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Chapter 233 visit of Madame Gong

She was about to go in when Gong Ou took out her mobile phone and began to make a phone call. When she uttered a voice, she said, "are you all brained! Where is the idea? What staff apartment do you sleep in when you are so stupid? Can you sleep in a pigsty? Can you come up with some good ideas for me! Time? Time, right? I'll buy you a bunch of clocks and hit you on the head! "


I scolded very hard.

It's really not good to be a member of his staff.

When Xiaonian stood outside, he was shocked by the roar.

She pushed the door open and went in, and listened to Gong Ou roaring there. "Is that the idea of making women happy that you can't think of? I want robots to make women happy! Unimportance? You fucking told me it didn't matter! I want robots to make my women happy now. If you can make me climb over! "


At that time, Xiaonian stood there and looked at Gong Ou in amazement.

He's so upset not because of public opinion, but because he wants to make her happy?


Gong Ou sits on the massage chair and sees her standing at the door. Her eyes are stagnant. Her voice is stuck in her throat. She stares at her and shakes her cell phone. "How did you get out?"

His tone is no less than the astonishment of seeing a cave man finally walk out of the cave.

Shixiaonian goes over and reaches out and grabs his hand.

Gong Ou stares at her hand, shocked, "what are you doing?"

How dare you take his hand?

"Don't stay here. You're not afraid of radiation with so many computers."

Shi Xiaonian said, holding his hand to go out, soft and slender fingers tightly holding him.

Gong Ou stares at her figure, suddenly pushes her to the wall, hands on the wall, black eyes stare at her deeply, "what's the matter with you, sad?"

When it comes to Mu qianchu, Xiaonian's eyes darken, and he sticks to the cold wall and says, "I can't miss mu qianchu. I think unless I find him one day, I'll never be safe in my life."

"You'll remember him forever?"

Gong Ou stares at her, discontented.


When Xiaonian looks at his discontented face and grabs his hand, "can't you be jealous of this?"

Her voice is clear and soft.

"No way!"

Gong Ou's jealousy makes him healthy.

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian looked up at him deeply, "you don't have to do anything to make me happy. I'm ok. I just can't accept this fact until now. Don't be tired of yourself for me."


Gong ouleng snorted. He was very unhappy, but his hand didn't break away from her. His fingers continued to arch in her palm.

Shixiaonian looks at his finger. "OK, you can solve your own problem first. How do you decide to deal with the public opinion?"

"Kill the flute."

Gong Ou's answer is simple and crude.

“……” When small read helplessly looked at him, said, "take her away from the entertainment circle, so that she can't use this public figure's mouth nonsense."

Shidi is a person who knows the current affairs. This time, it is estimated that he was hurt by his admiration and would speak in front of the media. Otherwise, Shidi would not dare to make innuendo with Gong ou.

"That's too cheap for her."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"Shidi's favorite thing is to be an actor. It's enough for her to leave the entertainment circle. In addition, her money should only be enough to pay off a large part of Shidi's debt. They won't turn up any more waves. They can only live ordinary days." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Still unhappy!"

Gong Ou is cold and sincere, and has no sympathy or kindness for his family.

"I don't want to have anything more to do with Shijia, that's all." Shi Xiaonian said, "we will go back to the road and bridge our own."

If she wants to see her parents who raised her at home go into a desperate situation, she will feel that there is a way to go.

Now it's the best way to let the adoptive father and Shidi both live without what they want most.

Gong Ou stares at her, fingers on her head and knocks hard. "A period of nurturing grace will bend you like this!"


When Xiaonian frowns painfully and reaches for his head.

Seeing this, Gong Ou's eyes immediately flashed over his heartache and asked nervously, "why, it hurts? Let me see. "

He held her face and examined her head with low eyes. His thin lips were slightly open, blowing gently on her head.

It's like a breeze blowing through her hair.

He blew carefully and gently.

Xiaonian's forehead is against his chest and his hands are on his waist.

Although Gong Ou's paranoia sometimes makes people afraid, his kindness to her is also real. She can feel every minute and second.

He is really too kind to her.

When Xiaonian's hand goes up the line of his waist, and then climbs up his back. The whole person leans against his arms and gently hugs him.


Gong Ou's body suddenly became stone like.

The next second, her chin is raised, Gong Ou lowers his head to hold her lips and kisses her. He presses her back to the wall, pinches her chin with his fingers, forcing her to open her lips, and the tongue of fire pours in at once, rolling the sweetness in her mouth.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes, he didn't expect that he would suddenly kiss.

