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Chapter 769 he can'st get out

She turned her eyes, looked at Luo lie's distant figure, and said, "brother, in fact, it's not for Dr. Luo's fault. Have you ever thought that he was so angry because he cared about you This friend. "


Gong Yu is confused.

"If I care about it, there will be more business, just like when Gong Ou abandoned me, I hated it so much, but in the end, it is because I care about him that I hate it, isn't it?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Yu frowned. "What do you mean? How can I put Lori and I on you and Gong Ou? I can't hear why they are so uncomfortable. "


When small read puckered lips, not too much mouth.

Gong Yu stood there and thought, "but what you said is that he doesn't care about my friend, and now he won't be aggressive to teach me a lesson. It's also my fault. He didn't mediate in the middle, but he targeted him blindly. As a result, he helped us."

"Yes, Dr. law is a proud man, but he is a good man."

When small read light smile said.

"Come and have some medicine!"

I don't know what comes into the kitchen. Gong Ou comes out with a bowl of steaming medicine and walks carefully to the dining table.

When Xiaonian turned to look at Gong ou, he showed a big smile, a pair of black and white eyes full of smile and warmth.

"Look, how nice it is now. You're all glowing. It's the way to raise a baby." Gong Yu said with a smile, women really want to be more beautiful.

When he looked at Xiaonian's side face, she smiled very much like Xi Yu, very much like him.

Gong Yu lost his mind.

When Xiaonian had already smiled to Gong Ou's side, arranged his collar for him, and said, "is it hot or not? Be careful. I'll drink on the table. "

After that, Xiao Nian and Gong Obi are more bored with each other.

"Someone has tried the medicine." Gong Ou looks down at her with black eyes, and magically takes out a few milk candies from behind


When Xiaonian smiles and nods, Gong Ou puts the milk sugar aside, takes the bowl in one hand and puts it on his lips to gently blow away the heat, and then feeds shixiaonian spoon by spoon.

Gong Yu stood there quietly watching the smile on Xiaonian's face. His eyes were dazed, as if he saw a similar face, smiling so happily at him, so innocent.

For a long time, Gong Yu just came back to his senses, took a deep breath, and stepped back a few steps, "OK, don't want to see you show me a face, I'm going!"

The bell of the turret should still ring.

When Xiaonian was sitting at the dinner table drinking the medicine fed by Gong ou, she looked up at Gong Yu's back, and then at Gong Ou's handsome face. She asked, "Gong ou, do you want my brother to start again?"

"What to start over?"

Gong Ou pulls her up, sits on the chair, forcefully pulls her side to sit on her thigh, continues to feed her around her slender body.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he said slowly, "for example, to reconnect and to re engage in a new relationship. For example, now there is a good candidate who loves brother silently. Maybe brother can look back at him? "


Asked Gong ou.

"I mean if, if there is such a person." Shi Xiaonian said that she did not intend to betray Lori's privacy.


Gong Ou only said one word.

"Is it hard?" When Xiaonian asked, Gong Ou blew the medicine in the spoon and fed it to her lips. Black eyes stared at her deeply, unable to hold anything else. He said, "he can't walk out."

"But don't we all say that to get out of one relationship is to put in another one?" Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou couldn't help but smile, like looking at a naive child, "when I read, do you believe me or not?"

"I believe it."

"Then don't think about it. He can't come out in his life. He can live like this now." Gong Ou said in a low voice.


When Xiaonian sat on his leg, his eyes dimmed gradually, and whispered, "actually, I really want my brother to live a good life, rather than immerse himself in the past forever."

She thought of Gong Yu's saying that he was willing to die and live on the turret. She was afraid of it. If she could come out, it would be better.

"If I die, can you forget me with another relationship?"

Gong Ou asked, and a deep look passed through his black eyes.

When Xiaonian was stunned, she thought about the picture like that, and then she shook her head without thinking. She couldn't do it. Gong Ou raised his eyebrows with satisfaction. "That's a good answer. If you just hesitated for three seconds, I'll strangle you!"


When small read silently sits on his leg, one mouthful ground drinks Chinese medicine, bitter acerbity accompanies mint fragrance to melt in the mouth.

Gong Ou's EQ is low, but what he said may not be wrong.

No one can take the place of deep feeling, and no one can go out.

"You just that if, is there really such a person?"

Gong Ou looks at her, and her eyes are full of wisdom.

