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Chapter 780 calm

"Brother, we are worried about you."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I'm worried about a fake car accident becoming a real car accident." Gong Ou said sarcastically, turning the steering wheel to get the car on the right road.

Hearing this, Gong Yu's eyes darkened, as if they could guess his intention and idea.

He looked out of the window at the rain and said, "you don't have to worry about me. I'm ok."

He will come here as soon as he gets home. Xiaonian looks out of the window at the rain. The rain hits the bouquet, and some petals fall on the ground. He feels sad in the rain.

Drive back.

The three were silent all the way.

When Xiaonian watched the rain outside, Gong Yu's low and dumb voice sounded behind her, "I haven't been here for a long time."

Hearing this, Xiaonian's eyes flashed a sadness and said, "brother, it's all over."


Gong Yu is silent.

When Xiaonian bit his lip, he said, "brother, I'll say goodbye to Dr. Luo before I leave. He's going to travel."

“……” Gong Yu's face sank and said, "can you not mention him?"

His tone was a little stiff.

When Xiaonian had to close his mouth and sit in the car in silence, Gong Ou's hand crossed the control gear and held her hand tightly. His palm was very warm.

She gave him a faint smile.

For a long time, Gong Yu returned to normal and said, "what happened later? The Lancaster family should be empty again. "

He would not have been Gong Ou's life for many times. If he had been Lancaster's group, he would have been so anxious that he could lift the table.

"Sooner or later, the feud with Lancaster will have to be resolved at once!"

This kind of confrontation is endless, and he is afraid of Gong ou.

"On the outside, Lancaster lost her daughter. If our palace rebelled strongly, it would inevitably have a negative impact. Besides, Lancaster still had a strong influence among the aristocrats, so my mother and I didn't want to make the situation too sad. If we could handle it coldly, we would deal with it coldly." Gong Yu said, "after many years, people forget about it and find a proper time to clear the general ledger with them."

The account of multiple assassinations cannot be ignored.


Gong Ou continued to drive with a cold face. In the rain, he drove very slowly without any rush.

"Where are you going on your honeymoon next? I've been to many places these years. Would you like to introduce me to you? " Gong Yu chatted with them as usual.

"No more."

Gong Ou refuses directly.


"We can only decide where we want to go, without the intervention of a third party!" Gong Ou is very concerned about the honeymoon of only two people. No one can destroy it.


Gong Yu shrugs and becomes a third party.

Gong Ou drives back to the palace. The wheels press against the thick leaves and make a sound. The huge palace is shrouded by smoke and rain, just like a fairyland.

The car stopped in front of the gate.

The servant came out quickly with an umbrella and opened the door for them.

"Sit still!"

Gong Ou glances at Xiaonian, gets off the car, grabs the rain cabinet from the servant and goes to Xiaonian's side. They protect her from the car and support her umbrella. They go inside.


Gong Yu stops and reads.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou turned their heads, Gong Yu looked at them. The expression on his face was complicated. For a while, he said, "forget it, it's nothing. I didn't sleep well last night. I'll go to have a rest. You can have a rest, too."

After that, Gong Yu went straight in and didn't return.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yu's back, he couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, you are right, he can't come out."

"Leave him alone."

Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian and walks in. Xiaonian takes a deep breath and whispers, "you can't force love, but doctor Luo must have been hurt deeply. He was cheated and used by us, but he hasn't been misunderstood by us. As a result, I told his secret, and he left like a fugitive without stopping."

No matter how hard a heart is like a stone, it's cut very painful.

"Tell you not to worry so much."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"Now Dr. Luo is going on a trip alone. I don't think he's happy. I'm sorry to think about it." When small read some sad to say.

After spending so much time with Lori, he said it was impossible to leave the man out of their heads at once.


Gong Ou's eyes flashed cold.

"Yes, he said he was going on a trip and would not come back in a short time." Shi Xiaonian said, "he must want to have a good rest."


Gong Ou's eyes narrowed slightly and hugged her forward, without saying anything, with her emotion.


In the evening, at the beginning of the moon, there was peace inside and outside the palace. The lights lit up the whole house, reflecting countless streamers on the crystal.

In the small classroom, Gong Yao and Gong Kui are having the last lesson. Gong Kui is yawning when he is not interested in learning. Gong Yao sits there coldly and listens to the teacher. Then he covers her mouth before Gong Kui yawns, making her unable to do it.

Gong Kui's face is gloomy.

When Xiaonian stood outside the window and looked at the two children, his lips raised a smile, and he held a picture book and a pen on it to lightly paint the faces of the two children.


