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Chapter 395 I have something else to do today


When Xiaonian sat there stiffly.

"Small read when, make me the last meal again, I will let you free, never pester you again!" Gong Ou said loudly, almost roaring out of his throat. His firm voice had some pretentious free and easy meaning.

After roaring, Gong Ou stood there, his eyes red on his handsome face.

A gust of wind blows, on the broad lawn of the slope, pigeons walk leisurely, with different looks and languidness.

He compromised.

He really compromised. He rained last night and gave her up today.

When an absolute paranoid chooses to let go, you are really amazing. It's amazing.

When Xiaonian thought so, his eyes were covered with water.


Or to this day.

"Read and talk!" Gong Ou stares at her head with low eyes. Her eyes are very red. "Why, I don't appreciate your freedom? Don't want to give me the last meal? "

"I will."

When Xiaonian sat with his back to him, closed his eyes and let the tears flow down, without any hesitation.

So fast.

Just want to be clear with him.

"I'll let you know when to cook!"

Gong Ou said, turning around and going up, the pigeons on the steps immediately fluttered their wings and flew away. The wind poured into the tip of his nose, and he coughed and stretched out his hand to cover his lips.


When Xiaonian sat there, he didn't turn back, and his teeth clenched his lips.

The cough made her sick.

For a long time, Xiao Nian leaned down, reached out and held his knees tightly.

Take care of yourself, Gong ou.

We must take good care of ourselves.

In the distance, mu qianchu stood behind a tree, leaning on the tree, and exhaled a long breath.

Is it finally over.


When Xiaonian returned to the shooting site, he had moved there to a small bridge and water.

Xiaokui was changed into a small blue skirt. The skirt is a sparkling blue fish tail. She lies on a smooth stone, feeling a little bit like a little mermaid swimming on the shore.

When I think of something, I turn my eyes to look behind me.

It was empty.

There is no half a figure.

Here, Gong Ou doesn't even come to see his daughter. Maybe, like her, he knows too much and knows too much. He's afraid that he can't help fighting for it.

"Xiaonian, are you back?"

Muqianchu comes over there, and when he comes to Xiaonian, he looks at her gently.


When small read nods, barely show a smile.

Mu qianchu looks at the red in her eyes. "Isn't it comfortable now?"


When small read stupefied next.

"Stomach, doesn't it mean that it's uncomfortable?" Asked mu qianchu.

When small read reaction come over, farfetched smile smile, "well, already much better, haven't you finished?"

"It's not over yet. Miller likes little model Xiaokui so much that he says he wants to shoot us another series for free." Muqianchu said, walking with her to the shooting scene, while walking, he said in a low voice, "Xiaonian, do you hate that I am in s city? If so, I can go back to Italy immediately. "

When Xiaonian looked at him, his face was lonely.

"Qianchu, you know I don't dislike you."

Said Shi Xiaonian sincerely.

No matter what, she won't dislike him. He thinks too much.

"But you don't even want to take a picture with me."

I admire the way of the beginning.

It turned out that he didn't believe what she said about stomachache. He knew that she had made an excuse.

"Qianchu, you are so wise. What do I think you understand, don't you?" When Xiaonian stops, he looks at mu qianchu and says seriously.

In front of Gong ou, she can use mu qianchu as an excuse, but she can't really accept him.

She is good for him, but she does not understand.

"Then you should know what I think." Mu qianchu smiled and looked at her and said, "since this is the case, we don't need to carry on this topic any more. Let's see who consumes who."


When small read dumb, speechless.

"Let's go. Xiaokui is looking at you."

Said Mu qianchu. They went to the stream.

On this day, Miller and Xu Bingxin kept asking Xiao Nian to take some family photos. They were all rejected by Xiao Nian for various reasons, and Xu Bingxin became even more unhappy.

After finishing the whole day's trip, Xu Bingxin returned to the tianzhigang. He didn't even use his dinner.

When Xiaonian came to Xu Bingxin's room with his dinner, he knocked gently, "mother, I've brought your dinner."

"You go, I don't want to."

Xu Bing's discontented voice came from across the room.

"Mother, it's my fault today. Don't be angry with me."

Xiao Nian apologized to her through the door.

"I don't want to see you. Let's go." Said Xu Bingxin.

When small read a tray to stand there, there is no way, mu qianchu went to her side, took the tray from her hands, eyes doting on her, "give me, I come, you are tired today, go to sleep."

"Mother, she is angry." When small read a way, Xu Bingxin especially hurt her, seldom get angry with her.

