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Chapter 1035 president of palace University laughing and crying

She can't, he can't.

Just as it happens, nobody should blame anyone.

When Xiaonian felt the warm and humid feeling, she stared stupidly, trying to see the face in front of her eyes, but could not see it clearly. She was a little anxious, murmuring and repeating, "nonsense, nonsense."

Don't talk nonsense. Don't talk nonsense.

"Well, if you say I'm bullshit, it's bullshit." Gong Ou grabs her hand and says, thin lips clinging to the back of her cold hand.

All of a sudden, he was no longer domineering.

When small read to look at his face hard, fingertip touch that wipe wet meaning let her heartache and despair, "I'm sorry for you."

She broke her promise.

She said she would not walk in front of him.

"You have to be good. We have three children. You have the whole palace." When I read a little bit, I tried my best.

"What if I don't?" Gong Ou asked, the tip of the nose is full of blood.

For the first time, he felt that the smell of blood was so horrible that it made him shiver all over.

No, what can I do without her?

"I can't do anything, Gong ou. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry." She said guiltily. She couldn't see his face.

"You live!" Gong Ou opened his mouth and bit her hand. He bit hard and said vaguely, "I beg you to survive. When I beg you, I don't hate you. I don't talk nonsense. As long as you survive!"

Just? It seems like a very simple request, as if she could do it by raising her hand.

When Xiaonian was lying there, his eyelashes trembled and his eyelids closed. "Gong ou, but I'm so tired that I want to sleep for a while."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's red eyes, kneeling on the ground, were in despair. His tense shoulders were paralyzed in an instant, his teeth were slightly open, and he could not say anything.

"You've been quarreling with me so much that I can't sleep." She really wanted to sleep.

Gong Ou closes his eyes and tears slide down silently. He smiles, "who else can I quarrel with if I don't quarrel with you?"

"Then let me sleep for a while and fight again, will you? You're good, you're good. "

When small read to discuss to ask a way.


Gong Ou kneels beside her, her pale thin lips shaking like words, a trace of blood extending to her chin.

When Xiaonian unconsciously closed her eyes, and Gong Ou's fuzzy face disappeared in her eyes during the eyelash tremor. She was really tired. She couldn't support it anymore. She couldn't.

I don't know how long later, when her consciousness drifted away, she heard a choking laugh in her ear.

"Good." Someone is talking in her ear with such a smile, and every word is choked, "when Xiaonian, for so many years, people always say you are forbearing me, but how do I feel that every time I give in? Why should I give in to this step? How can you afford me? "

She broke her promise and he came to bear all the consequences.


I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

When Xiaonian wanted to apologize, but he couldn't make a sound.

"Go to sleep when you're tired. I won't say anything." He said so, exhausted the gentleness, suffered the grievance.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, he suddenly wanted to see him again, but he couldn't open his eyes. A tear flowed from the corner of his eyes, slipped over his temples, fell into the hair room, and fell into deep sleep.

A cold hand slipped slowly from Gong Ou's hand and landed on the edge of the pushing bed.

Gong Ou kneels there, his eyes staring at this scene, watching that hand fall from his eyes, the whole person has changed, he suddenly stands up and screams hysterically at the person on the bed, "small thoughts!"

This sound is like thunder on the ground.

People outside white cloth were shocked to hear this sentence. They looked at each other stupidly. Bit slumped down on the ground. The woman stood aside to help him.

Feng De's eyes were red. He quickly opened the white cloth and went inside. The doctors were still standing at the end of the bed, while Xiao Nian lay still. Gong Ou excitedly grasped both sides of the bed and shouted like a madman, "I regret it! I regret it! I don't give in! Shixiaonian, get up! You live for me! I don't care about anything. I don't care about any palace or any children. I'm a jerk. I don't care about them. I don't care about anyone if you don't get up! "

Seeing this, Feng de could not control himself. His eyes were moist.

Just leave.

Before the palace family had settled down, she left. She had never lived a day when she was a real young grandmother.

Feng de comes forward and pulls Gong ou. "Don't do this, young master. Xiao Nian doesn't want to see you like this."

Gong Ou pushes him away, presses the bed and grabs Xiaonian's arms. He stares at the pale face. "Wake up! Xiao Nian! I beg you, I beg you to wake up! I will accompany you every day, and will not let you leave me for a second! I beg you to wake up! Wake up! "

He cursed and begged, but the people lying there were indifferent. She lay still.

Gong Ou roars wildly, almost tearing down the whole pushing bed. The doctor has to go forward and is pushed to the wall by Gong Ou before he can speak.

