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Chapter 177 when I read hysteria

Turning her head, she saw that only the silver body of the upper part of Mr palace fell to the ground, and there were countless threads still dragging on the window.

When I was young, I was in a mess. I had all kinds of liquids on my body. I had bruises on my face.

She went to Mr palace step by step, kneeling heavily on her knees.


When Xiaonian knelt heavily and looked at the MR Palace on the ground, his fingers trembled and touched his silver face.

In this second, she didn't think Mr palace was just a robot, but a guardian accompanying her.

But her guardian doesn't exist for a second.

When Xiaonian reaches out his hand and slowly hugs the heavy Mr palace into his arms. His chin rests on his cold head and he says hoarsely, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

It's all because of her.

All of a sudden, she heard a subtle voice. When Xiaonian looked down, she saw a light coming out of Mr Palace's eyes. It seemed to be starting, but she could not get stuck. It was not as fast as usual.

"Are you awake?"

When I was young, I was dull.

He glanced at her face with his eyes and said in the same tone as usual, "master, I'm going to treat you. Please allow me to serve you after I recover."

Electronic sound has no temperature.

Even if the body is disintegrated, it only thinks that it is sick and can recover.

In the face of the attack, Xiao Nian never shed a tear.

But this second, her tears can't help but flow down, "Mr palace, I'm sorry, you don't go, you don't go I beg of you. "

"Master, as long as you need..."

A word has not yet spoken, Mr palace like depletion of the last electricity, the eyes lost all luster, dark down.

There is no color.

Only the cold body fell into her arms.

"No, no..."

When Xiaonian wept, he slowly put it down, then threw himself aside, checked the circuit board with shaking hands, looked at the lines, and tried to connect some broken ones again.

But she can't.

She can't do this.

The r-house has also disintegrated.

When Xiaonian knelt there, bowed his head, tears fell wildly, fingers trembled and held the circuit board, there was a thin flame on it, making a "Zizi" sound.


when Xiaonian knelt on the ground, cried out hysterically, his lips shaking.

Only her voice was heard in the open underground parking lot.

A cry of desperation to the extreme.


It's midnight in s city.

In a remote villa of Mu's manor, mu qianchu stood inside, standing inconveniently in the light of his legs and feet, and his face was full of anger. He raised a chair and smashed it at the gate.


There was a loud bang at the door.

But there was no trace of damage.

"Let me out! Do you hear me! "

Mu qianchu shouted loudly.

Shortly after he came out of Huatian, Allen drove him to a place, and he was forced into a car by the guards of Mu's family, and his cell phone was stolen.

On his return to s City, he was placed under house arrest by his parents.

Only then did he know what had happened. He was locked here, unable to clarify, unable to find shixiaonian.

On the wall hung TV, news was being broadcast, in which it was said that some netizens had taken pictures of Xiaonian when he was besieged and uploaded them to the Internet.

In the video, Xiaonian squats on the floor of the mall with her head in her arms, surrounded by dense people.

She was splashed with liquid.

Everyone's fingers poked at her and cursed her.

He doesn't know how Xiaonian can survive all this

No, he must show up!

"Let me out! Open the door for me! "

Mu qianchu roars madly, picks up the crutch on his hand and smashes it hard to the gate. With all his strength, the pain from his leg makes him bite his teeth.

"Young master, you can have a rest quickly." Alan's voice came from the outside. "I know you like big Miss Shi. I have applied to Mr. Mu to let you and big Miss Shi finish the flower field trip. Don't you go to relax now?"

"Ellen! I'm the one who promoted you! "

Mu qianchu stood in the villa and shouted at the closed gate.

He trusted Alan so much that he didn't expect him to.

"Because you promoted me, I don't want you to sink into public opinion." Allan said, "this matter has been the national attention, the public opinion can not hold back, you clarify that the most is to be scolded and reprimanded together by the public! If you go on like this, you will be ruined forever! "

"So let Xiaonian bear all the responsibilities of a woman? What do you think I admire Mu qianchu cried out crazily, "open the door! Open the door for me! "

"Young master, you'd better have a rest earlier. I won't open the door. When the storm passes, you can join the Murdoch group. "

With that, Alan stopped speaking.

Mu qianchu stood in the villa, and was under house arrest. He could not get out of the villa, and could not get in touch with the outside.

He watched the news on TV and read when he was scolded by the whole people. His chest was severely twisted, which made him heartbroken.


What should he do? What can he do.

On the other side, the air of the imperial castle is fresh and natural for a long time. A convoy slowly drives through the castle gate from the outside.

