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Chapter 247 don'st you believe me

When Xiaonian bit his lip and looked at him, reached out and carefully grasped his sleeve, "Gong ou, I was not by them..."

"And what did they do to you?"

"I don't know. I passed out, but I'm sure I didn't get there..."

"Shut up!"

Palace O'Shea screams out hysterically.

When Xiaonian was yelled out, she looked at her stupidly.

Gong Ou sits beside her, breathing heavily. His eyes are red and cold, full of murderous spirit. Suddenly, he clutches them to his body, reaches for his sleeve and wipes her face.

"It hurts..."

When Xiaonian was wiped by his sleeve, he felt that his skin was going to fall off, and he resisted the pain. Gong Ou continued to wipe her face and give it to her in the dead, staring at her with his eyes, which was ferocious.

When Xiaonian was in great pain, he kept away from her weakly.

Suddenly, she glanced in the rearview mirror, and saw that her face was also bleak, with long bloodstains hanging from the corners of her lips and words written on half of her pale face.

Vaguely, when I read the words clearly, it was --

the taste of women in gongou was enchanting.


When I saw those words, my heart sank suddenly.

Gong Ou grabs her and continues to wipe her face with one hand, hoping to wipe off a layer of skin for her.

When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou Tieqing's face dully, "don't you believe me?"

She asked in a hoarse voice.

Gong Ou wipes her face to death, hears the words, his movement paused for a second, then rubs on her face again, regardless of everything.

"Why can't you wipe it off! Damn it! "

Gong Ou rubbed her face hard and finally let go.


When Xiaonian looked at him, her face was numb with pain. She slowly turned the other half of her face to look in the rearview mirror.

Half of her face has been wiped red by Gong ou. The faces on both sides are not the same color.

On this half of her face, she saw a few words --

this little mouth is really sweet.

A few words beat her to death on the beach.

What is that.

She didn't feel strong. It's all fake. It's all fake.

"I......" When Xiaonian tries to explain again, Gong Ou turns her body again. This time, she directly wipes her face with her hands and desperately wants to erase the handwriting on it.

When Xiaonian opened his mouth in pain, he couldn't even cry out.

She wanted to struggle but couldn't get rid of it. Gong Ou wiped her face. His strength was arrogant and he wiped her face crazily.

The handwriting on her face was a disgrace he could not bear.

Gong Ou falls into madness and stares at her with eyes. He doesn't stop until her face is red and her skin is worn.


When Xiaonian fell on the seat of the car, his hands clutching the suit on his body, his voice was low and dumb, "I am not insulted, I know I am not."

"I told you to stop!"

Don't let her say another word.


When small read looks at his enraged face, some disappointments close an eye, why not believe her? Why don't you believe her?

The car drove back to the imperial castle.

The castle is majestic, and the luxury cars stop one after another.

Gong Ou pushes the lower body of the car door hard, and there is no place for him to vent his anger.


When small read hang eyes, follow to get off, two slender legs no longer white at the moment, all is a piece of green blood stasis.

The driver followed and got out of the car. He looked curiously at shixiaonian, but before he had a look, he was beaten hard on the face.


the driver gave a painful cry and the whole man fell on the car.

Gong Ou's eyes glared at him angrily, but he didn't beat him enough. He raised his legs and shouted, "I'll show you! I dug your eyes! "

"I dare not, Mr. Gong. I dare not." The driver was so frightened that he begged for mercy and fell to the ground limply.

Gong ou still doesn't get rid of his anger. He steps forward and steps inside.

His normally repressed violence broke out at this moment.

When Xiaonian stood aside, wearing Gong Ou's suit, he looked at the driver stupidly, only to see that the driver fell to the ground, even the bitter water spat out, and his face turned pale.


When Xiaonian faintly knew that Gong Ou's anger would not pass so easily this time. His mood had a problem, and he was completely aroused.

She resisted the pain of her body and walked in. All the maids looked at her in shock all the way. They even covered their mouths when they saw the words on her face.

"Who dares to read it again? I'll dig out her eyes right away!"

Gong Ou's roar came from the inside and shook all around.

Smell speech, maids all frighten to pull aside to escape.


When Xiaonian put out her hand to cover her face, she walked inside slowly. As soon as she went in, she heard a sound of smashing things.

Gong Ou begins to smash the furniture again.

She walked inside, a lamp smashed down in her footsteps, smashing pieces to the ground.

Looking forward, the ground is already a mess.

Tea table, chair, lamp

All that can be smashed are smashed by Gong ou.

