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Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - President of the Stomach King

When he walked out, his legs were blocked by a drawing board. Gong Ou immediately raised his leg and kicked the drawing board away.

Very bad-tempered.


Shi Xiaonian sighed as she took out the instant noodles. She really didn't expect that her birthday would be "celebrated" with this man.

Her birthday + N.E. CEO + instant noodles.

This was probably the strangest combination, but it happened so literally.

Gong Ou was a big stomach king, so he simply tore open a few bags of instant noodles, added eggs and sausages and placed them into the pot to boil.

In the end, she had two whole bowls of noodles and a small bowl of noodles.

Shi Xiaonian placed her face on the table, Gong Ou smelled the scent and walked over, while she walked, she made some calls, as though she was instructing someone on some business.

She did not greet him. Instead, she sat down and began to move her chopsticks, stirring the noodles in her small bowl.

She was hungry too.

Although there was no meaning to it, it was better to have some noodles on your birthday.

"It seems to be not bad. You can be considered to be diligent."

Gong Ou hung up the phone and sat in front of her. Lowering his head, he smelled the fragrance of the instant noodles and asked her in a low voice.


Shi Xiaonian looked at the man in front of him speechlessly.

It was just instant noodles.

His sense of taste and sense of smell must be flawed. All the cooks in the house were renowned in every direction, and even he was looking down on them. Instant noodles were not bad for his mouth.

Shi Xiaonian didn't say that this was instant noodles, and didn't bother to talk to him either, as she lowered her head and continued eating the noodles.

The orange light of the lamp was as gentle as water, shining on the dining table. The only sound that could be heard was the soft sound of Shi Xiaonian eating noodles.

At this time, Shi Xiaonian finally realized that Gong Ou was really the descendant of a noble family.

He ate quickly, but without making a sound, maintaining his elegance and dignity.

Although Gong Ou was a irritable and impulsive paranoia, because of his noble birth, he was still born with this temperament in his bones, which was completely different from normal people.

Shi Xiaonian thought as she lowered her head and continued eating the noodles.

Suddenly, a hand snatched the bowl away from her.

She raised her head and looked at the man opposite her in astonishment.

On Gong Ou's left hand side, there were two empty big soup bowls. He was attacking her while eating a third of the small bowl of noodles, still eating with extreme elegance and seriousness.

"This is my noodles …" Shi Xiaonian stared blankly at him as he ate the noodles.

Moreover, this could also be considered as her longevity noodles.

He actually stole her longevity noodles. Was he cursing her for not being able to live longer?

"Who asked you to cook less, I don't have enough to eat." Gong Ou fought for the noodles with confidence and boldness, and continued to eat the noodles in the bowl.


Was his stomach space?

Did she deliberately scoop out two big soup bowls for him? With his way of eating, how could he maintain such a lean figure? This was illogical.

Seeing Gong Ou swallow all of his noodles in three gulps, Shi Xiaonian really wanted to grab a bowl of soup and place it on his noble head.

What kind of person was he? Was he a bandit?

Gong Ou gracefully drank the last mouthful of broth from the spoon, pushed the bowl aside and looked at her with his black eyes, "Where's the dessert?"

There should be dessert after dinner.

"You want more dessert?" Shi Xiaonian could not believe it, "You're not full yet?"

"Not full."

Is he a pig?

Shi Xiaonian really wanted to retort, but after thinking about it, she held back and said lightly, "You're the one who has acute gastroenteritis, it's best not to eat too much."

She no longer wanted to make him any dessert!

Today was her birthday, not her day of suffering!

Hearing this, Gong Ou's gaze turned deeper, as if he thought what she said was reasonable and did not insist. He glanced at the bowls in disdain and said, "Change these inferior bowls, I don't even have an appetite to look at them."


He ate so much without appetite that she wasn't full yet.

Shi Xiaonian almost went mad, she glared at him resentfully, then stood up and started cleaning up the tableware.

On the other hand, Mr. Gong Gong Ou was picking on everything in her house.

"This chair won't do. Change it."

"This ceiling won't do. Change it."

"This vase is too ugly. Change it."

"Shi Xiaonian, what taste do you have? You should also change your house's decorations."


No one had asked him to come to her house. She should have changed him the most, he should have disappeared.

After Shi Xiaonian tidied up the kitchen, she had already disappeared. Had she gone back?

She let out a long sigh of relief, wiped her hands, and walked out of the kitchen. Just as she was about to return to her bedroom, she heard a curse.

"Shit! What lousy bathroom is this! "

Gong Ou jumped out of the bathroom wearing only a pair of long pants, with his upper body bare. His perfectly fitting chest and stomach added a lot of sex appeal to him under the light, but his short hair was drenched to the point of being in a sorry state.

"What are you doing in my bathroom?" Shi Xiaonian was shocked. She thought he had left.

"Take a shower and sleep!" Gong Ou was simple and crude.


"This place is too crappy. You don't even have the mood to sleep here. Let me change the location for you!" Gong Ou shook the droplets of water in his hair and walked towards her forcefully.