She clings to the cold wall, and Gong Ou kisses her domineering. Her thumb gently caresses her chin, and his thin lips hold her. He kisses passionately. His breath is gradually rapid and his body is tight.

He does this every time he goes off kissing.

Xiaonian already knew what he would do next.

Sure enough, she was suddenly lifted up by the air.

Gong Ou takes her to the direction of the bedroom, arms strong and powerful holding her, while walking down to kiss her lips, kiss arrogant, possessive.

When Xiaonian was in no mood, but as long as he was happy, she cooperated.

She didn't want to see him upset about her.

His mood is bigger than that of ordinary people. Every time he gets angry, it's like going crazy. It's not good for him.

When Xiaonian stretched out his hand and hung it around his neck, they were kissing each other so hard that a voice suddenly came, "master, madam is here."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's lips are frozen on the lips of shixiaonian.

Two seconds later, Gong Ou put down Shi Xiaonian, and a handsome face was suddenly cold. He looked coldly at Feng De, who was standing in front of him. "What's madam coming?"

When small read Zheng under.


Is Gong Ou's mother?

"Madame's car is parked outside the castle." Feng de said, his face was still stunned, and he did not expect his wife would suddenly come from England.

"What a leisure!" Gong Ou said coldly, turning his eyes and looking at him, frowning, and his voice was still dumb. "You go in, don't come out."

"Then..." She is his girlfriend now. Don't go to see her. It's not impolite.

"Be obedient!"


When small read had to nod.

Gong Ou turns around and strides out. After a few steps, he comes back quickly. He holds her face and ravages her lips. "Damn it, I hate you. I'll toss you at night!"


When small nianmo, looking at his back.

She was still immersed in the air crash accident and did not return to her mind. The pressure of Gong Ou's family came quietly.

When Xiaonian didn't go out, he obediently went to the bedroom.

Deep in the forest, at the gate of the majestic imperial castle, a row of extended caravans slowly stopped in front of the huge fountain pool.

The sunlight reflected on the car.

Get the driver in his uniform out of the car and respectfully open the door.

A pair of high-heeled shoes first stepped on the ground. A lady came down from the car. She had brown curly hair, a sun hat, a face with delicate and not pompous makeup. Her features were beautiful and prominent. Her figure was still slim and graceful with a long white dress.

She reached out and touched the brim of her hat, with grace and ease.

Luo Qi.

Gong Ou's mother, already middle-aged, does not show any trace of age on her face.

"Good madam."

Many servants came out and bowed to her in rows.


Luo Qi smiles gently. The smile lasts for no more than two seconds. She is born noble.

In front of the floor to floor window upstairs, when Xiaonian stood there and looked at the lady below, he was surprised.

This man is really Gong Ou's mother. How could he look so young.

The elegance of putting up one's hand and one's feet has a natural sense of noble alienation. People can only worship, but they dare not get close.

Gong Ou walked out of the gate of the castle and walked to Luo Qi. There was no expression on a handsome face. It was cold and dark.

Seeing Gong ou, Luo Qi's smile finally lingered for a long time. She walked forward and said softly, "dear."


Gong Ou embraces her with a cold face.

Luo Qi gave him a warm kiss and looked at him tenderly. "I haven't seen him for many days. My son is more handsome."

To her son, Luo Qi is in pain.

She speaks pure English.

"There's no need to speak English here at home." Gongou cold tunnel.

Luo Qi, who was used to Gong Ou's apathy, obediently switched his language and said, "it wasn't good that N.E was listed in the UK. Why did you have to come to China?"

"I like it."

Gong Ouli, with a strong air and a cold face, went straight in.

Walking into a living room, Luo Qi took off the sun hat and handed it to the servant, sat down on the sofa and complained, "it's really hot here. It's so boring that my head hurts."

"Go and pour a cup of lemon tea."

Gong Ou sat down far away from her, crossed his legs, and gave a deep voice to the servant.

"Yes, sir." The servant turned.

Gong Ou added coldly, "don't add ice."

Mother's stomach is not good.

Smell speech, Luo Qi sits there the smile on the face deepens, sits there gracefully, looks at Gong Ou's face and says, "my son still cares about me."

"But you probably only care that I rebel against the family and find an ordinary woman to be my girlfriend."

Gong Ou glances at her coldly and tells her the purpose of her trip directly.

"Ordinary woman, are you sure your girlfriend is ordinary? I'll read newspapers in England, too. " Luo Qi said, did not hide their dissatisfaction.