Feng de stood with a group of servants on both sides of the gate, bending down to the motorcade in the bright light.

The motorcade came to a slow stop.

Feng de went up to open the door and looked down. "Young master, you are back."

In order to further improve the function of Mr palace robot, Gong Ou personally went to the UK to buy new technology.


Gong Ou answered coldly in the car, stepped out of the car with long legs, and walked to the castle, expressionless.

"Young master, do you need a hot spring or a shower?"

Feng de came up to him and asked. The servants and bodyguards followed him.

"Take a shower." Gong Ou walked in coldly, unbuttoning his shirt Cufflinks as he walked.

Feng de said, "young master, I don't know if I should say something about Miss Shi..."

"I don't want to know a word about her now!"

Gong Ou growls coldly and turns his eyes to stare at him.

The older Feng De is, the less he looks like. He knows that he can't hear any words he reads now. How dare he say them!

"Yes, sir."

Feng de had to close his mouth, but frown tightly.

Gong Ou continues to walk in Huihong's castle. His handsome face is all cold and fierce. His black eyes are gloomy. His long fingers continue to unbutton his collar.

All of a sudden, there was a small conversation. Two maids were standing in the corner and whispering to their cell phones

"No, I heard from bodyguard he that Miss Shi and Mr. Gong are inseparable almost all day after they are together. How can I go to bed with Prince Mu when I have time? Mr. Gong is not vegetarian, is he?"

"It's true, but the parents of Shidi are so eloquent. It seems that they are not fake."

"I don't understand. Anyway, I think Miss Shi is not bad. I haven't blushed with anyone in this month. I have a good temper."

"Miss Shi is so pitiful now."


Gong Ou's tall figure froze, his eyes crossed a trace of sinister and ferocious things, and his eyes turned sharply to the maids like hawks and falcons, almost biting their teeth. "What are you talking about?"

"Gong, Mr. Gong."

The two maids stood on the ground in fright and bowed.


Gong Ou roars out of his throat.

The maid hurriedly picked up her mobile phone and handed it to Gong ou. She stammered, "well, then, then, then, Miss Shi was blocked in the mall and humiliated. It seems that she was beaten..."

Smell speech, Gong Ou's face suddenly sink to the bottom of the valley, snatched a mobile phone, saw a picture on the mobile phone.

The picture shows a parking lot and a deformed RV. When Xiaonian kneels on the ground, she is in a mess, with her head lowered, so that people can't see her expression.

The sleeve of her arm was broken, and there were several bloodstains that could not be more obvious.


Gong Ou's heart was shocked. He turned his head and stared at Feng De, "what's the matter?"

There was a tremor in his cold and fierce voice, which he didn't even notice.

"When the young master went to England three days ago, Shidi and her parents held a press conference, saying that it was Miss Shi's third party who stepped in and also stimulated her children. Now all over the country are scolding Miss Shi."

Said Fengde.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? Ah? "

Gong Ou roared out in a hoarse voice, and a handsome face changed completely.

At that time, the family dare to spread rumors like this!

"As soon as the news came out, I called Miss Shi, who didn't answer it. I tried to beat the news, but it was so hot that it spread all over the country in just two minutes and became a national hot topic."


Gong Ou's hand firmly holds the mobile phone.

"I'm sorry, young master. I didn't do a good job."

Gong Ou stares at him coldly, grabs his collar and stares at him with black eyes, with a mad hatred, "Feng de!"

Three days!

Don't tell him for three days!

"Please punish me, young master."

Feng de was held back.

Gong Ou glared at him fiercely. After a while, he took out his mobile phone and looked at the photo. He snapped, "what is this place?"

This time, Feng de replied quickly, "it's in an underground parking lot in the neighboring city."

He checked this out.

But he just didn't know whether to pick up Miss Shi.


Gong Ou smashed his cell phone and ran out.


Feng de frowned and sighed. He still miscalculated.

He thought that although the young master still cared about Miss Shi, he only helped her behind the scenes. He would not want to see Miss Shi again, so he hesitated to take it.

Now it seems that the young master cares more about the time and miss than he imagined.

"Come on, keep up."

Feng de said to the bodyguards, who were all stunned, rushing out of the gate, only to see Gong Ou driving out in his favorite sports car, as fast as a smoke.

Gong Ou sits on the sports car, opens the roof and steps on the accelerator.

The wind came rushing and hurt his face.

Gong Ou holds the steering wheel tightly, his black eyes are sharp, and his teeth are clenched.