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Chapter 78 one out of three

"Yes, sir."

The maid sent shixiaonian out of the door.

As soon as the door closed, the flute looked angrily at mu qianchu. "Qianchu, what are you doing? Why do you need someone to send her? She is not our VIP."

"Your hostility to Xiaonian is too deep. You didn't do that before."

Murdochu said, the gentle voice was a little unhappy.

"That's because you used to hate her more than I did, and you are my husband now. Of course, I hate her meeting you more!" When the flute went to him, hugged his arm, was very aggrieved tunnel, "you changed, you used to help me!"

I used to frown when I talked about it.

Now it's different.

"Well, no more. What's wrong with her now? Don't you always mention it? "

Muqianchu is impatient and breaks his hand out and sits down on the sofa.

When Di stood there, looking at his pushed hand, and looking at the impatience on Xiangmu qianchu's face, he felt a sense of fear and loss that he never had.

Why Mingming got married, but she felt more and more uncontrollable.

"I'm sorry, qianchu."

When the flute thought for a moment, turned to the gentle means, walked to snuggle into the arms of Mu qianchu, and said, "I just care about you too much, I'm sorry, don't be angry, OK?"


Muqianchu answered without any emotion. His eyes fell on the cup on the tea table. There was still a pink lipstick on the edge of the cup.

"By the way, qianchu." When the flute fell in his arms, hands clasped his neck and lingered lovingly, "when shall we go to get the certificate? The wedding has been done for so long, and the certificate has not been received yet."

"I've been busy lately. I'll talk about it later."

Mu qianchu's tone was perfunctory, and his eyes were fixed on the juice cup.

"All right." At that time, Didi can't help qianchu. Suddenly, she turns around, sits on his legs directly, looks at him with her eyes charming, and slowly approaches him with her lips. "Qianchu..."

When the flute gently printed a kiss on his face, the fingertips vaguely slid over his outline lines, and played the unique soft and charming means of women.

Mu qianchu sat unmoved.

When the flute was a little discouraged, he tried his best to make a kiss on his face, one hand pulled his suit open, the hand went down to his collar, the voice was charming, "qianchu, I promise, I won't quarrel with you again for that kind of unworthy person..."

She wrapped herself around him like a water snake.

Few men can afford such a means.

Mu qianchu suddenly grabs her hand and looks at her beautiful face with low eyes. Her smile is warm but alienated. "Shidi, you are pregnant. Don't do that again."


When Di looked at him in shock, he didn't expect mu qianchu's indifferent response to her courtship.

"I have something else to do. I'll go out first."

Muqianchu reached out and gracefully pulled up the collar, stood up beside Shidi, and walked out directly.


When Di sat on the sofa, he felt like an abandoned woman. He would not touch her now

She felt her flat stomach.

Pregnant women, pregnant women, had long known that they were pregnant in order to get married smoothly, which turned out to be an excuse for him not to touch her.

Qianchu What's the matter with this one.

When I came out from Mu's house, Xiao Nian went back to the duplex apartment upstairs.

When Xiaonian suddenly fell on the bed, lay down heavily, and exhaled a long breath.

I can't imagine that she actually intruded into Shidi's cell phone.

She did it.

The whole process was tense but surprisingly relaxed, just like the arrangement in the dark that she would be able to invade successfully.

Shi Xiaonian took out the silver box from his pocket and murmured, "I know I did it disgracefully, but I must know the truth."

Her voice was low, but very determined.

"Get out of here, shixiaonian!"

Gong Ou's shouts came.


It's rolling again. Why doesn't he roll one of her?

Shi Xiaonian's heart is full of resentment. However, when people are under the eaves, they have to bow their heads. In front of Gong ou, she can only watch him lose his temper in addition to obedience, and then she obeys again

She got up from the bed and went out with long hair.


Where is Gong Ou?

"When reading! If you don't roll over, I'll take this pile of toys apart! " Gong Ou's voice came again from the study arranged for her.


Xiaonian blinked in amazement and went to the study.

As soon as I went in, I saw a long arc table in the southeast of the study.

The table is full of all kinds of advanced equipment and three computer screens. Gong Ou is adjusting something on the table. The three large screens light up at the same time, and all kinds of data can be found on them.

"What is this?" He asked in a daze.

"Have you put the virus into your sister's cell phone after you've been down so long?" Gong Ou is standing in front of the computer, holding the ice cream bucket in one hand and eating it. His handsome face shows a trace of enjoyment.

He didn't eat enough of the food she made.

When small read surprised, "how do you know?"

He put a monitor on her?

