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Chapter 79 secrets overheard

"It's OK. I can't die. I'll take care of it." Xia Yu's indifferent attitude, "I want to tell you that the president is a paranoid comic book. The first volume is going to be published soon, so you should draw the back content quickly."

As expected, Xia Yu is a good wife who loves her husband and a devoted editor.

When Xiaonian blushed, he said, "OK, I know. I'll hand it in as soon as possible."

When she finds out what happened three years ago, she must work hard and draw well.

"That's about it." Xia Yu said, "then I'll hang up."

When Xiao Nian thought of Gong Ou's evil expression, he was a little confused, so he turned to Xia Yu, "Xia Bian, you say, what a man told you about the wild and wild What do you mean? "

She has no one to ask.

"Poof -" summer rain seems to be drinking water on the other end of the mobile phone. When he hears it, his saliva is all gushing out, and the gossip comes out, "is Gong Ou talking to you?"

"How do you know?"

"Oh, I can't see that the richest man in the world is playing so wild." Summer rain laughs like a thief.

"Wild? What do you mean? "

When Xiaonian was still confused, Gong Ou just said that she had chosen to be open what do you mean?

"Please, why are you so stupid? A man told a woman to go to the wild. Is it a picnic? Wild game, of course! " Summer rain loudly tunnel.


Wild game?

Although Shi Xiaonian was at a loss, she explained that at this stage, if she thought it was Yezhan in camouflage, she would be so stupid.

This wild game It clearly refers to the relationship between men and women.

Finally understand come over, when small read's face immediately burn a red cloud.

This damned Gong ou, what I thought was this idea!



Paranoid color!

When Xiaonian was so angry that she stamped her feet, how could she be so foolish as to go to the wild.

Xia Yu laughs happily at the other end of his mobile phone. "I heard that when a man arrives in the wild, he will turn into a wolf, and he doesn't care whether there are people around him. Ah, when I was young, I thought, how can you eat these two Jin bones. How can you let go of your thin skin? "

How can I eat enough

How can I let it go

The words echoed repeatedly in Xiao Nian's head. He hung up the phone with a depressed face. I wonder if it's too late to change his options with Gong Ou now?

She turned and was about to leave when her hand touched the earphone. The earphone fell on the keyboard, knocked through a channel, and heard a sound coming from the earphone.

When small read Zheng Zheng Zheng, hurriedly picked up headphones button to the head.

The voice of the flute agent came from the earphone, "master Mu is out?"

The agent is with Shidi.

When Xiaonian suddenly reacts, Gong Ou gives her a virus program that can make the phone itself a thief. As long as she talks around the phone, she can hear it.

It's too powerful.

Once again, Shi Xiaonian lamented Gong Ou's means. He only heard the displeased voice of Shi Di, "well, he's out."

"Shidi, when are you going to tell master mu? This kind of thing is not easy to conceal for too long. " Jiji people's voice is heard in Xiaonian earphone.

Don't tell?

What's the matter.

"I know I'll tell you earlier, but I don't know how to tell you now." When the sound of the flute sounded very unhappy, "qianchu was much colder to me than before, and I tried several times to open my mouth without success."

When Xiaonian stood in front of the three screens and listened to the sound coming from the headphones, it seems that she had some unexpected gains from this theft.

When the flute has something to hide from mu qianchu.

When listening to the flute, the agent sighed over there. "Then make your own decision. You need to know that your stomach can't be concealed for a long time. It doesn't grow up very much. The master Mu will be suspicious sooner or later."


Hearing this, Xiao Nian covers her mouth in shock and opens her eyes incredulously.

What do you mean?

Is Shidi not pregnant? Don't you know?

"I see. Don't bother me. I'll find the time to say it." When the earphone rings again, the voice of the flute is gloomy. "By the way, Tang Yi seems to have gone abroad. Go and stare at her. Don't let her come back to China again."

"I see. I'll do it." The agent replied.

"Then I'll go to sleep."

Said Shidi.

When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes were full of shock, and his hands slowly took off the headphones.

As expected, the flute has something to do with Tang art.

One is her sister, the other is her old classmate. Three years ago, Tang Yi heard the name of the obsolete flute from her mouth at most. They didn't know each other at all.

Two people who can't fight with each other are actually connected privately. Naturally, there is a problem.

That's how long it takes to install a virus program, to hear so much news.

When Xiaonian holds the earphone tightly, whispers to himself, "my good sister, how many things have you done behind the back..."

This time, she will find out.

In the next few days, shixiaonian focused on stealing and listening to Shidi.

As expected, Shi Di didn't let her down and exploded a lot of materials for her.

Shi Xiaonian recorded the information he heard one by one -

first, Shi Di was not pregnant;

Second, Shi Di had a private relationship with Tang Yi and didn't want Tang Yi to return to China;

Third, mu qianchu always came back more than three o'clock in the morning, so Shi Di was very dissatisfied.

