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Chapter 1143 and the memory of Mr Palace

The grip is very strong.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes to Gong ou, she saw that she was so reluctant to smile in his eyes

"I'll see you. I won't delay."

She said so, she just went to see, see.


Gong Ou looks at her with deep eyes. His thin lips are tight. After a long time, his fingers are slowly pulling away from her wrists one by one.

While Xiaonian was still smiling, he walked up step by step, and the voice of the second master Alva came from below, "please hurry up, waste one second more time, the life safety of the hostages will be weakened by one minute, and the city's economy will be paralyzed at any time."

In the eyes of the second young master, Mr palace is no different from the existence of a terrorist organization.

When Xiaonian slowly walked forward, the skirt was too big and heavy, so heavy that she was so tired every step.

Back to the pure white room, when Xiaonian looked up at the white chandelier, the light hit her blue dress, flooding out the wave light of the lake.

everything here is exactly the same as the science and Technology Museum.

She still remembers how shocked she was when Gong Ou first took her to the science and Technology Museum. At that time, Mr palace walked into her life for the first time

"Mr palace, I know you're here."

He shouted.


In response to her silence.

The whole room was dazzling white.

When Xiaonian looked around, he said in a loud voice, "Mr palace, I'm your master. I need your presence now. Please show up!"

Her voice was so loud that she hit the wall as if she could hear an echo.

When Xiaonian stood there.

At the end of the white wardrobe slowly came out a silver mechanical figure, and then one, another.

They came towards her.

When Xiaonian looked at them, he could not tell which was Mr palace and which was a replica.


Three mechanical figures salute her gentlemanly at the same time. After all, they still retain the things created by Gong ou.

"I don't have so many robots, I only have Mr palace family."

When Xiaonian stood there smiling and shaking her head, the light reflected the tears in her eyes.

Her voice fell, and the last robot came out with a humble gesture, "master, what do I need to do?"

Is it?

When Xiaonian came to it and looked at its blue screen eyes, he asked bitterly, "if I didn't call you, your system would have been able to shield me, right?"

This is called hiding in human behavior. It cleverly pushes out a replica and lets them take it away.

"I will always serve my master." Mr Gong's electronic voice sounds respectful.

The same tone as before.

"You hate it, don't you?" When small read astringently smile, quietly watching its face, "hate can't delete Gong Ou left the main recognition program."

"Master, you are worried."

"Since you call me master, listen to me." When Xiaonian blinked his sour eyes, and with great effort, he pointed out with one hand, "you let go all the people outside, the Alva family, no kidnapping, no money raising. You have to go with me and go home with me."

Go back and be her family.

"I have talked to your Mr. Gong." Mr Palace Road.


When Xiaonian looked at it incomprehensibly, he saw that Mr palace started a program on its own. In a short time, a hologram appeared in the mid air.

It's a memory video.

When Xiaonian looks at the past, only Gong Ou in chivalry is in the picture. He stands up from the ground, shakes his arms and looks at the camera with black eyes.

It is more accurate to look at Mr palace.

This is the first view of Mr.

"it's not surprising that you can duplicate a similar science and technology museum with your ability, but you can't know how to change your password." Gong Ou said in a cold voice, "changing the password only means that you have the idea of being in charge."

This should be what happened after Gong Ou found that the password change of the science and Technology Museum was taken away. He found Mr palace.

"Mr. Gong, I will not hurt you. Please leave."

The electronic sound of Mr palace sounded in the video.

Gong Ou went to the console without saying a word. His long fingers were clacking on it, but his face was getting ugly.

In a moment, he raised his head. "Have you changed the remote control and charging functions?"

"Yes, Mr. Gong, I can control myself freely." Mr Palace's voice sounds like a European style madness. "I want to be the master of this city, and make it a paradise for robots, not just your servants."

"Shixiaonian is looking for you!" Gong Ou yells loudly. No one knows the danger of the robot's self-consciousness better than him. She is looking for you all the time. Dare you betray her

"I want this city, and if she needs me to do something, I will do it." Mr Gong said, "master is the meaning of my birth, and this city is the meaning of my rebirth."

When Xiaonian watched the video quietly, she never knew that Mr palace, who used to use search engines for many words, could say such a thing.

The most special thing about artificial intelligence is self-learning. It turns out that robot learning is such a terrible thing.

