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Chapter 144 how much is it for one

She dare to ask this!

Every word of his is stressed.

When Xiaonian felt the dangerous smell all over his body, he couldn't help but smile and said, "I don't want it."

She suspected that if she said yes, he would strangle her.

"You also know the current affairs." Gong ouxie glanced at her and said, "I have a customized version for you. You make money. My character is not for sale!"


Ha ha.

It's earned. It's earned.

She is now surrounded by two paranoia, which he is to give her a gift, this is to play with her.

Two paranoia, how can she live.

When small read pulled drag expression, Gong Ou stares at her, dissatisfied tunnel, "what expression are you?"

"Happy, so happy." When small read pile up fake smile.

"You look like a ghost." Gong Ou stabs her.

“…… Oh, ha ha. "

When small read smile.

Anyone who sees two paranoia will be the expression of hell.

Gong Ou reaches out, grabs the flesh on her cheek and pulls it to both sides. He says, "I'm not allowed to see such a ugly smile in the future!"


Xiaonian frowned with pain. What did he think of her face as, Baozi?


Gong ouleng hum, let go of her and stand aside quietly. "Pour a glass of water over here, Wende."

"Yes, Mr. Gong. How about 27 degrees?"

Asked the palace respectfully.

"Yes." Gong Ou Dao.

After speaking, Mr palace turned and walked forward. His steps were not very flexible. He still had the rigidity of a robot, but they were already very powerful.

"Since he thinks I'm the master, why should he listen to you?"

He asked in confusion.

"Before I recognized you as the master, I had input my facial features and a lot of data into its cognitive program." Gong Ou asked the robot in front of him, "Mr palace, what is the relationship between Xiaonian and Gong Ou?"

The R palace stopped, turned sideways, lowered its silver head, and began gentlely, "Mr. Gong is the master's man. The master loves him so much that there is no remedy. I want to protect him for the master."

"See?" Gong Ou raised her eyebrows proudly.


When I was young, I was speechless. How many inexplicable things did the man instill into the robot.

I want to get rid of this robot.

Seeing Mr palace continue to walk in, Xiao Nian still has a curiosity about high technology.

She followed and left the work hall, where there was a huge white world.

The hall outside is the studio, but the hall here is like the world of life, with tables, kitchen tables, beds, everything.

Mr palace went to the kitchen table, picked up the glass pot and poured a glass of water. A faint light appeared in his eyes, and the words "28 degrees Celsius" appeared.

Then, Mr palace came over with a water cup and handed it to Xiao Nian, "master, please drink water."

"It's called by Gong ou. How can you give me the water?"

He asked in confusion.

Is this a bug in the program?

Gong Ou turns his head, and the electronic voice rings in his body. "Mr. Gong will leave the good to the master first, so I will take the master first. If the owner does not need such a setting, it can be operated. "

Xiaonian listened in surprise.

It was originally set by Gong ou. She turned her eyes and looked at Gong ou. She had a taste that she couldn't say.

Gong Ou stood beside her and put one hand around her shoulder. When he saw her, he picked up his eyebrows. His face was full of pretentiousness. He looked at her in a quiet way, and said: moved? Woman, can't I take you?


When Xiaonian takes back his sight, he sits down on the white sofa.

Gong ou and she said, "this is a laboratory, usually its living area, to observe whether it can adapt to human life."


When small read nods, took a drink of water cup, water temperature just good.

"Mr palace, play a taekwondo set." Gong Ou orders the robot to show shixiaonian its multiple functions.

Wen Yan, the robot responded for two seconds, said "received" and then went to the open area to start boxing, the action is in place, it can produce a taekwondo template textbook.

When Xiaonian was shocked to open his mouth slightly, he was stunned. "Now technology is really exaggerated."

Robots can be advanced like this.

It's amazing.

"It's not today's technology hyperbole." Gong Ou is so lazy that he leans back. "With my Gong ou, the world's science and technology will progress for a hundred years!"

He spoke in such a high voice that he was so arrogant.

It's a disgusting gesture.

But Shi Xiaonian can't refute it. She can say that he is manic, irritable, abnormal, paranoid and paranoid, but can't deny his wisdom.

n. Before the e-system was born, the so-called smart phones were stuck in a month or two.

n. After the e-system came out, you know that mobile phones can also be used so smoothly, and the world has entered a new era. How many "bow heads" are due to the N.E system.

In addition to the present Mr palace, it will be a product screamed by people all over the world.

"If such a robot goes on the market, how much will it cost?"

