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Chapter 870 pumpkin

When small read speechless, silently looking at him.

"Why do you look at me like this? I'm a flatterer! "

Make up for what he said he wanted twins, it might hurt.

"Are you flattering?"

When Xiaonian asked in tears and laughs, how does Gong Ou's EQ always go up and down? She often bumps her three spirits and seven spirits when she does romantic things. But that's all

He combined with her. She made a big pumpkin? It's against genetics. It's against the sky.

"Isn't it?"

Gong Ou asked in a serious way.

"You say so." When small read helplessly said, holding Gong Ou's arm forward.

All of a sudden, a private car started to drive towards them from afar. When Xiaonian looked at them in amazement, he was pulled back by Gong Ou before he could react. He was in front of her.

The private car was parked in front of them.

Gong Ou's face was so cold that he could not see. He reached out and loosened a button on his collar. His black eyes stared at the car coldly. The car pushed open the door and a half familiar person came down from inside.

Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan got out of the car, dressed in just the right light makeup, white shirt and black narrow skirt. He stood in front of them and bowed his head respectfully to Gong ou, "president, President's wife."

When Xiaonian watched her dress the S-curve so sexy that she couldn't help sneering.

Was it to compare with her that I was dismissed and dressed like this? She's not good enough for a pregnant woman, is she?

"You almost knocked us down!"

Gong Ou said it almost word for word.

"I didn't mean to, I'm sorry." Li Qingyan said apologetically, took out a document from the bag and handed it to gong'ou. He said, "president, I know that optimization has not been done yet. This is a plan I worked out overnight. I hope you can have a look at it."

Gong Ou looks at her coldly.

Li Qingyan looks at him expectantly, hands out the document in his hand, and is stopped by a thin hand.

When Xiaonian grabbed the plan, stood in front of Li Qingyan and looked at her coldly. Li Qingyan understood his dilemma and immediately said, "Madam President, I'm talking to the president about business. Can't you even bear this?"

"Keep your mouth clean!"

Gong Ou stares at it.

When Xiaonian didn't laugh angrily, he looked down at his white shirt and said with a smile, "Miss Li, I'm gong Ou's temporary secretary now. I think I'm qualified to review this document for the president."

"Do you understand?"

Li Qingyan asked, with a hint of mockery.

When Xiaonian laughed deeper and raised his plan, "I don't know how to talk about it, but N.E has dismissed you, but you can still make a plan. I have reason to suspect that when you leave, you will take revenge and steal N.E's relevant secrets."

"I don't mean the president."

Li Qingyan retorted.

"It has nothing to do with me." Shi Xiaonian said, turning his eyes to Gong ou, stretching out his hand, "borrow my cell phone."

Gong Ou didn't take part in the war between the two women from the moment when shixiaonian began to fight. Seeing that shixiaonian was sharp in his teeth to deal with his rival, he was inexplicably happy.

He looked at her, didn't hand her his cell phone, just asked, "what's the number?"


When small read out.

Li Qingyan stood there, watching Gong Ou dial these three numbers, waiting for the call, "you..."

Li Qingyan can't say what he wants to say. Finally, he angrily returns to the car and drives away.

When Xiaonian hurriedly takes Gong Ou's hand and says with a smile, "well, I don't have to straighten her, as long as she doesn't come to haunt you."

Even if he was dismissed, what plan should he take to Gong Ou.

"So soft?" Gong Ou is quite discontented when he hears this, "I'm not worth your concern?"

"Do you want to see me and her women fighting for you?"

"I want to see you beat her woman to pieces for me." Gong Ou said, with a deep magnetic voice.


He is ill with this mentality.

When Xiaonian thought about it or didn't say it, he looked down at the plan in his hand, then handed it to him and said, "look, can her plan work?"

"You want me to see if I can use it. What if I can use it?"

Gong Ou didn't expect that Xiao Nian didn't choose to tear up this pile of plans.

"It's said that she's very talented. Now the optimization scheme of holographic era is still too late to come down. Let's have a look." Shi Xiaonian said that she did not want to delay his business because of her jealousy.

In recent years, if Gong Ou didn't delay for her, she should have developed better than now. At least she won't get into trouble with Lancaster.

"I asked you what to do if you could use it?"

Gong Ou looks at her.

"Then invite her back to continue to serve." After Shi Xiaonian finished speaking, Gong Ou's face turned blue. She hurriedly said, "I haven't finished yet. Please come back, but she will never be allowed to contact you or seduce you when she is sent abroad."

Smell speech, Gong Ou's face is just a little Ji, reach out and squeeze her chin hard, take over the plan from her hand, tear apart half directly.

