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Chapter 562: strong kisses after small thoughts


When small read lips.

"You can't get through the back door now." Said Mu qianchu.

"You're not leaving?"

When Xiaonian asked, she went back to the window, opened the curtains, frowned, and those people really began to search door-to-door.

"My best ending is to stay here and wait quietly for them to come."

Mu qianchu sat there and said that the blood on his hand fell down little by little.

When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu, "Xiaodi wants you to live."

"Who knows, what's the difference between living and not?" Moqianchu asked, smiled bitterly, and the man fell back.


Shixiaonian stood there in silence, without talking to him. Shidi put the medical box. Shidi loved qianchu so much that he could not bear to be hurt. It must be the nearest place to him.

When Xiaonian enters Shidi's room, he soon sees the medicine box in Shidi's wardrobe.

She took it out to Mu qianchu and said, "I'll wash the wound for you."

Words fell, a loud bang on the door came.

"BAM bam!"

When Xiaonian was surprised, she turned her eyes to the gate.

"You go." Mu qianchu's face became serious.

"Let's go together." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"You can't run fast with a blind man." Mu qianchu said in a low voice and gave her a hard push. "Go, don't forget that I am the enemy of your parents. Your kindness shouldn't be used on me."

The sound of knocking at the door is getting louder and louder.

When Xiaonian reached out and was about to pull him, when she heard his words, her hands were stiff and slowly pulled back, "you're right, I shouldn't care about your life or death anymore."

"Let's go."

Said Mu qianchu.

"Since you want to die so much, it doesn't make any sense for Xiao Di to sacrifice her life." When the voice of small read cool down.


Hearing the two words of the little flute, mu qianchu's breath stagnated.

When small read think, mu qianchu maybe until now found that the time flute is important to him.

She turned away and headed for the back door.

After a few steps, there was a slight noise behind her.

When I was young, I helped mu qianchu to go out from the back door. When he was in the primary election, it was convenient to leave. There were all kinds of paths in the back. You can go anywhere.

"No one, let's go."

When Xiaonian looks outside, she supports mu qianchu and leaves. When mu qianchu can't see, she chooses a way to go.

Mu qianchu put his hands in his pocket to prevent blood from flowing to the ground.

The residential area behind is very dense, and there are many paths. Mu qianchu follows him in darkness. His ears move and his pace slows down.

"What's the matter?"

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"We can't leave." Mu qianchu said in a low voice, frowning, "I'm sorry, Xiaonian, it's me who has been implicating you."


When Xiaonian didn't understand mu qianchu's words, he saw a man behind the corner of several houses come out with a gun, and the muzzle of the gun was all aimed at them.

Ambush in the middle.

When Xiaonian's face sank, only one of them said excitedly, "that gentleman said really well. Mu qianchu's old nest is indeed on the opposite side of the river for convenient observation. He is so smart."


When Xiaonian stood there holding mu qianchu, surrounded by the muzzle of their guns.

"You really shouldn't have saved me." Muqianchu said in a guilty tone.


When I was young, I didn't worry about myself. She believed that these people wouldn't dare to touch her with Gong Ou's two words, but it's hard for me to say.

She didn't want to see the flute and Mu die one after another.

"Mu qianchu, you also have today, you are not bad, the women around you have changed one after another!" Some said, and then a few laughed.

"Ah, how do I see this woman is familiar? I seem to see a similar face in the cafe yesterday. Tut, I don't remember the looks of Oriental women. It's disgusting."

"Come on, solve it together. Come on, we're faster than anyone in shooting. We can earn money by taking the head of a man who has been admiring thousands of years. "

They laughed again, and regarded them as inescapable prey. They raised their guns one by one and aimed them at the two of them.

Mu qianchu didn't know that he had stood on all sides. He subconsciously pulled Shi Xiaonian behind him. "Don't move her. She is Gong Ou's woman."

Words fall, a voice of cold.

"You know who she is."

The tone was full of mockery.

Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian stood behind mu qianchu and opened his eyes in shock, his heart beat fiercely. How could it be him? How could he have come? Didn't he just finish the conference and have a series of business to do?

All the questions rushed to her head.

Those dangerous people with guns turned their heads when they heard the sound. Mu qianchu stood there, his body rigid. When Xiao Nian looked up, he saw a small road car in front of him. A car with camouflage drove slowly. The door was open, and Gong Ou was sitting there. His suit was straight, and the model was different from the bald one neck tattoo in the car.


Shixiaonian looks at him in astonishment.

