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Chapter 552 Gong ouaojiao's jealous behavior

Gong Ou is not here with you?

Shi Xiaonian soon received his second text message. Looking at the line, her eyes were dimmed and her smile was more reluctant than before. "He is very busy. Don't you see the N.E advertisement flying around?"


The man sat there and looked at her for a long time. He didn't know what he was thinking. He picked up his mobile phone for a long time.

when I read the phone subconsciously, a line of text came into her sight again.

So what I arranged didn't work.

Mingming is just a cold text, but when Xiaonian strangely read out a touch of frustration and discouragement from it, she looked at the man, "I spent a day with Gong ou, and I found that he was not particularly cold, at least he would take care of me."

Although he said it was just to save the children.

The man nodded and listened carefully.

"But it's better for two people to solve the emotional problems by themselves. No one can help."

When Xiaonian said again, almost at the moment when the words fell, her mobile phone rang a message ring at the same time. She looked down and saw that it was a message sent by Mr. y face to face.

You can rest assured that this kind of thing will not happen again. I just don't want to see you unhappy. That's it. You have a good rest. I'm leaving. I'm going abroad. I hope I can buy your paintings back.

He's leaving.

When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, the man stood up from the chair, and when Xiaonian thought to lift the quilt, "I'll see you, sir."


The man looked at her, no objection.

When Xiaonian was wearing a white hospital number suit, he reached for his coat and put it on, accompanied the man out of the ward, and the two went out along the long corridor.

The dialogue mode of the two people is one of texting and one of talking, which is very wonderful.

When Xiaonian always sent the man to the hospital gate, the man made a stop sign, and then Xiaonian stopped and didn't go forward.

The man bowed his head toward her and turned to leave. Xiaonian couldn't help but ask, "who are you, sir? Why can't you tell me? "


The man looked back at her and stood there in silence, reflecting the sunlight on his lenses.

"I asked the twins. They all heard you. You're not dumb, are you?" Xiaonian stood in front of the hospital gate and said that passers-by passed by them.


The man didn't leave and didn't speak.

"Why? I've been thinking a lot these two days. Are you afraid to recognize you when you never show your true face, or not speaking to me? But I never felt a little familiarity with you. " Shi Xiaonian said, "so I don't understand your meaning in front of me."

She believed that even if he took his sunglasses and mask, she could not recognize them. Why did he cover it up?

She didn't know what Mr. y was thinking.

The man stood there quietly, suddenly walked towards her, reached out and held her in his arms. When Xiaonian opened his eyes in surprise, he forgot to push away for a while.


The man held his head, lowered his head and said something in her ear.

This is the first time that Xiaonian heard Mr. y speak. It's a mature and elegant voice line and a strange voice. Xiaonian is more confused about why he even has to hide his voice.

When Xiaonian wanted to ask what else, the man had turned and left, walked towards his car, and drove away in a silver white sports car.

Opposite, a gray business car met him.

Two cars passed each other.

When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes went away with Mr. Y's car and he was distracted.

The gray business car stops at the parking line. The driver gets out of the car in a hurry and opens the door of the back seat. Gong Ou comes down from the car on the phone. Looking up, he sees Xiaonian clubbing at the door like a stake.

Gong Ou followed her eyes and saw a sports car driving out of the hospital.

Someone else came to see her?

Gong Ou put away his mobile phone with a cold face and stood by Xiaonian when he arrived.

A second passed.

A minute goes by.

Xiaonian was still standing there, looking at the direction of the disappearance of the sports car.

This woman is hopeless.

"What are you looking at all the time?" Gong Ou said coldly.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he looked at him in astonishment, and his eyes were more round than those of yuanxiao. "Why are you here?"

"Why can't I be here?" Gong Ou stares at her coldly. "What are you looking at so entranced?"

"Mr. y came to see me and just left."

Said Shi Xiaonian honestly.

She couldn't understand what Mr. y had to hide from her. There was still a voice that she had never heard.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes were colder, and his voice sank suddenly. "Have you let him go?"

Gong Ou turns around and leaves. When Xiaonian sees this, he quickly pulls him. "What are you doing?"

"Let someone chase him and give it to the police."

Gong Ou said coldly, shaking off Xiaonian's hand.

When Xiaonian catches up with him, he anxiously grabs Gong Ou's sleeve. "Come on, Gong ou, I said I won't pursue this matter."

"That's because you don't investigate. Why do you represent me?" Gong Ou stares at her coldly, "the man kidnapped my son and daughter."

