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Chapter 832 because you are my son

She doesn't want to hide far away and safely, and Gong ou and Gong Yao are still in danger.

"Xiaonian, you should choose to believe in the master."

Feng de said that he was most worried about how shixiaonian was still pregnant and had a slight difference. How could he tell the young master? But he knew shixiaonian for so many years, and he also knew how stubborn he was.

At the beginning, it would take four years to find someone to wait for someone without hope, let alone now.

"If today is a win-win situation in front of me, I will choose to step back and not cause extra trouble to Gong ou." When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, "but now is it?"


Feng de couldn't answer.

Now the only way to win is to escape by the young master and holy. They can do nothing but wait, but in case of failure, they have no time to do anything else.

"My adoptive father, please help me to take Xiaokui back."

When Xiaonian looks at the sunflower on the other side.

Gong Kui still didn't understand what happened. She sat there eating. She was calm because there was no panic around her. She thought that her panic was too strange.

She listened to Xiaonian's conversation with Fengde, swallowed the food in her mouth, and asked in a low voice, "I want to take care of mom."

This is the mission that dad gave her.

"I'm ok. We're going home, but the helicopter is not ready enough. Would you like to go back with Grandpa first?" When small read softly pacify palace Kui.

I don't know why. Gong Kui always thinks that everyone is cheating her, but she doesn't know what to cheat her.

Be a good obedient child.


Gong Kui nodded his head cleverly. When Xiaonian saw it, he took a sigh of relief. He turned his eyes to Feng De, who looked at her anxiously. "Although there are not many people on the island, they are all from the LAN family. Our people dare not approach easily. What can you do if you are a pregnant woman?"

"I have a way. I think I can try it."

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, he saw perseverance.


She even figured out how to do it?

Feng de looks at her and knows that she can't be defended any more. Sometimes Xiao Nian is stubborn and terrible. It's not much better than paranoia.

Feng de pulls Gong Kui to her front, a pair of wrinkly hands on her shoulders, and her eyes are full of worried glances. "I know I can't persuade you, so you should remember to make sure you're safe."

"Don't worry, I'm not alone now. I won't do anything wrong. Let's go."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

She is still pregnant with Gong Ou's baby, so naturally she won't mess.

"Then what are you going to do? Can you do it yourself? Do you want me to send someone to protect you in secret, or I'll stay. "

Feng De is still uneasy.

"In that way, you will show your horse's feet. If you don't want anyone, you will let Lanting think that the palace family dare not act rashly." That's the best.


What horse feet.

Feng de has been away from them for a long time. I don't understand what Xiao Nian is talking about.

"I can't explain for a while, but my adoptive father, you believe me, I have a sense of propriety."

"All right."

Seeing her insistence, Feng de sighed helplessly, took Gong Kui's little hand and walked out to the door. Gong Kui looked back at Xiao Nian, and a pair of big black grape eyes looked at her deeply, and was pulled out step by step.

"Mom, I'm home, and you'll be here soon, won't you?"

Gong Kui asked suddenly, a little uneasy.

When Xiaonian stood there with a smile and a lighter tone, "of course, I'll buy you a gift when I go back, OK?"


Gong Kui said no to the gift for the first time.


When small read's eyes Zheng Zheng Zheng.

"Just go home, all of you." Gong Kui asked for very little. "I'll wait for you at home. I won't eat until you come back."

She said this very seriously, and perhaps she had a vague expectation of something terrible.

"I see. Go back."

Xiaonian waved to her with a smile.

"OK. Mom, goodbye. "

Gong Kui said good-bye and left with Feng De.

After two people left, Xiaonian walked up to close the door slowly, closed the tall and short figures, and a soft voice came out from the lips, "goodbye."

When the door was closed, Xiaonian entered the dining room. Mr palace was already cleaning up the dishes. She picked up some vases and put them on the table. She sat down in front of the table, took the flower scissors and began to cut the flowers.

The afterglow of the setting sun came in slowly from the window and fell on her, making her face not so pale.

"Master, you are in a bad mood. What can I do for you?"

Sensing Xiaonian's mood, the R palace came out of the kitchen and asked.

When Xiaonian looked out of the window at the sky, it soon turned dark.

If you escape, Gong ou will choose to escape tonight.

"Help me get a flower basket. I want to make a flower basket."

Said Shi Xiaonian.


The R palace promised to put a delicate flower basket on the table. When Xiaonian began to decorate the flower basket with the cut flower branches, he decorated it with great care.

