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Chapter 311 aftermath of breakup

Hearing the words of the thief, Mr palace immediately crossed his arm to block in front of her. "Master, don't be afraid. I will protect you. You are here. I will go out to help you beat the thief."

The house of R is smart enough to keep people warm.


When I nodded, Mr palace is good at Kung Fu. If it's a thief, there won't be many people. It shouldn't be in it.

R palace to go out, and then close the door, when small read to the door, Bei teeth bite lips.

On the first day when she lived in this house, something strange happened. It was the voice of hair and inexplicable. It seemed that it was not safe to change the lock. She had to find another place to live.

When Xiaonian thought in secret, he heard the voice of Mr palace coming from outside, "master, there is no one outside."

"Are you sure?"

When small read across the door surprised to ask, it found out?

"Yes, master, I can sense people's breath. If someone is nearby, I can find it. You can rest assured that the room is safe." The electronic sound of Mr palace was heard outside the door.

Smell speech, when small read a long sigh of relief.

Not a thief.

When Xiaonian opens the door, Mr palace stands quietly outside the door, seeing it, his eyes are touched, "thank you, Mr palace, fortunately you are here."

She is afraid of thieves.

Knowing that no one was there, Xiaonian was a lot more brave. She went out and turned on all the lights in the room. When the lights were on, she felt that the whole person was much more comfortable.

"It's so strange. I used to live alone and nothing happened. The first day I lived here, something strange happened." When Xiaonian said, he looked around the room.

Did she think more? In fact, nothing happened.

It's her paranoia.

When Xiaonian walked into the kitchen, he saw a shovel falling on the ground. How could the shovel be on the ground?

She was stunned. When Xiaonian went to the front, she picked up the shovel and put it in her hand. Then she looked at the clean Liuli platform, with a little doubt in her eyes.

Did she not put the shovel in place?

When Xiaonian's head was a bit chaotic, Bei teeth bit his lips and put the shovel back.

"Master, go back to have a rest. I will protect you and stay by your side."

I can feel that Xiaonian's mood is afraid at that time, Mr palace stood there and said.

When Xiaonian turned to Mr palace, looked at his tall body, and then nodded.

It's really reassuring to have a personal company, even if it's just a robot.

Back in the bedroom, Xiaonian locked the door before lying on the bed. Mr palace stood at the door straightly, more than a meter away from her. Even a little radiation would not bring her.

Looking at it, listening to the slow hypnotic music, Xiaonian lies on the bed and slowly closes his eyes.

The next day, when Xiaonian woke up, he went into the security room without breakfast. Please call out the monitoring screen outside her room last night, and it turned out that the whole night was peaceful.

No one passed by her door.

No one even climbed up the wall outside the balcony.

Everything told her that she was just too suspicious, just a shovel fell to the ground, nothing happened.

When Xiaonian returned to her house, she was a little tired. She hesitated to move, but the rental contracts were signed. She also paid half a year's rent.

Now money is precious to her.

She has to save more money now, or she won't be able to give her baby a good life.

Xiaonian had not been bothered by life for a long time. She went to the fridge, opened the door of the fridge, and took out the leftover dishes of last night to heat them for breakfast.

When Xiaonian took out the dish, opened the plastic wrap, and then was stunned. The dish was one fifth less.


When Xiaonian stared at the dish silently, she remembered it clearly. After burning it last night, she had no appetite and didn't move a mouthful.

And there should be a triangular egg shell on this side. Now there is no egg shell.

When Xiaonian put the dishes down, he took out the remaining two dishes and one soup from the refrigerator. Without exception, they were all a little less, and could not be detected without careful inspection.

When Xiaonian opened the electric rice cooker again, the rice in the electric rice cooker still looked like last night, but the height dropped obviously.

Her house was indeed visited.

Stealing food can also make the food similar to when she put it away, and then can modify the monitoring screen, so that the thief is not aware of the ghost. This kind of high-tech thief She has never seen it.

She knew who the thief was.

But it shouldn't be.

Isn't it that he doesn't care about her cooking? Isn't he cured? Isn't he going to abandon her as an emotional pet?

What is he thinking and doing?

When Xiaonian put the dishes into the pot and heated them, she had doubts in her eyes. For a while, after careful consideration, she said, "Mr palace, we will not move for the time being."

One is that she does not want to waste money; the other is that she wants to catch the thief.

For two days, the thief didn't come back.

Xia Yu is afraid that Xiaonian will be suffocated if she is alone at home, forcing her to go to work with gway comics. Xiaonian can't help but follow her to work.

