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Chapter 231 mu qianchu's whereabouts are unknown

When Xiaonian turned to look at him, his eyes were red, and there were no tears, but he was so sad that his chest hurt.

"Well, look! Think about it! But no red eyes! "

Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and gave in to her.

His heart ached to death with her red eyes.


When Xiaonian saw his expression of compromise, he suddenly couldn't say anything. He just asked, "did the police find anything? Did you watch the surveillance video at the ticket gate?"

"They are in a mess now. What's the hurry?" Gong admitted that he didn't do his best to get information.

He didn't know what reason he was looking for to fully explore the news.


When Xiaonian bit his lips, he didn't rush him.

In fact, she was afraid to accept the result. If qianchu is OK, it doesn't matter if she knew earlier and later. If Then she would rather never know.

"Do you drink my water or not!"

Gong Ou stares at her in a very unhappy tone.

When Xiaonian had to take a drink from the cup, a bodyguard rushed in, "Mr. Gong, the investigation team has found out the results, and has investigated the list of three passengers who have not boarded."


Xiaonian asked nervously and immediately put down the water glass and walked out.

Gong Ou's eyes are filled with envy, kicks to the sofa beside him to vent, and then goes out after Shi Xiaonian. His handsome face stinks.

When Xiaonian was concerned about Mu qianchu's whereabouts, she did not expect that once she entered the office hall of the police special group, she would meet someone who was not familiar with her.

There is a strong air-conditioner in the office hall, and the police are standing or falling on the long meeting table, while the admirers are sitting on the edge.

Mr. Mu Lao was sitting on the sofa with a black crutch in his hand, his face was haggard, and a middle-aged woman in rich and gorgeous clothes was sitting beside him secretly wiping tears.

Another woman in her 30s sat next to them, dressed in a red dress and flirtatious, staring at her fingernails, not looking sad.

These are mu qianchu's father, mother and sister.

In the past, shixiaonian would come forward and ask a good question, but after the splashing of dirty water, she couldn't help but mind. What she was worried about was just admiration.

When Xiaonian walked in, mu qianchu's elder sister recognized her first, stood up and looked at her with disgust, "it's you, little bitch, you..."

Before he finished speaking, Gong Ou came in from behind the door and stood beside Shi Xiaonian. He put her in his arms with a long hand and looked at the woman gloomily.


Gong ou.

Gong ou, who bought the Mu group's 100 year old foundation, destroyed all the foundation businesses that had been in business since the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Not for sale.

If they don't sell, Gong Ou has made it clear that he will fight them to the end with his own power.

The dressed sister didn't go on, swallowed the tone forcefully, and stepped back to sit on the sofa.

When small read as long as there is Gong Ou side, absolutely is to get a pair of death free trump card.

When Mr. and Mrs. moo looked at each other, they did not have a good look on their faces, as if they were looking at disaster.

When Xiaonian turned his head and didn't look at them, he only looked at Gong ou. "Isn't it that there is a result?"

"And the result?"

Gong Ou looks at the policeman over there. He doesn't look good.

"It's coming, because the airport is in a mess now. We need to ask for information and search for videos." A police officer immediately respectfully replied, and suddenly the voice said, "here comes."

The fax machine on the conference table is slowly spitting out paper.

A group of people all walked forward in an instant and surrounded.

When Xiaonian stared at the paper tightly, his hands in front of him held together involuntarily, so nervous that he even held his breath.

The hand on her shoulder pressed hard.

Gong Ou doesn't look at the paper, just at her.

She leaned against Gong Ou's side, with her teeth biting her lips, and saw a few typesetting on the paper. There were three names, all in pinyin.

But when Xiaonian only glanced at it, he knew that there was no admiration in it.

Her heart sank and her face paled.

"How is it? How is it? Do you have our son? " Asked Mrs. Mu excitedly, her eyes red.

The policeman took off the paper and shook his head regretfully. "No, this is the list of passengers who have been confirmed not to board. The three passengers have contacted each other, and there is no Mr. mu qianchu mu in the middle."


When small read stupidly listens, puts in front of the body wring together the hand to fall powerlessly.


Mrs. Mu stayed. "It's impossible. It's impossible Police, only confirmed these three, then there should be no confirmation

Her son will not die.

"There's another line here." The police set up the fax paper for everyone to see, "here it is said that the surveillance video has been investigated, and Mr. mu qianchu passed through the ticket gate. If you want, I'll send a video to the airport right away. "

Mrs. Mu was in a flash.

"Will it go through the check-in gate but not board?"

Asked Shi Xiaonian anxiously, looking for all the possibilities of life.

