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Chapter 973 a long hidden traitor emerges

But if it's really Fengde, she should talk to him. If she doesn't pull her adoptive father, Gong Ou's personality will


When Xiaonian stood there, looking at the closed dark door, he stepped back step by step, his lips pressed tightly, and a touch of white came out.

She can't make any wrong decisions, no, she can't.

Mu qianchu asked her to come out and accompany him through this storm. She wanted to come out very much, but she was afraid of making wrong decisions. She was really afraid.

In this way, when Xiaonian hesitated to stand in the glove room for two hours, but still did not dare to make a decision. She could not lean against the wall, and the baby in her stomach kicked her, probably feeling bored staying here.

When Xiaonian thought that his headache was about to crack, there was a sudden movement on the other side of the dark door.

It's a slight noise.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he opened his eyes wide. Suddenly, he closed the wall, looked at the door, took a breath of cool air, touched a pile of sundries around him, and held a broken chair foot in his hand to form a self-defense posture.

As she did so, she backed away and pulled the door of the glove room open, ready to run and shout at any time.


There was another movement in the dark door. The sound was not as easy as Gong Ou when he left. Instead, he was groping for something. It seemed that people there were looking for a way to open the dark door.

Thinking of this, Xiao Nian confirms that there won't be any good people there. It's really fast enough. Gong Ou has only been away for a few days and has touched the secret door.

Is it true that he is the adoptive father? He is the only one who can have this eye-catching ability in the imperial castle.

No, even the adoptive father can't let him go back, or they will all be exposed.

When Xiaonian put down the foot of the chair in her hand and was ready to leave to call people. Just as her foot moved, the dark door was pushed open. Her heart suddenly mentioned her throat, and her hands clenched the foot of the chair again until her nails turned white.

Her face was tightened by tension, sweat oozed from her white forehead, and her eyes were black and white.

The dark door slowly opened a crack, slowly contrasting with her heartbeat.

She stared without blinking. The first thing that came into her sight was a piece of silver. Then a tall figure stooped in.

Not Fengde, but Mr palace.

A character that I couldn't even guess when I was young.

The R palace stands there, straightens up slowly, a pair of blue screen eyes look at when small read, the electronic tone does not have the mood fluctuation, "master."

At this moment, when Xiaonian felt that her breathing was difficult, she looked at the tall robot in front of her eyes and didn't speak for half a day.

It's ridiculous.

The truth turned out to be so absurd.

"Master, I've been looking for you. It's so nice that you're here." Mr palace went to her and twisted her body, as if excited.


When Xiaonian clenched the foot of the chair in his hand, he finally let go of his hand, moved his lips and smiled hard. He walked forward and threw himself into the arms of Mr palace. "Mr palace, I miss you very much."

Palace r raised her hand and held her.

"How did you get here?" When Xiaonian left his arms and asked.

"I've been looking for you." Mr Palace said, a silver head moved, looked around and asked, "where is this?"

"You'll know when you come with me."

When Xiaonian threw the chair foot aside and walked out of the utility room with Mr palace, the sweat on his head constantly came out and his breath became extra long.

"Master, your bracelet."

The R palace handed her a bracelet to test the function of human body. Xiaonian looked at it and said with a smile, "wait a minute, my hands are all sweaty now. It's not easy to wear."

When Xiaonian led him to go on, he met Luo lie and mu qianchu and said they were coming here, as if they were discussing things.

Two people are saying to put in, Luo lie suddenly looked up and was startled, "palace......"

"Mr palace has come to see me." When Xiaonian nervously grabbed in front of him and said, "it's so powerful, because I'm worried that I've been looking for me, but I can find it here."

"You say it's Mr palace?" Luo lie was stunned. He thought it was gong ou. He was almost confused. Mr palace and Gong ou could not be distinguished.

"Yes." Xiaonian said with a smile, looking up at Xiangmu qianchu.

Mu qianchu stood there, wearing a white shirt, dazzling white, his face calm, nothing different.

When Xiaonian thought about the way, "qianchu, Mr palace, do you remember the last time you met? Mr's storage will be deleted regularly. Don't you forget? "

The R palace stood there, and the gentleman bowed his head.

Smell speech, mu qianchu light smile, calm way, "I certainly remember, doctor Luo, we have not talked about the end, go on, continue."

"Oh." Luo lie follows mu qianchu to leave, some inexplicable, these two people to a robot suddenly appear completely defenseless? Isn't it strange that a robot suddenly appears?