I'm really brave.

I dare to come to the hospital to visit Xiaonian.

"He didn't mean it. Besides, twins are fine, aren't they?" "Shi Xiaonian said," he said this kind of thing will not have a second time

"You believe in a kidnapper?"

Gong Ou's eyes stared at her coldly, and her voice became colder and colder.

In the sun, people came and went at the gate of the hospital. Many people paid their attention to them. When Xiaonian stood in front of Gong ou and nodded solemnly, "yes, Gong ou, I believe him. I don't feel any aggression in him."

"With this? Xi Xiaonian, you are fascinated by that man, eh? "

Gong Ou's face was so gloomy that he added a touch of jealousy and indignation. He pushed her away and walked towards his car, saying something to the driver.

The driver nodded and sat in the driver's seat and turned away.


When Xiaonian stood there with a headache, Gong ou still let people chase him.

Gong Ou comes to her again with a calm face. When Xiao Nian looks at the distant car, he looks at Gong Ou again. Doesn't he follow the car? He wanted to catch Mr. y so much.

Oh, she got it.

"What are you doing in the hospital?" Shixiaonian looks at him and asks.

With his character, nothing important will not appear in any unnecessary place, which is what he said to her after his return.


Gong Ou stared at her gloomily.

When Xiaonian was staring at him, he didn't know what to do. "Then you are busy. I'll go back to the ward to have a rest."

When Xiaonian went to the hospital, she felt sharp on her back all the way. She looked back, and Gong Ou was still cold behind her. She slowed down, Gong Ou slowed down, she accelerated, Gong Ou accelerated.

If I don't understand at this time, I have to admit that I'm a fool.

She turned to Gong ou and asked directly, "are you here to see me?"

So, has she become an important thing in his life?

It seems that that day is still meaningful.

"Xiaokui has been quarreling to see you. I'll take a look at you to reassure her." Gong Ou said coldly and followed her into the ward.

Once in, Gong Ou sees a bunch of flowers on the quilt.

The color is bright and dazzling.

Gong Ou stood there, squinting his eyes slowly. When Xiaonian didn't notice his sight, he just said, "I only have boiled water here, can I drink it?"


Gong Ou went to the bedside and sat down. His body moved back. His long fingers touched the flowers and moved them out little by little.

When Xiaonian poured a glass of water and passed it to her.

Gong Ou reaches for the water glass and throws the bouquet out.


The bouquet fell to the ground.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, bent down to pick up the bouquet, Gong Ou's cold voice sounded in her ear, "don't pick it up if it's dirty."

"It's not dirty. Let me put it in the window."

Shi Xiaonian said, pick up the flowers and go to the window, put the bouquet in the window, let the sun shine, the petals are very bright and beautiful.


Gong Ou glanced at her with a quiet eyes and took a swig at her water glass.

When Xiaonian stood there and said, "Gong ou, if you really catch up with Mr. y, can you not send it to the police station?"


Gongou cold tunnel.

"Because I don't think he's a bad guy." When Xiaonian went to the bedside, picked up an apple and cut it in his hand, he said, "but now I'm more and more curious about the real face under his mask."

What is the purpose of hiding oneself here?

It's not dumb, but dumb.

"Why, do you like people?" Gong Ou's voice was quiet. He stood up and walked towards the window casually.

"Are you jealous?"

He asked, cutting the apple.

"As for the vinegar of a kidnapper, it's ridiculous." Gong Ou continues to move casually towards the window.

When Xiaonian finished cutting the apple, he raised his eyes and saw Gong Ou standing there pushing the bouquet of flowers directly down the window. Then he said, "Er, I accidentally dropped your flowers. You can pick them up again."


Can we say it with sincerity and on purpose.

When Xiaonian looked at him speechless and said nothing, he walked towards him and handed him the apple he had peeled in his hand. "Do you want to eat the apple?"

Gong Ou returns the water cup to her, takes the apple and nibbles it lightly. He stands lazily and casually by the window. The sun falls on his face more handsome. He stares at her with black eyes. She looks much better indeed.

"It's getting closer to the launch of holographic era. What do you think?"

Gong Ou looked at her and asked in a hard, businesslike manner.

When Xiaonian stood at the window and lowered his eyes, he whispered, "Gong ou, I'm still that attitude."

"If you want to marry me, but you remember me and get along with me in the way you used to, then you don't have to." Gong Ou took a bite of the apple and said coldly.

His tone was cold and there was no room for a change.