Put them in the basket one by one.

The process of decoration is complex, complicated and time-consuming, and the sky outside the window will soon be dark.

The R palace stood quietly beside her and watched her turn an empty basket into a tight cluster of flowers. It praised her, "the master's craftsmanship is so wonderful, so beautiful."

"Thank you."

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the dining table, walked to the hall, took off the apron from the clothes rack, tied up a long black hair, and tied it with a headscarf.

The face under the rural headdress was clean and white, and the eyes were still red with perseverance.

"Master, are you going out?" Mr palace stood by and asked.


Xiaonian nodded.

The R palace turned its head slowly, and its eyes turned out the time. The electronic voice clearly sounded in the quiet hall, "master, it's too late. Do you want to go out alone? I'll be with you. "

"No, I have something important to do tonight."

When small read light tunnel.

Lanting tried her best to rob the two children who were protected, instead of catching her who went to the orchid's house to send flowers alone every day, which proved that Lanting always thought that she was just a flower plucker, not Gong Ou's wife.

If Gong Ou escapes, he must choose tonight.

The longer the delay, the worse for escape.

And Lanting must understand that. Tonight, she must be more defensive, so she must go there tonight and help a little.


In the dark of the night, the orchid family in the moonlight looks no different than usual.

The light in the room was bright, and Gong Ou bored to throw the books to the ground. Looking at the time on the watch, he went to the bed and woke up Gong Yao, who was lying on the bed. His voice was low and cold. "Wake up."


Gong Yao vaguely opens a pair of dark eyes to Gong ou, with ignorance in his eyes.

"Do you have physical strength? Can you follow me?"

Gong Ou stands in front of the bed and stares at him.

Gong Yao sat down slowly from the bed. After a quiet moment, he remembered his situation. He nodded, "I can run."


Gong Ou is satisfied with his jaw head.

"But we couldn't get out. They nailed the doors and windows." Gong Yao sat on the bed and said, "the voice is tender, there is a big sleep mark on his face, and his little hand touches his belly involuntarily.".

The LAN family didn't give them a bite. He was hungry.

"I'll think about the way out of this door." Gong Ou said, looking down at him, "do you know what you are going to do?"


Gong Yao looks at him, thinks about it, and shakes his head.

Gong Ou only let him have enough spirit. He has enough. He doesn't know what to do next.

"I'll find a way to take you out of this door. I'll hold everyone's eyes. You are a child and no one will stare at you too much." Gong Ou said coldly, "Shi Xiaonian said that Lanting's daughter likes you very much. Go to coax her and cheat her to take you away secretly."


Hearing this, Gong Yao frowned subconsciously.

"It's not hard for a child to find a place to hide in the evening." Gong Ou said, "Lan's people want to look at me, not to mention how many people can find you. When you arrive, you will use your watch to send a signal to Feng de. in the morning, someone will come to help you according to the location."

Gong said he took off his watch and handed it to him.

Gong Yao took the watch in bed and blinked. There was no expression or speech on his delicate face.

"Why, can't you understand me? Is there another hour for you to digest? "

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

Gong Yao raised his eyes and looked at him. His lips moved, but his voice was hard. He asked for a long time, "what about you?"

Three hard words.

He thought Gong Ou was going to run with him, but he was going to run alone.

"I'll run with you. Lanjia will use all the strength to find us. Langhuayu is where they grow. Do you think we can hide in the palace to help?" Gong Ou looked at him with disgust. "Stupid."

It's time to be smart again.


To be rejected.

Gong Yao sat on the bed. He was more calm and intelligent than his peers. He asked, "if I ran, would you be beaten?"

"It depends on whether they can beat me!" Gong Ou said coldly, "what do you worry about doing so much? Do as I say, understand? Hurry up! Don't waste time with me! "

Gong Ou pulls Gong Yao down from his bed without any tenderness.

But it's strange that Gong Yao felt for the first time that he was not so cold in the face of this vicious man.

"Why did you save me?"

Gong Yao asked as he stood there.

Gong Ou's head hurt as soon as he heard this. When will he say these things to him? A child is a child. It's so troublesome.

He took a picture of Gong Yao's head with one palm, bent down, and a handsome face came straight to Gong Yao's eyes. His black eyes were deep like the sea, and words were squeezed out of his lips, "because you are gong Ou's son!"

Father saves son, of course.


Gong Yaoding looks at Gong ou. His small chest seems to have been beaten by something. Is his son important?