"All you have to do is kidnap the city?" Gong Ou scans some programs on the console and understands, "what is the password to enter your first program?"

"I can't give it to you. Please leave. The master is a weak woman. I won't show her any bloody scenes." Even if many passwords are changed by themselves, the main function that can't be deleted makes Mr palace still have absolute loyalty to small thoughts.

"Shixiaonian won't let you do that."

"I want the city to be without prejudice to my loyalty to my master." In the setting of Mr palace, there are two things.

When Xiaonian looked at the hologram in the middle of the sky, he was very sad. Suddenly, he saw Gong Ou rushing towards Mr palace in the picture, and the picture was shaking unsteadily, as if he was entangled in a fight.

Next second, Gong Ou falls heavily on the ground, his face is painful, he holds his wrist, and there is blood spilling between his fingers.

He got hurt?

When Xiaonian was shocked, she was just happy to take the replica away, but she didn't find Gong Ou hurt.

Is he trying to take Mr Palace by force?

"Mr. Gong, you should know that you and the people you brought can't fight me." Mr palace way, the tone is crazy.

Two equally arrogant personalities collide violently.

Gong Ou stood up from the ground again, clenched his teeth and tied up his wrist guard to stop the blood from flowing out again.

He looked directly at the direction of the camera. His black eyes were very gloomy, and his thin lips were a little surly

He compromised.

"You made a quite right choice, Mr. Gong." Mr Palace Road.

"Don't think I'm afraid of you. I just don't want shixiaonian to see you like this." Gong Ou said coldly, "you are just a machine. I can create you or destroy you."


Mr did not speak.

Gong Ou turns around and leaves. At that moment, Xiaonian sees the gloom in his eyes.

He didn't destroy Mr palace immediately because he was afraid that she would be sad, or he couldn't let go of his original efforts, or Both.

Gong Ou left at this time. He really didn't want to deal with Mr palace. He wanted to take her away, but at last He turned back.

He is such a man, things can not be really solved, he would not give up, after hesitation or paranoid in the end.

He would not Let her take a fake Mr palace as her family.

When the video was put away, Mr. Gong stood in front of Shi Xiaonian. "You see, Mr. Gong and I have a very happy cooperation. Unfortunately, he has gone back again and again. It's not right. I don't want to hurt the host and his family."

"What about those outside?"

"They just exist unnecessarily. With money, I can rule the city in the name of the Alva family."

"So even if I give you orders, you will not let them go?"

"Master, these are two procedures."


Is it really smart to make the ruling city into another set of procedures that do not repel each other?

Mr Gong said proudly, "master, shouldn't you be happy that I have achieved so much?"

Shouldn't you be happy?

She couldn't recognize the blackened Mr palace. She couldn't even remember what the former Mr palace looked like.

Vaguely, she heard the screams outside.

The sound is heartbreaking, but for Mr palace, it's just a machine. It just absorbs the sound and doesn't move at all.

Now she is the same to it. If it wasn't for the main function, it wouldn't have listened to her nonsense for so long

The previous Mr palace will never come back.

When small read thought, back two steps, sitting on the white sofa, exhausted, "Mr palace."

"Master, I am here."

"I'd like to see the memories we used to have together." She's light.

Let her have another look.

Last look She asked Gong ou to destroy it with one click.

This time, instead of rejecting her, Mr palace started the internal program and released countless small holograms. The video was fanned out above Xiaonian's head.

When Xiaonian looked up, she was in every frame.

At the first sight, she was shocked to cover her mouth in Mr palace. The smile beside her when Mr palace was cooking for her. When she couldn't sleep, her eyes were fragile when she looked at it

Once, no matter how happy or sad, Mr palace was with her.

Then, Shi Xiaonian saw the scene of Mr palace being beaten in the underground parking lot.

It was the first time she saw it.

In the first angle of view of Mr palace, many people are smashing the window with various sticks and shouting to hit the junior one by one

So far away.

In a flash, it has been pulled out of the car, she remembers that time, because mu qianchu set it not to hit people, so it can only be beaten and smashed obediently.

When I was hit, the circuit board fell out


When Xiaonian looks at this scene, she can't help but cover her mouth with her hand. This memory is her nightmare. She dare not to recall it all the time, but it is so sealed in the "memory" of Mr palace.