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Chapter 290 let's get married

She misunderstood at once.

"unlike me, how do we know whether rehearsal is exactly the same as reality?" Gong Ou said bluntly.

, is it even the same? When small read to his paranoia is willing to worship downwind, "then Mona is not like me, why not like a little bit of a double?"

But for Mona, she would not have misunderstood it.

"Casually, my main position is handsome enough to attract eyeballs. Who cares?" Gong Ou picked his eyebrows and said indifferently.


This narcissist!

When the small read slanted his one eye, decided to oneself just the scene of the shrew to cover over, she opened the palm of her hand toward him, cleared the throat and said, "come."

"What is it?"

Gong Ou stares at her.

"Earrings, aren't they for me?"

Shi Xiaonian said, and continued to spread his palm.

"How can I deliver it so casually!" His rehearsal design is all out of date.

"But Mona has said it casually."

"That's not good either! You pretend you don't know. I'll send it next time! " Gong Ou said coldly, "that woman can do nothing but have more professional knowledge!"

To make trouble for him.


When small read silence, this know the gift can not when do not know to receive again?

How could he be so domineering.

She thought that the night was getting deeper and deeper, and suddenly the light of the wooden bridge came on, from far and near, illuminating the wooden bridge under the night. The light seemed to be a big tree growing from low to high, and the pavilions around it came on one by one.

The light is reflected on the lake like the falling stars.

"It's so beautiful..."

When small read lifting eyes to look, can't help but say with emotion.

"Is that beautiful?" Gong Ou snorted, "it was to be delivered after you left the hospital, but there are also arrangements here. There should be water blooms on the lake, hot-air balloons in the sky, bright fish swimming in the water, and fireworks blooming all around the lake..."


So exaggerated?

When Xiaonian just imagined the picture, she thought it would cost a lot of money. She smiled and said, "but I think it's very beautiful."

"That's it?" Gong Ou glances at her.

"Well. Those are too expensive. "

"Your taste is too low! With Gong ou, can you learn to spend money well? " Gong Ou looks at her scornfully, turns around with a disdainful face and looks at the sea with his back to her.

Let her learn to spend money?

What a "good" man.

When Xiaonian smiled and was about to speak, he saw Gong Ou's back to her, a long hand stretched back, and his voice was hard. "Forget it, I'll give it to you first! It's all in vain! "

It was destroyed by Mona.


When Xiaonian looked down at his hand, there was a treasure blue velvet box in the palm of his hand, which should be an earring.

There is no gift to give with your back to others.

It's so proud.

When Xiaonian smiled and took over the fluffy box, he opened the box and saw a pair of unique Earrings inside.

The cutting of earrings is excellent. The earrings are in the shape of tassels. The material of tassels is special. It's not clear whether they are diamonds or crystals. They are as beautiful and bright as glass under the light.

It's beautiful.

Shi Xiaonian is amazed again. She finds Gong Ou's taste in jewelry is really good. None of the four pieces of jewelry sent to her is elaborately made, all of which are of various flavors.

When Xiaonian looked at the proud figure in front of him, reached out his hand and put the earrings on his ears, then smiled and said, "my four piece jewelry set is finally complete. How can it be in vain?"

"In vain, of course, my ideas are all unfinished!" Gong Ou is depressed, which is totally different from what he imagined.

Is she happy? Should he be so depressed.

With one hand holding the fluffy box and one hand touching the ear, Shi Xiaonian said, "look, how am I dressed?"

"I don't believe I can't surprise you today! Let's get married! "

Gong Ou thought more and more angrily, and suddenly turned to her and said in a determined voice.


When Xiaonian stood in the gray Pavilion, the whole person was frozen there, staring at miyou's handsome face.

A cool wind came over.

The fluffy box fell from her hand and rolled to the ground.

In an instant, time seemed to stop. She stared at Gong Ou stupidly, thinking that she had heard it wrong.

It must be that the wind is too loud.

When small read dry smile two, touch the eardrop, "look at me, this wind is so loud, I have a hallucination."

As he said this, Xiaonian turned around and his heart was beating violently.

Get married.

How could he suddenly talk about marriage? She didn't want to get married without having a baby. But since she knew Gong Ou didn't believe that the child was his, she knew that marriage was a matter of time.

In the first place, we must wait until the birth of the child. After the paternity test, he will accept all this, and then talk about marriage.

He won't be at this time.

No, it won't.

It must have been her mistake. It was her delusion.

