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Chapter 964 Gong Ou helps fight

"Don't eat too much. Just take one when you can't control your mood."

Lori looked at her back, weak but strong, clearly weak spirit, self denial, she chose not to escape, but to face.

Also, if not such a woman, how can she be looked upon by Gong Ou? If not such a woman, how can Gong Ou get along with such a wanton character for a long time.

Just her strong is a step by step compromise, really good?

No matter how strong a man is, he will break down one day.

And Gong Ou knew nothing about her silent efforts.

When she walked out of Lori's room, Xiaonian unscrewed the bottle cap in her hand, poured out a pill, opened her mouth and was about to take it. She looked down at her stomach, her hands suddenly trembled.

The man leaned feebly against the wall.

She closed her eyes and seized the medicine in her hand.

Sorry, baby.

This decision is good for everyone, for you. You are not aware of it now. It won't hurt. It really won't hurt. I'm sorry

"When reading! Did you go to Arabia to get the recipe? "

Gong Ou's discontented voice came from downstairs.

When he heard his voice, Xiao Nian's heart shook severely. He put the medicine into his mouth before he could think more. He swallowed it directly and squeezed his five senses together painfully.

Frantic guilt came at her.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

In the urging voice of Gong ou, Shi Xiaonian hurriedly walked downstairs, wiping his eyes with his fingers, but did not wipe away his tears.

Even without tears, she was selfish indeed. Maybe it was Lori's medicine that had an effect.

She needs to calm down. She needs to send Gong Ou away, stay here obediently, give up the child, take care of her body and twins and wait for him to come back.

If he doesn't come back If he doesn't come back

She will face him if he doesn't come back.

When Xiaonian went downstairs, she saw countless powders floating in the air before entering the kitchen. She opened her eyes in shock. Was this an explosion?

"Gong Ou?"

When small read to be puzzled to shout a way, hand out fan in front of the powder smoke, then see a tall and thin man standing in the kitchen, is using apron desperately fan smoke, fan powder all out of the kitchen.

And he has become a flour man, with short black hair covered with white, let alone his body.

It's a disaster.

"Cough." When Xiaonian went to the kitchen door, he looked at Gong Ou through layers of dust and asked in amazement, "did you fry the flour?"

You don't need to be so grumpy. Flour will provoke others.

"Nonsense!" Gong Ou fans the flour flying in the air and stares at her fiercely. "I'm helping you, but you still can't come down after the flour is finished!"


What can he do with this kitchen scum?

When Xiaonian was a little surprised, Gong Ou threw his apron away, walked out with a bowl of battered dough, and put it on the dining table heavily. He said proudly, "I've seen that when you learned how to make pancakes with those big ladies in the countryside, the flour should be kneaded like this."


When Xiaonian looked at the past, he opened his eyes a little surprised. There was a really good dough inside. Although there was only a small dough, it was qualified.

I can't imagine Gong Ou's cooking skill has improved.

"How is it?"

Gong Ou just stood in the dust and raised her eyebrows proudly, as if she had completed a very great project.

"Not bad." To be honest, it's a miracle for Gong ou to knead such a small dough.

"Of course, I already said that I have talent in cooking!"

Gong Ouli is straight and strong.

"Well, open the window and let the dust out. I'll cook." When Xiaonian had nothing to say about his inexplicable self-confidence, he picked up the small basin and went to the kitchen.

As soon as she went in, she was choked. Looking around, she saw that the pots and pans, cutlery, Liuli table, wash basin and range hood were all covered with flour.

It's like a flour rain.

Kneading such a small dough can make it like this. Besides Gong ou, who else can do it? Let Xiaokui and holy do better than this.

When Xiaonian reluctantly shook her head, picked up the towel and began to clean up. Suddenly, she kicked a bag under her feet. She looked down and saw several empty flour bags piled up in the corner.

Yeah? How about flour?

When Xiaonian opened his eyes incredulously, he slowly squatted down to open the bag, one by one, one by one

All the flour bags are empty.

It's all empty.

Where's the flour? When Xiaonian's eyes turned, he immediately opened several tightly tied garbage bags beside him, and saw that the flour that should have been good was rotted in the garbage bag like cement.

This flour can make a lot of food for Gong ou to take to eat, so he wasted it for her?

No wonder I can knead a small group of good finished products. It's a waste of several bags of flour. It's a pig that can knead noodles!

"Gong Ou!"

When I was young, I was angry and shouted loudly.

"You don't have to praise me. You are allowed to kiss me!"

