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Chapter 158 you'sre calling Gong ou

She sat there, looked at it and fell asleep.

She was tired and tired after driving so long.

When small read slants head to lean on sofa to sleep past, mu qianchu makes a phone call to turn head, see to her sleeping face.

She sat there, with her head askew, her features clean, her eyes and eyebrows not alert, so she fell asleep at ease.

Mu qianchu thinks how long he hasn't seen her sleeping face.

He thought, and found that he could not remember.

There was too much time between them, too long until she began to be strange to him, too long until she refused to wear his clothes.

Mu qianchu stood up, took off his suit and carefully covered her. His long fingers brushed the hair on her forehead.

A strong cough bath hope, mu qianchu hurriedly covered his mouth and stumbled away, afraid to disturb her.

When Xiaonian fell asleep, I don't know how long it took for her to kick her leg suddenly. When she woke up, she cried, "Gong ou don't --"

she was in a cold sweat.

People sit up straight from the sofa and their men's suits slip off.

She looked at the strange living room and realized that she had just had a nightmare.

"Nightmare?" Mu qianchu is sitting aside, one hand is beating a little bit, and he is still reading documents.


When Xiaonian nodded, she looked at the drip bag on the medical infusion stand and hung five bags. She was a little surprised.

How can there be so many.

"You are calling Gong Ou's name." Mu qianchu said in a low voice, unable to hear any joy or anger.

When Xiaonian put his suit aside, he said honestly, "I dreamed of being chased by Gong ou, so I drove desperately, and then I crashed."

Maybe she has been driving for too long.

"Is it?" Mu qianchu smiled and said, "fortunately, it's not that he was chased by any monster. You're afraid of him crashing."

Smell speech, when small read blurted out, "his that person which monster dares to chase him."

Monsters are afraid of being sprayed with blood.


Mu qianchu laughs.

When Xiaonian stood up, moved his muscles and bones, pushed open the door, walked to the balcony outside, looked at the sky outside, and opened his mouth in a hoarse way, "qianchu, it's not early, I'll go back first."

"Go back? Where to go? "

Muqianchu stands up from the sofa, his face is full of sicknesses, and his eyes stare at her deeply.


Such a simple question, when Xiaonian was asked.

Yeah, where can she go?

She didn't know.

When she came out of the resort, she was determined to save mu qianchu. She didn't think about anything else, let alone where to go next.

"You..." Mu qianchu just wants to talk.

There was a sound of footsteps outside. Assistant Ellen stood at the door of the living room with a big bag and a small bag. "Miss Shi, I bought your clothes for you. Come and have a look at the size."


Shixiaonian goes over.

Alan purposely went to another side hall. When he was curious, he followed him and asked, "do you have something to say to me?"

"Miss Shi, I heard you talking when I just went upstairs. I want to ask you to stay with Mr. mu for a while." Allen put the shopping bag aside and looked at it solemnly. "Do you know that general Mu is in poor health?"

"Pneumonia needs to be treated in time. I just saw him lose five bags of drips. I think he is seriously ill." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Mu's pneumonia has been more than a month sooner or later. It's not good, but it's getting worse and worse."

"What? More than a month? "

When Xiaonian was shocked.

"Yes, Mr. Mu is under pressure because of his group's business. He refuses to cooperate with the doctor. He sleeps for three hours a day and works the rest of the time."

Allan frowned, sighed, and continued, "the doctor said that Mu's general body is not very good, and he refuses to cooperate with the treatment, which has affected the heart function. If he continues to do so, he will probably endanger his life."


When Xiaonian listened in amazement, he didn't expect that.

Mu qianchu's pneumonia has been so serious that he is indifferent.

"Always think of you after Mu Zong recovers his memory. I think you are the only one who can persuade Mu Zong." Alan said.

"What about uncle and aunt mu? Don't they advise qianchu to have a good treatment?"

"The Murdoch group is in chaos. Both of them are also severely hit by the spirit. Miss Murdoch is targeting Mr. Murdoch everywhere in the company. Mr. Murdoch himself says that it doesn't matter what group is, but he just can't lose to Gong ou. He forces himself to support the whole situation." Alan road.


When Xiaonian didn't listen to him any more, he went out decisively.

In the living room, mu qianchu continued to work, wearing a blue mask on his face. Seeing her coming, he handed her a brand-new mask and said with a smile, "I almost forgot. Now people who are close to me should take protective measures."

His pneumonia is contagious.

When Xiaonian looked at the light smile in his eyes, he felt bad. He reached out to take the mask and put it on. Then he closed the computers in front of him one by one and put all the documents away.

"Xiaonian, what do you do?"

