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Chapter 740 is about to start again

Once in, I saw the bathtub, shower room and toilet all pasted with paper. Without exception, it said: be careful, use this tool to call me!


That's enough. It's not a father. It's the president of the persecution delusional Association.

She's off the toilet now?

When small read helplessly sighed, toward the sink to walk, is to see a pile of notes.

She picked up the toothbrush.

Brush your teeth properly. Call me immediately if you have bleeding gums or nausea.

She picked up the glass and filled it with water.

Be careful of the devil faucet. If the water splashes out of the pool, don't move the ground. Call me right away!

It's so boring, Gong ou.

When small read to think gloomily, still make a phone call, the phone still can't get through how to do? She left the paper in the garbage can and saw it turning in the air with a beautiful gesture.

Then, Xiaonian saw the handwriting on the back of the note paper.

If there is a phone call, call the police immediately!

It also called the police.

How did she call the police and say, "Hello, I'm a pregnant woman. The water in my toothbrush cup splashed out. It's slippery. I'm afraid to leave. Please help me quickly."?


When Xiaonian really wanted to tear a blank note paper and paste it on Gong Ou's forehead and write a word "Ding", he would not be so nervous.

It's enough to be pregnant to make Gong ou like an enemy.

After washing, Xiao Nian went into the dressing room and picked up the clothes to match. This is a bit more spiritual. It's just right to register. It's a good match for Gong ou.

When Xiaonian was standing there for a long time, he listened to Gong Ou's roar, "where are you? Anyone here? Don't fucking scare me! "

At the end of the day, Gong Ou was only nervous.


When Xiaonian hurried out of the room, he saw Gong Ou standing in the room, holding a plate with a steaming nutritious breakfast on it.

When I saw her, Gong Ou's ugly face slowed down and said, "why don't you tell me when you get up?"

"Well, I'll see you when I'm ready to change."

When small read in front of him some smelly to turn a circle, askew face way, "how, I this one good-looking?"

It's good to wear it to register.

Gong Ou stared at her. For the first time, he did not exaggerate, but said nervously, "don't move! What do you do when you spin and fall down? "

"I can't fall so easily."

"If you don't want children, it's time to kill them now. If you don't want to move, your body will be empty when the children fall!" Does she know how to be better to herself!

Looking at Gong Ou's serious appearance, Xiao Nian sipped her lips and said, "OK, I won't turn around, but you don't have to be so nervous."

"I'm nervous!"

How is love.


When I was small, I was silent.

"I asked Feng De to make you a nutritious breakfast. I thought you were asleep and brought it up for you." Gong Ou said, while Xiaonian said with a smile, "let's go down to eat. I haven't had breakfast with twins for a long time."

After so long on the island, she wanted to have two children.

Hearing this, Gong Ou said calmly, "I've said that before you give birth to this baby, they can't approach you at will without my permission."


When small read stupefied, this is what logic, a pregnant even children can not accompany.

"They are so small, what can I do if they knock you down?" Gong Ou said coldly that since she wanted this child, she had to take care of it. If there was a chance that the child would fall, then her body would collapse.

"It's impossible for Holly to do such a thing. Xiaokui told her that she would understand. She was looking forward to the arrival of the baby."

Shi Xiaonian said that she didn't dare to say anything else, but she absolutely believed the twins. How could they mischievously bump into her.

"A one percent chance is also a chance. I won't let you take risks."


When to get along with children is a risk.

When Xiaonian looks at him and thinks about not arguing with him, maybe it's just the beginning. He's nervous. He's pregnant for such a long time. After a while, he will gradually recover.

In this way, Xiaonian didn't mention this again and said, "let's go and have breakfast in the garden."


Gong Ou agrees.

Two people go all the way to listen to Gong Ou's words. Be careful. Water is the devil, angular furniture is the devil, hot sun is the devil, cold wind is the devil, nutritious food is the devil, children are the devil

Except that he is the devil in the world, he can't be near during the period of pregnancy in October!

When Xiaonian didn't know what to say to Gong ou, they went into the garden and sat down for dinner. Gong Ou sat beside her and put breakfast in front of her one by one.

When Xiaonian found that even the spoon and fork had become wood, wooden spoon and fork.