"Your sister's private house is on the first floor downstairs. I just found out." He saw it from the information given by Fengde. Gong Ou glanced at her, put down the ice cream bucket, reached for her, and "give me the silver shield."

Silver shield?

When small read stupefied next, then thought of that silver small box, she took out to hand Gong ou, unknown already looked at him.

Gong Ou plugs the silver shield interface into another Ru interface, and then plugs it into the computer.

There are a lot of data on the three screens at once. One of them shows the address book list of Shidi. Shixiaonian stands there and looks at these high-tech technologies with astonishment, "this is a whole set of stealing and listening tools?"

With these, we can fully pay attention to the information of the then whistle.

This is a console.

"Well." Gong Ou points to the earphone beside him. "Listen, here you can read the text messages, the photos and all the information in her mobile phone."

With that, Gong Ou moves his mouse to open a photo gallery.

Most of the photos in Shidi's photo gallery are her own photos, work art photos, and few photos with mu qianchu. Gong Ou takes a look at them and turns them off. He hates the tunnel. "It's ugly."


Gong Ou always takes an aggressive attitude towards the appearance of Shi Di.

"I'll add some more programs. As long as her mobile phone is connected to the computer, everything in the computer will be controlled here." Gong said as he put down the ice cream bucket, he scratched his hand on the screen.


Can computers control it?

When Xiaonian stood there with his mouth slightly open, he was shocked to see Gong Ou's fingers flying there.

In his eyes, there must be no privacy in the world. It's terrible.

I can adjust everything.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Gong Ou stretched out his arm to pull her to his side and held her in his arms. The corner of his lips proudly raised, "well, this new set of toys can get revenge on your ugly sister. You can play for a while."

Such a high-tech thing becomes a toy in his mouth.

"I think so."

When I was young, I was chatting.

Revenge, forget it, let him think that she is revenge. She wants to say that it's to find out the truth. Maybe he's upset again.

But she didn't know if she could hear the truth from it. However, if Shidi really had something to do with three years ago, there would always be clues.

Just like the secret meeting between Shidi and Tangyi in a remote town, she found out by accident.

"Then how do you thank me?" Gong Ou hugged her and said.

When Xiaonian was clasped in his arms, bearing the weight of his arm on his shoulder, smelling the words, she turned her eyes, "I'll make you a delicious meal?"

This virus program really helped her a lot.

"It doesn't count."

He can eat what she does every day.

"I'll give you different flavors of ice cream?"


"I'll bring you tea and water while you're exercising?" She's in the maid's office.


"Then what do you want?" When Xiaonian really can't think of it, what else can she do for him? She has only a little skill.

Gong Ou hugs her and looks at her with low eyes. The pupils are dark and deep. There is an illusion that the bottom is not deep. The thin lips are slowly pursed.

When Xiaonian meets his sight, he feels uneasy.

What's wrong with him?

"The deep sea, the wild, the desk where you draw You can choose any one. " Gong Ou stared at her deeply, with a low and sexy voice.


I didn't understand when I was young.

"You can choose more than one." Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"What do you mean?" When small read at a loss, but there is a voice in the bottom of my heart that tells her that it must not be a good thing and that it must be a bad choice.

"Hurry up! If you don't, I think you're all ticked! I'm counting down. " Gong Ou is very impatient with her hesitation. He puts his hands around her body, lifts his lips slightly, and starts counting down. "5, 3, 1"

"let's go wild."

When small read hurriedly choose, do not choose is all choose, worse.

What do you mean by the deep sea? She can't dive into the sea; she attaches great importance to the desk for drawing, and doesn't know what he wants to do, so she must not choose.

It's just the wild.

"The wild?" To her answer, Gong Ou crooked his lips and swept her up and down with his eyes, "so I said that you are open at heart. I thought you would choose a desk."

Shixiaonian looks at him cautiously. "What do you want to do?"

Why is open field selection?

"You say, what else can I do?" Gong Ou's voice is very sexy.

“……” When small read confused.

Gong Ou lowers his head, nibbles at her lips and loosens his hand. "OK, you can play with your toys here. I'll see where the wild is more suitable."


What does it suit?

What on earth does he want to do?

When small read a face inexplicably to see him leave, confused.

Wild, wild, what does he want to do?

The mobile phone suddenly vibrated. Xiaonian took out his mobile phone. It was a call from the editor Xia Yu.

Xiaonian asked, "Xia Bian, how is your husband now? Is he better? I haven't visited you yet. "

Last time Gong Ou beat up brother Li, Xia Yu's editor's husband. Now it's still the recovery period.