For a long time, Gong Ou stood there, looking at Xiaonian with his eyes lowered, and said in a low voice like a fool, "Feng De, she won't wake up, she won't wake up, she won't live for me."

His voice is hoarse.

Gong Ou leans down slowly, and the whole person lies on Xiaonian's body. He holds her tightly with his hands and sticks to her cold cheek. "You are a liar who violates the promise, big, cheat, son, time, small, read."

He scolded her word by word.

"No, you are the best. I love you. Xiaonian, I will always love you. I will listen to what you say. Don't worry. I will listen to you. I will take care of everyone."

Gong Ou suddenly pressed her face and said again. His eyes were scarlet and the water light was fluctuating. "I listen to you. Why don't you still want me? How can you not want me? Why? "

Feng De is very sad to see Gong Ou cursing, begging and talking to himself. How can he survive this? I'm afraid that if I didn't wait to send shixiaonian back to the palace, there would be something wrong with the young master's spirit.

He wanted to comfort, but he didn't know where to start. When Feng de looked at it, Xiao Nian fell on the hand beside the bed, went up to hold her wrist and put it back. His eyes were stunned.

Gong Ou is still holding Xiaonian and talking to himself. Every sentence is full of madness and despair. He laughs and tears. Fengde cannot help saying, "master, let Xiaonian go."

"Go away! Get out of here! " Gong Ou yells at Xiaonian when he lies on his stomach, "no one is allowed to stay here!"

He wants to stay with shixiaonian for a while, just two people, all the time.

"No, sir." Feng de said helplessly, "young master, you have been under pressure for a long time. You are very bad to her, and the doctor doesn't know how to continue the operation."

"I'll let you go..."

Gong Ou raises his face and stares at Feng de. his face is full of the anger of sinister and ferocious animals, and his wet mind is in a mess. Half of his face is still.


Feng de slightly raised Xiaonian's wrist when lifting, "Xiaonian still has pulse."

"What is pulse?" Gong Ou asked earnestly.


Feng De is speechless.

Gong Ou stood there stupidly. For a long time, he seemed to understand something. He put out his hand and wiped his face. His blood color was even wider. He slowly turned to look at the doctors.

The doctors looked at him with awe and bowed their heads respectfully. "Second young master, Mrs. Gong's blood has stopped. The operation is progressing well."


Not dead?


Gong Ou falls down and falls heavily on the wet ground. He covers his waist with his hands. Feng de helps him quickly, only to see the blood overflowing from Gong Ou's fingers.

Feng De quickly opened his hand. It was a gunshot wound.

Gong Ou was shot in the waist, but he didn't say a word from the beginning to the end.

"Young master!" Feng de crouches down and looks at him in astonishment. Gong Ou sits on the ground and grabs Feng De's lapel. His eyes stare at him dead. "And pulse? Is it true? "

Before he could answer, Gong Ou fell down, smashed his head on the ground and fainted there.


The progress of dreams is long.

Small read a foot into the bizarre dream, exhausted the strength to come out, she slowly opened her eyes, see the ceiling lamp, vague, illusory.

She blinked, subconsciously trying to move her body. The pain came from below, and she frowned.

The sight became clear little by little. Then she saw the infusion bag, and her memory suddenly fell back into her head, when Xiaonian opened her eyes in a daze.

She Did not die?

In such a bad environment, she was born prematurely and bleeding heavily. Did she not die? Is she still in a dream? No, then she will see her father and mother and Xi Yu.

When he found that he was not dead, Xiaonian's heart beat very fast, and he said excitedly, "Gong ou, Gong ou..."

The feeble voice, like a mosquito's call, was heard only by herself.

A childish face suddenly appeared in her eyes, and bit stood there laughing at her happily. "Are you awake? You've been in a coma for three days, and finally you're awake! "

She's really alive.

"I'm not dead," he said

She didn't die. She didn't break her promise to Gong ou. This was her first reaction.

"Of course you didn't die. The doctors are good at it, but when they finished the operation, they were tired and paralyzed." "You don't know how much blood you've given out," bit said with a smile. "I'm afraid to see it."

"And Gong Ou?"

She wanted to see Gong ou. She wanted to tell him that she didn't break her promise. She kept it.

"He..." Bit bit bit his lower lip. He wanted to talk.

Xiaonian's face was already pale, and there was no blood under it. "What's wrong with him?"

Is Gong Ou in trouble again?

By the way, she heard Gong Ou's voice before fainting. Is he back? How did he get back? They are so different from Lancaster's people. How can they come back? Isn't it because of their own death?