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Chapter 321 finding out that Gong Ou secretly gives money

At that time, she accidentally saw a lot of information in the garbage can beside Gong Ou's desk, the top of which was a request for sponsorship document.

And that company is a City West Building Co., Ltd.

How could a company that asked for funding suddenly invest 500 million yuan in a teleplay?

There is a problem in the middle.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips and looked at these documents, her head was a little confused. In the next time, she watched a line of men and actresses go on stage to play and perform. She had no idea at all.

The director next to her asked her which actor she liked, which seemed to depend on her.

"Look again."

When Xiaonian smiled, he took out his mobile phone and texted Xia Yu --

Xia Yu, how much money can I get for exclusive online drama sharing?

The front line actor is using his whole body to perform the scenes in her comics. Xiaonian looks at them quietly. His mobile phone vibrates and looks down. It's Xia Yu who replies to her message --

I came strictly according to the contract, but I sold it at a high price of 10 million yuan. There's no such price except for the super line big brand screenwriters. The company will call your card after 5 million.

Five million.

Does she sell five million yuan from the copyright of an online play? It's too much of an exaggeration.

As far as she knows, how can there be such a high film adaptation fee in the industry, especially the investment of the West building company in a city is also very strange

When Xiaonian sat there, she didn't pay attention to what the actors performed. She thought about what happened in this period of time.

Suddenly break up, suddenly cured, suddenly do not love her, suddenly her house into the thief but only eat less, Gong Ou is still dead do not admit.

Now, a company that has asked Gong ou to invest 500 million yuan in her online play.

It's not normal at all.

Is there something Not as simple as she thought?


When Xiaonian suddenly stood up, the directors all looked at her in amazement, "what's the matter, Miss Shi?"

"Oh, I have something else to do. I'm sorry to leave."

As she spoke, Xiaonian hurriedly left the audition hall and went outside the hotel. It was raining outside. She called a taxi with her umbrella.

The city in the rain always seems not so busy, only the vehicles are driving in the rain and running.


Honghui private club.

When Xiaonian stepped here again, she felt very upset. If she had not proposed to cure Gong Ou's disease, Mona would not have appeared. Then she would not have been so ruthless now.

When Xiaonian walked into the club, a welcoming lady welcomed her into a box.

The box is decorated in antique style. Through the arched window, you can see the rain outside.

"Miss Shi." Vander opened the door, bowed his head to her gentlemanly, and walked in.

He was invited by shixiaonian.

"Housekeeper." When Xiaonian stood up and bowed his head to him, "sit down."

"Well, Miss Shi asked me out today. Must there be something important?" Fengde asked directly. He sat down opposite Xiaonian and held up a red clay pot and scalded the small cup. The technique was meticulous.

Feng De is also a master of tea ceremony.

There's nothing he won't do.

"It's nothing. I saw you in a hurry at the police station yesterday. I didn't have time to talk to you." When small read to smile to say, the voice is like her this person general Qingrou, "how are you recently?"

"I'm all right. Young master is very busy recently. He's often not at home and won't let me follow him."

When Feng de understood that Xiao Nian would not really come to talk with him, he said the young master's story together.

He is a very wise old man.

The rain fell on the window.

When Xiaonian looked down at Fengde and played with some cups, he asked casually, "manager Feng, do you know West building company of a city?"

"West tower company?" Feng de raised his eyes and said, "I'm familiar with it, but I can't remember it for a while."

"Is it?" When small read purses one's lips, think to want to ask again, "seal housekeeper, I know a lot of accounts of Gong ou are managed by you, do not know to have big expenditure recently?"

Hearing this, Feng de looked at her with some consternation.

"I'm just asking." "You should know, I know the answer can not do anything, I have no malice," Shi Xiaonian explained

"Of course I believe it's Miss Shi."

Feng de smiled politely. Regardless of the gentleman's background, the woman who came and went around the young master's side was the only one who looked most pleasing to him.

Mona is good, but she still has the common fault of aristocracy. She doesn't treat servants as people and carves the pride of aristocracy in her bones.


"When it comes to large expenditures, I have recently spent 1.4 billion yuan in a row. 500 million at a time, 300 million at a time, and 600 million at a time. " "The book is for personal use. I thought the young master would buy a private helicopter or something big, but I didn't see it," Feng de told the truth

"1.4 billion?"

When Xiaonian was shocked.

