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Chapter 693 theme four at the end

"Got it!"

The waiters shouted in unison.

When Xiaonian looked at all the people in front of him, he was pushed aside by Tang Yi and stood up. Tang Yi Dynasty made a silent move.

"Now girls put on hairpins, put on headphones and stand by in your respective fields. Do you hear me?" Said the foreman gravely.


Everyone shouted in unison.


When Xiaonian stood there, a waiter came up with a tray and handed her a red hairpin. "Group C, No. 8, is you. I hear someone call group C, No. 8, is you. Do you know?"

When I was looking at the waiter, the familiar environment, the familiar picture, even the waiter who handed her the hairpin.

"Do you hear me?" The waiter took the hairpin and shook it in front of her. "Connect the hairpin. It's about to start."


When Xiaonian received the hairpin, Tang Yi suddenly came over and took the hairpin with a smile. "Come, Xiaonian, I'll help you wear it."

Tang Yi attaches the hairpin to her hair.

When Xiaonian looked at Tang Yi in front of her, she suddenly remembered that Tang Yi had pinned her hair clip to her by hand. She had long forgotten such small details.

I didn't expect Tang Yi to remember that day, which was not very special for shixiaonian, but it was a very special day for Tang Yi. She was appointed by Shidi, and she was lost in the environment where every guest spent a lot of money. This day is very special for Tang Yi.

When Xiaonian lets Tangyi put on her hairpin, Tangyi smiles, "OK, Xiaonian, let's go."

In such a smile, Shi Xiaonian could still vaguely see the shadow of Tang Yi's past, the literary and artistic model and the goddess model emerging from his bones.

At that time, she didn't know that there was a trick hidden in Tang Yi's smile.


Tang Yi leads her to go outside. Shixiaonian is such a baffled waiter again. Whenever she wants to make a phone call to find out, someone will come to her and ask her for drinks or where to serve, which makes her lack of skills.

As in those days, the service area of shixiaonian is a relatively less busy place. There are not many people coming and going, but everyone is familiar with her when they walk in front of her.

Those dresses are familiar to the eye. They are all the previous fashion styles.

Those words are familiar to me. The guests are still talking about the political situation, the shopping malls and the financial storm more than seven years ago.

Even the songs from far away are the songs of that year.

A magnificent piece of music, very classical, will bring her back to the memory of the past.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at everyone as if he was not in this area.

For a moment, Xiaonian felt that he had crossed through, and went back to the day of the cruise banquet seven years ago.

It seems that everything is a dream.

She even suspected that she had not lived for seven years, but had a long dream. She had never met Gong ou, Feng De, her own parents or even twins.

Everything is a mirage.

She is still on this cruise ship, serving as her own waiter. She regrets that the world of the rich is really different. She regrets that these people talk about things that she does not understand. She regrets that there are many famous paintings on this cruise ship, and the art is really for the rich to play.

When Xiaonian walked around with the tray, serving every guest, he could not walk or escape.

"A glass of champagne, please. Thank you."


Xiaonian nodded and handed her the champagne. The man who asked for the champagne looked at her twice more, then gave her a sly smile, which was meaningful.

Such a smile makes shixiaonian understand that this is not a crossing or a dream.

This is what Gong Ou arranged.

but she did not understand what Gong EU wanted to do, why she was brought to such an environment, and those guests were exactly the same as they did seven years ago.

Let's see what Gong Ou is doing.

When I was young, I began to be a waiter. I was busy walking around and serving the guests.

Looking out from the window, the sky outside is getting dark. The cruise is on the sea, and seabirds are flying freely.

When Xiaonian suddenly thought that if Gong Ou deliberately put her on the "ship seven years ago", could she see Gong Ou in that room now?

Go find him.

She put on the waiter's uniform seven years ago. What about him?

When small read think, then secretly leave their own service area to move forward, put the tray aside, his hand consciously felt the hair clips on his head.

I didn't touch it.


When Xiaonian stood there in consternation, his thin fingers touched his head several times, but he could not touch anything.

I lost my hairpin.

this is just the same as it was seven years ago.

What's the matter? When did she fall off? She didn't have any impression at all. Someone just accidentally hit her?

When Xiaonian looked around at the familiar environment, he felt a sense of inexplicability. Not only the appearance of the cruise, but also the interior design was similar to that of seven years ago.

