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Chapter 977 are we safe?

It's not like the first time it only rings once, this time, it's continuous.

When Xiaonian listened to the voice, he was a little soft, cold and humane. "It seems that Lancaster has started to act, and it's too rampant. How could he make such a big noise in S City, not afraid of death?"

According to this law, the police will intervene soon.

"They want to kill us all in a short time. They don't care whether they catch us alive or not. No wonder no one is ambushing us along this route." Another analyzed, "then here we are..."

He didn't finish, but we all know that the rest of his sentence is when will we be bombed into ruins?

No one knows the answer.

Lancaster actually killed and stabbed them in such an extreme way. It seems that Mona's father has gone out of control completely. The last time she was not caught, she was still turned into that by Gong ou. This time, all the hatred came out.

As long as Gong Ou's family dies, there is no need for him to recite his mother and son.

Gong Yao, Gong Kui

When Xiaonian's stomach moved violently, she could hardly stand. She reached out to hold the wall, clenched her teeth and said, "as long as this place is not bombed for a moment, we will go out."

"Yes, Madame Miyake."

So we continued to move forward in the sound of gunfire. The sound of gunfire was close and far, and they could not identify the direction.

It's not a big round up, it's a massacre.

It's a good idea for them to separate, but when the other party wants to blow them all up, their chances of survival Nobody dares to think about it.

When the cannon is heard, it's near, far away. When it's near, the whole dark road is moving, which makes people's ears tingle. When two bodyguards catch it at the same time, Xiaonian makes her not fall down.

"It's so close. Who is the nearest line to us?" Someone asked.

"Don't ask!" Someone replied with force.

A group of people just walked forward in the sound of gunfire. If it wasn't for the good road construction, it would have collapsed. They couldn't imagine the outside world, so they could only move on.

When small read also dare not think, but the heart has been painful like a knife.

"We're done!"

For about an hour, someone shouted excitedly, picking up the flashlight and opening it to the frame on the door. Even opening a door was very complicated.

When Xiaonian looked at them anxiously and helped to light them with a flashlight.


Suddenly a bodyguard called out alert.

Everyone immediately made a big alarm bell, when Xiaonian grabbed the flashlight and went back to see a slender figure slowly coming out of the narrow channel.

Mu qianchu also wore a camouflage power suit that was easy to walk, which made the whole person magnificent. However, the expression on one face was as calm as in the church. He walked towards them slowly, holding a small f on his hand.

About to touch, moqianchu squatted down, reached out to rub the head of small F.

"The first thousand?"

When Xiaonian was shocked, didn't he protect her son and daughter? How could it be here?

"I temporarily transferred two elites to protect them for me." Mu qianchu squatted there, knowing nothing about the light coming from her, but showed her a light smile, which was extremely mild and not aggressive at all.

"Is it temporary?"

Some people have left first. How can he transfer people temporarily? He had planned to do so.

Smell speech, the smile on mu qianchu's face becomes deep, "I have followed them all the way, and now I can't find them back."


In that case, what else can she say.

With a sigh, shixiaonian walked forward, grabbed mu qianchu's arm and asked him to get up, saying, "I really don't want you to go this way."

They all know how likely this road is to survive.

"Don't worry, I won't be your drag. You can leave me at the critical moment." Mu qianchu said with a smile, his voice was particularly relaxed in the sound of artillery, which made people laugh and cry.

"I don't mean that."

When Xiaonian frowned, he was a drag on Gong ou and would not let him protect her.

"How can Mr. Mu be a drag? In such a small secret way, we have no idea all the way. Even the dog doesn't make a sound. It's lovely." Said a bodyguard.

"My hearing is far away, and little f is really taught well."

Mu qianchu said with a smile.

Here, the door of the tunnel was opened, and everyone aimed their guns at the outside, ready to deal with the ambush that might appear at any time.

But it was dark outside, with poor vision, and nothing to see.

Mu qianchu is standing there, his attention is on his arm, when Xiaonian has been holding his arm tightly, and deliberately has been in front of him.

He suddenly thought of going out with her when he was young. Someone threw snowballs at them. Xiaonian stood in front of him like this and blocked everything for him.

Those memories are far away, but so deep.

"It seems that the outside is still indoor. It should be a place like the basement. The light is very dark. I don't know if there is an ambush." The bodyguard said, "we'll go out one after another. Mrs. Gong, you'll go at last."