Soon, a plan was torn clean than it was in the paper cutter.

"Gong ou..." When small read Zheng ground to look at him, "don't you look at a?"

She knew how urgent he was for the plan, and any strategy that might work should be looked at, shouldn't she?


Gong Ou crumples the paper into a ball, throws it into the garbage can, pulls her to the car, "gone!"

When Xiaonian watched his face, there was no regret in his eyes. He looked at her, and his eyes were the ultimate indulgence.

It is said that two people have been in love for a long time, and all their enthusiasm and heartbeat will gradually become something lighter than the wind.

But when he saw it, Xiaonian felt his heart howling with the wind.

"Where next, secretary?"

Gong Ou pushes her into the car, and sits in the driver's seat and starts the car to drive forward.

"Do you have anything in particular you want to do?"

Shixiaonian asked, trying to do something to make him happy.

"Office rules."

Gong Ou replied without hesitation.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he smiled twice, took out the B-ultrasound picture from the bag beside him, and said with a smile, "you see, the baby will take shape soon, this should be Xiaoshou, right? You see, don't you? "

Gong Ou is a cold water expert. "Don't you think it looks like a pumpkin?"

He felt like a pumpkin when he saw it on the computer screen.

"Can you spare the pumpkin?"

When Xiaonian wanted to cry without tears, how could he still think about pumpkin.

Gong Ou drives the car, his long fingers are gliding on the steering wheel, his voice is sexy


When small read attentively to look at B ultrasound.

"After the baby is born, no matter male or female, it is called pumpkin." Gong Ou said.


When small read a black line, palace pumpkin? Can you spare me the pumpkin? She bit her lips and said quietly, "let's talk about where to go next."

Let go of the pumpkin.

Let go of the baby.


Gong Ou answers.

When Xiaonian put the B-ultrasound photo in his bag, I wonder if Gong Ou's voice has a strange brainwashing magic power. She saw that the more the B-ultrasound photo looked, the more like a pumpkin.

Well, does this mean that Gong ou, although seemingly nothing, has been staring at the B-ultrasound picture for countless times?

When I think about it, Xiaonian can't help laughing.

Gong Ou drove steadily past a private car, far away, rolling up a cloud of dust and smoke. On the side of the road, the private car stopped there quietly.

Li Qingyan sat in the driver's seat, looking at the car far away, holding the steering wheel with both hands, which made his fingers and fingers white.

"Sir, even if your relationship with your wife is stronger than the wall, I will not give up!"

She said to herself.

The sun fell on the window glass, into her eyes, where it was red.

She was already in tears.


Gong ouben thought that shixiaonian would take her to the beautiful scenic spots in the countryside for relaxation, but he didn't expect that shixiaonian would take him to a farmwife's house.

In the small building on the second floor, there are many tools for going to the fields. The decoration is in a mess and the furniture is in a mess.

As soon as Gong Ouhe and Shi Xiaonian arrived, the aunt picked up the phone and shouted at a loud voice to help her friends. It was clear that there was a lot of room to squeeze.

"Take your seat, Mr. Gong. There's nothing to entertain at home."

Gong Ou is pressed on the sofa by several rough hands. The leather on the sofa has cracked. It's so miserable that he just wants to stand up and be pushed down. He just wants to stand up and be pushed down.

There are a few palm marks on the shirt.

Gong Ou really wants to scold. He sits there, searching for Shi Xiaonian's figure in the crowd. He sees a door, and Shi Xiaonian is standing in front of the kitchen table with an aunt.

"Xiaonian, do you really want to learn how to make cakes? Oh, how can a rich lady like you do such a thing? Shouldn't your family have a cook's nanny? " Aunt's voice is loud and clear, and she has the function of putting out.

Gong Ou looks at it coldly.

Making cakes?

She wants to learn how to make cakes.

"I think that cake is really delicious. My husband should like it, so I'll learn to make it."

"Oh, it's so kind of you. Come on, Auntie can't go to the fields. Teach you how to do it."

My aunt is very enthusiastic to take out the flour bag.

"Thank you, aunt."

When small read grateful tunnel, and then don't feel relieved to look toward the direction of the living room, only to see Gong Ou completely submerged by aunts, aunts at the beginning are still a little restrained, one of them carefully asked, "Mr. Gong, my son said you are the richest person, is it true?"

"Too much."

Gong Ou's face was almost stiff. When he understood that Xiao Nian liked these women, he could not resist the attack.

"How do you usually put so much money? Is this a pile that we can't lay in a village? " Asked an aunt curiously.