Gong Ou walked in with high air.

When Xiaonian glared at him angrily, "Gong ou, do you know that there was less flour here, I thought a lot of flour food, so you wasted it for me? You return my flour! "

"No waste, isn't it here? You just said it's good."

Gong Oula passed the little dough.

"So many sacks of flour do you knead? It's not enough to eat. How can I take it to England! " When Xiaonian was angry, he wanted to throw his face directly on his face.

She had planned for so long, so many bags of flour were wasted. How could he do this.

"I didn't want you to do so much." Gong Ou sees her angry become so some Leng, the expression on the face all weak come down, the finger poked the face, "so much enough for me to eat."

"Enough ghosts!"

Xiao Nian stares at him.

"That's enough. I have a small appetite." Gong Ou tries to prove that he has enough to eat.

“……” Shi Xiaonian was so angry that he was speechless and choked. "Well, I'll see what else I can make for you. Go out and stay. Don't be here."

"I'll give you a hand."

Last time it was Mr palace who didn't fight because he was afraid to expose his identity. That's OK.

"I thank you. There are so many ingredients here. I don't want you to fry the house to make two dishes." When Xiaonian looked at the small group's face, he was not very angry.

Her heart is bleeding. She has nothing to send when he goes to England. He likes to eat what she makes by herself. She wants to get more for him.

What's the result?

It's a shame to waste food.

"When I was young, I thought you just hated your man?" Gong Ou is innocent and dissatisfied.

"Yes, I don't like you very much. Go and sit outside and don't come in." Xiaonian pushes him away directly.

Gong Ou stands still. He is thin now, but she is still rigid. He can't push any way.

When small read raises the MOU to stare at him, Gong Ou is staring at her, two people's eyes are glued up.

He looked at her with burning eyes. She was in a panic. There were bloody pictures passing by. His eyes flashed away unconsciously.

Gong Ou suddenly raised her chin, and said in an unexpected way, "shixiaonian, you seem to be much more angry with me."


What is being angry a lot better, she is taking the medicine just like this.

"You look up in my eyes." Gong Ou held her chin and said, "don't hide from me."

He has seen it.

He is so clever, of course, he will see her unusual.

She can't make him worry. He's going to leave. It's OK. She's taken Lori's medicine. She's OK. She can calm down, but it doesn't matter to look at each other.

She's on the pill. She's already on it.

In this way of thinking, Xiaonian looks up at Gong ou. His eyes are dark, like an endless night. At one glance, he feels that he has fallen into it and can't get rid of it.

Gong ou.

Crazy and paranoid Gong ou, who can do anything for her. If he wants her to be good, she must obey and obey.

Even if she becomes a puppet, she should obey and not hurt him.

"Don't hide from me?"

Gong Ou stared at her and said with a satisfied arc.

Is it because of the medicine? When Xiaonian felt calmer, she shook her head. "I haven't seen you for a long time. I'm not used to it."

"I haven't seen you so uncomfortable in the last four years." Gong Ou Dao.

Four years.

She had been waiting for him for so long.

"Why, are you angry?" Shixiaonian asked, "so you got back at me and wasted all the flour?"

"what waste, I am helping you to fight, take the essence, to the dregs do not understand, this is called kneading noodles." Gong Ou seriously educated her. At

, he glanced at the small basin. "So a few bags of flour will get the essence of a fist?"

"The food must be delicious. Do you want to bet?" Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.


When Xiaonian looked at him as if he didn't admit his mistake, he was helpless. The fire just went away inexplicably. She pushed him out. "You always have a reason. Go out and wait. I'll fry some dishes to accompany you for dinner."

Gong Ou is pushed away by her.

When Xiaonian picked up the apron and tied it up, he began to clean the kitchen. It's better not to start with this. To cherish food, we should start from putting an end to Gong Ou's entering the kitchen.

Suddenly, her waist was wrapped with a pair of hands, she was tightly held.

Gong Ou didn't know when he would go back. He hugged her from behind, and Xiao Nian was stunned with his back against his chest. "Gong Ou?"

She's only making a meal. He's going to bother several times.

"Do you want to miss me?"

Gong Ou asked, hugging her from behind, in a low voice and with such a sense of self-confidence that it was not his style.

Before she replied, his magnetic voice poured into her ear again. "Actually, I didn't dare to ask you if you wanted to think of me this time. I just dare to ask you if you hate me. If you hate me, I will let you fight and stab you to let out your anger."


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, a wisp of hair fell down and lay beside her cheek.