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Chapter 929 shooting in the field

She can't give min Qiujun to Gong ou. After all, she is so old that she can't bear it.

"Xiaonian, do you still think about your mother?" Min Qiujun's voice was full of tears, which rolled down suddenly.


When Xiaonian repeatedly avoided her eyes, reached out and knocked on the door between the toilet compartments, "Xiaokui, how are you?"

"I'm ready!"

Gong Kui came out from the inside while twisting her skirt. When she saw min Qiujun, she immediately called out, "Hello, grandma."

Min Qiujun stood there and looked at Gong Kui with joy. The wrinkles on his face were almost cracked and his voice was shaking. "Is this your daughter? It's so big. It's beautiful. It's beautiful. "

"Grandma, do you know me, mom?"

Gong Kui looks at Min Qiujun in a dazed way, with big eyes cute and cute.

"Yes, yes." Min Qiujun laughed and wept, shaking his hands to touch the little face of Gong Kui.

Gong Kui didn't avoid, just looked at her curiously.

When Xiaonian pulled Gong Kui to his side, "it's time for us to go. You can go out later. If you don't want to be arrested, just leave s city. This is Gong Ou's place. "

When he finished, Xiaonian took gongkui and left. Suddenly there was a sound of "bang" behind her. A big one and a small two turned around in surprise. They saw minqiujun fainting, the bucket overturned, and the water overflowed on her.


Gong Kui rushed over with a scream.

When small read shocked to open wide eyes, hurriedly walked to squat down to shake min Qiu Jun, "you wake up, you wake up."

"Mom, what happened to grandma?"

Asked Gong Kui anxiously.

When Xiaonian reached out and stroked minqiujun's face, it was cool and could not touch anything unusual, so he shouted loudly, "come, come quickly."

Gong Ou has been catching them recently. It's estimated that he was shocked and overtired, so he fainted.

A group of bodyguards rushed in, and Xiaonian stood up and said, "hurry up, take people to the nearest hospital, hurry up!"

"Yes, ma'am."

Several bodyguards rushed forward and pulled minqiu Jun up from the ground. One recognized, "madam, isn't this the man Mr. Gong is looking for?"

"I'll explain to him later. It's important to save people. Send to the hospital quickly!"

Shi Xiaonian said, looking at minqiujun's pale face, she was worried. At that time, minqiujun was the least cruel to her. Although there was a knot hidden in her heart, she didn't want anything to happen to minqiujun.

"OK, let's go now."

The bodyguards hurriedly helped minqiu Jun out, helped her all the way out of the hill tribe, and moved her into the car. When Xiaonian sat on the copilot, he urged the driver anxiously, "hurry up, go to the nearest hospital."

"Yes, ma'am."

The driver drove straight ahead.

When Xiaonian looked back, minqiu Jun was half wet and fell on the leather seat, she frowned, and just met her, she thought minqiu Jun's face was very bad.

How can I go out to work when I'm not in good health?

What about the foster father? Doesn't he do anything?

After a while, the car stopped. When Xiaonian looked forward, she saw that there was a traffic jam. There was a dense traffic flow in front of her. She suddenly became nervous. "What's the matter?"

As soon as the conversation was over, she saw several bodyguards running forward to investigate.

After a while, the bodyguard ran back, and when Xiaonian hurriedly pressed down the window, the bodyguard said, "madam, there is a major traffic accident in front of us, we will not be able to walk for a while, so we have to change the road immediately."

Major traffic accidents.

When small read frown, turn to look at the driver, "what route can go around to the nearest hospital?"

"There is a small road. It's quiet, but it's a little narrow. It's not easy to walk. Meeting a bus will delay your time." Said the driver.

When hearing this, Xiaonian looked at the bodyguard outside the car. "Drive a car and lead the way quickly. When you meet the meeting car, let the other party find a place to stop first to make sure that we can pass smoothly."

"I see, ma'am."

Bodyguards also understand that time is life, and they will go back to the car immediately after receiving the order.

A long line of motorcades turned around on the blocked road. When they drove up the path, they had lost several cars. But in order to get people to the hospital in time, Xiao Nian had no time to deal with them.

The car drove smoothly up the narrow road.

At that time, Xiaonian was a little relieved. He looked back at minqiu Jun, who was lying in the back of the car. He looked at the pale and haggard face. His teeth bit his lips.

If she didn't happen to meet her today, even if minqiujun fainted there, he would not be found at the first time. The consequences are unimaginable.

Just right.

When the eyes of small read suddenly deep, Zheng Zheng looked at Min Qiu Jun.

Isn't it a coincidence?