Mu qianchu stood there and listened for a while. "It's OK. There should be no ambush around us. I can't hear any sound. Just be careful."

Hearing mu qianchu's voice, we relaxed a little bit and walked out one after another with guns.

When Xiaonian forcefully grasps mu qianchu's arm and goes out, everyone walks very softly without making any sound.

The bodyguards carefully gathered around a pillar and shone a flashlight around it. After observing the terrain, they saw many famous cars and luxury cars. When Xiaonian looked at the car models and license plate numbers, he was shocked and opened his eyes. "This is the underground garage of the palace."

She's been here, of course.

"What do you say?" Mu qianchu was also stunned. "You said that the other end of the passage was under the imperial castle. Where did he build the refuge?"

They always thought that the other end of the road was not far from the imperial castle, but it must be a considerable distance, otherwise it would be easy to be found.

I didn't expect Gong ou could do this. Are their shelters within the range of the castle?

It is estimated that only Gong ou can do this courageous act of building a shelter in his own home. No one has ever found out how it is hidden.

"Xiaonian, there seems to be a big forest in front of the palace." Mu qianchu suddenly remembered that the shelter they were staying in was surrounded by woods.

Forest is the best barrier, not in the air, who knows there is a shelter.

"Yes." When Xiaonian answered, he immediately understood. He couldn't believe it. "So In fact, I haven't been more than 800 meters away from home? "

She used to be at home.

Gong Ou's mind was too big and unexpected. He didn't let her know from beginning to end that they were so close.

Why don't you tell her?

By the way, I'm afraid that she is so easy to miss things.

"This is the underground garage of the palace. Does it mean that we are safe?" A bodyguard asked excitedly, breaking the shock of shixiaonian.

They all thought that they could go to the palace only after a fight. Unexpectedly, they had already arrived. So they were safe?

When she heard this, Xiaonian was relieved and listened to the sound of cannon fire. She couldn't help puckering her lips.

"Be careful. Let's go."

Mu qianchu's eyebrows are slightly relaxed.

"I'm familiar here. I'll take you." When Xiaonian grabbed mu qianchu's arm and walked forward, "there is an underground basketball court around here, and then it's the elevator. It's within the castle. Even if there are traitors, there are palace people, we should be safe."

"Great." Someone almost jumped up excitedly. "I knew everyone had chosen this road!"

I didn't expect that the most difficult way for Xiaonian to choose was the simplest.

When I think of Gong Yao and Gong Kui, I can't help but hold on to Mu qianchu's sleeve. Mu qianchu feels the way, "you don't have to worry about others, you will find that this is the range of the imperial castle when you come out of the woods. The first idea is definitely to run towards the castle. As long as you run into the castle, it's safe."

It has to be said that Gong Ou's defense is powerful, so that they don't know where they are to avoid the existence of adultery and temporary defection, but he also left them a chance to survive. Even if they were forced to flee, they could see that the umbrella was less than 800 meters when they came out

"Then we can get together again soon. We must have a good drink."

"You stinky boy, you know how to drink. You're not afraid of mistakes."

"Is it worth a drink to survive? I owe it to me that I wrote the note with both voice and emotion. "

"Go away."

The bodyguards said with a smile, holding the gun and going forward. They walked through the underground basketball court. The elevator was not far away.

"We're almost on the elevator."

When Xiaonian grabbed mu qianchu's arm and walked forward, a group of people stopped in front of the elevator, someone reached out to press, someone was there to talk about how to celebrate and survive.

All of a sudden, little f, who had been standing obediently, kicked.

Mu qianchu stands there quietly, his ears move suddenly, and he grabs the soft hand of Xiao Nian, who is out of date. He grabs it hard! I hear footsteps! "

No one else heard.

One of the bodyguards said with a smile, "is that the man in charge of the garage in the palace? It's OK. Even if it's an individual traitor, we can shoot him! "

"More than one person." Mu qianchu listened, his face was very serious. When he held it, Xiaonian's hand became tighter and tighter. "And more and more, he was going this way."

"Get in the elevator!"

When Xiaonian called out at the first time, this position exposed them completely. The nearest pillars have to run many steps. It's too late.

She was the first one to catch up with mu qianchu's hearing. The rest didn't take it seriously. Only when the elevator "Ding" was turned on, could everyone slowly enter.


A shot rang out suddenly, and the bullet hit the wall beside the elevator directly.