Gong Kui, who didn't want to attend the class, soon found shixiaonian and cried out excitedly. Shixiaonian quickly put up a finger to her to show her to listen to the class.

Gong Kui sat down quietly with her mouth wrapped. Gong Yao looked down from her eyes. When he saw Xiaonian, his face also showed a smile. But he quickly converged, stood up with a mature face, and the gentleman bowed his head towards her.

When Xiaonian smiled and made a sign to them to sit down.

Both children sat down to continue their lessons. When Xiaonian continued to draw his own pictures, footsteps came from the corridor under the light. He didn't need to look back to know that it was gong Ou's.

When Xiaonian didn't look back, he continued to draw.

A smell followed and the object did not appear in front of her for a long time.

"Coconut milk?"

When Xiaonian couldn't help but turn around, he saw Gong Ou holding a cup of coconut milk in his hand, and Gong Ou handed it to her, with a high posture, "pregnant makes you have a dog's nose."

It can also smell.

When Xiaonian stared at him angrily, "what is a dog's nose? I just like drinking coconut milk recently."

Before in luozhai, she was either drinking traditional Chinese medicine or ginger soup, which made her mouth bitter forever. Of course, when she met sweet, she fell completely.


Gong Oh, take out your mobile phone and input the text on the memo. Change the taste of coconut milk. It's done.

"What are you remembering?"

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully, he wanted to lean over and approach him. Gong Ou immediately pressed the screen black and looked down at her. "Drink your coconut milk."


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, Gong Ou put her in his arms, looked at her with low eyes, and said in a low voice, "go, go back to the room, go to bed early, register tomorrow!"

Oh, yes, they haven't registered yet.

When Xiaonian took a sip of coconut milk, "how do I feel that we have to go through the difficulties of ninety-nine eighty-one to register?"

"Shut up!"

Gong Ou stares at her. Is she cursing themselves? It's still 81 difficult. Do you want to wait until he is 80 to register?


When Xiaonian silently drank coconut milk, there was a little more milk stains on her lips, which showed a bit of playfulness under the light. Gong Ou stared at her, eyes moved, then he lowered his head and kissed her lips, held them firmly, and the tip of his tongue rolled, licking the milk stains on her lips.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in surprise, Gong Ou licked the milk stains, but it was not enough. He began to kiss her lips fiercely, and then Xiaonian fell back unconsciously.

Gong Ou reaches out to her waist, draws her close to herself, and interprets the kiss more deeply.

When Xiaonian couldn't escape, she had to obey his kiss and give him the gentlest response. Her lips were held by him, and the hot breath flowed through her body like an electric current, which made her irresistible.

The corridor under the light is long and quiet. When Xiaonian was holding the cup in one hand, he slowly climbed up Gong Ou's neck with one hand and threw himself into the lingering kiss.


A small childlike voice suddenly sounded.

When Xiaonian's body was stiff, he and Gong Ou lowered their heads at the same time. Gong Kui squatted on the ground, holding the round miss in his hands, and looked at them innocently.

Behind her, Gong Yao looked at them expressionless, and a pair of black pupils also stared at them, their eyes did not pan.


When small read suddenly big embarrassment, face heat almost burn up, "when are you here?"

"It's been a long time." Gong Kui replied sincerely, flashing a pair of beautiful big eyes, "Dad, mom, you are so powerful, you can kiss for so long."


When Xiaonian felt that his face was gone, he was so embarrassed that he leaned on Gong ou.

"Who allowed you to peek?"

Gong Ou asked coldly, with dark eyes.

Gong Kui was frightened to see Gong Ou's eyes like this. Gong Yao stood out from behind her and looked at Gong Ou coldly with a small face. He spoke in a reasonable way. "We didn't peek, we just saw it on the way back to the room."

"Yes, yes, we'll see when we get out." Gong Kui immediately stood up from the ground as a Hummer, nodding his head fiercely. He looked up and looked at it carefully. He was full of curiosity.

When small read good want to dig a seam to drill in.

"What are you looking at?"

Asked Gong ou.

"Mom's mouth is swollen. Did you bite her, dad? Did you fight? You are not right! The teacher said, "father should love mother!"

Said Miyagi with a sense of justice.

At that time, Xiaonian felt that he could not find his face and lost his face.

Gong Ou put out his hand, put the big palm over Gong Kui's small head, and forced her head to turn over, coldly saying, "turn around! Back to the room! Sleep! "

Gong Kui was twisted past, weak tunnel, "then I can eat a sugar to sleep?"



"Any comments?"

"Xiaokui has no problem."

"Then go!"


Gong Kui walked forward dejectedly. He did not dare to turn around or fight against Gong ou. In this fight, how could dad do if her mouth was swollen.