Mu qianchu smiled, "don't worry, I will let her have dinner. My aunt is not angry with me. She will not drive me away. "


He nodded and looked at him gratefully. "Thank you."

Mother likes mu qianchu very much. He should listen to what he said.

This evening, mu qianchu asked Xu Bingxin to have dinner, but Xu Bingxin was still worried about Xiao Nian's refusal to cooperate with the family photo.

For several days in a row, Xu Bingxin didn't speak well at the same time.

It seems that this time, she really touched the scale.

In the morning, when Xiaonian sat at the dinner table, the breakfast on the table had been arranged, only three sets of chopsticks. The baby care experts and bodyguards had separate meals, and the maid had meals with them.

She couldn't help looking at the maid. "And mother won't come out to have breakfast with me?"

"Eldest lady, you should be soft to your wife. She always dotes on you. Just say something nice and go away."

The maid set a soup in the middle of the table.

When small read drooping eyes, of course, she knows how to coax her mother, mother is only in this way to force her to accept mu qianchu.

Xu Bingxin thinks that only when she is with mu qianchu can she get happiness.

But at this point, she couldn't compromise.

"Good morning, young master."

The maid bowed her head in a certain direction.


Mu qianchu said hello to her, sat at the table, dressed in a more casual and elegant dress, with a lively spirit and beautiful appearance. A pair of Phoenix eyes looked at her, with a tight brow, "didn't you sleep well last night?"

Xiaonian's face was obviously tired.

When small read bitter smile, "you seem to have a good rest, it seems not to work in Italy, people really relaxed a lot."

"Yes, these days are equivalent to holidays." Mu qianchu stared at her and said in a gentle voice.

He is satisfied with his present life.

I can look at her at the nearest distance, and she doesn't mean to go back to Gong ou. Everything is slowly getting back on track.

"Then I'd like to trouble you. I'll take my breakfast to my mother and let her eat. If she doesn't want to see me, I'll be fine if I don't come out for dinner later." Xiaonian sat there and said lightly.

Muqianchu took a spoon and took a sip of porridge, smelled the words, and then he went straight to his body, took a napkin and wiped his lips. Then he said, "I've had enough time off these two days. Let's take my aunt out to step on it..."

Before he had finished speaking, the cell phones of the three men on the table vibrated at the same time.

The maid was the first to look at her mobile phone, then she opened her eyes in shock. "Wow, it's a big news."

"What's the matter?"

Asked mu qianchu, looking at the screen of his mobile phone, which was shocked and bright. It was an explosive news. He immediately looked at Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian realized something, he put down his chopsticks and picked up his mobile phone, which was a news tip -

N.E group, Gong and Lancaster family jointly announced the engagement ceremony.

Even the time of the engagement ceremony was made public.

Without Gong Ou's consent, it is impossible to make it public. Gong Ou said to her that letting go is not just talking about it. He has really lived the life he should live.

That's good.

It's all at the beginning. He married him and she lived her life.

When Xiaonian looks at the mobile phone in her hand, her long eyelashes cover her half open eyes and hold the emotions inside. Her fingertips stay on the mobile phone screen, but she has no courage to open the news text for a look.

"Gong'ou is gong'ou, and any little thing can go on international news." "I don't know when his negative news will come up," Mr. Mu said

Negative news.

When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu, "do you hate Gong Ou very much?"

Mu qianchu sat there, with a small glance in his eyes. "When Mu family collapsed, you almost died in the hands of the palace family. Which one is not worthy of my hate?"


When small read silence.

"Well, don't say that. What about my proposal just now? Take your aunt out for a walk and repair your mother daughter relationship by the way." Said Mu qianchu.

When small read wry smile, "mother won't promise to come out."

"She has promised. I'll ask her first." Mu qianchu said softly, "I'm the glue between you."

Xu Bingxin agrees that he wants to create opportunities for them.

But it's tempting to fix a relationship with your mother.

When Xiaonian was about to say yes, her cell phone suddenly vibrated again. She looked down and saw that it was a text message from Gong ou -

come home to cook for me and give you ten minutes.

On the screen, the following is the message of Gong Ou's engagement ceremony, and the above is Gong Ou's message.

"Small read when, make me the last meal again, I will let you free, never pester you again!"

The last meal came at last.

After this look, she and Gong ou are afraid that they will never meet again.

Last meal, last day.

"Xiaonian, where do you want to go? I bought a vineyard in City C before. How about going?" Mu qianchu suggested, and then lowered his head to eat.

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the table. "I'm sorry, I have something to do today. I'll go another day."