"I don't rule out such a tiny possibility, but Mr. Mu hasn't contacted his family until now. I think everyone should be prepared psychologically." Said the policeman regretfully.

If there is no danger, how can I not contact my family.

"Psychological preparation, psychological preparation, no, my son will not..." Mrs. Mu said in a hurry, breathing faster and faster, and the man fainted later.

Mu qianchu's elder sister hurriedly supports her mother, and Mu's bodyguard immediately supports her and sits her on the sofa aside.

The Mu family is in a mess.

Mr. Mu repeatedly knocked on the ground with his crutches, and said, "you, you"

he could not scold, he had to sell Gong Ou's face.

When Xiaonian stood there, his eyelashes drooping and staring at the ground, his face was pale and weak, his strength seemed to be suddenly drained.

If Gong Ou didn't hold her, she would have fallen in a moment.

Psychological preparation.

Psychological preparation, no, qianchu will not die, he will not die.


a clear sound suddenly sounded at the door.

Everyone turned around and saw the flute standing at the door when they were still wearing heavy costumes. A heavily makeup face was full of stupidity and disbelief, and the mobile phone fell to the ground.

I don't know how long she listened there.

The next second, when the flute rushed in to seize the police, a pair of eyes tearful, excitedly asked, "how could qianchu die? He must not be on that flight, you check again, you check again! "

At the end of the day, the whistle was almost begging the police.

The police stood there and looked at her helplessly. "I'm sorry, I can't help it now. The search and rescue team is still searching and rescue. Please wait for the news."

"Shidi, don't do that." The agent chases in from the outside and grabs the whistle when he is out of control. "Don't do that. I knew I wouldn't tell you so soon."

When Di pushes the agent away, he still pulls the sleeve of the police. "No, qianchu won't die. He certainly didn't get on the plane. Go find him. Send someone to find him soon..."


a loud slap suddenly broke the whistle.

When Xiaonian is immersed in his sadness, he suddenly hears this sound and raises his face. He sees Shi Di standing there in ancient costume with his hand over his face, and looks at Mr. mu, who is beside him, unbelievably, "father..."

"Don't call me father!"

Mr. Mu angrily knocked on the ground with his crutches, looked at the obsolete flute hatefully, and then looked at Shi Xiaonian. "I shouldn't have put qianchu in your house at the beginning. Neither of your sisters is a fuel-efficient lamp! You have killed thousands of people! "

In the way of Gong ou, Mr. moo can't do anything about the time.

But he can play the flute.

When the flute covers his face and squats down slowly, the tears fall down continuously, and the makeup is made up of tears. He only mumbles, "qianchu will not die, qianchu will not die."

"Mr. moo, I don't think your son will care about you when you are old and just died, but please remember that shixiaonian is not anyone in your moo family to blame!" When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he stands there and suddenly opens his mouth coldly. His voice suppresses his anger.

In normal times, he has already had an attack.

He put up with it today.


My son just died.

Gong Ou's words not only made Mr. Mu afraid, but also made Xiaonian's body tremble.

How can she accept the death of Mu qianchu.

"Did you make the crash?"

When Di suddenly stands up and stares at Gong ou, his eyes hate him.

Then, everyone looked at Gong ou, especially Mu's family.

When small read subconsciously block in front of Gong ou, looking at the time flute, voice some dumb, "time flute, you don't talk nonsense."

Gong Ou doesn't want to do this. He hates killing people most.

She now believes in Gong ou.

"Leave her alone! Let's go! "

Gong Ou looks at Shidi coldly, and his chest is filled with anger. When he sees Xiaonian, he is in front of him, and the fire in his chest goes down again.

The woman believed him.

It's been a night without sleep. Gong Ou doesn't want to get tangled up with these people any more, so he gives a gloomy look at Shidi and leaves Xiaonian.

When Di stood there, he was shocked by his gloomy eyes.

When Xiaonian didn't resist, he was allowed to walk out with his arms around him. The sharp voice of the flute suddenly sounded behind her. "When Xiaonian, you killed qianchu! I asked Alan, if it wasn't for you to make a big public love, Chiu would not want to leave this place! "


Smell speech, when small read whole stay, stand rigidly in place, a pair of pupils in the exposed shock, the body is more powerless.

"Shut up!"

Gong Ou looks back and stares at Shi Di fiercely. His eyes show murderous intention.


When the flute lips, a face has not talked about beautiful, tears blurred makeup.

Gong Ou takes back her sight, almost half hugs and half drags her out.

By Huazuo overpass.

Shi Xiaonian got out of the car and stood by the guardrail, staring at the lake dully. There was no tears falling, but his face was very pale.