"Yes. In fact, miss, to tell you the truth, I think the young master is strange recently, and I don't know if it's because I'm not used to it. " Feng de sighed.

Shi Xiaonian looked at him in amazement. "Why do you say that?"

"The young master used to let me manage a lot of things, but these days he doesn't even let me follow him. Maybe he doesn't think I'm good enough." "It seems that in a while, I will be dismissed," said Feng De, a little ironically

"The Butler can do anything. How can he not use you for anything?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

Is it because the disease is better, so the way of doing things is totally different from before?

"I don't eat at home or come back to sleep. I don't know his whereabouts." Feng de said, fiddling with the cup, and then sighed.


When Xiaonian listened to Fengde's words, he suddenly felt as if they were both abandoned by Gong ou.

As soon as his illness was cured, did his girlfriend who used to like him not like him, and the housekeeper who used to trust him not?


To be virtuous is to stop talking.

"What else?"


Feng de shook his head and didn't say. He wanted to tell Shi Xiaonian that the young master was looking for her food at home, but the young master told him not to.

"All right." Xiao Nian didn't force him.

When Shi Xiaonian left from Honghui private club, the rain gradually became heavy. Fengde stood at the door and watched her leave.


When Xiaonian waved to him, and then took a taxi, the mobile phone vibrated.

She opened her mobile phone in the car. It was a text message from Xia Yu -

Xiaonian. I checked for you. After your work was adapted, there were several major investments, namely 500 million, 300 million, 350 million and 250 million. What are you looking for? I think you're going to have a big fire. It's all a big investment. There's enough money for you. But those investment companies haven't invested so much before. It's a bit strange.

Summer rain text sent a lot.

500 million, 300 million.

The sum of 350 million and 250 million is 600 million, which is exactly 14 billion. That's right.

If she thinks more about the three eggs, then she thinks more about the 14 billion eggs. How could it happen.

Isn't it just her emotional pet?

Didn't you fall in love with Mona?

Who will give money to the abandoned rabbit.

Gong ou, what are you thinking? What do you want to do?

He is still concerned about her, afraid that she has no money to use, he changed his way to send her money, is that so.

When she realized this, Xiaonian sat in the car and her heart began to ache faintly again. Anyway, she wanted to find out.

"Miss, where can I go?"

Asked the driver from the driver's seat.

Where to go.

She didn't know where she should go now, so she asked Gong Ou directly? It's like three eggs, he won't admit it at all.

Eggs, vegetables

By the way, there's food.

"To the port of heaven." When Xiaonian knocked her head, she almost forgot that there was still a pile of vegetables in the duplex room of tianzhigang, which would stink if it was not cleaned up.

Let's deal with it.

When Xiaonian hurried to tianzhigang, he opened the door with the room card and ran into the restaurant, where the whole person was stunned.

There was nothing but a clean table.

There is no leftovers.


When Xiaonian touched the dining table, her face was inexplicable, she would not be pregnant with hallucinations. Did she never come to cook last night?

No, she took Gong Ou's call yesterday.

Did the palace's regular servant come to clean it up.

When Xiaonian bit her lips, then went to the kitchen, only to find that the kitchen sink was full of unwashed dishes, and her eyebrows could not help frowning.

It's so dirty.

How could the servant not wash the dishes.

She sipped her lips and opened the door of the refrigerator. She saw that all the dishes she had made last night were neatly put in the refrigerator with plastic wrap.

When Xiaonian looked at these unbelievably, her heart and mouth beat violently.

She suddenly thought that last night, when she was about to take the vegetables away, Gong Ou called to say that she had stolen something and reported to the police, but at last the police didn't find her.

Do you mean

Can a bold idea come into being in the brain of small thoughts? Will it be that she is too amorous again.

When Xiaonian went out, he walked in a certain direction.

Their former bedroom.

When Xiaonian stood outside the door, raised her hand to touch the door, hesitated for a while, she reached out and pushed the door gently.

In such a large room, the air is fresh and the things are as old as before. On a large round bed, a tall figure lies there, curling up, wearing valuable shirts and pants, and then he falls asleep on the bed.

He had a deep face, distinct features, closed eyes, and deep sleep.

Gong ou.


When Xiaonian stood there, he was really here. Why? Feng said that he seldom eats and sleeps at home because he came here alone?


When Xiaonian slowly walked in.

She stood by the bed and looked down at his handsome face. Why did she come back here? He saw all the paintings on the wall?