Mu qianchu looked at her in amazement.

When small read to pull up his arm, "go to sleep, now give me to rest, do not sleep enough 12 hours do not get up!"

"I don't need to. I'm in a good spirit now." Muqianchu immediately said, "really."

"I can smell the aroma of coffee from the moment I wake up. You're a patient who still drinks coffee to refresh himself. It's almost fatal." When small read drags his arm to pull him to rise, "hurry to sleep!"

"I really don't need to, Xiaonian."

Muqianchu reached out and pushed her away, very stubborn.

"Go to bed."

She is more stubborn than him.


"Do you want to lie to me? Your assistant said that your pneumonia is so serious that it may endanger your life. What are you doing?" Xiaonian looks at him excitedly.

Mu qianchu was stunned, and then said, "Alan likes to make a fuss. You don't need to pay attention to him."

"Then you should be treated as if I begged you, and I begged you to have a rest?"

Shi Xiaonian said that the mask covered most of her face, and a pair of black and white eyes were covered with a thin layer of water.

She thought he was OK.

She could not have imagined that his pneumonia would be so serious, and why he had to fight so hard.

She was very guilty.

"Don't cry." Seeing her like this, he felt sorry for her and finally compromised, "well, I don't care about anything. I'm going to sleep now."

When small read blinked an eye, forcefully will tear meaning convergence down.

Muqianchu reached out and pushed the medical infusion stand towards the bedroom, and he was still coughing violently.

"Didn't you say that you didn't care about moose group? Why did you try so hard?" When small read cannot help but ask a way, he this is to take own life to gamble.

"I don't care." Mu qianchu chuckled and looked down at her. "But I just don't want to be defeated by Gong ou. I can't lose to Gong Ou if I lose."

"I'm not what you fight for."

Shixiaonian knew what he meant.

"Of course you can't compete in this way." Mu qianchu said with a smile, "but this is the dignity of our men Cough. "

"It's as if you agree with Gong Ou's approach."

"I agree."

When Xiaonian stopped and looked at him in amazement, "qianchu......"

He is clearly not such a combative man.

"Surprised?" Mu qianchu smiled lightly. "From the time when the amusement park left, I knew that he would not let me go easily. I did it like this. It was not that he was gong Ou powerful, but that I was not strong enough."


"When I get stronger one day, I won't let him go." The voice is weak, but every word is full of ruthlessness.

When small read Zheng Zheng ground to look at him, "thousand Chu, you don't want this appearance, let me feel strange."

Her impression is that she needs to be protected and gentle.

It's not what he is.

"Scared?" Mu qianchu smiled miserably, "OK, let's not talk."

Mu qianchu pushes the doctor's infusion stand to the bedroom. When he enters the bedroom, Xiaonian is surprised to find that the room has been transformed to be similar to the hospital ward.

Alan stood by the bed, holding a small bottle of clear liquid in his hand, and said, "master, oxygen is ready."

"You need oxygen now?"

When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu in shock, his face was afraid and worried.

"Don't be so afraid when it comes to breathing oxygen. It's not as serious as you think. I just cough too much. Breathing oxygen can make me feel better and easier to sleep."

Mu qianchu said with a smile.

When Xiaonian did not believe that he was light and light, she turned her eyes to look at Alan doubtfully, and Alan nodded to her.

She was relieved and helped mu qianchu to go to bed and sit down, carefully pulling the infusion tube for him.

Mu qianchu enjoys her service, and a pair of narrow eyes look at her deeply, "Xiaonian."


When Xiaonian covers the quilt for him, check the speed of every drop.

"Don't leave while I'm asleep, will you?"

Mu qianchu stared at her and asked in a voice that showed some care and expectation.

When he was young, when she let him sleep when he was ill, he also said this sentence, afraid that she would leave when he was asleep.

When Xiaonian looked up at him and saw his more serious dark eyes and haggard face, she nodded, "I will stay until you are well."

This is what she owes him.

"You're not going to make me think well." A thousand smiles.

"Don't talk about it." I took off the mask for him.

Muqianchu takes over the transparent mask in the assistant's hand and puts it in front of his face, breathing oxygen, leaning back against the head of the bed and looking at her all the time.

When small read stands there, looking at him this haggard appearance, has the deep self reproach.

After breathing about 15 minutes of oxygen, mu qianchu lay down and looked at her. "Then I'm sleeping."

"The air is not good where I stay. You can walk outside. Don't leave me too far."

Mu thought and said.

"When small read chuckles," you hurry to sleep

"Good." Muqianchu just closed his eyes. His health and energy were overdrawn so much that he fell asleep soon.