"Change location? What Change... "Ahh!"

Shi Xiaonian had not even finished speaking when she was carried away by him with one arm at her waist. She was like a bag as she was directly carried away by Gong Ou …

On the night of Shi Xiaonian's twenty-fourth birthday, Gong Ou gave her a huge gift — — A mansion.

The Port of Heaven's night light was gentle. Shi Xiaonian stood in front of the extremely long carriage, holding the property information in her hands. When she saw the price of 780 thousand per square meters, her mouth couldn't even close …

You must be joking.

"Haven't I seen so much money before?" Gong Ou lazily stood to the side and looked at her shocked expression. He could not help but mock her.

Have I never seen such a high price? Are the bricks here made of pure gold?

"Close your mouth." Gong Ou raised her chin and said with a superior expression, "If you are moved, I will allow you to kneel down and kowtow to me."

Hearing this, Shi Xiaonian no longer cared about her shattered values, she looked at Gong Ou and said indifferently, "Your goal is only to find a good place to sleep, why should I be moved?"

Gong Ou looked at her unhappily, "Then come back and live with me, my place is bigger."

If it wasn't for the fact that she didn't like binding, why would he need to buy her another house?


Go back and live? The Imperial Castle in the depths of the forest?

When he thought about that place, Shi Xiaonian's scalp immediately turned numb. She remembered that many of Gong Ou's women lived there.

She didn't want to go over there.

"How is it?" Gong Ou asked coldly.

In the cold night, Shi Xiaonian squeezed out a smile with much difficulty. "Mr. Gong, thank you for buying me a house.

"That's more like it." Gong Ou said.

"Young master, the duplex apartment is already decorated and can directly be checked in, should I move all of Miss Shi's things in now?" Feng De asked from the side.

You can stay here directly?

Then what are we waiting for?

"I'll do those tomorrow."

Tonight, he had more important things to do.

After Gong Ou finished speaking, he forcefully grabbed Shi Xiaonian's slender wrist, picked her up and threw her on his shoulder as he walked towards the grand building.

Feng De and the bodyguards stood in two rows, bowing their heads respectfully.

"Put me down …"

Shi Xiaonian was extremely embarrassed as she hung her on his shoulder. Why did he keep on carrying her every time?

Gong Ou ignored her and walked into the elevator.

"Put me down."

"Shut up."

When he was pressing on the elevator floor, Shi Xiaonian struggled to slide down from his shoulder.

The moment when the elevator door was about to close.

Outside in the long corridor, a handsome figure disappeared around a corner.

Mu Qianchu?

Shi Xiaonian was stunned, her heart almost stopped beating as she watched the elevator door close.

She must have seen wrongly.

How could it be Mu Qianchu?

"What are you thinking about?" Gong Ou turned his head, only to see her completely distracted.


Shi Xiaonian shook her head, leaned back, and stood in the corner.

She lowered her eyes. The light fell on her long eyelashes, casting a layer of faint shadow that was inexplicably alluring.

Gong Ou stood there, staring deeply at her. Suddenly, he walked towards her, pressed one hand on the elevator wall, and leaned over. The other hand lifted her chin, lowering his head and kissing her lips without saying a word.

Finally, in the middle of the night, he kissed her.

"Ugh …"

Shi Xiaonian opened her eyes wide in shock. She reached out to push Yue Yang, but he was easily suppressed by Yue Yang.

He forced her into a corner, forced her lips open with his teeth, and forced her into the siege. The sweetness in her mouth was like the food she cooked, and he couldn't stop.

As he kissed her, Gong Ou's breathing slowly increased, bringing with it a bit of coarse panting, his body stuck closely to hers.

Shi Xiaonian clearly felt the change beneath his body and became afraid.

He didn't want to be in the elevator, did he?

The elevator had a surveillance camera.

Her lips were covered by him, and she couldn't say a word, but her hands were controlled. In a moment of desperation, Shi Xiaonian raised his leg and stomped it down onto his brand-new leather shoes …

"Urgh …"

Gong Ou screamed in pain and released her. He lowered his eyes to look at the shoe prints on the leather shoes and then raised his head to look at her.

Shi Xiaonian was scared stiff by his eyes.

Angry again?

At this moment, the elevator door opened, reaching the 12th floor.

Gong Ou stared at her sinisterly, grabbing her in front of him, he stared down her face and enunciated each word clearly, "Shi Xiaonian, I won't let you sign the contract, you are already my woman! You still want to resist? Are you doing it or not! "

He had never tolerated a woman to this degree before, signing contracts and taking the initiative to buy a house.

Did he spend so much time and effort to let her step on him?

A contract was a life contract.

Thinking about the indenture contract, Shi Xiaonian could not help but laugh bitterly, she raised her hand and pointed towards the surveillance camera, "I did not see the contract properly, do you know if I should do the 18 restricted live broadcast for the security room? If so, please do so. "

Her voice was full of self-mockery.

Gong Ou looked in the direction she pointed, and his eyes stared blankly.