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Chapter 626 I am a jobless vagrant

Wen Yan, Feng De, sitting in the passenger seat, also looked at the group and sighed, "Xiaonian, you didn't grow up in the noble family, you won't understand this. Fame is simple to say, but you don't know how many people are involved in it. Too many people rely on it to support their so-called status and face. That's what they think is more important than life. Once they are deprived of it, their life will be worse than death. "

"Is it?" When small read light said, "that guard this reputation is good, or bad?"

After she asked, the car was quiet, no one answered her, maybe no one could give her a standard answer at all.

The so-called fame has given these people different lives, different heights, they enjoy the benefits of fame, they all want to protect too much, even their feelings have become particularly weak.

"Don't think about it." Gong Ou held her in her arms and said, "what do you think of those things? Don't you think it's brain ache?"

There's so much room in the brain to think about him.


When Xiaonian nodded, she thought that only when she was a child immersed in such a life can she experience it personally, like she may never understand it.

"Take you to the jewelry store."

Gong Ou said that he had been busy with the internal affairs of the palace and had not taken her out to have a good time.

"Jewelry?" When small read turns the MOU to look at him in surprise.

Gong Ou looked down at her and thought she didn't like it. He said, "take you to buy clothes and bags."

When Xiaonian understood what he meant, he readily agreed, "are you going to take me out for a walk? Well, I want to buy you clothes. "

"Yes, you can help me choose."

Gong Ou holds her in her arms, lowers her head and kisses her on the forehead. Xiaonian leans on him with a smile.

Feng de sat in the front passenger seat, raised his eyes and looked in the rear-view mirror. He saw that two people were so affectionate and smiled on one face.

Either way, the two of them are finally out of the blue.

When Xiaonian was taken by Gong ou to go shopping, all she visited were famous stores. She stood in the men's clothing store and carefully selected clothes. This coat is good, but the pattern is not good, too fancy; this tie is very handsome.

Gong Ou leans aside casually, a pair of black eyes stare at her to choose clothes, stare at her appearance, how to look good.

How could his woman look so good?

Anytime, anywhere, any side is a feast for the eyes.

Gong Ou's lips are in a triumphant arc, and her eyes follow her closely.

The two salesmen on one side looked at them, one looked at clothes and the other looked at people. The atmosphere was totally different from what they could get in. It was a little awkward standing there.

"It's a nice dress." When Xiaonian saw a coat in the center of the exhibition hall, the smoky gray twill style, which was not formal or casual enough, but somehow matched Gong Ou's temperament, which made her want to wear it on Gong Ou very much. "Please, I want to try it on."

"I'm sorry, miss. We don't try them on."

Said the salesman apologetically.

"Oh." When Xiaonian was about to give up, Fengde came up to them and called them again. The two salesmen recognized Gong ou and asked them to try on their clothes.

"Please come in here and change. It was the customer lounge."

The salesman opened a door.

"Come in and change with me." Gong Ou's eyes didn't fall on her clothes from the beginning to the end. He just stared at Xiaonian as if he wanted to try her on.

The salesmen cast ambiguous eyes.

When Xiaonian's face was a little hot, he pushed him. "Don't make a fuss, come in and change it. I'll see the effect of changing this shirt and tie."

She took her shirt and tie again.

"Come in with me!" Gong Ou spoke domineering.

"Gong Ou!" When Xiaonian stared at him in a strange and angry way and asked her to change clothes with him in public. He could really make a fool of himself.

"You stare at me again, and then you want to kill me!" The woman wants to rebel again.

"Oh, come in."

When Xiaonian helplessly pushes him into the room, Feng de smiles and follows in to serve. She turns around and continues to look at the clothes, ready to choose another set for Gong ou.

Suddenly, there was a figure in the corner of her eyes. She turned around and looked at it. This is a big brand store. Its men's and women's clothing stores are all open together, just like a fine and high-end shopping mall.

At this time, outside the door stood a figure she was familiar with, a woman.


Julie is standing on the photogenic ground, and the glass door shows her smile and wave? When Xiaonian put the tie back in his hand, raised his step and walked out. He was surprised. "Miss Julie, do you come here to buy clothes, too? Is it with Mr. y? "

Julie smiled and nodded. "Yes, sir, I'm just in the next room buying clothes. Would you like to go over and say hello?"


When small read stupefied next, immediately think also should, then follow Julie to go to that side, walk into a dress shop, Julie pushes open the door of the inside lounge.