According to the truth, Shizhong and minqiujun should flee now. Only by escaping as far as possible can they ensure that they will not be caught by Gong ou.

But they have a foothold in s city and work in hill tribe.

Before that, she and Gong oulaishi had news. Even if she didn't know how to read the news, she should quit immediately. How could she still work there.

At this moment, Xiaonian suddenly woke up and asked, "how many cars have we lost?"

The driver looked at her doubtfully and said, "about five cars."

Five cars, that's a lot less bodyguards.

"Let's go back."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What?" The driver looked at her in shock and immediately stepped on the brake. "Don't you want to rush to the hospital for rescue?"

Xiaonian glanced back at Min Qiujun, who was still in a coma. He pulled up the corner of his lips with self mockery and covered his eyes with tears. "Go back, don't send it, go."

Why can she cheat again and again.


It's stupid.

She is indeed a burden.

"Yes, ma'am."

The driver looked at her, picked up the walkie talkie and was about to talk to other vehicles. All of a sudden, there were countless people in the surrounding fields, all of them were holding or carrying guns, coming towards them, forming a surrounding situation.


The driver fell down in shock.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at the scene hopelessly, it was too late. She stepped into the trap of others completely, just stepped on it.


I don't know who fired the first shot, the fallen leaves around scared off, and birds fled in an instant.

Surrounded by a field, there is only a narrow road in front of it. Now it is surrounded by all the roads.

"Ma'am, hold your head and squat down. I'll drive in the wild. The bodyguards will protect us. You don't have to be afraid." After returning to his senses, the driver immediately said to shixiaonian, hitting the steering wheel with one foot of accelerator and driving towards the field, hitting several people in succession.

The gun shot one eye at a time through the glass.

The big bang blew up again and again in the ear of Xiaonian.

Seeing their car moving, all the bodyguards' cars in the back followed in recklessly, hitting those people constantly, but this was a premeditated action. It was not clear how many people were ambushed in the field. Instead, their cars stopped one by one, or hit the trees.

Some bodyguards rushed down to fight.

A bodyguard turned and ran.

Blood stained the huge field.

"Take her hostage!" When small Niang holds the head to say, one eye looks back to the car seat is still "coma" woman, then, she laughs at oneself again stupid, "forget, useless."

With the ability of minqiujun and Shizhong, how can we find so many people with guns in S City, that is, take her as a hostage, and those opposite will not care about minqiujun's life.

Sorry, Gong ou.

She was stupid, she fell into the trap. She said she would be careful, but she forced herself into the trap set by others.

"Holly, Holly."

When Xiaonian looked back with some excitement, she could not tell which car the two children were sitting in. She was very scared. Both children were in this situation for the first time, but she could not protect them.

"Don't move, madam. I'll get you out of here! You're going out now and it's only going to get worse! "

When the driver admonished, he read carefully.

When small read helplessly shrink into a regiment, hated oneself into the bone.

In fact, the gun battle didn't last long, because everything was in each other's calculation. There were no people in the remote fields and paths, and each other had heavy weapons in their hands, and they sacrificed one after another.


After a hysterical scream, the driver fell on the steering wheel. There was a huge blood hole in his forehead, and his eyes were so dead open.

Before he died, the driver stepped on the brake and stopped at the moment when he hit the tree.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he didn't even tremble, only left endless guilt, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

It's all her fault.

It's her fault that makes this happen.

When small read dead to grasp their hair, wish to catch all down.

"Bang bang."

The window full of bullet holes was knocked by a long gun for several days. Several tall men stood outside, looking at her with a pair of different colored pupils, smiling, "Mrs. Gong ou, get out of the car!"

Non standard Chinese.

When Xiaonian ignored them, he raised his hand to cover the driver's eyes and closed his eyes. The pain and guilt almost engulfed her.

She pushed open the door and went down. Several guns were aimed at them at the same time. On one side, some of the captured bodyguards squatted on the ground with their heads in their arms. The fields were full of blood.

The smell of blood was madly in the air.

The smell almost engulfed her.

"Get out of the car!"

A man fiercely grabs Gong Yao with a piano box on his back. Gong Yao stands there expressionless. The man grabs people in the car again, swearing in English, and the little girl's screams come from the car. The man reverses the long gun and smashes it in with the handle of the gun.

"Don't touch my daughter!"

When Xiaonian shouted at the top of her voice and rushed to her recklessly. Those people were stunned by her reckless actions and no one was going to pull her for a while.

When Xiaonian rushed to the car, he pulled the man aside and looked down at the car. Gong Kui curled up under the seat. She hugged herself and shivered. There was blood spattered on her face. Her big eyes were full of fear. A bodyguard died in the front passenger seat.