Gong Ou really put an end to the possibility of her approaching danger from all aspects. Mr Gong stands in the distance and plays soft music to promote the appetite of shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he saw a little bit of red blood in his eyes. When he was tired, he couldn't help asking, "Why are you tired?"


"Nothing." Shixiaonian asked anxiously, "won't you stay up all night because of my pregnancy?"

She thought he was just getting up early, but it seemed that he had not closed his eyes in the whole night.


Gong Ou firmly denies it.

Then, a voice full of broadcasting came, "he spent the whole night reading books in his study, making a phone call all night, and called several famous gynecologists into his home to give him lessons all night. I don't think he was so crazy when he was working."

When Xiaonian turned his eyes, a noble and elegant palace entered the restaurant from a distance, breathing fresh air, walked to them with a smile and a stack of documents in his hand.


Xiaonian stood up and said.

"Don't stand, sit down." Gong Yu said, holding her shoulder and letting her sit down, "you are a pregnant woman now. You don't need to pay attention to these things, you are ready to give birth."



People in this palace should treat her as disabled.

"I have found the doctor you asked me to find." Gong Yu put the information in front of Gong ou, pulled out a chair, sat down and said, "he's in little Chinatown."

"Little Chinatown?"

Gong Ou's black eyes are deep.

"It's a Chinese residence far away from here. It's better than Chinatown. Because all the people living in it are famous Chinese and influential people, it's called little Chinatown." Gong Yu said.

"Doctor? What doctor do you want? "

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"A miracle doctor, he is very good at treating all kinds of heart diseases of pregnant women, and there is almost no failure in his cases." Gong Yu said.

Pregnant women's heart disease?

When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked up at Gong ou. Gong Ou sat there and turned over the information on his hands. He said coldly, "is he really as divine as you say?"

It's not a charlatan.

"Can I make fun of Xiaonian and the palace children?" Gong Yu said seriously, "I met him when I was traveling outside these years. His medical skills were a little bit different, but they did have miraculous effects. Some doctors who are skilled in medical skills have never heard of his name. There are many doctors who want to worship him as a master every day."

"But I'm not upset." When small read weak ground to insert a sentence, "say that again is past matter."

Gong Yu looked at her with a smile. "I also said that the first pregnancy had a big reaction, which doesn't mean the second one was the same. But Gong Ou didn't believe it. He must say that you need to cure your heartache first, and don't want to let him stand by when you hurt."

"Can you not speak?"

Gong Ou took a cold look at Gong Yu with his black eyes. He put the information aside and read to Shi Xiaonian, "let's go to see a doctor."


"Go to the doctor!"

Gong Ou interrupts her.


Don't be so nervous. It's all over. She can't hurt like that again when she is pregnant. It's impossible.

When Xiaonian wants to explain, Gong Ou stares at her so firmly. Her black eyes are sharp, and she has no right to object.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian had better give up. She would like to understand the feeling of being a father.

She really thinks that she's pregnant, which makes Gong Ou jump from chicken to dog. It's so strange.

"I'll go when we sign up, and you'll ask someone to help us prepare the car."

Gong Ou looks at Gong Yu and says.

Gong Yu was about to stand up. Hearing this, he was stunned for a second. He raised his wrist watch and looked at it. He said, "if you want to see this doctor, I'm afraid it's too late to register today."


Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian share the same voice.

"I just used Mr. Y's identity to talk with him. He will travel once a year for five hours on his air ticket. He has a long travel time. He doesn't answer the phone or surf the Internet. He is just like an expert in the world." Gong Yu said, "I just talked to him for the last time."

At this time, the mobile phones and the Internet should have been shut down.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face sank suddenly, and his black eyes stared at Gong Yu coldly, "then why don't you explain to him?"

"I said, but he has a strange temper in medical practice. He is all like this. If you want to see a doctor, you can't see if you want to." Gong Yu said, "usually he doesn't see the doctor, but for my sake this time, as long as you see him before he leaves, he is willing to show Xiaonian."


This doctor is really weird.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, Gong Ou's face is very ugly.

Gong Yu sat there and looked at the time on the watch and said, "by the way, if it's not too busy, it's about four hours, but Xiaonian is pregnant and can't drive fast, so..."

He didn't go on with the next words.