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Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - Helicopters on the roof

Thinking about it carefully, she was really despicable these past few years. She kept poking at the corner of her little sister's mouth, leading everyone to turn their backs on her. Serves her right …

Fortunately, it was over.

It's over.

She no longer bothered with Mu Qianchu, and no longer entangled with the memories of the past. From today onwards, she would live for him.

Shi Xiaonian reached out to wipe her tears, took out the key from her bag to open the door.

When she opened the door, she was stunned. Her painting had been turned over in a mess, and her shoes had been thrown into disarray, as if they had been looted by a bandit.

It was Gong Ou who sent someone to do it.

Standing at the door for a while, Shi Xiaonian could only think of this answer. She probably wanted to find something about the baby's whereabouts in her house …

Meeting Mu Qianchu suddenly made her almost forget his most important matter.

It was to find evidence to prove his innocence.

She had thought that the easiest and most direct method would be to go to the hospital and have an examination so that the doctor could prove that she had never had a child at all.

Shi Xiaonian had already thought of a solution, so she was in no hurry to go to the hospital.

She was too tired now and just wanted to lie in bed and get a good night's rest.

She went into the house, plugged her cell phone in, briefly cleaned up the room, and went to sleep in the bedroom.

He probably thought that he, who had just met Mu Qianchu, would torture himself with his mind again before falling asleep. However, this time, as soon as she stuck to the warm and comfortable blanket, she felt sleepy and quickly fell asleep …

It was as if he had not slept well in his own bed for centuries.

In the middle of the night, a noise like a machine engine came from outside, giving him a headache.

Shi Xiaonian tossed and turned on the bed, unable to sleep well. She could only get up from the bed, put on a coat, and walk out of her house …

When the other residents in the corridor heard the commotion, they all came out to ask each other what was going on.


Shi Xiaonian yawned, and looked out into the pitch black night, and was a little confused.

Where did this sound come from? Too loud, too loud.

"Shi Xiaonian! Get the hell up on the roof! "

An arrogant and domineering male voice suddenly sounded in the night sky. The voice was clearly coming from some sort of loudspeaker, so everyone could clearly hear its every word.

Shi Xiaonian immediately lost all sleepiness as she widened her eyes in shock.

The sound was … Gong Ou?


She must have heard wrong.

Shi Xiaonian was a little ostrich, she turned and walked back, but very quickly, she heard Feng De's voice from the night sky, "Miss Shi, young master is waiting for you on the rooftop, please come up immediately."

"Miss Shi, the Young Master is waiting for you on the balcony. Please come up immediately."

"Miss Shi, the Young Master is waiting for you on the balcony. Please come up immediately."

Three times in a row.

It was useless for Shi Xiaonian to cover her ears, the residents behind him were all complaining, but Feng De's voice did not seem to stop at all …

Shi Xiaonian bit her lips, and walked towards the elevator to the top floor, feeling extremely confused.

Why was Gong Ou looking for her at this time?

He had given her a week.

Stepping out of the elevator, Shi Xiaonian climbed another floor, pushed open the door of the Sky Platform, and when the door opened, she was blinded.

The rooftop that was as big as a square was filled with strong lights. There were a line of floor lamps, lighting up the entire night as if it was daytime.

From afar, four helicopters were parked in the center of the lights.

Arrogant to the extreme.


She finally knew how the noise came about...

There were a few rows of bodyguards standing by the helicopter, all of them standing straight, ready to fight. Feng De, dressed in refined clothing, looked at her kindly, and smiled: "Miss Shi."

The night wind on the balcony was very cold.

Shi Xiaonian pulled up her jacket, and walked towards him, "Housekeeper Feng, what's going on?"

The lights on the rooftop, the helicopters, this was too much of an exaggeration.

"It's like this. Young Master will go to C City for a banquet tonight and will land here when you come back. "I was worried that my vision was not good enough to find a landing spot at night, so I laid down a few light runways." Feng De smiled as he explained the situation to her.


Lighting runway.

Rich and willful?

Shi Xiaonian looked at the lights on the ground that had sunk into deep silence, and only after a while did she react, "Why did you land here?"

That was the point.

Hearing that, Feng De smiled and did not answer, he turned and looked towards one of the helicopters.

Shi Xiaonian followed his gaze and looked over. On the plane, she saw Gong Ou lazily sitting there, his long legs stepping out of the cabin. His dark black suit made his face look extremely evil and arrogant.

"Shi Xiaonian, am I not eye-catching enough, or is my plane not eye-catching enough?"

Seeing that she was looking at him, Gong Ou snorted coldly in displeasure.

When they reached the roof, they spoke with that old man Feng De. She couldn't see a living person like him?


Shi Xiaonian did not understand what he meant.

"Are you blind!?" Gong Ou glared at her fiercely and gulped down the red wine in his cup.


Shi Xiaonian was so baffled by her scolding, she could only tell herself not to bother about this eccentric paranoia.