When small read not to let their own amorous, looking at the lake heart is not quiet.

Suddenly, Gong Ou's deep magnetic voice rang behind her. "You just said that you have a great psychological burden when you are with me. You said that you love me very lowly. Why have I never heard of these words?"


When Xiaonian was stunned, he didn't expect to remember all the words she just said. She bit her lip, then pretended to be casual and said, "the angry words in a hurry are not interesting."

"Is it really just angry?"

Gong Ou looked at her back and said, with deep black eyes.


When small read silence.

"I don't feel safe enough," said the old man Gong Ou stepped forward and turned her around forcefully, forcing her to face herself. "Is marriage safe enough?"

He said he was married.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "Gong ou, do you know what marriage means?"

"Don't you always want a home? I'll give it to you now! "

Gong Ou stood in the pavilion, in front of her, staring at her deeply and solemnly, and swearing out.

There is no hot air balloon;

there is no luminous fish;

there is no light full of the lake.

But he said to give her a word, this sentence for her, more than all.

When Xiaonian's eyes were sour again, at that moment, she almost blurted out her promise to come down, but the wind from the lake woke up her remaining reason, "you and I are married, and Britain really can't go after that."

Love is nothing, marriage is not likely to reverse the event.

"Then don't go!"

"Don't you believe that the baby in my belly is yours?"

"Even if he is not mine, why can't I marry you?" Gong Ou asked straightforwardly, with black eyes staring at her, "when Xiaonian, would you give me a happy word to marry? Or to marry? Or marriage? "

When Xiaonian looks at him and stares into his eyes, his eyes are dark and demagogue like a magnet

When small read very easily to see lost.

Gong Ou urged her impatiently, "say! Say ah! Do you say no? When small read you say not to say! Hurry up! "

"Are you proposing or forcing?"

When Xiaonian looked at him with tears and smiles.

"What's the matter?" Gong Ou stares at her.

"Then I can only marry. What else can I do?"

When Xiaonian laughed, and then tiptoed around Gong Ou's neck and threw it into his arms. She said it casually, but her heart had completely jumped out of rhythm.


She's finally going to have a home.

"So reluctantly!" Gong Ou groaned and put his hand around her waist and hugged her tightly. "Listen, when I read, I can be jealous and angry in the future, but I'm not allowed to stay up in the middle of the night and cry!"



Well, he saw her last night when she wasn't asleep.

Should his eyes be so poisonous? Because she doesn't sleep, he bought her earrings today to surprise her and even propose?

Gong ou, he really doesn't have to do so much for her.

When Xiaonian hugged Gong ou, his eyes gradually blurred, his voice slightly choked, "Gong ou, you are the best person in the world when Xiaonian was to me."


Palace Europe way, the black Mou son reveals a wipe of indescribable complacency.

"No matter what we will become in the future, at this moment, my childhood is worth my life." When small read choked a way, moved cannot restrain.

After all these years, she is finally going to have a home.

What Mona, what paranoia, she doesn't care, at least they are now in love, thinking about what to do in the future.

No more.

No more.

Listen to her words, Gong Ou's eyes show a touch of vibration.

She actually said the word "worth it". At this age, he had heard countless kinds of women's love words, but for the first time, a woman said to her, "because of him, she is worth it.".

When I read this, I really have a hand in love talk.

Gong Ou's lips are filled with a proud arc, which is deeper and deeper, holding her tighter.

Two people stand in a pavilion on the lake and hug each other tightly.


The interior of the imperial castle is resplendent.

On the spiral stairs, a slender figure sat on the stairs, where Mona sat looking down and watched the servants walk around.

She took a look at the time on her cell phone.

Why don't you come back so late?

Mona's eyes drooped, her lips pressed tightly, and Gong Ou's paranoid feelings towards the time were heavier than she imagined, which was absolutely necessary for her.

What should she do.

Although she can stay with Gong Ou now, which makes him gradually adapt to his own existence, he is only a psychologist for her.

How can she jump out.

Suddenly, a servant's voice came, "master, Miss Shi."


Mona looked up through the gap of the stair railing, and saw Gong Ou downstairs and Shi Xiaonian entering her line of sight. Gong Ou stared at Shi Xiaonian straight, and didn't even look at the road, as if his eyes were glued to him.

"I also bought cakes today. I'll learn how to make them for you later." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Well." Gong Ou reads when he stares.

"I'm almost recovered now. I can accompany you every day in the future."

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