Should he be so clever.

When Xiaonian's eyes flashed a few times, he bowed his head to drink medicine and said, "no, how could it be? I just said if."

"Don't you find out who is secretly in love with my brother? That's not good. Except for the maid and the bodyguard, they all look so ugly! It's not someone else's secret love that has to be accepted! " Gong Ou said with a disdainful face, and continued to feed her with medicine, "this Luo house also looks like a Luo pervert."

Luo lie's facial features are normal and normal, which can't reach the point of astonishing appearance. But because he was willing to cure Xiao Nian, Gong Ou just liked him.

"Poof --"

when Xiaonian just drank the medicine into his mouth, he immediately vomited it out when he heard that it broke down, and the medicine stains splashed Gong Ou's face.

She didn't mention men or women. How could he think of Lori.

Do you want to guess so accurately.


Gong Ou's face was sprayed. In an instant, his face was black from inside to outside. His black eyes fixed on her, gnashing their teeth and saying, "when I was reading it!"

She's going to rebel with a pill!

"Yes, I'm sorry." When small read to look at him apologetically, hurriedly pick up the paper towel to wipe his face, look at his face embarrassed appearance and can't help but laugh again.


Gong Ou stares at her, looks at the way she can't help laughing. Depend on her, she looks so beautiful!

Luo abnormal said well, when Xiaonian only wanted him to be himself, not too much restraint, and not to pay extremely, but really? Is it really not going to happen again?

Is he really her only antidote?

"I'm sorry." When small read to suppress smile apology, continue to clean a handsome face for him.

"You can apologize more sincerely!"

Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, then takes up the milk candy and puts it into her mouth. Next second, she kisses her lips aggressively. The sweetness of the milk candy spreads in their mouths.

When Xiaonian was kissed, he sat on his leg and slowly held out his hand around his neck.

The two kissed each other inextricably.

The sunshine outside Luo's house is still warm.

Honeymoon may not need to go far, two people happily together, probably is the best honeymoon.


It's a beautiful day again. Without Gong Ou's nervousness, Xiao Nian felt a lot relaxed and there was no sign of pain.

The house was peaceful and peaceful.

When Xiaonian went to the consulting room, before the door was fully opened, she heard several coughs. She looked forward and saw Lori standing in front of the window, looking out. She didn't know what she was looking at.

He seemed to be thinking about something, and he didn't respond to her when she came in.


Lori suddenly smiled, as if thinking of something happy.

When Xiaonian was laughed by him for a while, she was horrified. She had only seen Lori's sneer when she came to luozhai for so long. She had never seen such a smile.

How to describe

Well, it's a bit of a philanderer.

When Xiaonian reached out and knocked on the door, "Dr. Luo, I'm here."


Lori turned to look at shixiaonian, with a smile on his face. The next second, he immediately awkwardly restrained all smiles, put his hand on his lips and gave a pretentious slight cough. He went to the table and sat down with a cold face. He said coldly, "here you are, sit down."


When Xiaonian smiled and nodded, Lori would ask for her once every now and then. He just looked at her face, but nothing else.

She went to the opposite side of him and sat down and said, "thank you very much, Dr. Luo. If it wasn't for you, I don't know how crazy Gong Ou would be."

"It's none of my business. It's all about you." Lori said indifferently, watching her look, "but what he looks like will affect your illness."


When small read lips.

"Gong Ou's self sacrifice has a great influence on you. This time, it causes your heart disease. Maybe your disease has already been cured by accident." Said Lori.

The induction of this heart attack was completely self-made.

Shixiaonian is not the kind of person who gets everything at ease. Gong Ou's over paying has caused her psychological pressure, and her heart disease has come out.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, "he is nervous, anyway, I am ok now. After this experience, Gong ou and I have learned some ways to get along, which is also an unexpected result."

"If you think well, pregnant women are the most taboo to daydream. Some mental stress will also affect the body." Lori said, looking at her quietly with a lighter tone, "but it's no big problem to see you like this now. I don't think you're so upset anymore."

"Well, yes."

I nodded.

"The tranquilizing drug for you can stop slowly, or you can go on......" "Lori said half and stopped," nothing, you go back

"Well, then I won't bother Dr. Luo."

When Xiaonian stands up with a smile and plans to make some cakes for everyone to eat, Gong Ou is sure to be dissatisfied with her sharing the delicious food to others.