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Chapter 355 goodbye to Gong ou

Xia Yu smiles, "then you can have a good rest these two days. I've arranged a lot of activities for you later. You don't know how many people are looking forward to the third episode of paranoia when your works are sold crazy in China."

"I won't draw this cartoon any more."


Summer rain stayed.

"I'll remit the default money to you. Please send out a statement for me. I won't fill in this manga pit." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Xiaonian, this cartoon is really crazy. You don't mean you won't escape..."

"I'm not evading, I'm disgusting to recreate this series."

When small read hurriedly to mouth to send a few thin meat congee, stand up and say, "well, I go to the port of heaven first to settle down their mother, later to find you to eat."

As he spoke, Xiao Nian went out.

"Oh, yes."

Xia Yu sits there and looks at her back. It seems that Xiao Nian really hates Gong ou.


Tianzhigang is the most expensive community in Asia, with first-class security facilities.

The people who live in tianzhigang are all political and business celebrities, with many bodyguards.

If the palace family wants to rob the children here, it will make a lot of noise. It's not easy to get in and out.

The palace family said they would "pick up" the children, but two days later, there was no movement.

It's cool and sunny.

I don't know why, compared with Italy, she still likes China.

When Xiaonian drove alone on the road, looking at the surrounding scenery, in less than a year, the city has built many new buildings, brilliant and prosperous.

The red sports car is parked on the roadside parking line, which attracts a lot of attention.

Shi Xiaonian got out of the car, looked at the newly opened shopping mall for mother and baby products, and walked in.

There are activities in the mall. There is a long Maple passage decorated in the hall. The light is very bright, like a diamond.

The fake maple is set up on the ground, with a distance of three meters. The branches are designed to be lifelike. The lifelike maple leaves slowly fall from above. The yellow maple leaves are romantic and beautiful.

Guests walk past, there is a kind of illusion of entering autumn.

A few children are playing with maple leaves in the middle of the passage, which is interesting and lovely.

Now the design of shopping malls is more and more thoughtful.

When Xiaonian put one hand in his trench coat pocket, and looked at baby products on the shelf, with long hair hooked behind his ears.

Change a pacifier for Xiao Kui.

She went to a brand area, picked out a pacifier and put two in her hands.

She likes everything in duplicate, even if her son doesn't use it.

As soon as she turned around, she saw a flash of light flashing around her eyes.

When Xiaonian looked up, she saw two women taking photos of her with their mobile phones. When she saw them, they smiled apologetically at her, then turned around and ran away.


An angry girlfriend, is it necessary to take photos?

It's not better to shoot Lancaster Mona. Why not hold on to her.

When small read helplessly think, also did not come forward to ask for photos, just stroll their own.

Since she had a baby, she has become fond of buying baby products. When she strolls around, she never stops. Mu qianchu also laughs at her and says that women with children have no self.

Maybe, now she can only really feel happy when she sees Xiaokui.

Just thinking about it, the cell phone rang in her bag.

When Xiaonian put the pacifier on a white platform covered with maple leaves, opened the bag, took out her mobile phone from inside, and saw the three words "Mu qianchu". She smiled on her face and answered the phone, "Hello, qianchu."

It's a distant call.

Mu qianchu is still in Italy.

"I've been working these two days. I don't have time to call you. How about going to China? " The gentle voice of Mu qianchu rings in her ear.

"I'm not very busy. Summer rain has arranged a lot of itineraries for me. I still sneak out to go shopping today."

When Xiaonian looked at the baby clothes on the goods platform, he chatted with him casually.

"Going to see baby products again? How much did you buy for Xiaokui? " Mu qianchu said with a smile.

"I can't control it. If I buy more, I'll chop my hands." When Xiaonian looked at the clothes, he was more satisfied. This sunflower must look good.

"If you want to chop it, you will lose your hand in Italy."

He said, with a trace of hidden fatigue in his elegant voice.

When Xiaonian listened to his voice and said with concern, "qianchu, are you tired recently?"

"Well, a little." Murdochu said, the voice is low and dumb, and it's very quiet there.

When Xiaonian heard this, he couldn't bear it. "Although I don't know what the Xi family is running or what you are doing, as soon as you take good care of your body, don't be too tired, or I'll call my father to talk about it."

Mu qianchu's body is not very good since he was young, and he can't be too tired.

"No, I'll listen to you more."

Murmured mu qianchu.

His voice was so gentle that it seemed as if his lips were covering her ears.


Hearing this, I lost my voice for a while and stood there uneasily.