He's really here.

He even came to Italy. At this moment, Xiaonian didn't think about being saved, or about being alive or dead. She only thought about one thing.

This time, she's not flirting with herself. She knows that he has no business here. There's only one reason why he can come here. That's her.


The camouflage car stopped. The bareheaded man I saw in the coffee shop yesterday took the lead to get off the car, one by one with big arms and big waist, and then Fengde.

When Feng de saw it, Xiao Nian was relieved.

Gong Ou finally came down, with long legs. There was no expression on his handsome face. A pair of black eyes looked at shixiaonian and muqianchu in a gloomy way. Their eyes fell on the hand of muqianchu holding shixiaonian, which was full of blood.

"Mr. Gong, then..."

Bareheaded and grumpy, he looked very respectful in front of Gong ou, waiting for his signal.

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes bleakly turned to Xiao Nian's face, only to see her body stained with blood, her voice cold into her bones, "come here for me."

When Xiaonian immediately released mu qianchu's hand and ran to Gong ou, a pair of black and white eyes fixed on him.

After thinking about it, Shi Xiaonian found that he missed the face too much.

Whether he is indifferent, paranoid, or furious, she likes it and misses it.

When Xiaonian stares at him, he is about to smile. Gong Ou puts out his hand to wring her ear, looks down at her coldly, and his voice is like ice and snow. "Xi Xiaonian, he killed your parents. Are you still hanging out with him? Do you have a conscience? "

"It hurts."

When Xiaonian was wrung so that the whole person was almost brought up, she quickly reached out to cover her ears.

Gong Ou scolds her coldly, "besides, in the coffee shop incident, you have been asked to leave. You have to jump back. Are you going to die? What are you up to? With your parents' blood debt and love? Do you mean that? It's good for you to find any man. As for you to find this... "

When Xiaonian stood on tiptoe and kissed Gong Ou's thin lips from bottom to top.

Gong Ou's hand was released from her ear, and she reached out to push her away. Xiaonian held him to kiss him recklessly. Her bullying posture was like that of a female rogue.

Gong Ou stares at her, his neck is stiff and low, the touch on his thin lips is as soft as if it is going to rub into his heart, and he is ready to push her hand back.


A group of people laughed with guns on their shoulders, and some whistled.

In the residential area of a small town in Italy, under the observation of a group of gunmen, Xiaonian kisses Gong ou.

When mu qianchu stood there, he could see nothing, but from the laughter of those people he knew what had happened.

He bowed his head.

A group of people rushed towards gong'ou and they were close.

When Xiaonian stood in front of Gong ou, raised a hand to hold his neck, kissed him selflessly, opened his lips, and brushed his thin lips with the tip of his warm tongue, Gong Ou's body suddenly tightened.

Next second, when Xiaonian is pressed on the camouflage car by Gong ou, Gong Ou turns his head down and kisses her lips. He forcefully kisses her, Prys her lips open, and the hot tongue attacks the sweetness in her mouth, which is dependent on each other.

Gong Ou kisses hard, the cold lips hook all fanaticism.

When Xiaonian backs on the door of infatuated color and kisses, Gong Ou's kisses change the taste, like punishment on her lips.


When Xiaonian was bitten and hurt, her brow was wrinkled, and she had no time to taste the pain. Gong Ou's kiss became very touching again, and the thin lips ran over her lips.

When Xiaonian was lost in his eyes by kissing, he did not know how to place his hands on his shoulders, and felt that the whole world was rotating.

She is not willing to show weakness. She takes a bite from him and kisses him tenderly.


Gong Ou pulls away, hands on the door beside her, black eyes stare at her.

When Xiaonian stood on tiptoe, hugged his neck and kissed him on the face. He said in his ear, "I miss you so much, Gong ou. I just thought that if my cell phone has electricity, I must tell you immediately that I love you, only you."


Gong Ouding fixed his eyes on her. There was no voice. The cold on his face was like an iceberg, showing a dull meaning.

She Love him?

"I said it at last."

Finally, she said what she had thought out. When Xiaonian was relieved, she looked at him. "How could you come? For me, isn't it? "


"I'm in danger here, but I'm fine because of your strong aura." Shi Xiaonian said quickly.


Gong Ou looked down at her lips, and saw her lips moving, which made him totally unable to listen to her.

"Now, shall we solve the matter first?" When small read eyes affectionately look at him to say.


Gong ou should make a sound from his throat.

"Can you let these men with guns go first?"