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Chapter 188 Gong Ou is injured for her

Do you know that he is scared to death by her!

She ran away without saying a word!


When Xiaonian is silent, he looks down at his arm.

His arm was badly hurt, and he had a bloody cut.

When small read can't help but some panic.

Gong Ou stares at the men who are holding her. "I remember all your faces!"

He said it almost with his teeth clenched. His eyes were grim and his aura was powerful.


A few men stare at him stupidly, awed by his eyes, release their hands and step back.

When Xiaonian was only worried about Gong Ou's injury, he reached out to touch him. Gong Ou had turned around and looked coldly at Shi Di.

When the flute stood on the edge of the stage in fear.

She knew that Gong Ou was such a terrible person.

"Time whistle!" Gong Ou stares at her coldly and spits out her name from her thin lips. "I don't have time to deal with you clown, so you think you can live well?"

His voice was chilling.

When the flute was said to be limp by him, he swallowed his saliva involuntarily and shouted, "Gong ou, have you ever read the news? Her kissing photos with qianchu have been exposed. Do you want her?"

The kissing photo was secretly photographed by a reporter and sold to her. When she wanted to get along with qianchu, it was not exposed.

But later, because of the drug case, her image plummeted.

She turned around with the pictures and the little thoughts when she stepped on death.

Of course, she didn't know that Xiaonian had Gong Ou as her backer, but she was so vilified that Xiaonian was exposed by kissing photos. She thought that Gong Ou would be furious and step on Xiaonian.

As a result, is he still young?

"It's my business whether I want her or not!" Gong Ou looks at her coldly, with a clear anger on a handsome face, "but you..."


The flute quivers unconsciously.

"Since you like entertainment so much, I promise you can't live without it!" Gong Ou said coldly.

His voice makes the flute from the center of the foot to the top of the head, like being thrown into an ice pool, with a piercing cold.

"Gong Ou!" When the flute can't help but say in a loud voice, "are you still not a man, your own woman and other men stole eight hundred times, you still protect her? Can't you read the photos or the diary? "

Smell speech, when small read stands there, long eyelash tiny quiver.

When the flute is stimulating Gong ou.

When Xiaonian couldn't help looking at the back of Gong Ou in front of her, she was too clear about his suspicious and autocratic.

She didn't do anything to make him jealous and suspicious. Now that picture It's the fact that she can't deny it. How can Gong Ou believe her.

"Funny! I don't believe in my own woman, do I believe in you? I don't protect my own woman. Do I protect your white lotus? " Gong Ou's sarcastic voice rang out in front of her, and he sneered, "you'd better live a peaceful life for a few days, because you will not be able to live soon!"

Hearing this, Xiao Nian looked at Gong Ou's back in surprise.

He said he believed her?

Everyone is standing in their own place, some on the stage, some under the stage, looking at them.

When Di stood there listening to Gong Ou's voice, his face was pale with delicate makeup, and his eyes were unbelievable and frightened.

Gong Ou really wants to protect shixiaonian.

"Let's go!" Gong Ou turns around, grabs Xiaonian's hand and walks down the stage.

Several people stopped in front of them.

Gong Ou glances coldly.

Several tall and strong men were immediately shocked, and involuntarily separated to let them leave.

When small read low eyes, looking at the gory wound on Gong Ou's arm, eyebrows frown.

There is no expression on Gong Ou's face, but when he holds his hand tightly, he reads.

Her hands are at ease in his.

"Gong ou, you don't know that your green hat is on the ceiling! Cleavage is a habit. Wait for her to find you another bunch of brothers in the same bed Then didi went out and shouted sarcastically behind them.

Her voice was particularly loud on the open stage.

Then there was a dead silence.

Shi Xiaonian didn't understand why Shi Di could tell such a lie as if she were such a person.

Gong Ou holds Xiaonian's hand tightly, and when Xiaonian raises his face, he sees that Gong Ou's face is gloomy inch by inch, the deep outline is tight, and a pair of black eyes reveal violent light.

Next second, Gong Ou suddenly picked up a stick on the ground and threw it at Shi Di.


when the flute was scared to avoid, but it was still hit. The whole person sat on the ground, and the shoulder strap of the dress fell off, showing the plump white half.

It's gone.

When the flute is a scream again, hurriedly pulls up the shoulder belt.

"Keep your mouth clean!"

Gong Ou holds shixiaonian in one hand and stares down at Shidi's face. The light in his eyes is like killing people.


When the flute is scared, he dare not say a word.

She didn't expect that she was satirized like that. As a man, Gong ou still protects Shinian.