When I arrived at Gervais comic, Xiaonian found that the pattern inside was quite different. At first sight, it had the style of summer rain and had been decorated again.

"Come on, our chief cartoonist, gway. This office is for you!"

Summer rain took her to the glass door, exaggerating.


When Xiaonian looked at the glass door printed with five characters of "chief cartoonist", he couldn't help but blush, "don't exaggerate it, Xia Bian, no, Xia Zong."

"Come and see your new office." Summer rain pushed her in.

It is clean and tidy inside. The desk is also a glass table with a curved and unique shape, which can inspire people's creative inspiration. There are two pots of green plants in the corner, with fresh air.

At first sight, it's the arrangement with heart.

Being in it is much better than being alone at the dinner table.

When Xiaonian looked at these, he reached out and hugged Xiayu. "Xiabian, I'm glad that I can have you and Mr Palace by my side now. Fortunately, you are here."

They let her know that she's not alone and that she has people to care about.

"What's more moving for you? You know, I've sold the online play copyright and movie copyright to you before, but I'm the largest film and television company in China." Xia Yu patted her on the back and said, "you're going to be red!"

"Is it?" When small read very surprised, "then I have money, right?"

She is more concerned about money.

"Tut Tut, you said that you have been following Mr. Gong for a while. The more you mix, the more you go back." Xia Yu can't help saying, "don't worry, you have money to share. You can draw here. You want to be red, red to be famous all over the world, red to stab Mr. Gong's eyes! "


When Xiaonian smiled and didn't speak.

"Well, don't disturb you, I'll go out first." Said Xia Yu, then turned around and walked out.

Red to the world famous, red to blind that person's eyes That person doesn't want her, how can stimulate him.

When Xiaonian sat at his desk, he put his cell phone aside.

The mobile phone suddenly vibrated, and a piece of news came out -

R series robots were sold recently. There are only 5000 pioneer diamond robots in the world, and the price of gold is 58 million dollars. Within 30 minutes of the sale, they were snapped up by rich people from all over the world. n. E stock market skyrocketed, and Gong Ou once again created a myth, which is just a pioneer Limited sales, just to prove how crazy Gong ou can make the world.

There are so many rich people in the world.

Gong Ou's every move is regarded as a myth.

When Xiaonian bitterly raised the corner of his lips, his fingers couldn't help the news. Looking at the specific content, he turned down the page and actually mentioned her in it. It was just a sentence that was taken by him -

today, Gong Ou showed up at the N.E celebration. According to the insiders, Gong Ou looks very good and is very satisfied with his sales performance. It seems that he won't be affected by the half break-up.

Not affected by a little breakup.

He is the one who does great things. She is the only one who is affected. What about the thief?

When Xiaonian was about to turn off the news, suddenly another news came into her sight.

In the eye-catching position of the news, there is a photo of Gong Ou going to the company.

The world famous car stops at the gate of N.E building. Gong Ou steps down from the car, wearing a silver shirt and a light tie. The body is extremely slender and elegant. It doesn't look so domineering. It's only cold and mature.

In the photos secretly taken, Gong Ou's side face is cold and his eyes are deep. At first glance, he can only notice his eyes.

He does seem to be in a good spirit. He doesn't look like he just broke up.

Which is like her, you have to cover her swollen eyes with glasses when you go out.

In the photo, Gong Ou is followed by Mona. Mona is wearing a dark blue plaid skirt. She is slim and graceful. She wears a diamond bracelet on her wrist, which is dazzling. A handbag matches the color of the skirt.

Mona follows Gong ou with a smile on her face.

From that point of view, it's not like behind her, it's more like walking on her side, just like the position she passed before.

Mona, she is now walking with Gong Ou Guangming.

When Xiaonian turned down the news, he found out who Mona was, the daughter of Lancaster, the invisible millionaire of the world

Looking at these introductions, Xiaonian is once again shocked by Mona's background. The Lancaster family is very low-key in the world, but if you mention it, you will find that the nobility in the wine, a diamond card and so on belong to the Lancaster family.

According to the news, Mona is Gong Ou's next girlfriend.

When Xiaonian opened his comments -

the rich and the rich This world is the game of the rich, we are just the background, ah.

That's right. What kind of ghost was Xiao Nian before? This temperament looks better. Don't beat me to worship foreign things.

Well, I didn't even have a relationship for half a year. I thought there would be a real Cinderella in China.

You cry and say to me, fairy tales are full of lies.


When Xiaonian turned off the news with a wry smile, he suddenly noticed two lines in the news. Gong Ou went to an international summit for two days. He had just come back from the press release time, arrived at N.E company, and left in a hurry.