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Chapter 758 this is the real palace

Lori said coldly and walked out of her room.

Gong Yu.

He even knew Gong Yu. It seems that his identity has been completely exposed.

When Xiaonian pressed his head, with a little dizziness, he lifted the quilt off the bed, opened the door and walked out to the next room.

Lori stood at the door and looked inside coldly.

When Xiaonian walked over, the room was sunny. Gong Ou was lying in bed and sleeping. Gong Yu sat by, wearing a mask on his face, and his eyes were closed.

The sun fell on Gong Ou's sharp face, his thin lips pursed and his brows frowned.


When small read weak voice.

Gong Yu opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Nian, with a relaxed expression on his face. "You wake up, it's great."

"Well, is Gong Ou OK?"

Asked shixiaonian anxiously.

"If I don't give him sleeping pills, something will happen to him. When you faint, he's all wrong. His face is as white as paper." Gong Yu stood up from the chair, looked down at Gong OU on the bed, and sighed helplessly, "he's so nervous about you. It's a big earthquake when you lose your hair to him."

Not to mention fainting.

Last night, Gong Ou looked worse than shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian went in, he bent over to look at the sleeping Gong ou. His face was still pale at this moment, not very good-looking.

Luo lie stood at the door and looked at Gong Yu coldly. "Are you going to stay here?"

Gong Yu took a look at Luo lie. His eyes were light. Then he looked at Shi Xiaonian and said, "Xiaonian, get ready. Let's go first."

"That Gong Ouhe..."

He asked hesitantly.

"When he wakes up, the Luo house can be demolished. Go back first." Gong Yu said to Luo lie again, coldly, "how can I say that doctor Luo and I are friends, I don't want to make face too ugly."

"Dr Lo? You don't have to make friends with me. "

Lori leaned against the door, his voice cold.


Gong Yu didn't speak. They lied to each other before luolie was unfaithful, but Gong Yu was selfish. He was not happy about this. Luolie didn't want to know each other any more.

When Xiaonian turned to pack, Lori suddenly reached out her hand to stop her arm, and said coldly, "since we have been merciless, let's count it clearly."

Smell speech, when small read stupefied next, Gong Yu's tone is a little angry, "you still want to clear up with me? I heard you right. "


Lori cold tunnel, turn away.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yu, Gong Yu's face was stained with thin anger, "liquidation is liquidation, but relying on a small man in Lancaster, do you really think my palace is afraid of him?"


When small read frown.

In the hall of luozhai, the tea cup on the tea table is clear and steaming. When Xiaonian was sitting on a single sofa, Gong Yu was facing him, and the real leather Changsha hair on the right side was luolie.

It's a game of three.

There was a tension in the air in the hall.

No one spoke. Gong Yu and Luo lie were both calm, not talking about things at all.

"Doctor Luo, we are wrong about it. We lied first, but we didn't lie to harm people." Shi Xiaonian took the lead in breaking the tension and silence. "You have made up a former to cheat us in order to cure the disease. Can you write off all this?"

She didn't want the situation to get too bad, she just wanted to end it.

"Write off?"

Lori put down the teacup in his hand, his voice was so cold that he looked sarcastically at it and said, "can you do anything wrong in my place? Eat mine and live mine. I study how to treat you every night. "

"I can settle these for you."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"You didn't cure it, did you? Xiaonian fainted, which proves that your method is wrong. You are not a hundred cures and one hundred heals." Gong Yu sat there and said, with one leg raised, she has a noble and elegant temperament.

"It's because they lie and hide the truth!"

Said Lori.

"In fact, I really don't want to cheat in this aspect of the disease. It's your preconceived affirmation of the cause of my heart disease." Shi Xiaonian said that she had a good answer to the doctor's question that day, but after Lori asked him two questions, he said it all.

It was totally self-conscious, and she didn't think it had anything to do with her illness.


Lori looked at her coldly and bit her.

"All right." Gong Yu said, "that's it, Dr. Luo. We will settle a sum of money for you, and the number will guarantee your satisfaction. I don't want to treat the disease. I don't think you will treat Xiaonian with your personality. If you do, we will only bring back a corpse. "

When he heard this, Lori's face became rather ugly. Instead of being angry, he laughed, "Oh, I've been sent with money in your eyes?"

"You should be the sincerity of our palace."

Gong Yu said that he didn't want to do more entanglement. He put down his long legs and stood up from the sofa.