Gong Ou stood there, pointing to her nose with one hand across the air, "you wait for me! When you let the family wait for me! I'll deal with you one by one! "

His voice was cold and supreme.


When Di looks at him stupidly.

Gong Ou doesn't speak any more. When he pulls it, Xiao Nian leaves. The blood on his arm is still dripping.

As he walked, he took out his phone. "Fengde, come to me now! No. 1 screening Hall of Goliath theatre, except for Shidi, the rest of the people I want them to have a bad ending! How to do it? You can do it yourself! "

The voice was heard by everyone present.

Everyone was surprised and looked at Gong Ou's back.

Suddenly someone spoke weakly, "he, he seems to be that Gong ou, the Gong Ou of N.E."

Words fall, all people are legs a soft, there are several women are unable to stand to sit on the ground.

The door of the screening hall was closed.

Gong Ouhe's figure disappears at the door. Someone reflects and runs to open the door immediately. He finds that the door can't be opened. Someone rushes to the backstage, and the backstage door has been closed by the staff.

They are trapped.

Now, even the men are scared to sit on the ground.

They are a group of people living in the ordinary class Unexpectedly, I got into trouble with Gong ou, the legendary Gong ou.


When Xiaonian was pulled out of the Goliath theatre by Gong ou, the door of the theatre was immediately closed.

The head of the theatre ran out and bowed to the iron faced Gong ou, flattering him. "Don't worry, Mr. Gong. I will never let anyone out until the Butler comes."

Gong Ou glances at him coldly. He doesn't even say a word. When he drags, Xiao Nian leaves.

Gong Ou is full of impatience.

When Xiaonian looked at his face, she thought, he still mind.

In this period of time, although he didn't say anything in front of her, it's hard to say that he saw her half dead and half dead. It's impossible for a man to bear the irony of Shidi.

Let alone paranoid Gong ou.

Shi Xiaonian is pulled to the side of the sports car by Gong Oula and pressed heavily by him to sit on the front passenger seat.


Gong Ou closes the car door and sits in. The door is closed so that it makes the earth shake and starts the car.

When Xiaonian holds his hand.

"For what?"

Gong Ou growls at her displeasantly, in such a poor tone.


As expected, I was still angry.

When small read low eyes, did not speak, picked up the paper towel bag on the car to tear, draw out the wet towel to wipe the blood on his arm.

The tissue turned red all at once.

The color is startling.

When small read and tear a bag, continue to give him a little bit to wipe away blood.

Gong Ou sat there and stared at her with low eyes. Her face was a little slow, but she was still angry and angry, "don't do this! When Xiaonian, I tell you, don't think I won't scold you if I wipe my blood! "


When small read low head, dedicated to wipe his hands, eyes bleak.

Just scold.

Anyway, he never believed that she and mu qianchu were innocent. Anyway, the whole world didn't believe her and didn't care about him.

He has been better than many people, at least in this kind of storm, he is willing to take care of her.

Gong Ou allows her to wipe her blood and knock on her head with one hand, "shixiaonian, what do you say you run about? Do you know that I almost blew up the whole theater! I thought you were going to jump! "


When Xiaonian's action of wiping blood stagnated, he felt as if he had been hit hard by something.

Isn't he going to scold her and admire her?

"Shixiaonian, do you dare to scare me like this next time? Do you believe that I will tie the dog chain to you?" Gong Ou continued to roar, furious.


When small read raises the MOU to stare at him stupidly.

"What are you looking at?" Gong Ou stares at her, "don't think I dare not. It's better to tie your dog chain than to let you run around! You've just been hit so many times by them. Is there any pain? "


When Xiaonian stared at him.

It turned out that he was just worried about her.

Suddenly her nose was sour and she wanted to talk, but her lips were heavy. She shook her head.

She didn't get hit too much. Those girls were little guys who took them. They even threw chips, red thorns and other snacks

The most vicious weapon was the beer bottle.

But not on her, but on him, he added a bloody wound for her.

Seeing this, Gong Ou stares at her incredulously and holds her small face in his hands. "Will you shake your head?"

Finally, it's no longer a puppet.

He would shake his head.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

The anger on Gong Ou's face disappeared in a moment. There was a touch of ecstasy in his eyes. "I knew my woman would not be so weak! They shake their heads! "


When I was small, I was silent.

Did he ask so little of her, just shake his head?

She looked at Gong Ou's proud face as if she had done something extraordinary.

She opened her lips and still couldn't speak.

When Xiaonian looked down at the wound on his arm, he didn't feel the pain. He didn't hear a word of it.