When Xiaonian sat at the desk, looked at the book in his hand, picked up the pen and crossed out the third point slowly. When does moqianchu come back? There is nothing to remember.

Her eyes dimmed, and the man looked back and up at the ceiling.

When she was on the island of clouds, she thought that mu qianchu and Shi Di were predestined and matched by nature, but now it seems that they are all sweet fakes, but why did mu qianchu love Shi Di so much before Ming Dynasty, but she was left out after marriage?

Is it said that when mu qianchu found out, the flute deceived him?


Forget it, the relationship between them is really none of her business. She just needs to find out the truth three years ago.

When small read secretly told himself not to meddle.

On this day, shixiaonian was bound to learn English aristocratic cuisine.

The so-called aristocratic cuisine means that the dishes must be carefully selected before they can be served to the aristocratic master. No wonder Gong Ou is so picky about the dishes. It turned out to be a common fault of aristocratic tradition.

When small read to learn a whole day to pick a plate of work, to pick eyes are spent.

"Knock --"

the knock suddenly sounded.

"Come in, please." Cried the teacher.

Feng de opened the door from the outside and looked at her politely, with a strong voice. "Miss Shi, the car is ready to go."

When Xiaonian stood aside and continued to study the cup in his hand, how could the grain of the cup be wrong? Do you want to be so particular about drinking a cup of tea

"Miss Shi?"

Feng de shouted again.

"Go? Where to go? " When small read to return to God, asked questioningly, habitually looked to one side of the sofa.

The sofa is empty.

Usually when she comes to learn English cuisine, Gong Ou sits on the sofa and waits for her. Why are people missing today? Wasn't it just here?

"The young master has gone." Feng de smiled. "Send me to pick up Miss Shi now."

Do you want to go with her?

Before and after?

When small read is rotating the white cup in the hand, while studying, ask incomprehensibly, "exactly where to go?"

Feng de smiled at her mysteriously. "Don't you have an appointment with Miss Shi? It's said that the young master paid you for stealing and listening to the equipment. "

Pay for stealing and listening equipment?

When small read stupefied next, immediately thought that day palace Europe gave her three options, she chose the wild.

According to Xia's careful analysis, Gong Ou clearly wants to play the game between adults and adults with her. Later, Gong Ou didn't mention it again. She thought Gong Ou had forgotten.

It turns out that he has not forgotten and has chosen today.

"No, I won't!"

At that time, Xiaonian was determined.

She doesn't want to go to the wild even if she is killed. He is crazy at home. Who knows how Gong ona's abnormal paranoia will upset her.

"Young master let Miss Shi go."

"I'm still learning. He asked me to study English cuisine. I haven't learned it well." When small reads to block cup in front of the body, desperately looking for an excuse.

"The young master said the same thing will happen next week. He has been waiting for you there."

Said Fengde.

"I'm not going! I won't go! " When Xiaonian's attitude was firm, he backed away. "I don't care. You call Gong ou. If he wants me to go today, take my body!"

She doesn't want to satisfy his bad taste in the wild.


Several tutors stood by and looked at the scene in astonishment, all of them confused.

Seeing that Xiaonian was so firm, Fengde frowned and sighed, "Miss Shi, I'm really sorry."

Sorry what?

When small read a face to stand on guard in place.

In a short time, several powerful men came in from the outside. They were Gong Ou's bodyguards and walked directly to shixiaonian.


When Xiaonian hurriedly threw out the cup in his hand and ran away, but before he had killed a blood path, he was picked up by the bodyguards, left and right, and walked out.


When small read to cry without tears.

She really doesn't want to go to the wild, goddamn Gong Ou!


When Xiaonian was forced into a global limited edition modified business car by bodyguards, she pushed the door as soon as she sat in it, and the door was firmly locked, so she could not escape.

"Miss Shi, you don't have to be nervous. The young master won't eat you again."

Seeing Xiaonian's face, Fengde sat in front of her and couldn't help laughing.


I read a black line when I was young.

Come on, Gong Ou just wants to eat her, or he wants to eat her shamelessly in the wild.

She folded her feet, clasped her hands to her knees and looked out of the window.

As the car drove on, the sky outside the window gradually darkened, and the trees on both sides kept backing back. Suddenly, the car went up the slope, all the way up the circle.

"Where is this going?" He asked in confusion.

"On the mountain." Replied Fengde.

On the mountain.

It turns out that Gong Ou's field is on the mountain. Fortunately, there should be no one passing by on the mountain When small read slightly relaxed breath, then depressed oneself incredibly relaxed breath, she this is to do the consciousness of being eaten?

Shixiaonian, shixiaonian, you are really hopeless. You are really hopeless.