Since returning to Xi's home, she and mu qianchu have been expected to match.

Mu qianchu is the same. He has a little affection for her in and out of the words, but he doesn't pick out the words clearly. So ambiguous, she can't even refuse.

But she really didn't want him to put his feelings on her.

She can't pay back.

Mu qianchu is so smart that when she realizes her long silence, she turns the topic without any trace? Is there anything suitable for you? "

"It's beautiful to have small clothes. I'm choosing them."

When Xiaonian followed his words to change the topic, he suddenly heard a commotion beside him.

She turned around and saw that the staff in the uniform of the mall was talking to the customers, and the customers were taken away from the mall.

When Xiaonian looked at the crowd suspiciously, what happened?

Muqianchu also heard a voice on the other end of the phone and asked, "what's your voice over there?"

"I don't know. Everyone is invited out of the shopping mall. Maybe they have to clean it or something." Shi Xiaonian said, "I'll have a look. I'll hang up first."

"Good bye, I'll be careful at home."

Said Mu qianchu.

Hang up. Xiao Nian walks over there and asks a staff member, "what can I do for you?"

When the staff saw her, they immediately showed a respectful smile, "we asked someone to go down to do the answer sheet, miss, you continue to stroll."


Keep going.

Don't you need to invite her to do the answer?

When small read secretly think, also did not put in mind, continue to return to the goods platform to check the baby's clothes.

This rabbit has a good shape and two long ears. It's very cute.

These little shoes are good, too.

When Xiaonian stood there to choose, he suddenly found that the commotion was gone, and the surroundings were very quiet.

She turned around, and there was no one in the direction she could see in the field of vision. It was very quiet and silent. The mall was big and empty, and the shelves were empty.

Is she alone?

When Xiaonian looked around, at this second, she finally realized something was wrong.

She turned and was about to leave when her ears suddenly heard footsteps.

Men's shoes are on the ground.

It was a distant voice, but at this moment she could hear it very clearly.


Her little shoes fell to the ground.

When Xiao Nian stood in the same place with a stiff body, a clear and soft face became pale, and his eyes were only dull.

The footsteps became the only sound in her ears. She could not even hear her breath, but she could hear them clearly.

Every sound is like stepping on her heart.

She stood there, standing in a statue.


Time seems to be frozen.

When the light falls on Xiaonian's face, her face is pale, her eyelashes quiver gently, and her black eyes move gently.

For a long time, she turned her head slowly.

In the sight, it was the maple passage arranged by the shopping mall. A tall and tall figure came slowly towards her from the end. The black leather shoes made a dull sound on the floor. The long legs swung out of the span. The trouser lines were straight. A silver gray shirt was dressed neatly. The suit showed his perfect body shape. The air was very strong. The yellow maple leaves fell on him.

He came from the end of the maple forest.

That figure, once she thought day and night.

Trapped in the first days of the tower, she looked forward to every day and night, maybe he would suddenly come, suddenly appear in front of her, take her hand and leave there.

She always thought, he still loves her deeply, he will come to save her.

But she didn't wait for him, she did It's the news that he and Mona took the oath, and she lay on the operating table and gave birth to two babies.

From hope to despair, it only takes half a year.

For his feelings, also a day by day by time consumption clean, even residue is not left.


When Xiaonian stood there, he held his breath.

She didn't leave, so she stood there. First, she told herself that she would face everything from now on. Second, she couldn't walk, and her feet seemed to be nailed to the floor.

Gong Ou came to her from among the maple trees, step by step, elegant and slow, exhausted time, maple leaves fell on his shoulders, he did not brush away.

It's been so long since I saw him. He's nothing but thin.

The face is still handsome and beautiful, with deep outline, short hair combed and handsome. Under the dark eyebrows, a pair of black eyes look at her directly. They look as if they have no bottom. They can't figure out what they are thinking in the deep eyes, but they seem to swallow her at a glance.

In that eye, there seems to be a terrible wave.

Gong Ou is getting closer and closer to her. A man's ear stud is pasted on the earlobe of his right ear. The size of the finger cap makes his whole face add a touch of monstrosity. It's not his style at all.

I didn't expect that in such a long time, not only did she change, but also his palace and Europe changed.


He has changed for a long time. His illness has been cured and he has become a "normal" Gong ou.

When Xiaonian stood quietly, until Gong Ou stood in front of her through the maple passage.

That moment.

When Xiaonian suddenly thought, how long have they not seen, she thought, did not remember.