What's this, situation recurrence?

The situation reappeared. Thinking of these four words, Xiaonian quickly went to the basement and walked towards the bar counter. Suddenly, he heard a voice coming from the earphone, "c8c8, please come to the lost and found office. Your hairpin is off."

When Xiaonian pressed her ear, right, that's how she was prompted.

She remembered.

When Xiaonian came to the bar, a waiter man standing in front of the bar looked at her. "Shixiaonian, I remember you. Take your hairpin back. Don't throw it around when you're done wearing it."

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian put the hairpin on.

The man is also the man before, just mature a lot, mouth corner has a little stubble.

"It was picked up by a sad blonde." The man smiled and raised his eyebrows at her.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the bar and blurted out, "why do you say people are sad?"

"Because she kept her head down. She was not happy at first sight." The man shook the wine in his hand and looked at it in a certain direction

At that moment, Xiaonian's whole body was shocked. She turned her head rigidly and saw a beautiful back. She was wearing a moon colored classical evening dress, and the big skirt was dragging on the ground. A golden curl fell down. The thousands of colors on the cruise ship were not worth the brilliance.

It's him.

She never expected to meet him again.


When Xiaonian stood there, staring at the back like something attached to her, she immediately walked forward, reached out and held the man's shoulder, "Xi Yu."

Xi Yu, I'm my sister.

How are you?

People stand in front of her without looking back. In this moment, Xiaonian becomes extremely stubborn. She even hopes that she was seven years ago.

The man in front pushed her hand away and went on.

"Xi Yu, don't go! I'm sister! "

When Xiaonian rushed to him, she was a tall woman, a beautiful woman, wearing a gorgeous dress and a golden wig.

It's not Xi Yu.

It can't be Xi Yu.

Because time will not go back, the dead will not be resurrected.

When Xiaonian looks at her, her eyes turn red.

Seven years ago, she didn't go up to pat Xi Yu on the shoulder; seven years later, she patted on the shoulder, but the man was no longer her brother.

The woman in front of her went on as if she hadn't seen her, carrying her skirt.


When small read to turn to look at her back, tears suddenly gush out of the eyes, tears slide across the cheek, blurred the line of sight.

No brother.

It's not my brother.

She and Xi Yu have the most unique intimate relationship in the world. They are twins, but they may not see each other closely except for seeing each other at birth.

Maybe not even that one eye. After all, she was carried away as soon as she was born. Maybe they didn't open their eyes at that time.

Turning her head, she suddenly saw a person who shouldn't have appeared on the "seven years ago" cruise ship. Not far away, she saw Gong Yu standing there in a gray suit with a glass of wine in her hand. Her eyes were disappointed and looked at the back like the moon.

When Xiaonian walked towards him, Gong Yu noticed that she would run away immediately. She quickly called him, "brother!"

Gong Yu had to turn around and smile at her. "Xiaonian, according to the timeline, we should not know each other at this time."

"According to the timeline, you should not be on the boat at this time."

When small read to walk to say.

Gong Yu smiled awkwardly.

"Do you know what's going on? Gong Ou asked his adoptive father to get me on the boat, and the people were gone. " Shi Xiaonian said that she did not understand what Gong Ou was thinking.

Gong Yu's gray eyes looked at the uniform on her body and said, "this dress is nice, young and beautiful, just like college students."

"Don't change the subject, will you?" Shi Xiaonian said, "you must know what's going on?"

Gong Gu shrugs, and then looks at the back of Yuehua, who is getting farther and farther away. "She is Cecilia Rossi, the little friend of Xi Yu. Gong Ou asked me to invite her to play the role of Xi Yu."

Because seven years ago, some people on the ship had passed away, so they had to find someone to replace them.

"It was her." Small read nodded, and then said, "but I still don't understand, what is the meaning of this scene? What about Gong Ou? "

"You can wait for Gong ou to answer this." Gong Yu said.


Can you give me a different answer from my adoptive father.

"Come on, let's go. I'm not supposed to be on the boat. In order not to damage the timeline and history, you still haven't seen me." Gong Yu made a gentleman's request and drove her away.

They're destroying history. They're going through it collectively, aren't they?

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, reached out to wipe his tears and said, "then you can always tell me why you appear on the cruise?"