When small read took up a cup to drink a saliva, the Mou son revolves in the orbit, has own consideration.

Maybe when the robot is officially put into the market, she can buy a Mr Jiang type robot.

She looks at the robot playing Taekwondo. It's not Mr palace. It's She really didn't want another paranoia.

It's terrible.

"Preliminary estimate, 30 million." Gong Ou said lightly.


when Xiaonian spits out, he is choked by himself, "cough."

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, reached out to help her clap her back, and asked unhappily, "what's the matter?"

Can she spray water when he says something?

"30 million, pay back?" When Xiaonian patted his chest, Yu was surprised to see Gong Ou's blood sucking capitalist face, "the mobile phone of N.E system is not expensive."

n. E-system mobile phones are slightly more expensive than those of ordinary systems, but they are affordable for adults.

"Is the number of mobile phone users the same as the number of robot users?" Gong Ou looks at her like an idiot. "And, after all, N.E system is just a system. The cost of a robot's light appearance is not just a program."


When small read to listen to also gradually understand come over, she nodded, looked at that robot, way, "look, it is a rich person's toy again."

"You think you can handle a robot?" Gong Ou patted her head and said, "it's really just a painting."

Not a bit of business savvy.


She doesn't think he has paranoid personality disorder, and he doesn't think about her career.

When Xiaonian put the water cup on the tea table in front of him, Mr palace took the initiative to come over and start cleaning up.

"By the way." Gong Ou suddenly thinks of something. Black eyes look at her. "Is your cartoon supposed to be on the market? I didn't hear anything. "

"Er Not yet, not yet. " When Xiaonian's eyes flickered, he quickly stood up and pretended to study Mr palace.

Comics are on the market.

According to Xia Bian, because it has never appeared in the paranoid president style, the content is very novel, and it sells well.

But she dare not let Xia compile and send a set of comics to her for collection, let Gong ou see, she must be scolded to pieces.

"Not yet on the market? What's the efficiency of your company? I asked Fengde to buy it and only push your own cartoon. " Gong Ou doesn't like the tunnel.

"No, no, No." "Small read busy way," so forcibly promote me, I don't know where my strength is, step by step, can red sooner or later will be red

"Where can a painter be red if he is strong enough?" Gong Ou dismisses, "give me a month, I can make you the news headlines all over the world, become the first person in comics."

It's so easy for him to make a cartoon of her.

"No, no, I really don't. I don't like to be in the public, or to have those illusory reputations." When small read farfetched smile.

He stopped talking about her comics.

He'll go crazy promoting her cartoon.

"Really not?"

Gong Ou looks at her suspiciously.

"I really don't need it."

Gong Ou didn't insist any more. "Well, you can stay with me and have children. You don't really need those."

She doesn't need fame. She just needs him.

"Well, well." When small read perfunctorily nods, pretends to be very careful to observe in front of the robot.

She doesn't want to talk about comics with him anymore.

"Shixiaonian, what do you mean by staring at the robot all the time? Your man is here! " Gong Ou looks at her discontentedly and follows her eyes to the robot.


When Xiaonian was speechless, he even ate vinegar of one of his own replica robots?


Gong Ou suddenly looks down and looks behind the robot.

"What's the matter?" When Xiao Nian looked at it, it had a delicate appearance.

"It's not right here." Gong Ou stares at the robot coldly, and his long fingers cross a silver angle on the robot's shoulder.

"This is the shoulder. Of course, the shoulder of a robot can't be as round as that of a human."

I didn't think it was wrong.

Isn't it normal for a robot to have some sharp shoulders?

"It's the wrong angle. There's a ruler on the desk over there. Take it." Gong Ou ordered her to tighten the outline of her face, and her eyes were cold.

Shi Xiaonian looked at him in amazement. Once he was engaged in his work, he was just like this. He was too serious and his face was even more handsome, which made people have to obey orders.

She turned and went to the desk. She took a ruler to measure the angle and handed it to him as he asked.

Gong Ou took the ruler and measured it. His face was cold and his eyes were dark.

When I saw him like this, I had the illusion that I would never disturb him.

Gong ou, the first person in mobile phone industry, is the developer of N.E system. He is developing another product that shocked everyone's eyes.

When Xiaonian stood by and looked at him quietly.

"Sure enough." After measuring the angle, Gong Ou's face sinks down. It's too blue to be seen. Then he angrily smashes the ruler to the ground. "These scumbags have made such a fatal mistake!"

Fatal mistake?

Does this robot really have its own emotional consciousness as in the movie?