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Chapter 882 looks like someone's thinking about men

"I don't care if you hurt me." When Xiaonian took back the soup bowl, gave him a look angrily, picked up a spoon and blew it, feeding him like porridge.

Gong Ou stared at her and drank the soup. His eyes were burning. He said, "when I was young, now I have become conscious of feeding."

"You hurt me..."

"If you don't hurt yourself, you have to feed." Gong Ou interrupts her. She is so domineering that she says, "feed me all my life!"


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly and fed a spoon of soup to his lips, he couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, you seem to be particularly coquettish when you are injured."

Hey, I can say that all my life. He can be a little bit more sarcastic.

"My Gong Ou is coquettish?" Gong Ou snorts, "thanks for thinking about it!"

How could he? He's a big man!

"Is it? Then I'll go back after you finish your soup. " When Xiaonian blew a spoonful of soup and fed it to his lips, "I have two children to take care of, and one in my stomach. I'm tired."

I thought Gong Ou would make trouble with her again, but I didn't expect Gong ou to look at her calmly, "Oh."


When Xiaonian's hand with the spoon froze, what does that mean? He allows her to leave? Doesn't he need her at night?

Seeing that her face is dull, Gong Ou pulls her to the bedside and sits down, pinches her face. "You go back first, and I sneak back to see you at night."


When small read a face inexplicable, they are in the affair, but also secretly.

Gong Ou stares at her, reaches for her hand, and drinks the soup from the spoon with her hand. Her eyes are full of wisdom. "Since someone wants to see our husband and wife's discord, how can they be satisfied without acting, and how can they be promoted to the next step without acting?"

When Xiaonian sat at his bedside and blurted out, "who wants to see our husband and wife quarrel? Li Qingyan? "

Gong Ou looks at her with idiotic eyes. "Just because she quit, can she hate us to this extent?"


As soon as he heard the word, Xiaonian suddenly realized it and frowned, "it's Lancaster."


Hearing this, shixiaonian couldn't react for a long time. Gong Ou had already guessed it, but she still judged it from Li Qingyan's strange appearance. She said, "in order to revenge you, Lancaster has made all kinds of tricks."

The assassination failed, the negotiation failed, and the island bombing failed. Now they have sent a woman to make their husband and wife lose their relationship.

"Lancaster's old dead head is sick!"

Gongou cold tunnel.


When small read bite lip, some hind ground looks at Gong Ou's face.

If she really doesn't believe in Gong Ou's loyalty, isn't Lancaster already laughing at it? But she really had a hard time to choose to believe that if Lancaster repeated such a loyalty test, she did not know how far she could go.

It's too hard.

It's really hard.

Like knowing what she was thinking, Gong Ou's black eyes reflected her face deeply. He opened his thin lips and said, "don't worry, I promise they can only use it once!"

"How can you judge?" Shi Xiaonian said, "Li Qingyan failed to break us up. There must be Lu Qingyan and Wang Qingyan..."

"Because I'll beat the old man in the face! If he doesn't have the face to do the same! "

Gong Ou said, his eyes revealed a touch of violence and ruthlessness.

It seems that he has an idea.

When Xiaonian looked at the way he was determined to get it, he took out a spoon and scooped it out and handed it to Gong Ou's lips. "Is that what I need to cooperate with?"

"Of course."

"What am I going to do?"

"Cheat with me!"


When Xiaonian was completely confused.


On the other side of the ocean, England is built layer by layer, with towering trees. The fields are like huge colorful chessboards standing on the ground, one door is higher than the other.

The black antique car enters the gate from the outside, passing by door by door, and stops in front of the big castle.

Someone came down from the car in a hurry, carrying a black leather bag and hurried to the arch gate without notice, and rushed to the inside.

In the unattainable castle with the dome, there is a magnificent atmosphere, solemn and thick, which is hard to touch.

An old man was sitting on the sofa. He could see the gray hair clearly in his short blonde hair. He was reading a document in one hand, and casually put his hand on the armrest of the sofa. The middle finger was an antique ring.

He sat quietly, but it was like sitting in the clouds, people dare not easily come forward.

"Mr Lancaster."

The man with the bag stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

"How is it?"

The old man opened his mouth slowly, his tone was steady, and there was a faint sense of urgency.

"Li Qingyan is a very good chess player. On the surface, Gong ou and his wife seem to have nothing to do with each other. However, according to their previous love, the recent situation is quite different." While reporting, the man took the information out of the bag and handed it to the old man, as well as a newspaper.

"What do you say?"

The old man took it.