The rest room is very noble. The sunshine falls on modern European furniture, and the air is fresh.

Mr. y is sitting on the sofa. He has a long body, legs overlapping, elegant posture, a cup of coffee on his hand, and his fingertips caressing the patterns on it unintentionally. His curly short hair has a sense of fluffy layers. As always, his sunglasses and masks cover his true appearance.

He looked at the front motionless, when Xiaonian looked along his line of sight, there was a large French window opposite, and he could see an open field outside, similar to a square.

There are people feeding pigeons in the square, young people playing musical instruments, and old people walking like a picture scroll.

This kind of picture makes people feel very comfortable.

"Here is Miss Xi, sir."

Julie murmured, then secured the door, quietly pulled out, closed it, and there was no doubt that it was locked.

When Xiaonian didn't realize it, he looked at Mr. y with a smile. "How are you, sir? Do you want to buy clothes for your girlfriend or relatives?"

Mr. y was obviously distracted when he sat there. He raised his face and looked at her. "What?"

"This is the women's clothing store, isn't it?"

When Xiaonian looks at him strangely, he seems to be wandering?

Mr. y was wearing a mask and sunglasses. When Xiaonian could not see his expression, he paused for a few seconds and said, "yes, buy clothes for my family. Sit down, Miss Xi. "

"No, I'll just come and say hello to you." When Xiaonian stood there and said with a smile, "my husband is in the store next door. May I introduce you to him? My husband has always said that he would like to thank you personally. "

Wen Yan, Mr. y seems to have heard some funny jokes. He chuckled a little. He couldn't help it.

After a few seconds, he said, "no need, President Gong is on the top. I am a jobless vagrant. How can I meet him?"

"Sir, that's too much."

Would a mysterious and capable man like him be a vagrant? She doesn't believe it.

When small read secretly think.

"By the way, I heard that Gong Jiafu is ill. How is she now?" Mr. y put the coffee cup back and asked casually.

"My mother is in the process of recuperation now. It's just that she was upset by the wedding. Thank you for your concern. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

Mr. y nodded. "It's OK. I've been around the world these years, and I know some prescriptions for recuperation. I'll let Julie sort them out and give them to you after I go back. Please ask the doctor to see them and give them to Mrs. Gong. "

Hearing this, Xiaonian looked at him in surprise for a long time, but there was no voice.

"What's the matter? You don't want it? "

Mr. y sat there and asked.

"Oh, No." "I'm very grateful to you for your kindness. You've helped me so much all the way. I don't know how to repay you."

In fact, she would like to ask, just because she appreciates her paintings and hopes that she will be happy, he will help her all the way, so that even Mrs. Gong's body conditioning needs help?

Will others be too good, as good as the world without their own.

Mr. y chuckled, "it's just a help. It's not as serious as you think. You go back. Your husband should find you later. "

"Yes. Then I'll go. "

When Xiaonian thought that Gong Ou would look everywhere if she didn't see her when she changed clothes. Soon her cell phone was knocked out.

She turned around and left. Suddenly, there was a slightly hasty sound behind her. Looking back, she saw Mr. y standing up from the sofa and looking at the opposite side.

Obviously, I can't see his true face, but Xiaonian feels the tension on him.

Nervous? It seems that she hasn't seen Mr. y yet. She looks at Mr. y without knowing what she has done. Then she sees Gong Ou in the square outside the window, wearing the clothes she chose for him, coming this way.

Step by step.

His face is hard to see the extreme, neat short hair under a pair of dark pupils deep, nose handsome, thin lips tight tight all over a cold.

The corners of his coat were flying in the wind.

Followed by a black car.

That look is chilling, and Xiaonian is scared for a moment. How does he look like that? Won't be jealous again? How come from the square without going through the door?

When Xiaonian looked at her suspiciously, he was about to run to the French window. Gong Ou came to her, gave her a sharp look, turned his eyes and glared at her fiercely, "get away!"

He shouted at the top of his voice, and through the windows he could hear his near madness.


When small read a face to look at him blankly, then silently back a few steps.

Gong Ou comes forward and stares at the French window. The car behind him suddenly speeds up and crashes into the French window, wiping Gong Ou's body.


A loud noise.

Countless pieces of glass suddenly hit the ground like snowflakes. When Xiaonian stood in the innermost corner and stared at the scene, Gong Ou unexpectedly let people bump the floor window into a big hole.

What happened to him?

As for being so angry? It seems that his vinegar is no smaller than before.

When Xiaonian frowned, she should have told him to see Mr. y again.