"The palace." Lori looked at Gong Yu with a sneer and said, "yes, you are Gong's family. Now I only need a phone call, and Lancaster family will send someone to come right away. Miss Mona's father and brother always want to kill Gong ou and then hurry up."

They usually have countless bodyguards around their palace brothers. This time, they didn't even bring one bodyguard to disguise as a doctor.


When Xiaonian looked at Lori in silence, he didn't have much fear at the bottom of his heart. At the beginning, they all survived in such a position on Borg island. How could this small Lori house trap them.

Gong Yu stood there, a pair of gray eyes staring at Lori, "Dr. Luo, we are also friends. Can you say such a thing?"

"Aren't you already not making friends with me?"

"Then you can think of my brother's life?"

"Why not?"

When you and I were quarreling fiercely, Xiaonian sat there and couldn't get in a word.

Gong Yu sneered and looked at Lori and said, "doctor Luo, don't say that you can't stop us in a small house today. Even if Lancaster is standing in front of me, I'm not afraid! But you can say such words, I'm really disappointed with you! I shouldn't have made friends with people like you. Gong Ou is right. You are a pervert! "

Gong Yu spoke hard, and his words were like sharp weapons.


Lori's face, which had been cold, suddenly turned black and blue after this sentence.

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became eerie and more silent. In silence, Xiaonian only heard their breathing. She sat there, rubbed her temples, and decided to say something to ease the atmosphere.

She moved, and before she spoke, a voice of contempt came.

"Let him fight!"

Words are heavy.

When Xiaonian's body shape was shocked, he looked up and saw Gong Ou coming down the opposite stairs. He changed into a black shirt. The dark color made his whole handsome face extremely thin and solemn. The edges and corners were clear and deep. The eyebrows of his sword were flying. His eyes were dark, and his eyes were sharp. His nose was high and sharp, as sharp as a mountain peak. His lips were thin and indifferent Very strong.

He just buttoned up his sleeve and walked down. His long legs curved a little, with a great deal of energy.


There was silence in the hall, only the sound of a gasp.

All the servants were standing there, looking at Gong Ou in astonishment. The contrast between Xiaonian and gongou had already shocked them. The submissive and gentle young master was the same as the great changed man, totally different from before.

Lori also stood up from the sofa in shock and looked at Gong Ou's direction in disbelief.

"Fight." Gong Ou tied his cufflinks and walked towards them step by step. He took his mobile phone out of his pocket and took a picture of it on the tea table. His black eyes stared at Luo lie like hawks and falcons, and his anger exploded. "Fight! Call your backer! If my Gong Ou frowns, I'll give you my surname! "


Lori is a person who has seen the world. Rao is so scared by Gong ou. In these six days, Gong Ou didn't even say a word loudly in front of him.

It turns out that this is the real Gong ou.

Gong ou, who can make waves in the field of science and technology, is not the one who always looks down at your eyes when talking to him.


Oh, how could he have thought this man was shy and gentle.

Luo lie stood there, and after a moment of trance, he came back to his senses. He said coldly, "Mr. Gong, I......"

"How dare you fuck me?" Gong Ou grabs Lori's collar and stares at him with black eyes and shouts, "I'll treat you. You'll make my woman ill directly! I don't give you any color today to see if you don't know what's wrong with me.

Then Gong Ou throws Lori into the sofa and raises his leg to step on Lori's chest.


Luo lie cried out in pain, looked at Gong ou and said, "what do you want to do?"

"I want to kill you now!"

Gong Ou has been holding his anger all night. Xiao Nian didn't wake up last night. He's not in the mood to find anyone to settle the account. Now that she's awake, he can clear the account.

At the thought of the six days of humiliation and the sound of Xiaonian calling him the moment before he fell down, he wanted to kill people.


Gong Ou says and kicks Luo lie's body hard. When Xiao Nian and Gong Yu see it, they rush up, "Gong ou, don't want it."

"Gong ou, don't do that." Gong Yu pulls Gong Ou up and says in a calm voice, "it won't help if you kill him now. I asked my servant, doctor Luo has been studying Xiaonian's disease. He didn't mean to cure it. It's not his fault."

Lori is as terrible as a doctor. I didn't expect that this time, he even used the idea of pursuing men.

"That's all for now?"

Gong Ou smiles coldly, and stares at Luo lie with black eyes, hoping to chop him into meat immediately.