Gong Ou violently overthrows a wine cabinet, shattering the glass and smashing all the bottles of good wine.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he was not like a normal person at all. He was just a wild animal with wild hair. He was a wild animal whose prey was taken away by people. He let out all the wild animals.

When small Niang covers his face and looks at Gong Ou stupidly.

He didn't believe her.

She knows that it's hard to believe that she's still clean like this, but why don't you listen to her.

All the servants dodged at the sight of the gesture.

Young master has not smashed the furniture in disorder for many days. How can we start again?

"Miss Shi." Feng de came in from the outside and looked at Gong ou, who was frantically smashing furniture. His brow couldn't help puckering.

It's over.

Young master's mood has reached the critical point.

"Miss Shi." Feng de looked aside at Shi Xiaonian and decided to appease her first. He said gently, "Miss Shi, you've suffered. Why don't you take a bath first? I'll let someone drain."


When Xiaonian listened to these two words, they were sensitive. They all thought that she had been violated, right?

"I need to be treated first."

Shi Xiaonian said, looking at the direction of Gong ou.

He is still smashing furniture, smashing the whole gorgeous living room like the scene of an earthquake.

Feng de was stunned and nodded, "OK, Miss Shi, come with me."

When Feng de led Xiao Nian to the infirmary, several doctors were on duty. When he saw them coming in, he immediately stood up and bowed his head respectfully.

Then, when the doctors saw it, Xiaonian's legs were bruised and all of them were stunned.

When Xiaonian went to one of the female doctors, put down her hands and said, "check for me to see if I am forced."


When the woman doctor heard this, she was completely shocked and looked at her scarlet face and the words on it.

"I see who dares to see your place!"

A roar came.

When Xiaonian turns around, Gong Ou rushes in from the outside, grabs her hand, looks blue, and stares at her with black eyes, shouting, "you are mine! No one can see you! "

Shixiaonian looked at his face and said angrily, "don't you believe it? I'll show you now! I'm not insulted! "

She believes in her feelings.

She wants to check.

"I said, no one can see you!"

Gong Ou yelled loudly, in a strong voice.



He did so again. The last time he asked her to hand over children that she didn't have, he wouldn't let her go for examination; this time, he wouldn't let her.

But he was suspicious by nature.

"Mr. Gong." A bodyguard rushed in from the outside, frightened by the low pressure in the infirmary, and stood there for a while without even daring to speak.

Gong Ou holds Xiaonian's hand and looks at the man surly. "Say!"

"Er..." The bodyguard glanced at the people around him, not daring to say it, and looked at Fengde for help.

Feng de immediately called the doctors out.

There were only four people left in the infirmary.

The bodyguard swallowed his saliva and said, "Mr. Gong, we found it on the spot The mark of a man's arrival. "

He spoke with hesitation.

The words fall, Gong Ou holds her hand tightly again.


When Xiaonian was holding his wrist, he looked at Gong Ou stupidly.

"And, and..." The bodyguard stopped talking and buried his head lower.

"Make it clear to me once!" Gong Ou shouted.

The bodyguard's legs were a little soft, and he said, "and according to preliminary estimates, there was more than one man at the scene..."


Gong Ou kicks the doctor cart beside him, and the medicine bottle and medical tools are all on the ground.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, his face is extremely gloomy.

Feng de and his bodyguard are standing there with their heads down.

"Go away! Get out of here! "

"I wish I could kick all of them out," cried palace hysterically.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de and his bodyguard quickly quit.

When Xiaonian is still standing in place, the delicate and injured bowl has been tightly grasped by Gong ou, which makes her more and more painful. Looking at this kind of Gong ou, she is disappointed, sad and misunderstood.

"Give me a bath!"

Gong Ou glared at her and snapped. His eyes were scarlet.

"I want to be examined. I want to show you the evidence." Xiaonian said calmly that every part of his body was in great pain.

Hearing this, Gong Ou immediately stares at her with the same eyes as if he were going to eat her.

When small read in the eyes of a flash of fear.

Gong Ou stares at her. For a while, he suppresses his anger and says, "I will solve this problem. First, you go to the bath, and then let the doctor treat you."

With that, Gong Ou grabs her hand and goes out.

When Xiaonian tried his best to stand there and not let him drag her away.

Gong Ou looks back and tries to suppress her emotions in her eyes.

"This is no longer the problem of solving it." When small read to look at him to say, tone is a little excited, "is you believe me, I said, I have not been insulted, I feel out."

"Didn't you say you passed out?"

Gong Ou snapped and clenched his teeth.