.

"Interesting?" Gong Ou's black eyes stared at him coldly, and his tone was so gloomy that he said, "play me as a monkey, right? Who gives you courage! "


"Fengde, you are getting further and further away from the principle of a housekeeper! What other qualifications do you think you have to stay with me? " Gong Ou said in a cold voice, and the words were as sharp as the blood.

Feng de knows how much he has done. He will kneel down when he bends his legs. Seeing this, Xiao Nian rushes up to help him and looks at Feng de anxiously. "Don't do this, father. Tell me what's going on. "

Feng De's face was a little bad, and his hair seemed to be white again. He lowered his head, but there was no light in his eyes. "I stole Mr palace."


It's really him.

When Xiaonian frowned, Fengde continued, "I logged into the young master's computer, adjusted the program of Mr palace, and let it be used by me. Originally, everything was ok, but I didn't expect that someone would find the existence of Mr palace. I know you'll find it when you land on the island. "

He knew that the young master would find out sooner or later.

So it turns out.

They also mistakenly thought that Mr palace had self thinking, thinking that it was really a brain hole. She looked at Feng de and said, "I thought that you were deliberately guiding us to the island, which turned out to be an accident."

Fengde didn't want them to find Mr palace.

"Young master, I will leave on my own after I go back."

Feng de knows that nobody can save him this time. As a housekeeper, he has too many selfish behaviors and even commits theft. It's good not to be killed in ancient times.

Gong Ou sits there and looks at him with a cold snort, dismissing him.

"Adoptive father, what do you do to steal Mr palace?" When Xiaonian helps Fengde to one side and wants him to sit down, Fengde is so stubborn that he refuses to sit down.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter now."

Said Fengde.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

"Don't do that, father." When Xiaonian used a little energy, she just sat down with Feng De, looked down at the white hair on his head and said, "adoptive father, I believe it's not a big deal, you can't do such a thing."


Feng de doesn't speak.

Gong Ou looks at him coldly.

When Xiaonian squatted down in front of Fengde, his slender fingers grasped his hand. "My adoptive father, Gong ou and I will not blame you. We just want to help you."

"Take your hands off me! He's a man as old as ever! "

Gong Ou sat there and said, his tone full of jealousy. He didn't mean to help at all.


When small read to turn the MOU to stare at Gong Ou one eye, did not see the adoptive father's mind heavy appearance, can you say good point.

Gong Ou sits on the sofa and looks at Xiaonian coldly. He tries to persuade Fengde. He refuses to open his mouth. He just says that he is too wrong. He is willing to resign.

The more Fengde said that, the more worried Xiaonian was, the more he wished he could hold it.

Seeing this, Gong Ou bit his teeth and said coldly, "really, I'm free to come and go by Gong Ou's side? Even if you leave today, you have to make it clear to me! Or I'll throw you down to feed the fish now! "

Hearing this, Feng de looks up at Gong ou and his eyes are dim.

"Adoptive father..."

When Xiaonian squatted in front of Fengde, Fengde looked at her and sighed, "OK, I said. I stole Mr palace to help me find someone on the island. "

"Looking for your woman?"

Gong Ou quickly tunnel.


Feng de looks at Gong Ou in shock. His wrinkled face is full of disbelief. When Xiao Nian sees his expression, he suddenly becomes clear. He turns his eyes to look at Gong ou. "How do you know?"

They met together, how she did not understand anything, but Gong Ou knew everything, from where to see.

"Look at his pocket watch yourself."

Gongou cold tunnel.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, Fengde was wearing a butler's uniform, a retro pocket watch and a long chain.

Feng De's face turned white, obviously he didn't expect Gong ou to know so much.

For a long time, Fengde took the pocket watch down and put it together with the chain in shixiaonian's hand. Shixiaonian stood up and looked at the pocket watch in his hand.

This pocket watch has been broken or repaired. She often sees it. She doesn't know what's special.

Suddenly, an inspiration flashed through her mind.

It's the one.

When Xiaonian slowly opened the cover of pocket watch, the time on it was ticking away, making a sound and mixing the sound of the waves outside.

Her eyes fell on the cover of the watch.

There are some shallow engravings on the inner surface cover. They are so shallow that they can hardly be seen. I look at those engravings with determination.

It's a tree.

A tree growing on the water.

Water and trees, not water, but the sea.

Trees and the sea.

Small trees and sea.

When small read to lift eyes to see to Feng De, ask a way, "the word on the hotel stair is an adoptive father carve, right?"

Xiaoshu and Xiaohai are the adoptive father and the man who accompanied him to carve.

"Is that word still there?" Feng de asked unexpectedly, then smiled bitterly. "No matter how long time goes by, some marks will never be wiped off. They will always be there."


When Xiaonian stood there and listened quietly, she looked down at the pocket watch in her hand. Before, she thought that the pocket watch had a unique story. Unexpectedly, it was opened at this time.

Borg Island, hotel, sea and tree, Fengde and Who?

"Xiaonian, you asked me where I was from and where I came from." When Feng de looked at it, he said, "what I can say is all fake. It's fake. In fact, I was born on Borg island. "


Xiao Nian looked at him in astonishment.

"According to the old saying, my ancestors were slaves of the borgs. After I was a slave, and after the borgs moved to the island, I was born here." Feng de said slowly.

My adoptive father is from Borg island?

When Xiaonian looked at him incredulously, some fragments crossed her mind. She thought of what the landlady said, "is it possible that the Oriental who walked by the sea every day decades ago is also your adoptive father?"

Is that the man who betrayed his lover and left him alone crying by the sea is the adoptive father?

When Feng de looked at it, Xiao Nian didn't answer. He went to the window alone and looked out at the dark sea. He said to himself, "the borgs are old-fashioned. You can't imagine how dirty, chaotic and disgusting it is to live here."