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Chapter 222 it's nice to be in love with you

At this point, she is perfect in his eyes.

"Really?" When small read happy tunnel, put down the cup, wipe the lips with the hand, eyes curved into the shape of the moon, "great, I thought I was nervous not to do it."

For the first time, she did these things as his girlfriend, came to the event, and didn't give her much time to prepare. She thought she had done too much.

"No, you did a good job."

Gong Ou stares at her eyes deeply. Her eyes are more and more profound. She suddenly embraces her in her arms and hugs her tightly.

When small read heavily into his arms, a face inexplicable, "what's the matter with you?"

How to hold her suddenly.

"When I read it." Gong Ou whispered her name.


"It's nice to be in love with you." Gong Ou said in a low voice. Her voice was magnetic and her arms were tightly bound to her.


When small read stupefied next, listen to his words in the heart gush a little sweet meaning, reach out to climb up his back.

He likes her efforts.

That's good.

When Xiaonian leaned in his arms, he suddenly thought of something and got nervous. "Manager Feng said there will be an interview later. It's a magazine of the highest level in the UK. The questions have not been filed. What do you think they will ask? What can I do if my spoken English is not very good? "

If you show her the questions in advance, she can barely prepare the answers and recite them several times.

Now it's a real-time question. How does her poor oral English pass.

Gong Ou let go of her, put his hands on her waist, and stared at her with black eyes. "You can just sit there and listen to my answer. You don't need to do anything."

"All right."

I nodded.

Gong Ou takes her here for a while, and Feng de urges her. The interview time is up.

When Xiaonian immediately took a deep breath, Gong Ou looked at her disdainfully, "is there such a tension? Just an interview. "

"I'm nervous when I go to the stage to read the text." When small read deep breath, one after another longer, in order to ease their own tension.


Gong Ou laughs.

When small read to listen to this laugh to hear uncomfortable, turn to look at him, "you will not also nervous, notice before the conference you are also in deep breath, I see."

Smell speech, Gong Ou's eyes show a touch of embarrassment, then glare at her severely, "what do you know? I'm not nervous for the conference!"

"For what?"

Yesterday's event was just a press conference. What else could make him nervous? He cheated when she was a child.

"I'm open about love. What do you do if you don't go on stage? How do I know if you will run away on the spot? You haven't run! " Gong Ou said.


When Xiaonian was shocked, he was nervous for this.

She ran out of the door and gave him a psychological shadow? I haven't run a few times.

"Tell me you'll never run again!" Gong Ou stared at her and ordered her domineering.

"Yes, no more. Mr. Gong, let's go and get an interview. "

When Xiaonian took his arm and dragged him away.

Gong Ou looked at her soft look, and his eyes could not help glancing up a bit of pride, but his mouth was still cold. "Remember, don't run. I'll put a dog collar on you for another run!"



Can he die without mentioning the dog collar? Can he respect her a little.

When Xiaonian didn't talk to him, he dragged him away.

An interview room was temporarily set up in the science and Technology Museum. When Xiao Nian went in with Gong ou, he saw all the foreigners in the room. They were blond, blue eyed, bright and dazzling.

Seeing them, a brown haired foreigner who was reading the interview draft stood up and looked at them with a smile, with some respect in his eyes. "Mr. Gong, Miss Shi, please take a seat. I'm Henry, the reporter who interviewed you today."


When Xiaonian looked at him, he suddenly remembered that he was the Henry who was praised as the first mouth in England on the Internet.

First mouth, it's not very scary.


Gong Ou answered with a light voice, and his attitude was always arrogant and blatant, without any concealment.

Two gray sofa chairs were prepared for them. When Xiaonian sat on them, her legs were close together and she tried to make the gesture of a famous lady. This was what Fengde taught her in the morning.

Even sitting has rules.

Only now did she realize that it was not easy to be gong Ou's girlfriend.

As soon as I sit down, several cameras in front of me are turned on at the same time. Some people use gestures to count down 3, 2, 1.

"Mr. Gong, Miss Shi, thank you for your interview with BAC today."

Henry sat aside and began to enter the interview state, with a pure English accent. "Yesterday, the two public romances caused a very warm response all over the world. Mr. Gong, did you suddenly open the love for the robot pre-sale hype?"


When Xiaonian sat there, trying not to look surprised, but his heart was surging waves.

Famous mouth is really famous mouth. It's such a tricky problem.

It's hype to question Gong ou.