Three minutes later, the bodyguards rushed to the ground and threw Mr palace to the ground. Mr palace had a powerful program, which lasted for a period of time with dozens of enemies.

Mr palace and bodyguards fight on the grass in the hot sun.

But this time, Xiaonian didn't protect herself. She even arranged it.

In front of the villa window, Shi Xiaonian and mu qianchu stood side by side. When Xiaonian watched Mr palace and the bodyguards fighting over and over again, he suddenly remembered the time when Mr palace protected her.

It's a lie to say you're not sad.

"So, what did you just say about Mrs. Gong's last meeting was to give Mr. Mu a hint that he would subdue the robot like Mr. Gong did the last time you saw him." Lori was a little far away from them. He poured a glass of water into the glass and looked at the two figures in front of the window. Strangely, he said, "your two tacit understanding is very good."

In such a simple sentence, mu qianchu heard it and followed it without saying anything.

Luo lie's words are not ambiguous, while Xiao Nian is embarrassed to hear them. She doesn't speak.

"How do you know that Mr palace is a traitor? Don't you say that you doubt the Butler Fengde?" Lori asked with a glass of water.

When Xiaonian came back to him, he said, "it's abnormal that Mr palace appears here, and it always has some independent thinking. I didn't take it seriously, but when it came out of the dark door, I figured out one thing."

"What?" Lori was curious.

"It's not the adoptive father who can tell that Gong Ou is not in the room. Gong Ou is going to play the role of Mr palace, so he is bound to put the robot in his room and go out again, so he can know that there is Mr palace missing." When Shi Xiaonian said this, his voice was very low.


"In fact, it seems that since a long time ago, it's easy to have an accident with Mr palace nearby, but when Mr palace isn't around, some of Gong Ou's plans have been successfully completed," Shi continued

Just like in langhuayu, just like in my hometown and hill tribe, as long as Mr palace is not there, they have no problem, but when it is there, they can always be easily found and will have an accident.

The more she thought about these past generals, the colder she became. She didn't believe that Fengde would be an internal spy. Similarly, she didn't believe that Mr palace was an internal spy.

But the facts were in front of her, so she couldn't believe them.

When did the R palace start to go wrong? Did they start on their first honeymoon? Is Mr palace the traitor who has been hiding beside them?

Hearing her words, Lori was shocked to drink a mouthful of water pressure. "Lancaster's means are really endless. Even robots can fight back. What is this? Now robots can be traitors? Isn't it made by Mr. Gong? Isn't it absolutely loyal to you? "

How can a robot be threatened if it can threaten humans.

"I don't know." When Xiaonian shook his head, his voice was very low. "I only know there is something wrong with Mr palace, but I don't know what the specific situation is."

Her head really hurt. She didn't expect to find such a result in the end.

Lancaster really has too many means around them to defend against, and Gong Ou doesn't know that. He is so insidious that he can even use robots. Can he be safe in England?

When Xiaonian was thinking about it, Lori went to the window and looked at it for a moment and said, "I've got it. Finally, I've pressed Mr palace. Fortunately, you have a tacit understanding and let the bodyguards prepare a large number of guys in advance. Otherwise, Mr palace alone can kill and injure you."

With that, Lori hurried out.

He said again that you have a tacit understanding. When Xiaonian's eyes crossed mu qianchu's face, he saw his head slightly lowered and his lips showed a smile, which was as gentle as the wind.


When small read looked at him, breath slightly stagnated, nothing said, silent to go out.

someone hit the power house of Mr palace and carried Mr palace into the villa. Mr palace fell to the ground without moving. It was exactly the same as before.

But Shi Xiaonian knew that this time he could not take off his helmet.

"Xiaonian, what do you think we should do next?" Asked mu qianchu suddenly.

He respected her opinion very much. When Xiaonian bit his lips, he could only think of a way under mu qianchu's inquiry, "if it's someone else, just grab it, but it's Mr palace..."

"What if it is?" Mu qianchu stands beside her.

"Although it hasn't been here for more than 20 minutes, I'm afraid it's already sending out the signal here. Maybe our address has been exposed." Shi Xiaonian says what he thinks.

Then, a group of bodyguards were all agitated and looked at them nervously, "what shall we do? You can't wait to die. "

"Don't panic." "If you come here, you will know what kind of danger we will face. If someone uses negative emotions to affect others at this time, I will not let go."