"At this time, Xiaonian goes to the hospital to take care of Gong Ou every day. It seems that the relationship between husband and wife will not be affected, but basically as long as the food and drink are delivered, Xiaonian will go back and never stay overnight."

"That's it?"

This kind of feeling is not too serious.

"It's not only that he fired a lot of news about Gong Ou's disappearance again, so as soon as he came back, he held a press conference with Shi Xiaonian to clarify that he never disappeared." The man reported, "when Gong Ou leaves the table, Xiaonian's hand is to be grasped by Gong ou. Xiaonian is pushed away. This action has been analyzed by micro expression experts. It's an obvious repulsive behavior to match the expression of her bowed head at that time. In full view of the public, I can't stand it any longer, let alone in private. "


The old man opened the news and saw this delicate action.

How great can love be built by stepping on his daughter's body? Ha-ha.

"I also asked nurses and doctors to observe secretly. They both said that when they were in the hospital, they were at odds with each other. When Gong Ou woke up, another nurse heard him shouting from the ward. It was estimated that the couple had had a big fight." The man continued to report.


"Oh, by the way, Gong Ou said at the press conference that he would spend more time with his family next. Seeing this, Gong Ou wanted to make peace with shixiaonian. In the hospital, Gong Ou sometimes quarrels and sometimes lowers his posture, but he refuses when he comes out of the hospital. He never looks good. "

Lower your posture.

When the old man read the news, he read a piece of ordinary people. His hand wearing a ring slowly crumpled the newspaper into a ball.

It's this woman who robbed the man his daughter tried her best to get, and kept him low.

His daughter is so good. What does this woman have?

One day, he wants this woman to die miserably!

"Now that Gong Ou is focusing on women, let's start the plan." The old man threw the crumpled newspaper on the ground, gnashing his teeth and saying, "while he was dying for a woman, he emptied N.E. a little bit!"

"Yes, Mr. Lancaster."


At night, Xiaonian opens the window and stands on the balcony. The night wind blows in front of her, bringing the smell of wheat field, which makes her feel comfortable.

She twisted her neck and reached for her bulging stomach. She didn't know what Gong Ou was doing.

According to his instructions, Shi Xiaonian doesn't stay in the hospital any more, and he comes back to sleep at night, just to create a sense of seeing when their relationship breaks up.

But there is no one around to sleep. Xiaonian can't sleep. As a pregnant woman, she nearly lost sleep for two nights.

She wanted to go to the hospital secretly to see him, but she was afraid of being found out. At that time, Gong Ou's plan fell short.


When Xiaonian stood on the balcony and stretched, he couldn't help sighing.

The twins and the adoptive father have both gone to bed. She is alone It's really lonely.

Come on, go back to the kitchen and cook some soup to pass the time. Tomorrow, you can also bring it to Gong ou. In this way, as soon as Xiao Nian is about to turn around, a sexy and low voice of a man comes from behind.

"It seems that some people are empty in the middle of the night. What about men?"

Magnetic to a sound that shakes nerves all over the body.


When Xiaonian turned his head in astonishment, he saw Gong Ou leaning against the door, wearing a sick suit and putting his hands in his trouser bag. His short hair was a little messy, which seemed to be dusty. He was carrying the light in the room, and his face was a shadow, but his black pupils were still deep in the night.

Gong Ou!

When small read to stay several seconds to rush toward him, some excitedly ask, "how did you come?"


Gong Ou tilts his head and makes a lazy voice.

, "are you crazy? Do you mean to find out that some doctors and nurses are Lancaster's Eyeliner?" Shi Xiaonian said, "you will be found if you run out like this."

Since knowing Gong Ou's plan of pretending to be husband and wife's discord, Shi Xiaonian has been trying to endure the meeting between the two. Gong Ou wanted to see her several times and was interrupted and taught several times by her.

This time, he ran out in the middle of the night without saying hello.

"I can't manage that much!"

God knows how much he thinks of her!

Gong Ou suddenly reaches out his hand and takes her into his arms. Then he lowers his head and kisses her soft lips. He repeatedly touches her. The hot tip of his tongue opens her lips. He aggressively attacks the city and plunders the land. He curls her lilac tongue and kisses wildly until she falls breathlessly into his arms.

Her body sank a little.

Gong ougou's lips are so soft?

He raised his hand on her waist, when Xiaonian climbed up to his chest and let him kiss it down crazily. She listened to his breathing and became dumb and heavy. She could feel her nerves being picked up by one root, like strings, being plucked by others without any control.

It took a long time for Gong ou to finish the suffocating kiss. When Xiao Nian was breathing fast, he leaned on his arms, his hands were around his waist, and his lips were slightly swollen.