She turned her face and looked at Gong ou. Gong Ou's face remained the same. Her black pupils were deep and her thin lips were curved. She didn't care about the way she said, "do I still need speculation?"

Such an ineffable attitude did not seem too arrogant to him.

Henry laughs and skips over this question. "Mr. Gong, there have been two groups of disputes about robots in the industry. One group supports robots to serve human beings, and the other group claims that robots are too intelligent. One day, robots will occupy the earth and replace human beings. Now there are various kinds of films to prove the harm of intelligent robots. I don't know what do you think about it? "


When Xiaonian looked at the reporter in silence, what the foreigner asked was not a superficial question, but a sharp one.

She turned to Gong Ou again, a little worried about him.

Gong Ou sat next to her, glanced at her with black eyes, and then said, "those people think that intelligent robots will replace human beings because they are afraid of the rapid development of technology. They are a group of cowards who have nothing to do all day long. The machine is always a machine. In my eyes, it is just a bunch of programs. If I can develop it, I can control it

Gong Ou speaks English fluently and has a magnetic voice. He speaks every word without thinking.

He sat there, elegant and natural, with a handsome and perfect face and wise eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at him, such a gong Ou was different from when he was at home. He talked freely, had a good reason, with a consistent pretentiousness, but it was not offensive.

Henry, the famous mouth, has repeatedly raised obvious and difficult questions. Gong Ou is easy to deal with, and she can't see the appearance of being difficult in his eyes.

He's good.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, the look in his eyes is almost worship.

"Miss Shi, Miss Shi?"

Henry called her suddenly.

"Yes." When small read this just to return to God, turn to look at the reporter, with the simplest English response.

Henry smiled and joked, "I can see that Miss Shi loves Mr. Gong very much, and Miss Shi hasn't seen the camera."

She was watching Gong Ou all the way.

Shi Xiaonian smiles awkwardly when he hears the words. Suddenly, her hand on the armrest of the sofa is clenched by a warm hand. She turns her eyes and sees Gong Ou holding her hand. Black eyes look at her deeply.

When small read up courage, search the English in the brain, and then said with a smile, "yes, he talks very charming."

She felt a squeeze in her hand.

Gong Ou shakes her hard. She looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou stares at her tightly. That's what the eyes mean. You can even praise me.

"I can see that they are very kind." Henry smiled and asked shixiaonian, "Miss Shi, we have searched some news reports and found out that you have experienced very unhappy things in the past period. Has Mr. Gong been with you in this period?"

He can't get any cheap money from Gong ou. Gong Ou is arrogant and watertight. He doesn't look embarrassed at all. So he has to point his spear at Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian sat there, he was slightly shocked.

Henry asked politely, in fact, to let her talk about her feelings with Gong ou, and to let her say that she was not worthy of Gong ou.

She just wanted to say that Gong Ou clenched her hand, put his fingertips in her soft palm, and began in a low voice, "a person always has to experience happiness and unhappiness. Anyway, when she met me, happiness can eliminate all unhappiness."

So arrogant.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, Gong Ou picks up her eyebrows. She can't help smiling and says the simplest English, "yes, he said it."

"Ha ha."

Once again, Henry didn't ask about the explosive things. He was forced to smile, so he had to continue to ask, "it's found on the Internet that Ms. Shi is the author of the president's paranoia. Everyone seems to think that the hero is Mr. Gong's image, but the hero seems to be under the suspicion of being vilified. The hero is paranoia and the king of the stomach..."

You got all this?

Henry didn't go on, but the problem was sharp, pointing out that their feelings were not as good as they appeared.

When Xiaonian was wondering about this famous mouth question for a second, he thought about it in his mind, but Gong Ou had answered for her, "yes, I do have some opinions about it. She thought about the story, but she didn't have the image of the protagonist, so she drew me in. She was obviously coveting my appearance. Do you think I can sue her for the infringement of her portrait?"

A half humorous answer.

When Xiaonian understood that Gong Ou was helping him out, he smiled and replied, "should I ask for a lawyer in advance?"

The two laughed at each other.

They showed their love wantonly, seemingly without saying anything, but better than explaining a lot.

Henry had a big head, and the two men showed their wisdom before him.

By the end of the interview, Henry and Gong Ou shook hands politely, with a chin Pei in their eyes. "I finally saw the demeanor of President n. e today, which is enough for me to study for a long time. Thank you, Mr. Gong."

As he said that, Henry was going to hold Xiaonian's hand again. When Xiaonian was about to reach out, Gong Ou pulled shixiaonian behind him.