"Mr. Gong, let me get you some wine."

A coquettish voice sounded.

Only now did Shi Xiaonian notice that there was a lady dressed in a beautiful white evening gown beside Gong Ou. He was extremely beautiful and seductive, sticking himself onto Gong Ou, while holding onto the bottle and pouring wine for Gong Ou.

"I'm not drinking anymore."

Gong Ou casually threw his wine cup to the side, then jumped down from the plane in a cool manner, throwing a haughty glance at Shi Xiaonian, "Still not leaving?"

"Where to?" Shi Xiaonian did not react in time.

"Your home."


Shi Xiaonian's eyes widened in shock, she watched as Gong Ou's figure disappeared into the distance. In the cold night wind, the lights all over the ground shone onto him, and with just a glance, her aura became inexplicably strong.

Just as she was about to ask, she saw another young woman in transparent clothing following closely behind Gong Ou from the plane. Following that was another woman in an exposed dress, another in an exposed navel, and another with her legs exposed to the wind.

What was he doing?

Shi Xiaonian looked at Feng De suspiciously. Feng De had a face that seemed like he didn't care about anything as he introduced his, "The one wearing the white evening dress is Young Master's partner today, the young miss of the Lin Family Electronic Business Group. The other three are the 'gifts' that someone gave Young Master tonight."


There were four female companions.

Could he eat it? A stallion is a stallion, disgusting.

"But …" What does that have to do with me? "

Shi Xiaonian could not understand, at this time, what was Gong Ou doing bringing the woman to her house, or even driving a helicopter to her house?

"We'll know when Miss Shi gets down." Feng De said with a smile.


Shi Xiaonian had a very bad feeling about this.

Gong Ou brought his four women and openly entered Shi Xiaonian's house. This was the house she rented, it was very small, and upon entering, the four women simultaneously revealed looks of disdain, but they were smart enough to remain silent, and did not speak nonsense in front of Gong Ou.

Gong Ou entered her house, immediately took off his clothes, threw it to the side, and rushed straight to the kitchen as if he was at home.

Shi Xiaonian immediately followed him in, "Gong Ou, you … Mr. Gong, what business do you have with me? "

Gong Ou immediately opened the refrigerator, took a glance around, and frowned, "Where is the Ice cream?"


"Didn't you say that you would cook for me after the Ice cream is finished eating?" Gong Ou closed the refrigerator door, put one hand on top of it, and glared at her with a sullen face, "Are you lying to me? You dare to lie to me? "

He was a person who was easily angered and easily driven mad. When his emotions arose, the fire on his body would burn everything.

"I'm not lying to you. "Wait, wait …" Shi Xiaonian suddenly reacted, looking at the handsome man in front of him in disbelief, "What do you mean … Could he have eaten all of the Ice cream I made? "

"Give me the Ice cream!"

The Ice cream that she made was too appetizing, and he would be annoyed if he did not eat his entire body.

"That's 20 barrels of Ice cream!" Shi Xiaonian didn't dare believe it at all. "If a normal person ate slowly, he could eat for two months."

They had been separated for less than twenty-four hours.

He actually finished all of them? What did he think of Ice cream as water? Air?

"Give me the Ice cream!" The flames of anger on Gong Ou grew even hotter, and he became extremely impatient, "Hurry!"

Shi Xiaonian sized him up from top to bottom. Gong Ou stood in front of her, his body was still as tall as ever, with a golden body. The denim shirt he wore seemed to fit him perfectly, it was sexy and robust.

She looked at his face again. Apart from the fact that he was extremely angry, his face looked quite healthy. Under his sword-like eyebrows, his eyes were deep and focused as he stared at her …

Shi Xiaonian had never liked to look straight into Gong Ou's eyes. His eyes were always like a hawk's, devouring everything.

She tilted her head.

Despite eating twenty buckets of Ice cream in less than twenty-four hours, they were still alright.

"What are you doing?" Look at me, I'm not looking at it anymore? " Gong Ou grabbed her shoulders and pushed her onto the refrigerator. He glared at her unhappily and asked, "What do you mean?"

He moved extremely close to her, and the faint scent of alcohol mixed with the scent of a woman's perfume entered her nose. Shi Xiaonian could not help but frown, "It's nothing."

"Listen, I'll allow you to look at me, but you're not allowed to see half of it!"

He's not ugly.

"…" She was silent for a moment, and when Gong Ou walked closer to her, she said, "Then you can go back first. After I finish making the Ice cream, please bring the Housekeeper Feng over to you."

She doesn't like him in her house...

"…" In front of him, Shi Xiaonian had never had the leeway to refuse. She could only nod her head, "Then I'll go out and buy some ingredients to do it for you."

It would be a relief to be able to leave Gong Ou for even a moment longer.

"Miss Shi, the materials are here. They are all prepared."

Feng De brought a few maids in from outside and put down the materials.